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Bloodlust [R]


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[SIZE=1][I]A tall man stepped into the airport terminal. It was 9 p.m. EST time, and already dark out. He looked around at all the people that were greeting loved ones, business partners, and friends. He could smell the fear radiating off of the ones that had cheated on their husbands or wives while they were away, and he could taste the hormones as others lusted for their friends.

He looked at one woman who had gotten off the plane alone, and had no one to greet her. On her neck the man could see a vein pulsating with blood. His mouth began to water as he watched it. With nothing else to do at the moment, he followed her discretely out of the airport terminal and into a parking garage. It all seemed to perfect for him.

As he followed her out, he began to notice other things about her. Such as her elegant form, her tentalizing curves, and wavy hair. His mouth began to water more and more as he watch her from afar. When he saw her reach a car and begin to enter it he could contain himself no more. He sprang forward with all his might, clearing many cars to catch up to the woman. He silently landed behind her and grabbed her neck, then slung her into the car. He climbed into the small compact car behind her and closed the door, blotting out any screams she was most definately giving.

He looked at her in the darkness of the car, and of the night, seeing and feeling the warmth coming off of her. The woman was crying loudly, and screaming for help. The man suddenly worried that somebody might hear her grabbed her by the throat and squeezed the breath out of her. The lack of air caused her to pass out, giving the man plenty of time to do whatever he wished to her.

For the next few hours nothing but silence came from the car, and anybody that passed would never have suspected what was happening. Never would have known that the man was raping the woman, and biting into her neck to partake in her blood.

At two o'clock a.m. airport security investigated the car, its parking liscence had expired. The officer got his ticket pad ready and walked up to the car to put up the fine. He looked at the windshield and saw blood spattered all over the windshield. His stomach started to turn over as he went to the driver's side door to open it. He looked inside and instantly had to turn away so he could throw up what was left of his dinner.

He looked back into the car and had to take deep breaths so he would not throw up again. What he saw as a woman was naked, and very obviously dead. He stood up on unsteady feet and walked to his cruiser to get on his radio.

He picked up his radio mike and took a deep breath before speaking, "Call the police, an ambulance, and whatever else. I've found a woman that is very dead in her car."

By three the police were there, scouring the whole parking garage for clues. The detective first on the scene became the man in charge. He was a middle-aged man named Logan Channing. He was quickly briefed on all that had been found, and the status of the woman.

Her name was Nina Cartwright, 25, and unmarried. Her parents lived in upstate New York. They would have to be contacted. Logan figured it would be he who did it. He hated it when that was his job.

"Alright, take the body to the morgue for an autopsy. Have them contact me the minute they got something." Logan said, then turned to look out at the city before him. "Going to be another glorious day in New York City."[/I][/SIZE]

[I]The following day....[/I]

Logan sat at his desk with a haggard look upon his face. The horrific sights from the previous night were still etched on his mind. He tried his hardest to push the images from his mind, but they were far to overpowering. He needed a drink, and being at work didn't help that one bit.

The phone rang on his desk. It sounded like a distant noise on a far away plane. His mind came back to the present and he answered it. What he heard on the other end wasn't what he wanted to start his day with.

The body of Nina Cartwright was missing, but the body of the doctor at the morgue had been found in Nina's place. Logan let out a disgruntled groan as he stood up and grabbed his jacket. Then taking his leave to the crime scene.

On arrival everything was very much cut and dry. As an added bonus, they didn't have to take the body to the morgue, considering it was already there. They just changed a few name tags and went on their way.

Logan left there and went immediately to a bar. There was too much going on to his liking. He needed booze, and he needed it quick. His wife wouldn't like it, but she would get over it.
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]Lilia Tomoe Sethen smiled. Broadly. And her fangs began to protrude from her mouth. As she leaned over, her hair fell into her eyes and she brushed it away with one pale hand. Her victim shivered with what was either fear or delight.. ....too late.[/i]

"Mine... ....all mine..."

[i]She had leaned down and sunk her teeth deep into his neck. He convulsed, then went still. His aura, which she had sensed flaring bright emerald, died down to a flicker of light.....soon fading as she fed from his body, draining his lifeblood away to serve her own purposes. It flowed from his arteries to her mouth, slipping down her throat, as soft as velvet.

Her throat moved, swallowing deeply, then drawing back, and wiping her mouth with the back of his hand. She arranged him in a fetal position, then took a few steps back and covered him with the blanket. Like a lynx she stepped out onto the balconey in his San Fransisco apartment, her bare feet making no noise as she padded along until she stood on the railing. Without a backwards glance, she threw herself forward, her arms spread like she was diving.

A flicker of blue lightning, a gentle crystaline noise, and she was gone.

........ ....... .........

She reapeared an hour later, standing in the middle of an empty field, smiling to herself at some unknown joke.[/i][/COLOR]
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The night was still young when Arguyle stepped onto the sidewalk. The brick buildings danced as the trees threw a distorted shadow from the orange street lights. It was cool, as usual, and the smell emanating off of the filth was stinging his sensitive nose.

He was too close to the ground. The scent was sickening. Arguyle crouched down and sprung twenty feet into the air to grab hold of a fire escape. Now he could concentrate on his hunt. The girl from last night. He knew she would be awakened by now and he needed to find her.

"Where could you be?" he asked himself. "It would be somewhere familiar..." He leapt across an alleyway to the next building. "I had better find the trail at the morgue."

Sure enough, when he had reached the building labeled, "N.Y.C. Coroner's Office" he caught her scent. And she had already killed.

"A bit more enthusiastic than I had thought." he told himself. In a blur, he dashed off to follow the trail. In mere moments, he had already moved twenty blocks. He stopped, sniffed the air again and headed north.

He followed the trail to an apartment building. There wasn't anything special about it. Just an apartment building. Arguyle landed silently on the roof and took the door in front of him. The steps led to an emergency staircase and he needed to go further down. Level five, level four, finally level three. He stepped into the hallway.

He strolled down the hall until he reached a door marked C-5. Nina Cartwright's home. He knocked on the door, not expecting an answer. He didn't get one. He then grabbed the handle and found the door to be locked. No matter. He twisted it anyway, crushing the latch.

As Arguyle walked in, the scent of dried blood filled the air. Curled into the corner was a scared little girl. Far from the beautiful stranger she was the night before. When she saw his face, she let out a blood-curdling scream. He rushed over to silence her.

He nicked his palm on her newly developed fangs. "Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you." he calmly stated. "I'm going to remove my hand nw. Do not scream." she nodded.

"HELP!!HELP!!" she shouted. Arguyle sent his fist across her jaw, knocking her unconscious.

"Didn't expect any less." he thought to himself as he lit up a cigarette. [/color][/b][/size]
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Stephen was out on patrol as usual, he was never put on any special cases and the department gave lackluster reasons why. He propped his elbow up the edge of the door and leaned his head against his rested arm. He drove down a partly busy street with clubs and spots the locals go to for fun, he grunted and flipped on the cars flashers when he saw a red sports car speed by him, he pulled out of traffic and pursued the car.

Stephen picked up his radio mic and spoke into it with a solemn, almost bored tone.
"Unit 34 in pursuit of a red sports car, I'll send an update when I figure out what the type is."

Stephen continued after the car and radioed back a few minutes after with a report on the sports car, he pursued the car into a darker area of New York, until it decided to stop. The man inside jump out and imeadiately laid down on the ground with his hands on his head. Stephen got out and walked over to the man.

"What are you doing? I'm not going to arre-" Stephen was cut of by the frantic pant of the man.

The man got to his feet and leaned against his car with his hands out, wrists together.
"Officer! Arrest me! Do it, now!!"

Another officer pulled up behind Stephens car and he got out and walked to Stephen.
"Whats up?" the officer asked, eyeballing the frantic man.

"Well, this guy wants to be taken in, I dont know why and I really dont want to. I'm no psychologist, but this guy is crazy." Stephen said, turning back to the frantic man.

In a blink of an eye there was large shadow that passed by Stephens body and in a flash the frantic man was gone, a large streak of blood was against the car and some was spilled on the asphalt. Stephen grabbed his radio and quickly spoke into it.

"I need someone here, quick! A Witch, or a Wizard. Better yet, a Detective! I dont know but a man just vanished from in front of my face! I want to know how and why!"
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[color=purple][size=2][font=arial]A smile tugged at the blonde vampires lips. She sat in her small home, the curtains pulled tightly across the windows. She had been watching the news, and it satisfied her. She rose from the plush chair on which she perched, and crossed the room.

She left the room through a small door, and went into the bedroom. She smiled fully at the reflection of herself in the dresser mirror. Her feline-like fangs showed, and she chuckled deep in her throat.

Vixen turned, and smiled. There was a flash, and the house was silent and empty.


Somewhere, a young teenaged boy was partying in a night club with his friends. He laughed, and said, ?I?ll be right back, guys.? He left the crowded dancing room, and went down a small hallway branching off. It was dark, and he almost reached the small restroom door- almost. [I]A beautiful aura? blood red? with a white core.[/I]

A shadow rose behind him, and placed a hand across his mouth. The boys eyes widened, and he struggled to scream as long, feline teeth sunk into his neck. The vampiress swallowed the first mouthful of blood, slowly, savoring the taste. Soon he blacked out from pain and blood loss. Vixen soon finished, and drew back from the limp, lifeless form.

She smiled, blood still dripping from her fangs. She licked them, and swallowed the last few drops. She dropped the body with a light thud to the floor, and nudged him into the shadows with her foot. She turned, a wicked smile still on her face, and with a flash, disappeared.[/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]Vixen reapeared outside a cave, a place she knew belonged to only Lilia Tomoe... ...the seductress that never died, and walked in carefully. She had gotten wind of the girl escaping from the morgue. And the millions hunting the sources of the deaths and vanishings. .....lucky them. If there was an alchemist that could do a sighting for the both of them, it would be Lilia.

As she padded in, she became acutely aware of a scent. One she hadn't smelled in at least fifty years. It was the scent of Lilia, and to the mere mortal, it was intoxicating in the extreme.

A scent of fresh freesha blossoms, blooming in excess. Only it wasn't perfume, and it wasn't the flowers trailing down the sides of the dark cave. It was Lilia herself, who had come up behind Vixen silently, and encircled her arms around her neck and waist. With a slow purr, she licked at her ear with her almost serpentine tongue.[/i]

"Ahh.... I was so lonely....thank you for visiting me Vixen."

".....of course."

"So. What can the Lilia do for the Vixen? Heh, we should be exotic dancers."

[i]Her laughter was a soft tinkling sound, as she drew away from Vixen's body and walked towards the back of the cave, where she kept her... ....tools. She flicked her fingers and the wall sconces flared to life, showing spacious living quarters. A long futon bed, covered in cushions. Wall hangings of both vines and woven tapestries. A ring of stones, where her fire burned continualy. Walls full of shelves of potions, vials, decanters, all shapes, all sizes, all materials. Lilia moved delicately around her house, then stopped by her counter, where all things began.[/i]

"A woman survived an attack......by one of ours. She dissapeared from the morgue."

"And you want me to find her."

"More or less."

"Well....that should be easy. She's a new one, she's...a female, and.... ..she was in New York. But if she's learned to teleport, it could be a little harder."

[i]As she spoke, she had filled a small glass with several different liquids. Then she reached into a box and took a handful of what looekd like black sand. Then she whirrled around and threw it into the fire, sand, glass, liquid. Instantly the flames flared upwards, shooting towards the ceiling.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2]OOC: Fancy?

IC: Vixen watched the flames as they flickered. She turned towards Lilia, about to say something, then turned back as the flames hissed. Her eyes turned silver as she watched with anticipation. ?So? I do not think she has learned to teleport, yet. She would need someone to tell her to, would she not?? She cocked her head at Lilia, but her eyes were trained on the flames.

Vixen licked her teeth as an image of a girl appeared in the flames. The girl was unconciouss, and on the floor. She noticed a shadow over her. They heard nothing but the hiss of the flames as it sputtered. The image went out, and stated fading back in. Vixen said, ?Were losing her, Lilia.?

The vampiress watched as the image started to come back, and Vixen tapped her chin thoughtfully. ?Do you recognize the place, Lillia??

OOC: Thank you for getting me involved, Riaha[/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Naturally. I hope you're comfortable in your sexuality.
[i]Lilia grinned and shook her hair so it shot back over her eyes.[/i]

"Of course. I haven't lived 800 years for nothing. Remember, I might look younger than you.. ....."

"But you're a lech."

[i]She laughed easily with Lila, who was walking to her wall. With practiced ease, she lifted a simple bone athame [knife] from her shelf and sheathed it at her thigh. Then she walked out of the cave, Vixen following behind. As soon as they exited, Lilia raised her hand and snapped her fingers. Instantly the vines grew thick over the entrance, forming an impenetrable hedge.

Vixen grinned and held Lilia's hand. It was the fastest way to teleport to the same location without her giving away the secrets. Lilia held out her hand, like she was touching something floating before her eyes, and the two dissapeared in a shimmer of light.

They reapeared, standing in the middle of the field yet again. Once there, Lilia sat down in the grass.[/i]

"We are going far away."

"How far?"

"Across the country."

[i]Vixen rolled her eyes.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=purple][size=2][font=arial]OOC: I don't mind. I am very used to Rated R type things. And I hope you saying what an atheme was was for everyones benefit, not just me, because I know what it is. Im a Witch. Another thing, I am not exactly sure of what to do...

IC: Vixen looked around. "Where exactly are we?" She didn't recognize it, and never would have come here if it was daylight. She scanned the grass and her pupils dialated until they weren't visable in her silver eyes.

Vixen brushed a stary strand of blonde hair back, and her gaze returned to Lilia. "Its a nice peaceful spot you chose, Lilia."[/color][/font][/size]
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Tarique bent over the toilet, emptying the contents of her stomach into the porcelean bowl. Silently puking up everything that she had eaten that day, the taste was wretched, and burned her throat. She wiped her mouth furiously with some toilet paper, and flushed the toilet. [I]God, I feel like *******.[/I] It wasn't surprising; Tarique had consumed a vast quantity of alcohol tonight, and the night before as well.

[I]I guess that's what I get for being a ************* reporter for a ************* police department, and where I find my friend all ************ up inside a car.[/I] Tarique's anger quickly dispelled itself as she thought again of Nina's body, and tears started to run from her eyes as her grief overflowed...again. She hunched by the toilet in the dirty stall, sobs wracking her body. She remained in the stall until her tears ran dry, and then came out. Her face looked pale and guant, and there were gray shadows under her eyes. She washed her face, the cold water reviving her, and making invisible the last traces of tears. Her stomach still felt queasy, and her balance was still questionable. [I]No more to drink[/I], she thought to herself. She had too much to do, too much to think of. No more trying to drown herself in cheap beer to forget Nina's body...

She walked out of the bathroom, tucking some feral strands of hair behind her ears. Taking her seat again at the bar, she shook her head when the bartender offered her another drink. Smiling, he nodded in agreement, and Tarique hid a laugh. [I]It must've really been something, to see me that drunk. I haven't done that since...forever... God, I feel like *******.[/I] She drank some carbonated water, the bubbles soothing her stomach, while the bitter taste brought her reeling senses back down to earth, until she could at least see straight.

It was late, she knew, but she didn't bother to check the clock. No one was expecting her, and she hadn't had a bedtime since the 9th grade. No use in having one now, especially since she wouldn't be able to sleep. Others at the bar talked quietly, and it was soothing to her ears to hear their quiet murmuring. There was a jingle as the door opened again, but she didn't turn. Heavy steps made their way to a seat, and she heard a familiar voice as an order was quietly said.

Tarique turned, glancing over a couple seats. "Logan? What are you doing here?"

Logan Channing turned, and then recognized the ambitious reporter from the department. [I]Great, just my luck. This is NOT what I was hoping for.[/I] Reporters, after all, could get quite annoying. But he hid his feelings with a small smile, "Oh, Tarique! Wow, didn't expect to see you here. Are you old enough to drink?"

She rolled her eyes, and he noticed the shadows underneath. "Yes, MR. Channing, I [I]am[/I] of age, and have been for five years. But we're in the same boat: I didn't expect to see [I]you[/I] here."
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William let out a loud yawn has he stretched out his legs in the front seat of his car beside him. He had picked up nothing interesting on his radio all day, and with still no leads whatsoever he thought it was best that he turned in for the day. Parked in a dark ally, he using his trench coat as a blanket, he took his guns from the front seat beside him and lazily tossed them in the backseat.

Problem is William recently has had some trouble sleeping, as if he knew that something would come for him in his sleep and kill him and slowly. He seemed to have developed a case of insomnia and paranoia. He suddenly jolted from his seat when he began to hear faint sounds of a police car?s sirens.

William quickly put back on his coat and holstered his revolver. Tightly holding his shotgun, he watched as a car began to stop as it skidded past the ally, followed by a police car. He silently got out of the car and walked toward the edge of the ally, and saw another cop car pull up. He looked to see two cops and some guy with his hands on his car.

Suddenly, William saw a weird black flash before his eyes, and there was blood all over the car and pavement from where the man was. His eyes widened in surprise at the sight of it. He watched as one of the cops ran to his car and yelled something into his radio. He realized that something that could move so fast had to be one of those ?things?, a vampire. On impulse he loaded his shotgun, the loud sound echoing throughout the ally.

?*******,? William cursed, hoping that no one heard him.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Alex stood above the city on a high building that overlooked the busy streets. The hilt of her blades glinted in the moonlight as she shifted jumped down from the building onto the ledge that led her to the street below.

Blood was the first thing that she had spotted on the ground. She kneeled down to it and saw that it was dry. It wasn't completlely dry, but a large amount of it was. It's not common when you see blood on the streets. She stood to find a strange impring of some sort.

Knowing her instincts, Alex walked to the imprint and found that it led into the alley. She walked into the alley and let her eyes adjust. They adjusted within a second and she looked around for clues. It had seen that the victim or the victim's killer had been hasty and left an item belonging to whomever.

Alex bent down to pick up the item, which was a bloodied piece of clothing, but stood up tall and reached for her katanas. She turned quickly to find a shadow scaling the tall alley wall.[/i]

"A prey that runs, eh? Let us follow."[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Eh, for everyone elses benefit. Funny thing is, I'm not a witch by profession, I just collect athames.
"We are in what can officially be called the precint of Alrond. A place for me to stop and collect my thoughts before the next jump."

"Translation.....into my language means?"


[i]She laughed and rose to her feet. The reasonably frail looking blonde next to her stood as well and shifted her weight from one foot to the other.[/i]

"Are we going away now?"

"We're going there. Come."

[i]With a simple touch of her hand, she jerked Vixen through the wall of both space and energy. With a sound like shattering glass, they opened themselves up into a pool of blood. Vixen looked annoyed.[/i]

"Where is she?"

"..... .....sight for her."[/COLOR]
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Stephen heard the loud sound of a shotgun loading, he motioned the cop over to the alley, and they both drew their handguns. Stephen moved over to the other side of his patrol car and pointed his gun over to the alley as the other cop slowly made his way over to the opening of the alley.

"Come out from out of the alley and lay your weapon on the ground!" Stephen called out, pulling the slide back of the handgun, cocking it.

The other cop edged towards the opening in the alley, his back to the edge of the alley. He suddenly shifted around the edge and dissapear into the darkness.

"Ah damn it!" Stephen said suddenly making his way around his car to the radio again. "Where is my backup!? Fist I have som UFO crap now an officer is gone! Hurry!"

Stephen reached to the center of the dash and oulled out his own Shotgun. He pumped it and thought to himself.
[I]Bring it on![/I]
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[I]callmegoddess04, Try to make your posts a little more substantial. Make them a little longer.[/I]

"Yeah, well, you know, after seeing what I saw last night I needed a good strong drink. Unfortunately there isn't a strong enough drink that would let me live in existance right now." Logan said, looking at his vodka with dissapointment.

Tarique didn't say anything, but instead looked down at her soda water. Logan studied the look for a second, then decided to take a shot of his vodka. He felt satisfied with the burning sensation as it traveled along his throat. Then he said what he had been thinking.

"You knew her didn't you?"

Tarique's head rotated quickly to look at Logan, "How did you know?" She asked.

"I could tell just by the look on your face. When you've been a cop as long as I have, you become able to read people like that. It works great on drunks." Logan explained.

A small smile spread over Tarique's face. When Logan saw it he gave a smile as well. It always made him happy to see someone smile. He had always preffered smiles to frowns. More often than not always giving his own smile. But after his first homicide case his smiles disappeared more frequently.

Keeping the smile on his face he looked to Tarique, "So what interesting news stories are your writning?"
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Cold water ran down the pale form of Nina Cartwight's body, erasing the dried blood. Arguyle brushed his hand over her face to wipe off streams of tears. A moment passed and while he gazed into her face, she awoke.

This time she wasn't scared. Instead, she seemed comforted by his presence. She lay on his shoulder, for what seemed like hours, just crying. When she was clean, she dressed and they stood there silently.

Suddenly, there was a flash in the back of Arguyle's head. He sensed someone coming. "We need to get out of here." he told her.

"Wh-why?" she squeakily sobbed.

"Someone's coming for us." he revealed, "Now come on. Let's GO!"

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her out the window. She let out a yelp of fear as they plumetted toward the ground, but stopped when she instinctively landed on her feet.

"Good." he told himself. "She's starting to learn."

"What's going on?" Nina spoke up, "Where the hell are we going?"

"Back to my place. We should be safe there for a little while." He stopped and grabbed he other hand so that they were facing each other. "You need to clear your mind for a moment."

"What?" she asked increduously.

"Yeah, you probably wouldn't be able to do that in your present state." he thought for a second, "Okay, close your eyes and focus on something very small. A speck of dust. Just imagine it floating in a completely dark room." There was a crashing sound and Nina could see a flash of blue through her eyelids.

"Okay, you can open them now." he told her. They were now in a completely different part of town.

"Where are we?" she sounded scared.

"My place." The both walked inside the brick building and Arguyle closed then locked the heavy steel door behind him...[/b][/size][/color]
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Tarique watched the bubbles rise in her water, swirling it around in her glass. The ice had melted long ago. "Interesting pieces? Well...this one, for instance."

"What?" Logan downed more of his drink. "Don't tell me you've been assigned to this?"

She shrugged, not smiling anymore. "Well, not really assigned... I asked for it. And you now everyone up there likes me, so... I guess I got what I wanted."

"I'm guessing that you got more than what you really wanted, neh?" He studied her face, his smile turning a bit sympathetic.

Tarique's hand tightened around her glass, and her eyes turned hard, her mind on the body. "Yeah, well, let's just say that it was much more than I expected. But not nearly enough. Not at all."

Logan was silent for a moment, seeing the pure, frustrated anger flowing from Tarique's body. [I]Whoever did this will be lucky if I find him before Tarique does.[/I]
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Logan finished his drink, he sat down the glass and looked at his watch. "Well, it's getting late, my glass is empty, and I actually feel better. I think I best be getting home before the wife gets worried."

"You're not married," Tarique said.

Logan sighed, the girl was right, "I'm married to the job."

Tarique gave a silent "Ah" as Logan stood. Logan started to pull some cash out of his pocket and set it down under his glass, then tossed some at Tarique, she looked at it then him, "What are you doing?"

"Paying for your drink, you were so kind as to talk to me, I should return the favor and pay for your drink, no arguements." Logan turned from her with a wave of the hand and left the bar.

He watched his Ford Clunker as he got closer to it, seemed mostly these days that the car was more of his home than his actual one.

He got into it and started it up, and was instantly greeted by his blaring CB radio. [I]"Where is my backup!? Fist I have som UFO crap now an officer is gone! Hurry!"[/I] Logan recognized the voice, but he wasn't quite sure as to whom it was.

Logan picked up the radio mic and called in. "This is Channing, I'm going to investigate." He put his car into drive and started heading towards the officer.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Alex heard the sounds of footsteps and jumped onto the fire escape and hid in the depths of the shadows. The shadowy figure saw that another prey was found, but had no time. It ran and disappeared. Alex smirked and climbed the escape until she was able to reach the wall. She flung herself onto a ledge and was able to get up onto the roof. She looked around for a sign of escape and saw a large black cape hail down the building. She ran to the other side of the building to see if she could get a clear shot, but the figure was gone.[/i]

"Great. Another victim lost, and still thousands of millions more to go."

[i]Alex walked towards the wall where she had last been and jumped down the building into the alley. She fixed her hair and jacket and cracked her neck before walking out. Just before she walked out, she knew that someone was waiting around the corner for someone or something to reveal to itself and Alex was going to step out so that they would stop hunting what they could not catch.

Once Alex was in the clearing, a click of a gun was heard and a voice as well.[/i]

"Don't move. Put your hands behind your head."[/size][/color]
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?This is bad,? William muttered to himself when he heard the cop say that the other cop had disappeared. It was definitely a vampire. Pretty soon either him or the cop would be dead, and with backup coming, William decided to try and reason with him. He just hoped that the cop wasn?t as trigger happy as him.

Slowly, he walked out of the ally and made himself visible to the cop, who now had his own shotgun pointed at him, standing behind his car. William kept walking but eventually stopped halfway, their weapons pointed at each other.

?Put your weapon down and get down on your knees with your hands up!? The cop yelled.
?Listen,? William started, ?I?ll put down my gun if you put down yours. There is someone, or something, here. It?s already got that guy and the cop, and it?ll get us too if we stay here. So how about we put away our guns and get out of here??

Just as he finished William began to see a shadow forming behind the cop.

?Get down!? William yelled as he pulled the trigger, the shells scattering, hitting the car as the cop ducked down, and the shadow was gone. William began to scan the area, trying to find that shadow.

"You alright?" William asked, as the cop began to get back up.
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Arguyle pulled open the very heavy steel door and it closed with a surprisingly loud crash. There were some clicking sounds and Nina turned around to investigate, but Arguyle rushed her away into the next room.

"Who are you and what did you do to me?" she commanded. She didn't seem to content with his company anymore.

"I'm Arguyle Morton." he told her in a cold voice while he was adjusting the heavy curtains over the windows.

"Ok 'Arguyle'." she said mockingly, "Now, what the f**k did you do to me?"

He went over a mental checklist, just to make sure he didn't forget to lock anything. He was fairly certain that he hadn't. "I'm a vampire. And now... so are you." she stood there, stunned.

"You don't know what you're talking about. You're crazy." she tried to convince herself. She ran to the front door to attempt an escape. But when she pulled on the door, it wouldn't budge. Then she ran over to the window. This whole time, Arguyle stood and watched her. She wasn't sure why he wasn't trying to stop her, but then she saw why.

Gigantic steel blast doors had covered the windows. "Realx. I'm not going to hurt you. I made you." he reclined himself on the sofa in his living room and she timidly sat in the armchair. Arguyle was guite comfortable right where he was, but he needed to find out who had been chasing them.

"I have to go." he told her.

"Where." she said quietly.

"I gotta find out who was chasing us. And I have to get you some food." Nina hadn't realized how truly hungry she actually was up until this point. But she was also mortified at what he considers food.

He went upstairs to his study and climbed a ladder to a trap door on the ceiling. "Don't bother trying to escape." he warned her, "This place is a fortress."

As soon as he closed the trap door, Nina heard a click and she was locked in. Arguyle walked to the edge of the roof and sniffed the air. That scent. It was very familiar. Freesha blossoms. The scent filled the air, so that he couldn't get a definite location of his attackers.

He strongly suspected that they weren't even here anymore. His home was built specifically to prevent vampires from entering. "I need to find her." he told himself. A moment of silence and he was gone. Disappeared into the night. [/color][/b][/size]
OOC: I "might" have left the basement door unlocked. She can escape if anyone's post requires her to.[/b][/size]
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[color=purple][size=2][font=arial]OOC: Alright, I will try to make then lengthier(sp?).

IC: Vixen sighed, and closed her eyes. She grounded and centered. She let herself go, and let her senses take over ? hearing, smell, taste. She jerked back as her eyes flew open. ?She?s locked. And?? Her hearing kicked into high-gear. ?Damn!?

Lilia smiled. ?Of course. Locked her up, vampire proof.? Vixen smiled back to her. ?And you aren?t exactly a vampire.? Lilia kept smiling. ?Do you think you could get to her, Lilia?? Lilia frowned. ?I may be able to, but it would be a task. A relatively hard one.? She smiled.

?If it were you doing it, of course. This is merely play for me.?

Vixen bristled, but her face stayed calm. ?Well, then, lets do this. The sooner we get to Nina, the better.?

Lilia reached for Vixens hand, and met it halfway. Vixen gave Lilia the image ? even though Lilia already had it ? and teleported them.[/color][/font][/size]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Alex put her hands behind her head and waited for whoever held her at point. She looked relatively calm, but the man who held a gun to her head was busting with fear. She smirked and did as she was told.[/i]

"It's not me you want. I'm not the one that took your friend."

"Yeah, and I'm the Pope."

[i]Alex's hearing suddenly heightened and she could feel her body tense. This only happened when someone was about to attack. Trying not to move, Alex tried to warn the man that held her captive.[/i]

"I'd move if I were you."

"Weel, now. You aren't me, so I don't think I will."

"Suit yourself."

[i]Moments later, something lunged towards the man, but missed. It landed on its feet and looked to Alex. He knew who she was and she knew who it was. It was a vampire out for blood. He was hungry and looked as if he had not eaten in days. The man was frightened and moved away from the two. Alex stood there, nonchallantly, and looked into the vampire's eyes.[/i]

"Step out of my way, huntress." [iThe vampire had a british accent mixed in.[/i]

"I don't think I can do that."

"And why not?"

[i]At this moment Alex had unsheathed both of her katanas. The vampire knew what this meant. He was hungry and would do anything for fresh blood and Alex's blood was as fresh as it could get.[/i][/size][/color]
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"I'm okay, but what the hell!?" Stephen yelled, getting up.

"No idea, but something was behind you. There is something out here and I'm sure it wants us dead." William said, scanning the area.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? Some kind of science fiction bull?" Stephen said scanning the area while getting to the drivers side. He reached in and pulled the radio mic. to his face, speaking loudly into it. Not two words into his call for backup the radio went static. Stephen got into his car and opened up the passenger door. "Get in!" Stephen called to William. With that said the two were in the car and beginning to drive away.

"Alright, what the hell? and who the hell?" Stephen asked William, turning a corner.

"I'm William and what happened back there was just odd." William responded looking around in the car.

A few corners later a loud bang was heard and th car began shaking violently, then spinning out of control. Stephen got out of the car with his pistol drawn, he looked around and saw that his rear right tire had blow out.

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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]With a cool sort of starryeyed power, Lilia and Vixen resurfaced into the world of the mortals, and stood at the door. It was upside down. An anti-vampire charm. There were several circles drawn into the woodwork, an upside down star over the lintel. Clearly, someone had been working. An applewood beam crossed over the foreground and Lilia bared her teeth. With one hand, she delicately pressed against the star, and the surface of the door became so much mutable water.[/i]

"Power of infinite earth, holder of all things, sustain the passage of my aid."

[i]Lilia rested her head against the doorpost and sighed slowly. There was a click, and Vixen stepped through, across the threshold, to where Nina was waiting.

In the meantime, the elder of the two turned to face down the darkness that was quickly advancing upon her. Like dweomer, her quiet aura flared into life, showing him both her age and her temperment. It was a cool sea green, flushed with both purple of age and the dark blue of the Pisces ruled.[/i]

".....you changed her didn't you?"

"Why else would she still live?"

"....why a girl with a sleeping power? Do you think you will awaken it on your own?"

[i]Lilia's eyes flickered slightly, and her smile grew to spread across her face.[/i][/COLOR]
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