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2nd Banner Plz Rate


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Well, it's definately brighter than the last one. I do like the back-ground effect. The flashing words are a nice touch, but you don't really have the right words, if you know what I mean. Good job with their names though. One thing... Zero's image seems like it's cut off, wich just kind of take away from the effect. Other than that, it's pretty good. I'd give it a 6 or maybe a 7... eh, I'll just say 6.5.
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[color=gray]Like said, zero is cut off, which should be fixed.
Also, it could use a border.

Apart from that, the banner is really nice and clean.
I think you did a really nice job on this one ^_~

[size=1]Evil flashing text o-o;;[/size][/color]
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