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Slayers Episode 2: Halloween!!!

Xander Harris

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A buffy-verse RPG

Season 1

Episode 2: Halloween

Act 1

Okay, who here has seen the season two Halloween episode on Buffy? (raises hand)
Well, that's sort of what this episode is going to be like, with some interesting twists and turns of plot (some by me, some by you) Here goes...

Scene 1:

The wheels of the Chevy caught on a patch of wet dirt. The car spun out of control, heavy rain pounding it's metal body. It rolled over four times as it fell off the road, then lay still, smoking. Ethan Rayne struggles out of the vehicle, drenched in blood, with his face pockmarked with shards of glass. He pulls an black flask wrapped in animal skin from the dashboard, and begins to apply the potion inside to his wounds.

As he collapses from the blood loss, raindrops washing the potion away, Ethan looks up and sees a green sign "Welcome To Otaku Lake. Where everyone is family."

One of Myorks six arms was itching something fierce. She wanted to scratch it desperately, but to do so she would have to drop the costumes in her six hands. She didn't want them to get dirty before the customers showed up...

To an outside observer, Myork would look like a three foot tall beetle. In actuality, she was a Nteino demon, and it was mating season. She was pregnant, and had returned to her ancestral breeding ground to give birth. Today she had deposited her egg sacks all around town, in good, hidden places. One was in the mailbox by the post office. One under the school bleachers. One in Old Man Hickory, the retired navy captain's boat. One in the park, in a tire swing. And one in a bush next to an old widow's house.

The magic clothes she had stolen from the nasty British man would serve to cause plenty of chaos for her children to be born in. And chaos was desperately needed, for Myork had heard that there was not one, but TWO slayers in town. She had seriously considered giving birth in another town, but she was a creature of habit. For the past three thousand years she had given birth in this same spot, and she wasn't about to change. It was, after all, her ancestral breeding grounds...

Another customer was coming. The demon activated the amulet which would disguise her as a kindly old Asian women...

Scene 2: ALL are shopping for Halloween costumes at the new costume shop, Mindy's Most Lovely Costume Shop. It has way lower prices than any other store, and has attracted kids in droves. Little do they know the sinister secret of the costumes... Decide which costume your character chooses. Feel free to do any character interaction and sub-plots in this scene too.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]"Ooh! Batman!"
Fenris stared at the mound of costumes. "Should I go as Batman, or one of the Queer Eye guys?"
He looked through the racks and saw a costume that looked like a woman. Hmmm. Interesting idea. He looked through the racks some more and found countless demons and vampires for costumes. Too close to home. There was costume of a werewolf, which he avoided altogether. He found little kids roaming the ailes, looking for their costumes.

One of the kids looked up at him and said, "You're too old for Halloween."
Fenris bared his teeth and growled. His display of aggression was not welcome. It was one of the side-effects of being a werewolf.

One of the children ran by with a firy wand, a demon mask, and a pair of skeleton gloves. Heh. Nice costume idea. Fenris thought about it for a minute. A Batman mask, Queer Eye clothes, and a pitchfork. Nah. Too geeky.

He nearly wet his pants when he saw a spiderman outfit. Cool! Then he turned and found a fake gun. Hmm... Spiderman with a gun. Interesting. He saw little kids running around like idiots, carrying their costumes to their parents, who looked like they wanted to pass out.

Fenris finally decided what he wanted to be: Darth Vader. He grabbed the costume and went to the counter. It was probably going to be way too expensive, but he was interested. He saw the woman at the counter, an older asian woman, and asked how much it was.

"Five Dollars. With the sword."
Fenris' jaw dropped. He handed her a five dollar bill and waited for the others with his costume...[/COLOR]
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Tao scanned the store, looking for a good in-cognito costume. He ran a mental checklist.
'Vampire, no...Spiderman, too juvenile...Batman, the same...Queer Eye, hell no...Gorilla, too common...Demon, not in a thousand life-times.'
Then he found one he liked. The perfect costume for hiding amongst the shadows and tracking down any supernatural beings. Plus, he just liked it.
Not the new, CGI Godzilla, but the classic, rubber-suit, Mothra-fighting Godzilla. The Godzilla Tao had known and loved for so many years of his childhood.
He grabbed the foam-rubber suit, a dull green, that looked so much like the suit used in the original movies it was scary. It was just his size, too. He walked over to the counter.
"Ah, you wish to purchase Godzilla, eh?" said the woman. "That is a rare choice, now adays. The old ones are the best, in my opinion."
"I agree entirely," said Tao, smiling. "How much, then?"
"Ten dollars, even."
Tao stared for a moment, his demon-hunter instincts warning him of a trap. But he ignored it somewhat, handing over the money.
"I hope you have a happy Halloween, sir,"
"Thanks," said Tao, a little distant. 'Could it be a trap? Or am I just so far gone that a good deal strikes me as a plot against my life. I need to get out more.' He sighed.

OOC: Excellent idea, Xander. Bloody brilliant.
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Helie slowly ran her fingers through the different materials, sliding the hangers one by one. [I]Do I really have to do this?[/I] But she went on, searching through the different costumes, and keeping her eyes on the others in the small shop. She had come in the first place because the others had, and there was always something interesting going on with them. Thus, she had dutifully followed, and now was trying to look like another random loser browsing through. Of course, there were a few weird vibes that made shivers run across her skin, but Helie brushed it off as nothing, suspecting that maybe she was feeling something from the others.

Her hand alighted on a Dracula costume, and a wry smile lit her face. Oh, the irony... but she passed on, watching as Tao and Fenris both purchased their costumes.. [I]Interesting choices...[/I]

Finally, she narrowed it down to two costumes: Malificent, or Robin Hood. [I]Hmm...perhaps Malificent will be too noticeable? Yes, it'd probably be better with the outlaw of Sherwood...[/I] Not to mention, it was a fairly simple costume, and the bow and arrows were included.

She made her purchase, putting a $5 on the counter, and the old lady smiled and thanked her. Helie smiled back, and commented on the brooch that she was wearing. "It's a beautiful brooch you have on." The lady smiled and thanked her again, her English heavily accented. Helie left, but bumped into someone before she left the store.

Her face quickly flushed, and she started to apologize, "Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where - " She stopped, seeing who it was.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Fenris stepped forward as the girl bumped into him. She started to appologize and Fenris' face lit up. "Hey, you're Robin Hood! Who would win between Robin Hood and Darth Vader?"
He raised one eyebrow and drew his lightsaber.

He had a grin on his face. He looked at everyone to see if anyone was interested in having a mock-spar. His eyes were lit up. "I love halloween! It's the greatest holiday ever! You get to walk around wearing cool costumes and get candy! I love this day!"

His face fell as he realized that he might turn tonight. Disappointment shown in his eyes. The greatest night ever, ruined by his stupid other form. He waved goodbye to the others and began to walk home. He would crash at school tonight. Concrete blocks, thick doors, small windows. Good place.

He stopped at a small store on the way back and picked up a coke and some Pop Rocks. Then he sat on the curb and began to read his book of Norse mythology. He read about Ragnarok.

Three little ice ages will fall upon the world, known as the Fimbulvetr (translated as terrible winter by Young, also referred to as Fimbulwinter), and many other signs will come to pass. Then the time will arrive and the cocks will crow. The fire giants led by Surt will come out of Muspelheim. Naglfar, the ship made out of dead men's nails, will carry the frost giants to the battlefield, Vigrid.... [/QUOTE]

It would probably come soon.[/COLOR]
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"[I]Why[/I] are we doing this again?" Rannos asked Z as they wandered around the store.
"Because," he replied, "Candy is good. We're still young enough to get some."
"Whatever...." Rannos said, turning away.

He traveled down the rows again, looking for something that wasn't too dorky. [I]Spider Man.....Bat Man......Super Man.....no superheroes.....Hey! The Queer Eye guys!.....Naw......This vampire one seems pretty cool, though. Eh, might as well.....although the irony just may kill me......[/I] He grabbed the outfit and went up to the register where a small elderly asian woman greeted him
"And what would you like, young man?"
"This...." he tossed the out fit on the counter..
"That will be $5."
"Ok....you meant 5, right?"
"Your call." he handed her a five dollar bill and carried his costume out to a bench.
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"Anything with a sword," Cary said with an abundance of masculinity in his voice. Since being taken over by new management The Grind has been forcing it's employees to participate in all sorts of ridiculous promotional gimmicks. Just a few months ago the entire crew reenacted Columbus' voyage across the Atlantic in hopes of attracting some new customers -- and while Cary's performance as the Santa Maria was a hit, it wasn't the type of thing that would draw in large crowds.

So in honor of Halloween, every employee at The Grind is required to wear a full costume for their entire shift. Cary hadn't worn a Halloween costume since he was in the second grade, and even though he was strongly against the idea he had no choice but to participate.

The shopkeeper, an older Asian woman, came out of the back room with a few assorted costumes. He looked through them for a moment, but didn't see anything that he was particularily fond of.

"Hm, I don't really know if I'm liking any of these costumes. Do you have something a little more... I dunno, exotic?" Cary asked.

"Exotic, you say?" The old woman grinned as she pointed to a mannequin behind Cary, "How about a pirate?"

Apparently pirates were the big seller this year, and as a result most of the store was adorned in various pirate outfits. Attempting to be an individual, Cary declined the offer, and continued looking through the store by himself.

After a few minutes of browsing aimlessly, Cary stumbled across an old turban that was stuffed on one of the taller shelves. He slowly pulled it down and began to examine it. It was a deep blue color, and adorned with some type of red gem on the front -- this was not the type of ornate headdress that you would ever see in a discount costume shop. He tried on the turban -- a perfict fit, and most importantly, he looked good in it too.

Cary brought the turban over to the counter, quickly gaining the attention of the shopkeeper.

"You buy something?" She asked anxiously, with peculiar smile on her face.

"Yes, this turban is too cool to pass up."

"A wonderful choice. In days of Ali Baba and flying carpets these turbans were worn by powerful sorcerers and clairvoyants. With proper robes you could look very good."

"A clairvoyant? Even better. I was actually going to use it for a Johnny Carson costume..."
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Diving into TONS of costumes looking for the PERFECT ONE.........Z loves Halloween....and candy.
Looking through he saw some great ones.....a gaint can of Mr Pibb.....a ghost.....a vamp.....a pie....a chicken.....he suddenly saw one....HE-MAN!!!!!.....naw......then suddenly while coming out of the pile he saw it......an amazing Warlock costume....the most amazing one ever. He ran and took it.Then he said".....wait.....I did this last year....time for a change of scenery." He ranm back looking for something that he would love for years to come. He saw a military costume.....he's always like the army......he got it.
"How would I be helping you today?" Some lady who worked there said.
"Uhhhhhhh......I want this."
"That will be five dolla"she said.
He hands her the money and goes off to find Rannos.
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Kara snuck up to Fenris. He had seemed a little off the past few days. She glanced at the book he was reading. [I]Norse mythology?[/I] He glanced up at her. "What do you want?" he asked.

"Just seeing what all the fuss is about. I heard that store is THE place to get costumes for Halloween," She sat down.

"Yea, It's really cheap there. I got a Darth Maul costume," Fenris pulled it out, showing her.

"Great. I can get a white robe and cinnibuns and be Princess Lea," She said sarcastically. She hated Halloween. It reminded her too much of her brother. But this year her aunt was forcing her to dress up and pass out candy. She stole a handful of Fenris's pop rocks without looking at what it was.

The pop rocks fizzled in her mouth. She started to spit on the ground and rub her tongue. "What is that crap?" She reached for the bag.

"They're pop rocks, there supposed to do that," Fenris rolled his eyes at her.

"Well they're gross," she said, trying to regain her composure while Fenris laughed. "I'm gonna take a look at the costumes. See ya." Fenris went back to his reading.

Once inside the store, she glanced through the racks. She saw your usual crop of monsters, demons, creatures, and other assorted baddy outfits. [I]No thank you. I see enough of that stuff everyday.[/I] She glanced at the plastic bags by the checkout counter. [I]I could go as a person with a plastic bag over my head! Nah. For some reason I don't think that'll work.[/I]

Then she saw it: a gypsy costume. But not your cheesy cotton type. No, this had blood red velvet material and quality black lacing. It almost seemed handmade. [I]I have to have this![/I] She pulled it off the rack. It looked like it would fit perfectly. She was just about to pay for it when she noticed a Spanish fencing sword laying on the floor. Apparently it lost the outfit it was supposed to come with. It also looked to be fine quality-It wasn't even plastic! She grabbed it and walked to the counter.

"That'll be five dolla for the clothes and one dolla for the sword." the Asian woman said.
"Wow, this place is cheap," she said, paying the woman. [I]Almost suspiciously cheap. Oh well, that's immigrants for you.[/I] Kara nodded at the smiling woman turned and walked out of the store.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Fenris' hand went in the bag of Pop Rocks and he realized they were gone. She ate the rest! He put the book back in his bag and went back in the store where he bought his candy. He put another bag on the counter and handed the cashier a dollar. He got his change and headed back toward the costume shop.

He waited to see what the others had all bought and opened his bag of Pop Rocks, putting them all in his mouth and downed them with his can of coke. Hm. Urban legends were stupid. Supposedly, he would die from gas now. People who believed them were stupid. Fenris watched as the asian woman gave a malicious smile and helped another customer. Weird.[/COLOR]
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Z ran up to Fenris just for the reason he's there and shows him the costume. A dogtag necklace that says Adam on it.....a camo heavy weight shirt...same thing for the pants....a huge gun(fake)........and a hat. "I don't like the hat, I ain't gonna wear it....but I'll still be camolicous."Z said then ran off.
OOC: Dylan(Lord Rannos) will be gone for four days....he is in Washinton DC....lucky punk...
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Nathan was feeling happy today so he decided to go see what all of the hub-bub was all about at the new costume shop. "Man this place is actually pretty busy today. I didn think that all of these people actually went out on Halloween but whatever."

While searching through the costumes he felt like he was being watched he turned around but only saw the owner of the shop. "why hello mam would you happen to have a Superman costume in this shop?"

"Why of course young man its right here would you like to purchase it? Its on sale.."

" Im kinda low on cash these days but maybe I can buy it. How much is it"

" Oh its only $10 my good sir"

"Shucks I cant afford that I knew I shouldnt have bought those Yugi-oh cards whatever.

"Well sir before you go how much money do you have?'

"Well I only have $2.50 on me at the moment"

"That will be more than enough. What the hell, youre a nice boy I guess I can let you have it for free."

"Really?? Thanks! I will pay you back someday. By the way that brooch of yours is beautiful wherever did you get?"

"Oh this old thing? Its been in the family for many years."

Nathan being the idiot that he is, walks behind the counter and starts to look at the brooch and examine it because hes alway had a thing for "fine" jewelry.

"What Are You Doing? Get Off Of It!!!!" In her screaming rage she made a howl that sounded like a wounded insect.

Nathan was so frightened he ran out of the door screaming like a maniac. Everyone out in the streets thought he was a crazed lunatic and all of the highschool kids laughed crazily. :laugh:

The old lady sitting in the costume shop speaks to herself and says
"Oh yes you will pay me back eventually but not in the way youre thinking."

The lady starts laughing like a psychotic and starts to clean up the shop.
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Z ran up to Rannos and said " Look at this cool army costume I got!"
Rannos looked it over then pulled out his costume and said " I'm gonna be a vamp."
"*shiver* A little to close to comfort for me."
"I know, that's why I got it."
Z then whacked Rannos on the forhead and then were off.
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I'm going to assume that Rei and Anonymous Source don't want their characters to have costumes... which is a good thing, since someone has to be able to think straight (in the classic Buffy episode, that someone was Cordelia LOL)

Scene 2: That night, everyone goes trick or treating, except poor Fenris, who locks himself in a cage. When the time is right, Myork the Nteino demon removes her Amulet of Cloaking. She moves to the back of the store, where a double headed bust of Hecate and Zeus sits surrounded by glowing candles. Each of her arms snatches up a candle, and she sits cross-legged on the floor, reciting the sacred incantation.

All around town, the costumes that were purchased from the Nteino demon transform their wearers into whatever the costume was of. (note: your personalities and possibly memories change to suit the costume) Pandemonium ensues, as multitudes of freshly created monsters, demons, movie/anime villains, and vampires terrorize the populace. The few 'good' costumes strike back, and in their secluded locations, Myork's eggs begin to stir....

The point of scene two is just to have fun. Total chaos and pandemonium. Slowly, your characters may realize something isn't right (perhaps because Raven or Robert knocks some sense into them :) ) Feel free to discover an egg sack or two in this scene if you want, but it's not mandatory. Have fun!
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[COLOR=DarkRed]From inside the school, where Fenris has locked himself, he heard screams and sounds of pandomonium. He smiled and looked outside at the chaos. [I]Those are good costumes. Too bad I won't be able to use mine. That was a waste of five dollars.[/I]

He walked a few fee outside the school and looked around. The door behind him shut with a click. [I]Oh, ****! I'm locked out! I'm going to change tonight and I'm locked out![/I] He felt as his organs were yanked as if they were on a rollercoaster and fell to the ground.

A small child who had been turned into a demon stood over him. it grinned and bared it's teeth at Fenris, who sprouted white fur all over. [URL=http://magictg.com/magiccard.asp?card=18577](Just for the record.)[/URL] The demon's face distorted into a confused look as it carefully backed away.

The, now wolf, Fenris got to it's feet and emitted a howl that rattled the demon to the bone. The wolf turned on the demon and threw it into a wall, slashing it with it's claws until it was no longer recognizable. The wolf had free roam of the town. (Yes!)

Its primative thoughts came back. [I]Food. Rivals.[/I] Fenris galloped into town and saw a police car pull up. The two officers got out and took refuge behind the car, armed with their guns. The wolf leaped over their car and one of the officers shot at it, hitting it in the leg. [I]My prey attacked me! Kill.[/I]

Fenris turned and ran at the officer, then raised it's paw and sliced the officer's face, never breaking stride. The officer fell to the ground and lay in a pool of his own blood. The wolf bolted toward a crowd of demons and stopped, sniffing the air.

There was another wolf around. This one was small and walked on two legs. One of the new breeds. Fenris howled at it and ran after it. It stopped and put it's tail between it's legs. Fenris got closer and started to sniff it. It had a pack and was the leader. Now, after a humiliating show of inferiority, Fenris was the alpha male.

The smaller wolf, followed by Fenris, went to find the rest of the pack.[/COLOR]
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Helie was frightened. Never having experienced Halloween so fully before, she was nervous to begin with. But now...she was almost terrified. [I]What the h*** is happening? What is going on?[/I] All these ...[I]things[/I] were appearing, and she didn't know what they were. So instead of running away, she walked the streets, transformed by her Robin Hood costume. She had to admit, the silver arrows made her feel safer. At least she had a weapon to defend herself with. She watched...as chaos erupted. This was really creepy.

And then she tripped. [I]What the heck?[/I] Helie stopped dead in her tracks. Blood covered her feet, and she looked back slowly, nervous of seeing what she had tripped on. It was a body. A policeman, to be certain. And...no face. [I]Oh god...[/I] The lights were still flashing, and lit up the scene with an odd, nauseating aura. Helie quickly looked away, breathing slowly to calm the contents of her stomach.

And looked up, a keen expression on her face. She breathed deeper, collecting the floating scents in the air. She could smell the blood, still fresh on the attacker. Her vampire instincts came to take over, and she dipped a finger in the policeman's blood, tasting it, turning over the scent and signature on her tongue. And...she could smell the blood trail in the air. She followed intently, ignoring the crazy little demon kids screaming and laughing everywhere. Crazy night...
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Robert looked at the insuing pandemoneum... he sensed no demons... exept one main source!

"Damn it! I know something like this would happen! Damn kids, especially that Kara! I told her..."
"Kara... I need help tonight... get that other slayer of yours and..."

"Nope, won't work Rob... I'm gonna be handing out candy and dressing like a dork. You know I'd love to kill some Vampires... but I can't pass that up!"

"Kara! Don't you need to..." *SLAM* the door shut as she flew out of the school... "Aw man! Wonder were that Rei is... I'll need her help!
Of course Rei never showed up... but she never does... WHEN SHE'S NEEDED! Robert watched as people slew others... even people as innocent as children rose weapons and slaughtered old men and women!

"I need to do someting..." He saw Rei sneak up of to the side "Ahh! Just who I wanted to see!" Robert grinned and raised a crossbow, offering it to Rei!
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OOC: I'm baaaack......please, hold your applause.

Rannos and Z were heading out from Rannos's house at about 5:00 (they always started pretty early), staring with the one directly to their left so that they could curve around the culdesac and save time. They made good progress, there weren't many kids in his neighborhood. Sfter they had been going for a while, Rannos started getting really hungry.....
"God.....I should have had dinner before coming out here....I'm starving." Rannos muttered.
" Eat some of your candy if you're hungry." Z told him, rolling his eyes.
Rannos began slowly, chewing a few mini candy bars, but eventually began wolfing down all of his goodies.
"Take it easy or else you won't have any for later." Z advised him.
" Srry," he replied through a mouthful of MnM's, "just mmph very hungry....."
"Whatever...." Z said, rolling his neck in a semi-circle, "My necks crampin up..."
Rannos saw the exposed flesh, felt the hunger tighten within his stomach. He slowly leaned towaards his neck, opening his mouth. Z noticed him leaning forward and whipped around, hitting Rannos in the head with his "fake" rifle. Rannos was knocked flat but quickly hopped up to his feet again, snarling. Z whipped out his rifle, quickly took aim and fired off a round into Rannos's shoulder. He was sent reeling back, and cried out in pain. He swore and ran down a nearby side street, looking for easier prey with which he can quench his thirst for blood.
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Startled that some guy with a VERY weird face was trying to bite him, Adam (hee hee get it(by the way, that's the name of the army guy my dude turned into)) ran to find the rest of his squad which had dissapeared. He saw a whole bunch of guys with horns and a pitch forks and took out one of the grenades he put in his "utility belt" bit the end off and threw it. Good thing it was just a light bomb, to scare them away from him, if it had been one of the green one on his side, all those kids would have died.
Firing off rounds as he ran, he tripped over something. He looked down and saw some sort of egg, which started to hatch. As it was coming out he shot it. "Like I always say, shoot first, ask later." he said then decided to look for shelter. "Man, this is some weird night, first it changes from day to night instantly, then, all of my squad is gone, then this guy tryed to bite me, then I'm somewhere other then camp, then everybody is some weird monster looking thing, I really hope I see someone I know soon."
Suddly he bumped into someone, he turned around to see one of his squad members starring at him.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]The smaller wolf led Fenris to a pine grove and cowered lower. Fenris inspected his new troops: a half-human wolf, a small brown wolf, an enormous grey wolf, and the one that led him here. He led the way. They walked through the middle of the street and saw a small crowd of demons and vampires.

The five wolves launched a full-out assault on the demons, tearing them to bits and feasting on their putrid flesh. The wolves then spotted a few police cars patroling the streets and gave up their current meal in search of something more...tasty.

The cars were full of officres, armed to the teeth. Fenris' brood went in front of the cars and stopped. The people piled out of the cars and the wolves attacked. Fenris' position as pack leader was short-lived, as all the other wolves met their demise at the hands of the officers.

Fenris ran back toward the grove and lay down to lick his wounds. He put his head down and fell asleep. His eyes opened and his head jerked up at the smell that filled his delicate nose. It was human. Probably out in the chaos for some looting. He wanted to sleep, but felt compeled to stay awake and alert.[/COLOR]
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As in so many cheesy Japanese movies, Godzilla rampaged through the streets. Except this time, instead of terrorizing Tokyo and being several stories tall, he was terrorizing Otaku Lake and was a much more managable 6'.
The former Tao let loose a blast of radioactive energy from his fang-lined maw, carving a deep chasm in the street.
It roared ferociously and put its arm through the hood of a car, gripping the engine and ripping it out. The radioactive Dino chucked the engine across the street, shattering a store window.
With a smack of the tail, a lightpost was brought crashing to the ground, bringing a large ape with it.
Godzilla turned and faced his one-time adversary, the equally legendary...King Kong.
The ape pounded on its broad chest and let out a primal scream. Godzilla met it with another loud roar.
The dino's back spikes glowed bright before the Godzilla fired another radioactive blast. The monkey was sent flying into another building, crashing through the wall.
The victorious Godzilla bellowed in pride, and moved in to finish the kill.
But Kong was ready.
The Great Ape swung out, bashing Godzilla in the face. The reptile stumbled back and K.K. plowed in with a flurry of flailing fists.
Godzilla, irritated by the display, swung out with its own arm, raking Kong's chest. Blood dripped down and matted the fur. The hairy beast screeched in pain.
Godzilla, taking the moment, charged up a blast full power, and sent the wounded mammal crashing back into the building, smashing several eggs, the rest being cooked by the radioactive energy.
Satisfied with the victory, Godzilla turned its attention to another potential challenger.
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Rannos ran threw the alleyway, looking for some one to feed upon. He stopped and shook his head. [I]Wait...what am I doing? I'm so hungry....and some instinct is telling me to hunt humans....[/I]
He closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them he knew what had happened, and he began to hunt. He started down the alley, looking for drunks or hommeless people who would be easier to feed upon....unable to find any un-mauled, he went out into the open streets, where he saw small demons and other things terrorizing the town.
"Well....this is an interesting turn of events....." he commented. Rannos saw a middleaged woman running away screaming from a band of pirates. Immediately, he leaped after her, soon runninng her down. He twisted her neck to break it, then lowered his teeth into her neck. Rannos had just begun to feed when he was knoced aside by something. He landed on his side but rolled into a crouch. From there, he saw that it was another vampire that knocked him away. He sprang forward, pushing away the other vampire and shoving both of his fist into its chest. Rannos used his momentum to push himself to his feet again, and pulled out the stake that he always had with him, typically hidden. Never would Rannos believe that crap about the vampires not being out on Halloween. As the other vamp rose, he ran forward, catching the vamp in a bear hug with his left arm and forcing the stake into his heart with the other. He stood there, looking at the pile o f dust for a moment, then turned back to his kill. He drained her, and decided to find a safe perch where he could survey the action.
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[quote name='Lord Rannos']He drained her, and decided to find a safe perch where he could survey the action.[/quote]

It was then that Rannos was hit with a sudden blast of fury. He turned to see Robert waving his hand in the air. He muttered some words of power as Rei stood behind him.

"Rein... shakah... HAI!" Robert yelled as the vampire...er... sort of vampire... hit the ground. "Rei, stake him!" Robert whispered, trying not to release his grip.

She crept closer, then realized who it was.

"But Mr. Jacobson... it's Rannos!"

"It's still a vamp!"

"But I think it's his costume... anyway you can free him?"

"He's asleep, if we tell him of his true identity, he should wake-up and be, partially, back to normal. Like a post-hypnotic suggestion!"

"What if he doesn't?" Rei said, as she tied him to a pole.

"Then we stake him..." Robert walked up and then whispered in his ear. "[I]Rannos... come back to the light... we're here for you![/I]" Rannos stirred "DAMN IT BOY! WAKE UP AND BE NORMAL"

With that Rannos opened his eyes... "Wh-where am I?"

"Welcome to hell... care to gaze upon your dinner?" Robert pointed... "We can't get you out of the costume, but by reminding you who you are we can get you to snap out of it. Besides, we could use your strength! Now lets go... where the hell is Kara?"

With that they carried on into the night... Hell was an understatement!
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[COLOR=DarkRed]The nearly-sleeping white wolf sat under a pine tree. The chaos continued, but no one dared to mess with a werewolf of his power. He was directly akin to the original wolf. The template wolf. The archetype. The demons purposely spaced themselves forty or so feet from him at all times, allowing a good head start, should he be roused.

His nostrils were suddenly filled with a scent that smelled like a dinner-bell. No more rancid demon flesh, no more maimed policemen. A real meal. He got to his feet, much to the dismay of a skeleton that had tried to sneak past him. He ran in the direction of the smell, knocking the skeleton to pieces and reached the source of the odor.

Raven, Mr. Jacobson, and Rannos were standing there, talking. The wolf crouched low and waited. Even with his primitive mind, he remembered them. The two males will be easy pickings. The female might prove different. In his experience, the human females were better fighters than the males. He crouched low, completely hidden, and prepared to pounce...[/COLOR]
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Robert sniffed the air... "Both of you... shut up!"

Robert looked around, then he found the source, one of ancient power, the same power he had felt in his old home... the power of the only thing, save a slayer or other vampire, that could match a vampire in pure power. Robert now knew...the werewolf that lay within Fenris...

"He's free..." Robert pointed to Fenris "Watch out!"

They dodged out of the way of the first strike.

"Fenris... wake up, it's us! We need your power!" Robert yelled, just as Fenris swiped him out of the way with a swift backhand.

Robert hit the tree with immense force, braches shook right off the tree. Fenris then focused on the Vampire... for that is the werewolf's natural enemy...
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