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So how was your day

Chrono Weapon X

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Guest Crimson Spider
It's been like crap.

O.K. Now that since my school placed me in the wrong major, I might have to ruin my summer to make up for the classes I'm supposed to be in.

My English teacher is giving rediculously impossible assignments while grading on an A or F basis.

I'm sick as a dog and keep coughing up my spleen.

My multimedia class has gotten to the point that there are hundreds of different formulas to make something so small as part of an assignment, all of which I don't understand worth a crap load.

Other than that, everything is boring.
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[color=dakrviolet]You really want to know?

I got to work lat ebecause my cat is a bit of a klepto and stole my car keys.

I had my manager constantly remind me that my drawer was short on Friday-I told her that it was probably due to the fact nobody bothered to send the orders back for a while and then they got all messed up.

Then Tommee-this guy I was friends with decided to go uber prima donna on me it started like this:

K (girl I can't think of her name)-'Your hair is so long."

T-That's 'cause it grows fast, I don't have the money for a hair cut

K-It's only $10,

M (me)-Yeah, how can you not have $10 for a haircut?

T-(nasty) Well, not everybody has a rich mommy and daddy who can give them whatever they want.

M-Yeah, that's right, I get whatever I want, [i]That's[/i] why I work at McDonald's!

We started yelling at eachother for a bit and I told him he shouldn't talk about things he doesn't know anything about. He told me to shut the F up and I told him to make me.

I went home at 2 like I was schedualed and began watching some Sailor Moon R (subbed!) around 3:30 T called again and told me to pick up my f' vidoes or he was going to burn them. Now yes, I'm married, but those are my husband's things Of course I'm still pissed so I told him I was busy I had a Dr appt and could I pick them up later this week? He's all f no then hangs up. I called him back and asked him if he thought he was being a bit rude and he's like just get them and hangs up.

Go over there to get the movies. T drags the box out of the closet and doesn't bother to say they're there or anything, so I'm like I'm in a hurry, where are my videos and why are you suddenly being this way (I was at a party at his place friday)

Dude yells at me to get out of his f'ing house or he's calling the cops I with my hot temper say screw rule of three I hope something bad (and I'm thinking lose your job, or maybe his boyfriend would break up with him since I'm not that petty) happens to you. He says-I hope you miscarry that baby.

It took all my strength not to yell derogatory names at the drama queen extrodinare and beat him up.

I manage to drive the three miles to my aunt's house after that and cried a bit. I mean I'm going through all the fun of having my husband in Iraq I am not about to be someone's punching bag just because some dramatic drag queen decides to have a bad day.

So, there, I feel a bit better now having blabbed, and Crim, I hope you feel better and don't lose your spleen[/color]
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*hugs Crimson Spider* you poor thing.

My day.. well...

My brother is angry with me for tossing his clothes out of the dryer and onto the floor, forgetting that he does the same to mine every day.

One of my best friends was arrested this weekend for 'flourishing' a weapon at a neighbor of another friend's... in December. [i]Ay, basura[/i].

My parents are fighting again... this time about the divorce my mom and biological father are getting. (I live with my mom and stepdad).

But on the plus side: i'm really enjoying the net for the first time in months, and i got to eat donuts for dinner! ^_^ Danke danke!
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My day went as well as could be expected. Got to school at 8:00, Algebra 1st hour (blah!), I hate math. To quote my friend who is in compact math, "I don't understand. How can you add letters?" Next I had percussion class, which was okay. My friend and I started planning or comedic qbasic RPG, Napoleon. It will be great. Went to lunch. Milk carton was still stuck to the bottom of the table from last week, via mashed potatoes. Had a test in Biology. Also had a sub giving the test (bounus :devil: ). A bunch of us kept coughing really loud and saying "여보세요" Korean for hello (got it off of Arrested Development; great show). The last question on the test was an essay which I had no clue what the answer was, so I saw the word "fertilization" and "draw a diagram" somewhere in the question, so I put 2 and 2 together and got 5 (again with the algebra), and ended up drawing some diagram about where babies come from.
4th our is AP English in which we read from [u]Jane Eyere[/u] (:sleep: ). Finally got to last hour, geography, did some stuff, bell rang, got on bus, and then it got interesting. My friend was pulling papers out of the trash can and burning them with her lighter. One of the papers started smoking really bad, so shge threw it out the window, right in front of the sherrif's car. Of course he didn't see it, so we started waving at him and he waved back, and someone flipped him off, and he didn't see it. A few minutes afteer this, the bus driver pulls over and stops the bus, comes back to the very back, and asks who did it. Everyone stays quiet, so she threatens us a bunch, and finally my friend confesses. She gets her lighter taken away, which upsets her a lot, because it was her favorite pink one, and then she gets told that she has to go to the office in the morning.

I finally get home, get on qbasic, work on my Matrix screen saver a bit, which the old version is in my siggy, eat something, sleep a little bit, eat supper, watch TV, and now I'm typing this. And that was how my day was, in a nutshell .
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]

My day was actually half decent for a change. Today, I woke up at 7:20 a.m. realizing that I had missed the bus. I was called by the Snack Line Lady across the street as she asked me if I needed a ride, I said I did but she ended up not being able to wait. Then, I call the school to see if our feild trip to the WTHR (Channel 13) studio was still on because it was snowing outside. After finding out it was, I immediatly got ready as fast as possible and my mother left from her friends and took me to school just on time to make it.

That above is the only bad part of the day, apart from the toal 2 hour bus ride. I was able to spend an hour at WTHR and 2 hours at the mall in Indianapolis. Actually, I take it back.. It was a very good day for me today. When else can you be left at a mall without your teacher and left to run rampid for the rest of the school day while your friends work at school? Hehe, I enjoyed myself a little too much I believe. ;)

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Woke up with a cold..

It kind of lessened by the time I started work at 8:00, but the morning was painfully slow.

I overloaded with hot sugary things for energy, which actually wasn't too bad.

Then later on I had cell group, and afterwards made the excruciatingly hard decision to send Hazel the "when are you free" message.

Andnow it's quite late, so I really can't be bothered right now to go into any more detail on any of those points- just want to sleep...
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]Chibbi, your former friend disgusts me.

My day? Well, I woke up, ate an apple, went on the computer for...nine hours. And now it's...now.

I've been bored to tears all day, as no one is online most of the time, and I have nothing to do.

Ryuu-kun is right: I need video games.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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mmmm woke up and worked a boring day on a boring line. Tried to keep the hyperness up with the food, but to no avail. I have no idea why sugar or caffene does not work on me. Very strange indeed. Had lunch yum yum, then worked some more, then came home for some Warcraft 3 (lost if you're wondering), and here I am now. Kinda dull in some respects, but better than most of the other kinds of days i've had.
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[font=Palatino Linotype][color=#3e847c][color=#009966]Lesse. [/color][/font]

[font=Palatino Linotype][color=#3e847c]Biology sucked. Then I went to band; band sucked. Went to English/Lit.; that was all right. Went to lunch; the food was decent (especially the cookie. :tasty: ). Went to Geometry; boring. Went to PE; that was all right if you exclude the running and the dizziness that followed. Went to Economics; that was boring. After school we went to the movies. After the movies we had pizza. [/color][/font]

[color=#3e847c]So, all in all, it wasn't that bad. It could've been worse.[/COLOR][/color]
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[color=blue][font=arial]I've been up since 8 PM last night, and thats only because my Tech School courses are from Midnight to 7am. I'm only staying up so I'm not up till 4 am tomorrow morning....trying to balance out the day I guess. But it's gone pretty good otherwise. Now, time for me to resist some sleep.... :sleep: [/color][/font]
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[color=#0099ff]Hmm... I got up late as usual and dragged my arse getting ready. I caught the bus and headed off to school where I am now wishing I had eaten breakfast. I get to go home at 12:12 since I have 4 classes. =) Then I'm planning on playing with Bob, my parakeet for a long while, then playing some video games, followed by some more Internet. But this time from the comfort of my home computer. =D[/color]
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