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Ragnarok: Downfall of Midgard


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[SIZE=1]Wow. Hasn?t it been a long time since I've posted up an RPG? Well this RPG is based on the MMORPG named Ragnarok. I would recommend you know at least something about this game, or have even played it. I'm hoping that many people will join this RPG, that'd make me happy. Well on to my corny story.Heh, that rhymes! I?m a poet and I didn't know it! I'm kinda hyper today...So. I?m sorry!

(Yeah I know crappy banner, it was made quickly.)[/center]

[color=blue]Years and years of fighting against the demons and monsters. More monsters and demons grow stronger every time. New breeds have been created, stronger then many of the other monsters. Many of these monsters have started to attack towns. The capital of Midgard, Prontera had its downfall. The only things left are the ruins of the city. First, only the capital, then soon enough, the whole Kingdom of Midgard many of the classes have joined forces, as they must do. They must destroy all monsters if possible. There has been over one hundred guilds,whom fought against the new breed of beasts, but only five still survive out of the Kingdom of Midgard, but only they have destroyed monsters on the surface of Midgard and the dungeons below. But have they fought the newest breed? They have not.

A portal opens up in the northern part of what used to be Prontera. This portal, it leads to somewhere deeper then anything. Those who are determined, brave, strong, and they have faith, wisdom, and hope for Midgard. They will fight for justice. These five guilds...Shall they fight separate? Or shall they join their forces. Which guild will stop the breeding of these new beasts? But what if one shall not stop it? Will Midgard? Finally come to its downfall?[/color]


Faith Fighters:
[Hatake's guild]
Christian de Medich[Daisuke Angel]

The Lost Battlion:
[Naota's guild]
Cloud Highwind[Naota]

The Federation:
[Wrestlemaniac40's guild]
Dan America[Wrestlemaniac40]

Unamed Guild:
[starter of guild]

Unamed Guild:
[starter of guild]


Here are some rules:
1.Posts need to be atleast one paragraph long.[seven or eight sentences]
2.When typing in a number [i]Spell[/i] it don't just use the number keys.
3.You can attack another guild but you may not kill the guild members.You may wound them.
4. When you are battling against another guild no godmodding.
5. Use proper spelling. Use proper grammar(Yeah my grammar is bad!XP but still)
6. Most of all, have lots of fun.

[u]Sign Up[/u]


Age: [15-40]

Class: [Pick only one final class]
Starting Class [Swordsman, Thief, Acolyte, Mage, Merchant, Archer]
1-2 Class [Knight, Assassin, Priest, Wizard, Blacksmith, Hunter
2-2 Class [Crusader, Rouge, Monk, Sage, Alchemist, Barder (Male Hunter) Dancer (Female Hunter) ]

Weapon:[No guns, of course.]

Appearance:[If you would like to use your actual game charater from Ragnarok, take a screenshot and feel free to use it as your appearance.]

Guild: [PM me is you are gonna make up a guild. First four with their guild name shall be taken. I will take no more then four]


If we don't get five guilds with atleast ten people in each guild then we'll just go with what we have. I will post up my sign up later.

[COLOR=DarkRed]EDIT: I forgot...About the class and guild. For making a guild it doesn't have to really base on your charaters class,each guild should have a verity of different classes.Fot the classes I don't think I was specific enough, you don't need to put down what you started out with first, pick only one class, because it can get confusing when you put down your starting class and other classes. We have no idea what you are![/COLOR][/size]
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Guest Naota
Name: Cloud Highwind (<-----Actual name in RO)

Age: 15 (Fifteen)

Starting Class: Swordsman
1-2 Class: Knight
2-2 Class: Crusader

Weapon: One-Handed Sword

Appearance: [img]http://dxnetwork.de/rocards/Monsterpic/doppelganger.gif[/img]

Guild: (I PM'ed you just now to verify.) Lost Battalion

Bio: Cloud had only recently come to the Kingdom of Midgard when the monster attacks began. Having seen many stronger citizens fall to them, he pulled a few fellow Swordsman and Knights into a Guild, which he dubbed "Lost Battalion". The members of this guild swore to fight fiercily against any monster (or Mob, if you will) that ever showed it's ugly hide near them, and would ally with anyone nessessary to ensure victory.
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Name: Jim Mishima

Age: 16

Starting Class: Mage
1-2 Class: Wizard
2-2 Class: Sage,

Weapon: Staff

Appearance: [url]http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/ols/screencaps/1/8jim.JPG[/url]



*I'll finish later*
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[B]Name:[/B] Christian de Medich

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Class:[/B] Archer

[B]Weapon:[/B] Long bow and arrows.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Gah. My link doesnt work. I cant find another that works so if you really want to see what Christian looks like look up the Archer from Ragnarok on google or something.

[B]Guild:[/B] Faith Fighters

[B]Biography:[/B] Born into a family of archers and hunters, Christian grew a fondness of nature and uses his surroundings as his best defense. At an early age he learned how to use the bow with dangerous accuracy, and is now considered one of the best archers in Midgard. The Faith Fighters found an unbeatable ally in Christian so they offered him a position in their guild, which he accepted. Chrstian is one of the few people in Midgard who have a deep connection with the wilderness and he can use this to his own advantage in battle.

I hope this is ok.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Guest wrestlemaniac40
Name: Dan America

Age: 28 (Twenty eight)

Starting class: Swordsman
1-2 class: Knight
2-2 class: Crusader

Weapon: Forty two in. long, Three and a half in. wide Sword, with serated blade. Or uses fists

Appearance: 6'2 ft. (Six feet and two inches) tall. 230 lbs. (Two hundred thirty pounds.) Strong/Muscular build. Short black hair. Federation uniform (Traditional: Long camo pants and plain white t-shirt. Or Camo shorts.) Combat boots.

Guild: I PMed you to vertify: The Federation.

Bio: Born a pure swordsman, Dan spent most of his time training with his father. Growing up, his father and grandfather often argued alot. His dad forbade him for seeing his grandpa. But he secretly trained with his grandpa too. While training with his granfather, he learned how to fight- Street fight style. When his grandpa, and father died, his mother died of grat depression.Dan took on his grandpa's business, The Federation. He mixed Swordsmanship with street fighting.

Sorry, this is the best I could come up with.
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