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Gundam Banner

Baron Samedi

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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Here is a banner I made for someone. I just thought a bit of critique would be good though, so, please, tell me what you think.

I also had no control in what the picture was [quality-wise], so just say what you think of the banner as a whole, thanks.

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I think this is a pretty straight forward banner to be honest, which, I think, adds to why I like it so much.

Its nice and simple with some nice little effects in the left there, nice and subtle, doesnt kick you in the face or draw the attention from the gundam, just there to add to the flavour. The gundam looks nice I feel, perhaps a bit too pale, could use darkening to match the background, but nothing drastic. The font, the closest thing to a dislike I have with this banner....but again....nothing too drastic....just a bit plain.....darken the pastely blue on the M and I and it should be fine.

So, overall, a nice, straight forward banner. Good job ^_^
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