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Star Wars: Invasion of Naboo

Farto the Magic

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[COLOR=DarkRed][URL=http://www.members.tripod.com/midibrat/23497.mid]Star Wars music for the mood.[/URL]

Ok, since everyone thinks I'm stupid, have bad ideas, or both, I'm making ANOTHER Star Wars adventure. Apperantly, people doubt my abilities.

This one takes place in the Episode I time period. It's the Invasion of Naboo. It starts at the beginning of the invasion and ends when the fight is over. It might involve more strategy than brute force, since the planet is covered in Trade Federation stuff.

I need six to eight people WHO WILL NOT SIGN UP, THEN FORGET. I've had that once in the past and some of my fellows have had that happen to the extreme. Sometimes, only four people would post. That sucks. I require people to have at least seen Episode One, but extensive knowledge would help greatly.

I plan on following Xander Harris' idea regarding characters. It makes more sense. Everyone has 27 points to spend. I will tell you if your species gets bonuses or penalties. You must include those in your sign-up. The average for every one of these skills will be about three. I'm also thinking about running this in chapters if it gets too long. There can only be three force-users and jedi combined.

For characters, I have a few requests:

[B]Name: [/B] (What is your person called?)

[B]Gender:[/B] (Duh.)

[B]Age:[/B] (Keep it realistic.)

[B]Species:[/B] (Let's try to keep this within the ballpark. You will probably get species bonuses. I'll PM them to you if you do.)

[B]Class:[/B] (Jedi, noble, soldier?)

[B]Disadvantages:[/B] (No one's perfect. Your character will be required to take one disadvantage at the beginning, but will get one additional point for each additional disadvantage. Disadvantages can range from 'bad temper' to something as bad as 'blind'.)

[B]Advantages: [/B] (You may pick one advantage instead of the extra point for disadvantages if you wish. They can be minor, but NOT extremely great.)

[B]Homeworld:[/B] (Where was your character born?)

[B]Reasons: [/B] (Why are they on Naboo?)

[B]Bio:[/B] (Life story? Not all life stories have to be sad.)

[B]Equipment: [/B] (Weapons and gear. Limit of two weapons. This is Naboo, so there is very little reason to have weapons.)

[B]Skills that need points:[/B]
Ranged Combat: (Guns, slings, cestas, anything thrown.)
Melee: (Punching, lightsabers, vibro-blades, anything up-close.)
Stealth: (Hiding and sneaking.)
Grace: (Reflexes, movement. Characters with low grace will be clumsy.)
Health: (How much can your character take before dying?)
Strength of Body: (Physical strenght.)
Strenght of Mind: (Mental strength.)
Piloting: (The ability to fly a ship well.)
People-Skills: (How well you can get peopl to do things.)
I hope you join this adventure. Thank you. Now for my character.

[B]Name:[/B] Shebat Ven'ti

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Species: [/B] Caamasi

[B]Disadvantages:[/B] Naive, Overconfident

[B]Advantages:[/B] Memory-sharing (Species trait.)

[B]Homeworld:[/B] Caamas

[B]Reasons:[/B] He's on Naboo becaue of the many tales he's heard about a species that lives under water in bubbles. It was fasinating and he is rich enough to afford travel all over the galaxy, so why not check it out?

[B]Bio:[/B] The son of a pair of diplomats, he has never really held a real job, seen the galaxy, or been in a battle. He finds the idea of battle thrilling and is on Naboo for his first visit outside of Caamas. (He's been sheltered.)

[B]Equipment:[/B] A hovering translator droid, and a walking stick.

[B]Skills that need points:[/B]

Ranged Combat: 1
Melee: 3
Stealth: 2
Grace: 3
Health: 4
Strength of Body: 2
Strenght of Mind: 6
Piloting: 2
People-Skills: 7 (+2 Species trait.)
That's my example character. It seems difficult at first, but it can be done.[/COLOR]
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[color=green]I like the idea, but you really need more of a plot. What exactly, is the purpose of our character in this RPG? What are we to do?

[B]Name: [/B] Jedgar Nieta


[B]Species:[/B] Bothan

[B]Disadvantages:[/B] Lazy, not skilled with computers, sullen, xenophobic, introverted and has a slight stutter.

[B]Homeworld:[/B] Naboo

[B]Reasons: [/B] Jedgar lives on Naboo?


[center][IMG] http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18058&stc=1[/IMG][/center]

Jedgar was born in Kaadara, Naboo into a Bothan trading family of great wealth and prominence. His family lived the good life, and gave Jedgar the best money could buy. He received a top-notch education from tutors of galactic renown, was set up in his own small business with a generous grant from his father, and had an arranged marriage with the beautiful daughter of another wealthy family.

The rising power of the Trade Federation changed all that. Their cutthroat tactics and underhanded business dealings, along with stellar political connections in the senate, propelled them to the top of the Rim trading community. Soon, the Nemodians had run every other trading company out of business by utilizing a combination of buyouts, ruthless price undercutting and military intimidation. Only one company stood up to the Federation, the [I]Bothan Rim Traders Guild[/I]. Jedgar?s father, who stubbornly refused to submit to the Trade Federation?s demands, ran this guild.

This tense situation was quickly drawn to a close one night as the Trade Federation landing force overran Kaadara as part of their invasion of Naboo. As it?s first order of business, the battle droids systematically destroyed Jedgar?s family business before his eyes. They then began to slaughter his family. His wife and child were murdered by unflinching battle droids, along with most of his relatives. During the confusion, Jedgar was able to steal a STAP and escape. He went to the mountains, where he had a small retreat. There he retrieved his pike, with which he?d spent countless recreational hours practicing with, and some other combat equipment he?d acquired.

It was time for payback?

[B]Equipment: [/B] Long Vibro Axe, Chitin armor boots, Stimpack B with 17 (standard number) of charges, Battle visor

[B]Skills that need points:[/B]

[b]Bothan modifiers: +2 Dex ?2 Con[/b]

Ranged Combat: 0 (Jedgar cannot fire a blaster accurately)
Melee: 12 (Jedgar is a Master Pikeman)
Stealth: 3 (Jedgar is able to stay in one spot undetected, but cannot move undetected.)
Grace: 6 [+1 Species Mod] = [b]7[/b] (Jedgar is very agile)
Health: 3 (Jedgar can take bruises and a few broken bones, but he?s not a ?tank?)
Strength of Body: 3 [-1 Species Mod] = [b]2[/b] (Below Average Strength)
Strength of Mind: 2 (Jedgar is smart, but not open to new ideas)
Piloting: 0 (Jedgar cannot pilot a ship)[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Great sign-up, Boba. Sorry about the vague briefing. The main purpose of this is to get out of Theed alive and help Queen Amidala when she returns. Judging from the movie, I'd say she'll be back in three days or so. Basically, get out of the city, stay alive for three days, then help when the time is right.[/COLOR]
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