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Luna will crawl


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[size=1][color=gray][i]The world was going up in flames. Everywhere you looked the flames were taking over buildings, trees and whatnot. There was no escaping from it. No where to run, nowhere to hide.
A female soldier running over the street to a child, while the flames scorched her face and clothes, was beind shot at from all sides. In the flash of a second, her legs collapsed under the pain an arrow caused, sticking in her right leg. While trying to stand up, a second and a third arrow hitted her in her back. A small while she kept shaking but eventually the body stopped moving.
The child, running away, was caught in a net, coming out of nowhere. It cried as hard as it could, but what could it help?
After just a little while, there was no sense of living left in the village among the grown ups and all the children had been caught, if they have not been burned alive.
The attackers, all spread their wings and flew off, carrying the nets. The ones who did not have wings, barged through the gate, to a place no one knew even existing.

But this wasnt the only raid. In just a month, four kingdoms had been overtaken by the incredible force, always appearing and disappearing without leaving a trail to where they come from.
The bravest kings and knights had fallen to the force, naming itself the Recrudescence of Luna. Why they are called like that, no one knows, some say they worship Luna, others say its because they always strike at night and even others say its because they are creatures from the moon. But overall most people dont even bother about it, they need all of their time to pack their stuff and flee to another kingdom.

The kingdom in the East, known as the unovertakeable kingdom of Graten had been taken over for the half already. In the capital of this kingdom, the tribe of the magi is located. This tribe, dedicating its life to magic and scholarship, was investigating where these monsters came from. They had all come to one conclusion, the power of the Recrudescence of Luna, was lying in Luna herself. But how could anyone do something about the creatures, if their source was lying in the moon?

After a few weeks, the whole kingdom was taken except for the capital. No one could get out of the city, surrounded by monsters. All the children who escaped from their destiny by fleeing to the city of the many pretty tales, were now trapped, to face their terrible destiny once again.
Though, the magi had found ancients scrolls about Luna. It seemed that Luna was connected to the Earth with a diamond, forged into a shield. Who has this shield could control the powers of Luna by his will.
But the shield had lost in eternity, out of the reach of the human or magi kind. And even though it was the dwarfs who had forged the shield, not even they had reach to it, and if they had, where could you find one? The only solution left could be the unicorns. The unicorns, also known as the creature of light.
But then they had to find one.
So the kingdom send out some soldiers for a decoy, so that a few warriors, could start their search in the magic woods in the south.[/i]

There is where the storyline ends and the real story begins.
You are the ones who have to find the unicorns and then the shield.
This does not mean you cant be a person from somewhere else than out of the Capital of Graten, but it would be nice if you would be.
Only if you are a mage, you may be old, the warriors are young, barely grown up. These are children who escaped from the Recrudescence of Luna.

Here is the sign-up sheet:

[b]Age:[/b] (not anything overaged)
[b]Race:[/b] (Human or mage)
[b]Weapons:[/b] (mage's use staff's and rod's)
[b]Magic:[/b] (for mage's only and only 3 spells max.)

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I like the title. ;)
How's this?

Name: Ban Shabriri
Age: 16
Race: human
Weapons: athame (ritual dagger)
Appearance: White hair and pale skin, small in stature and dressed in the light garb of his religion. His hands and feet are small and soft.
Biography: was raised in a shrine that worshipped a goddess of a different religion; Ban has no immediate family, and those who brought him up were unable to get very close to him. He was found abandoned in a pool of water at a young age; no one knows what had happened to him beforehand. He is quiet, withdrawn, and curt, but it is not exactly clear whether he is so because he means to insult, or if his abrupt and searing manner is the result of his secretive and dark past.

He and the members of the shrine were planning not to travel to Graten, for to do so would be to leave their home; they believed their own deity would protect them. When they were slaughtered unmercifully by the Recrudescence, Ban went alone to the capital with no faith in his religion. He now carries the shrine's athame, a sacred blade that cannot be touched by blood; he uses it as a deadly weapon in silent hatred for the deity that allowed the deaths of her own children.

He also is very good at swimming. :)
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[color=gray]Nice sign-up and I'm glad you like the title ^_^;;
I will post my own sign-up now:

[b]Name:[/b] Nodotam Suornoci

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Weapons:[/b] Oblivian, a blade, once owned by his father, but when his parents had joined the battle, just a few days later Nodotam got message that his Parents had fallen in combat. Together with the message came Oblivian. The blade is like 4 feet long and

[b]Magic:[/b] ---

[b]Appearance:[/b] He wears a black armor with red in it. The same colors are his helmet with a few spikes on it, his legs and his boots. The material it was made from is light although he doesnt know what material. His hair reaches a few centimeters passed his shoulders and a scar is formed on his cheak.

[b]Biography:[/b] Even though he's son of a mage and a soldier, he isn't able to use magic. His father trained him as a soldier and his mother didn't want to teach him Magic. It requires to much of a person to do it, especially when the person isn't one hundred percent Mage.
His father died in the same battle as his mother, like I said before. Right before they went into battle, they told Nodotam about the Luna crystal and the unicorns. And that when they passed away, he had to search for it, or atleast, try to do so.

So thats pretty much the reason why he is trying to obtain the shield and its so short because I can't write bio's lol.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Times New Roman]Name: Careath Rasgnok
Age: 20
Race: Human
Weapons: Bastard sword
Magic: poking himself in the eye, jk -.o
Appearance: Blue and gold gold chestplate, black tunic, boots with shiny gold buckles^_^, blue hair, sword sheath across his back.
Biography: As a boy, he grew up with his family. He was homeschooled and worked for his faher for most of the time making swords as a blacksmith. He enjoyed playing with his friends. They were all peaceful until their village was burnt down. He knew he had to seek revenge. With his blacksmith skills he made himself a sword. He inscribed "Life, Death, I will always love you".
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[COLOR=DimGray][B]Name:[/B] Joanne (Joey) Evans

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Weapons:[/B] Two Shurikens, and a small silver dagger, with ?Joey? inscribed in the hilt.

[B]Magic:[/B] -Not Applicable-

[B]Appearance:[/B] Joey has short spiky platinum blond hair, and silver eyes. She is pale and her oversized blood red trench coat is always unbuttoned exposing a tight black tang top, and baggy black pants. The baggy pants have a silver chain holding her brother?s old dagger in her pocket, it falls out frequently, so to prevent from losing it she has a chain wrapped around the hilt. Her two shurikens, are hidden in an inside pocket of her coat.

[B]Biography:[/B] During the raids she and her brother, the real Joey, tried to escape, but Joey was captured, leaving Joanne behind. Joanne took her brothers name in his memory, besides most called her that being they looked exactly alike, except she had long hair. Joey had grabbed the dagger he dropped as he was being dragged away. She swore she would get revenge, and cut her hair to look just like him. Then she ran, the capital was only an hour?s walk, she had to get there and when she did, she asked if she could be someone to go to stop the force. They accepted with reluctance.[/COLOR]
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[color=gray]Good sign-ups everyone ^_^

So... Well yes, not many people seem to be joining this RP and tomorrow is saturday, which means I have time to post long posts, so ill be posting the thread now, while the Recruitment goes on.[/color]
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name: baalthaczaar son of gil-pathar

age: 15

race: human

weapons: mizukage; a shrot spear about 6' is the body and and a 10" curved blade, like a naginata, but there is a loop on the bottom where a chain can be attached, usually used for cathching deep water fish. kanburei; a battou style katana, that has a 4' blade, a family heirloom.

magic: amusing magic tricks, like making a card disappear ^_^. (will be explained in the "bio" section.

appearance; long black hair gold-blonde highlights (usual with sea people), wearing knee long shorts and a undershirt, with shin and forearm metal guards, and sandals.

bio: growing up in a semi-primitive village of wong-pai-sai-boon, baalthaczaar was the son of an acclaimed fisher man in thier village, learning the "tricks-of-the-trade" early, he has been fishing in the deep waters with his dad almost all his life. being a smart kid that he is he studied with the missionaries that came to thier village, also invented ways of bringing mischeif ,or "fun" as he call it, to enlighten the life of his kin (that explains the amusing magic trick at the "magic" section). but one faithful day while he was in the nearby forest, inventing a new trick up in the trees, his village was attacked by the "Recrudescence of Luna" swiftly, unexpectedly, and without resistance. when he heard faint screams from the village, he rushed with all haste, but soon he realized that he was too late. he ran towards his house and saw his father nearly dead. his father told him to go to tho capital of greten and bring news to them that they have been attacked. his father also told him to take kanburei, thier family heirloom. so he went to greten.
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[color=gray]Just wanted to let people know, if someone is near me, like Belthaczaar was, I accompanied him.
Since later one, we'll have to get out of Graten with the group.
So remember. We need to get out of the castle by using a decoy, not by just defeating the whole army by ourself because we have these omg such kewl super powers which can take over the world but we dont cause we fight for the good side blah blah blah lol.

Have fun in the RP everyone ^_~

::EDIT:: I see we dont have any mage left so i'll make a second character.

[b]Name:[/b] Xotfou Moonblaze
[b]Age:[/b] 93
[b]Race:[/b] mage
-Kiting, a rod based on the power of the wind.
-Moonblaze, a power which exists for centuries in his family. Xotfou doesnt control it fully yet.
-Angel wing, magic with the power of light, to heal wounds and infections.
-Illumina cloud, fire magic. The user of the magic will concentrate his power to create a fiery ball and shoot it away. It causes fire energy damage, so it wont effect your cloths [i]really[/i] badly.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Your average mage. A grey beard and a white robe. But instead of a pointy hat, he has something that looks more like a sleeping hat. Underneath this outfit he wears equipment a mail, made from the same steel as Nodotam's sword.
[b]Biography:[/b] This is a sort of mysterious character. His biography will come while playing.
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