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RPG War!!!


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Ok, first thing's first, this is NOT a rip off of Will2x's ultra-famous RPG, but a NEW thing!

Whats going on is that the earth is at War, and you have to choose a side to be on, and battle it out with other Otaku members!

You can be on either:

Death Force


Otaku Squad

Weapons you can pick:

Shock Rifle (Sends an energy beam)
Rocket launcher (Duuuh)
Double Enforcers (Like 2 pistols, but MUCH more powerful)
Dagger (Duuuuuuuh)
Biosludge Rifle (Shoots green sludge that explodes if touched)

You can have 3 of those, and here is the armour:

Light armour: Can move ultra quick in, but only one layer of protection.

Medium armour: Average speed and two layers of protection

Heavy armour: Slow, but 3 layers of protection.

I choose:

Otaku Squad (I'm the leader as I'm the first in :D Same for Death Force)

Rocket Launcher,
Biosludge Rifle,

Light Armour.
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so... this is like a better version of Otaku War?? KOOL!

Death Force


Shock Rifle(SR)
Biosludge Rifle(BSR)
Double Enforcers(2xE)

Light Armour
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