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Dragon Warrior

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[size=1][URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=38399&page=1&pp=10]Click Here[/URL] to open the Recruitment Thread.[/size][/CENTER]

Greetings and thank you for joining the RPG. To explain it all again, we live days and nights (I control when day and night come) and live our lives and our jobs in this inn. Remember, if you had a star by your occupation, Sundays are off. I get Sunday off partially, but being a bartender for the bar is part of my job of being manager so I'm pretty busy. Try to follow the map below when wandering the inn if you can:


Here are the character stats so you don't need to rush to the recruitment thread every time you need to see something (this also includes mine):

[b]Dragon Warrior[/b]
Name: Van Daskar
Gender: Male
Race: Kenteran
Age: 64 (that's young :D )
Fur Color: Blue
Size: Tall, Skinny
Clothing Style: Robes
Shoes: Armored Footwear
Eye Color: Black
Weapon: Scythe (special for my character. It's a retractable one as well)
Life Style: Lives in Manager's Room of Inn
Job: Manager
Personality: Sarcastic, Friendly

Name: Tanthalas Littlefox
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: 234
Hair Color: Black-silver
Skin Color: Tan
Size: Tall, skinny
Clothing Style: Waitress Style
Shoes: Boots
Eye Color: Blue
Weapon: Staff
Life Style: Live in Inn
Jobs: Waitress
Personality: Helpful, humorous

Name: Chi Iteki
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 20
Hair Colour: Chocolate Brown
Skin Colour: Tan
Size: Tall, Skinny
Clothing Style: Simple Top and Pants
Shoes: Classy Shoes
Eye Colour: Emerald Green
Weapon: Katana
Life Style: Lives in Inn
Jobs: Lobby Manager
Personality: Friendly, Helpful

Name: Bryony Solostaran
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: 130
Hair Color: Blue
Size: Tall, Skinny
Clothing Style: Simple top and pants
Shoes: Leather boots
Eye Color: Green
Skin color: Tan
Weapon: Staff
Life Style: Lives in own home
Job: Entertainer ^_^
Personality: Helpful, Friendly

Name: Lysander
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Age: 216
Hair Color: Black and Silver
Skin Color: Tan
Size: Tall,skinny
Clothing style: Shirt,Vest,Pants
Shoes: Classy Shoes
Eye Color: Hazel
Weapon: Broad Sword
Life Style: Lives in Inn
Job: Waiter
Personality: Carefree,Show-off

Name: Idgie (short for Imodene)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 21
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: White
Size: Short, Skinny
Clothing Style: Simple Top and Pants and *Apron!*
Shoes: Classy Shoes
Eye Colour: Gray
Weapon: Double-Headed Axe
Life Style: Lives in Kitchens
Jobs: Chef
Personality: Continuously Bored, Sarcastic

Name: Draken Ironfist
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Age: 150
Hair Color: Red
Skin Color: Tan
Size: Short, Skinny (He's like a barrel.. not fat, not skinny...)
Clothing Style: Shirt, Vest, Pants
Shoes: Boots
Eye Colour: Hazel
Weapon: Spatula (I'll scrape up their brains... <_< )
Life Style: Lives in Own Home
Jobs: Assistant Chef
Personality: Sarcastic, Grumpy (Grumpy old dwarf!)

Name: Kara Nogard
Gender: Female
Race: Cathal
Age: 49
Fur Color: Brown
Size: Tall, Skinny
Clothing Style: Simple top and pants
Eye Color: Green
Weapon: Broad sword
Life Style: Lives in own home
Job: Musician
Personality: Carefree, Strategic

[b]The (Sic) Shape[/b]
Name: William Arrowny
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 19
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: White
Size: Tall, Skinny
Clothing Style: Shirt, Vest, Pants
Shoes: Boots
Eye Color: Green
Weapon: Throwing knifes
Life Style: lives in own home
Job: Musician
Personality: Continuously Bored(when he's not playing), Friendly

Anyways, so we will start the RPG on the first day of June in the year 1005. This is the world of Merdakiya and all of you have been working in the inn for 2 years now. Remember that! So we all know one another and our jobs/surroundings. Let's do this!

(bytheway, you people don't have to come into work right when I do, but try to be there every morning at almost the same time, especially if you don't live in the inn like some of us do.)


[indent][SIZE=4][b]Monday, June 1st, 1005[/b][/SIZE][/indent]

Van woke up bright and early to start mixing thr drinks for the earliest of customers that come in usually on Mondays to get an ale or two before their morning work. Van didn't mind waking that early since Kenterans were creatures who didn't need a whole lot of sleep. He rubbed his furry hand against his hairy cheek; The short, blue hairs of his face tingled from the soap he used on the glasses he was washing at the moment.

He peered up as he heard the sound of distant villagers of Sossabane. They were usually that noisy on Mondays as everyone got ready to travel to their jobs in towns. They'd eventually return Friday or so, but still, that would be why business is always great on Mondays. Another reason why Mr. Daskar here is up this early to mix drinks. He sipped an ale of his own and shook a drink of a special variety in a mixing can. It was only a little afrer five in the morning, but when six came around and his inn's bar's doors open, customers come flowing in like a stream of thirsty beggars. It was lonely since the other employees didn't have to work yet, but sometimes they woke and came to work when he did on Mondays. Perhaps that was today.

Let's do dis :D
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Lysander woke up knowing it was Monday and going to be busy.Most of the time he usually helped Van with the customers on Monday behind the bar even though he hated waking up so early in the morning.

Lysander: Still so early...might as well get up and help Van.

Lysander hops out of bed and washes up quickly before throwing on his clothes.He walks down stairs past the guest rooms eventually ending up in the lobby.He walks through the door leading to the bar.

Lysander: Hey Van.

Van: Hey you ready?

Lysander: Aren't I always.
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Bryony bounced into the inn's common room, blue hair flying. The youngest elf of the workers at the Ermwell Inn was up early, happy, and having a good time.

"Good morning, Mr. Daskar! Good morning, Mr. Lysander! It looks like it's going to be a brisk day for business!" She grinned happily.

"Hapless adolescents." Lysander groaned. "Morning, Bryony."
"Good morning, Bryony." Van just smiled at the girl as she flounced over to the stage and began her stretching.
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Van took a seat on the other side of the bar, admiring Bryony's spirit even if it were the same spirit she had everyday. [i]Quite the excitable one,[/i] he usually thought. He placed a glass he had cleaned down on the counter and gazed at the door. It was almost time and he pondered accountably on how many customers they'd recieve. Last week it was around four dozen within the first few hours of the Monday morn.

Lysander got straight to work washing off the tables with a rag and Bryony was busying herself on stage as if to perform just for the two others in the room. As if time was passing too slowly to tell, the first customer stepped in through the barroom door, greeting the group with a nod. Van slipped behind the counter craftily muttering in a cheery tone, "Finally."
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi opened her eyes slowly and the light shone in through her window. She yawned and rolled out of her bed. She stretched her tall frame and twisted her head to check the time. It was still quite early in the morning. Chi took a shower and dressed in her work clothes she picked up her name badge from her bedside table and pinned it on. She grabbed her katana and ran out of the room and downstairs.

"Morning Mr. Daskar." Chi called as she walked down the stairs and into the bottom floor, knowing that Van was always up in the morning.
"Morning Chi." he replied with a smile.

Chi saw customers about to enter the door. She waved to Lysander and Bryony in a good morning as she rushed to the door. Chi stood by the entrance and waited for the customers. They opened the door and walked in.

"Good Morning. My name's Chi, Welcome to Ermwell Inn. How may I help you?" Chi asked with a smile.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] I don't know what to say so I'll leave that to someone else. ^_^
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"Whiskey," was the fateful word that one patron managed to mumble this early in the morn. Chi smiled with satisfaction.

"Just through this door and into the bar, please," she grinned again, moving a hand towards the bar passageway.

"Yeah, yeah, same as always," said another man as the customers crossed over the threshold and into the empty barroom. Lysander watched the customers approach the bar counter and take a seat. He smiled, hoping they noticed his good work on cleaning the countertop. But at this early, the only thing these men wanted to see was a big glass of brew. Chi peered into the room and smiled, then approached her own area behind the lobby counter. She flipped through some papers and heard abrupt burping from the room to her left.

"Sometimes," she said under her breath with a giggle. "Sometimes they can be so crude."

As Bryony pranced around the stage to set up for a show later in the day (as in, when customers came in for breakfast, if they did), Lysander made his way to the counter and leaned against to talk to the customers. "Ya know, I can help too," he said with a grin. "If you want something to eat, I'm handy in the kitchen. The chef isn't here, but I can do it."

Van shook his head and cleaned a glass. Lysander tended to be a show-off. But his words made Van think. Where was the chef? He hoped he'd get there soon or Lysander would do the cooking. Van choked at the thought. After getting some looks, he slowly turned away and drank at a glass of water. He then turned back with a smile and began cleaning again.
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[color=blue][size=1]Kara woke up with a jump, almost hitting the ceiling. "Damn nightmares... They keep comin'," she complained to herself, checking the clock on the nightstand. She sighed and walked into the bathroom. "It'll be a quick one today. I bet at least three other people are already up and working. Hmph," she told herself, walking into the shower.

Ten minutes later, she was drying her fur. That took another ten minutes. She got changed and set out for the inn. She never really worried about being late, though. Most of the time, the men who come in around this time aren't yet in the 'mood' for music. She always takes her time setting up, too.

As she arrived, she noticed Van, of course, Chi, Bryony, and Lysander all around the room. "Mornin'," she said, walking towards the room where the instruments were held. "Nice to see you," she heard a few of them say.

"Hey Van?" she called to him. "Yes?" he said, still cleaning glasses. "What should Will and I be playing today?" She never liked making the decisions at the inn. She left that up to Van and Chi.[/color][/size]
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"Lysander! What are you doing out there??? Get back in here and start crackin' those eggs!" Idgie's head peeked out of the kitchen, glaring at the waiter. "And what do you mean by I'm not here??? You better get in here quick, before I start cracking [I]your[/I] head!"

Lysander looked up, startled. "What? Me, crack eggs?"

"Yeah! It seems that Draken is sleeping in today, and someone needs to crack 'em! Besides, I just heard you say you could cook. Hurry up!" Idgie disappeared back into the kitchen, and could be heard preparing the early meal of the day.

Van nodded at Lysander, "You better get in there. She's in one of her moods again...you can tell by the way she's clanging those pots together. Better hurry up, or she'll take your head with that axe of hers." He successfully hid his smile at Lysander's wry face.

Lysander entered the kitchens cautiously, and was greeted immediately by the sizzle and smells of breakfast. All the fires were roaring, and the temperature was already kicking up. Idgie immediately came into view, and nodded when she saw him. "Ok, the eggs are over there on that counter. I need you to crack all of them, and put them in a bowl. Don't break the membranes! I don't want the yolks and whites to mix, understand?" She pushed him in the right direction, and went on to check on the baking pastries.

Lysander sighed. Yup, Idgie was definitely in one of her moods. Instead of the usual sarcastic comments, she was quite grumpy this morning. He got to cracking the pile of eggs... [I]Only 289 more to go...[/I]
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Draken hadn't even entered the Inn yet and he heard his bosses voice carry out of the door.

"Dag'on tha' girl is loud. He need' to put a lid on it once in a whie'" Draken said in a thick Dwarvish accent. He entered into the Inn walking right past Chi, whom never noticed him.

"Oh Imodene! I's here now!" Draken yelled out playfully as he got into the kitchen. Indgie gave him an evil stare. But Draken never saw it, he only saw Lysander. "BAH! Lysander git yer stinkin' corpse outta here! Git ou'! GIT OU' " He yelled, giving his angriest impersination as he kicked Lysander in the butt as he exited.

Draken then quickly went to cracking the eggs, not spilling a gooey drop of them, or mixing them in anyway. Just the way Indgie liked it. Draken enjoyed making sure Indgie was happy. He saw her as a daughter. Even if she was his boss.
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After being booted out of the kitchen Lysander walked back behind the counter in the bar.It was starting to get pretty busy and he didn't want to leave Van with all the customers.Even though Lysander knew Van could handle himself he just didn't want to be left out.

Lysander: Ok i'm back now.

Van: Good I was starting to get worried.

Lysander: No need to worry about me.Idgie might be pretty tough but I can still handle her.

Van: No you can't....besides I wasn't worried about you I was worried about the food.

Lysander: Oh wow thx. :rolleyes:

Lysander and Van chuckle a bit as they take some more orders.
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[size=1]The day had been starting out at good pace. Van and Lysander served well while the chefs were in the kitchen preparing food for the hungry travellers. Van licked his wine glass as a dribble of it ran down it's side. He sat it down on the counter behind him and served a cold glass of brew to a strong-looking Komodo. Lysander did a little juggling trick for some customers, but eventually dropped three of the cups. Van shook his head. He did enjoy Lysander's company. The two were good friends.

As were Chi and Van, but unfortunately, Chi was always in the other room. The only time they really talked was off work or meals. Other than that, they were two strangers. Lysander and Van were different, though, since their jobs remained around one another's. Bryony was in her own world and Draken and Idgie were two of a kind, helping one another with food and dishes. Lysander cleaned up the mess he made and sat himself down at the bar to drink his tequila. "I'm already working up a sweat this morning," he said, but quickly threw in, "But nothing I can't do."

"Of course," Van grinned. He placed down his wine, cleaned it out in the bar sink and sat on his stool behind the counter.[/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi stifled a yawn as she continued to stand in the lobby to greet customers. Her friendly grin plastered to her face. Chi saw a man walking towards the inn and smiled as he entered.

"Hello. My name's Chi, Welcome to Ermwell Inn. How may I help you?" Chi asked with a smile.
"I'd like to get a room." he said.
"Alright. Just fill in this form." Chi said handing him a clipboard and a pen.

The man looked over the form with pursed lips. He lifted the pen and filled out the form before handing it back to her. Chi skimmed over the form and saw everything was in order.

"That's fine, Sir. If you'd like to follow me, I'll show you to your room." Chi said, flourishing a hand to her left toward the stairs. She noticed his bag and called a bell hop to carry it.

Chi walked up the stairs in front of the man and the bell hop trailed behind them. Chi reached the second level and walked up and to her right, past several other rooms. Chi unlatched a ring of keys from her belt. They jingled together and they were on seperate keyrings with tags. There were two of each key. One for the customer, and one for herself. Chi pulled off the key with the tag 1 and unlocked the door, letting the customer walk through.

"I hope this suits you." Chi said as she followed him through. The bell hop placed the bag on the floor and left.
"If you need anything, just call Room Service or the Lobby." Chi said.
"Have a nice stay." Chi said as she left the room.

Chi re-attached the large ring to her belt and sighed as she headed downstairs. Chi checked the time and decided she should have a break. Chi walked to the right as she descended the stairs, she was in the entertainment area. She saw that the men from earlier were still there drinking. Chi smiled and walked to the bar and sat on a stool.

"Hey Van." Chi said, being less formal.
"Hi Chi. Been busy?" he asked with a grin.
"Meh, Kinda. We got a customer in Room 1." Chi said.
"A man right? I saw you going upstairs with him. Do you want anything?" he asked.
"Oh, uh...Can I just have a Sprite?" Chi said slumping.
"Sure." Van turned around and grabbed a can from the small fridge and passed it to her.
"Thanks." Chi said, pulling the tab hearing the hiss of gas. Chi lifted it to her lips and took a large gulp.
"So what've you been up to?" Chi asked, taking smaller sips.
"Nothing much...just the usual of serving drinks." Van said, cleaning a spill with a damp cloth.

Chi checked the time and groaned.

"Why do breaks pass so fast?" Chi asked.
"I don't know, why do breaks pass so fast?" Van asked with a grin.

Chi smirked and hit him lightly on the arm as she stood.

"You gotta go?" he asked.
"Yeah, unfortunately. This smiling's hurting my cheeks." Chi said, massaging her cheekbones. Van laughed and waved. Chi picked up her can and waved as she made her way back to the lobby to welcome more customers. She saw someone else welcoming so she took the advantage and sat behind the lobby counter. She took small sips from the can as she waited and smiled.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Hmm...How was that?
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William let out a loud yawn as he slowly walked on the path leading to Ermwell Inn. He ended sleeping in again, and he was still tired. He expected that everyone else was already there, but he never really worried about being late though, since he normally didn't play until there was alot of people.

When William arrived he spotted Chi behind the lobby counter, and quickly said "hi" to her, who responded with a "good morning". He walked past the lobby to the bar, where he spotted Lysander and Van.

"Sorry that I'm a little late," William said, now completely wide awake by the acitivity in the Inn.
"Don't worry about it," Van told him, "Bryony has already set up the stage, so just relax until its time for a show.

"Alright," William said, taking a seat in front of the bar.
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=3]OOC: Sorry I?m late! I was gone caving all weekend!

IC: Tanthalas(Tanis) ran long slender fingers through her hair, tossing it over her shoulder. She pulled her uniform on, and swung out of her room. She walked down they stairs, taking them two at a time. Tanis whisteled as she walked, and made it past the lobby, and to the bar. She stretched.

Tanis slipped behind the bar, and gave Van a peck on the cheek. ?Morning, Van.? He smiled at her. ?Up? Good. There are-? He stopped, chuckling. Tanis was already out from behind the bar, her apron on. Tanis gave William a smile.

She watched as newly greeted costomers found a seat, and came over, cheerful. ?Hello, my names Tanis. Would you like anything to drink?? A man with a crop of dirty blond hair coughed, and said, ? A pint of ale, please.? He looked to his companion, a skinny, white-haired elf boy. He shrugged. ?Elderberry wine, if you have it.?

Tanis was gone in a flash. She came up to the bar, and said, ?Van, we need an ale and an elderberry wine.? Van raised his eyebrows. ?Elderberry wine? Another elf?? Tanis nodded.[/color][/font][/size]
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"Did you say elderberry wine?" Idgie peeked out from the kitchens once more, and then ran over to the bar, her head barely reaching the counter. She glared at Van, "You took this from the kitchen, didn't you?"

He shook his head, trying to deny the accusation, but Idgie grabbed the bottle, looking closely at the lable, and then smacked him none too lightly. "Yes you did! You took it from the kitchen! Look at the label! I bought this the other day for the skilly n' duff I was going to make! And then the next thing I know, it's gone from the shelves... You should keep your hands out of my pantry!" With another light smack with the spoon she was holding, Idgie ran back into the kitchen with the bottle before Van could say a word.

Draken was in the kitchen, slicing the steaming bread that had just come out of the ovens. The aroma was tantalizing and homely, and filled the kitchen with the rich scent of baking. Idgie came back into the kitchen holding her sides with laughter, and set the bottle of wine on the counter before she dropped it. "You should have seen poor Van's face. Oh well, I need this wine for the skilly n' duff, and there's none better than this."

Draken shook his head and sighed.
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[size=1]Van rubbed his soar cheek and went back to gathering drinks. He replaced the order of Elderberry Wine with some Ruffenduff ale, a discount set on it for the inconvience. "Tell them it's half off since [i]someone[/i] stole the elderberry." Tanis nodded and rushed off to the table.

Up on stage, William was playing around with his instruments until he was able to slowly play a smooth song on his flute. It was a fine tune for the mood of the room at the moment. William just needed to warm up for the day, is all.

Van made his way out of the bar, tossing his cloth down on the counter. He slipped past some customers and into the kitchen where he did a tad bit of thievery in stealing some Nadotolss Pepper to spice up the Hillirek drinks. He fled before Idgie returned from the meat room. Draken said not a word. Unlike Idgie, he wasn't about to scold Van, his boss, for his own job. It wasn't like Van would do something about it.

Van slipped back behind the counter and poured the shaker's contents into a glass before sliding it down to a Komodo who humbly sat with it's head in it's hands.[/size]
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=3]OOC: Technically, usually only elves aquire taste for elderberry wine, because of the high alcohal content.

IC: Tanis walked over, and set down the Ruffenduff ale. She smiled, and said, ?Sorry, someone stole the elderberry wine. This is half off because of the inconveinance.? The blonde elf returned her smile, and sipped the ale.

Tanis walked up to the stage, and smiled fully at William. She called, ?Want anything?? William finished the song, and said, ?Maybe some water or ale, whichever.? Tanis nodded, and glided back to the bar. Van slid down a thing of ale to her, which she brought back to William. She grinned. ?Will, can you play ?Miss Baily? for me?? William nodded, and started in on the fast tune.

The elf girl walked around, taking orders. She glided back to the bar, and went behind it. She went in the kitchen. ?Hey, Idgie, do you have the spiced fried potatoes yet?? Idgie handed Tanis a plated, and Tanis left. The elf walked over to the blonde male elf again, and set it down in front of him. ?Your food.?[/color][/font][/size]
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Van sat on his stool behind the bar and put his head in his hands, his elbows supporting him off the countertop. He peered around as customers gradually left feeling satisfied. It was only about a few hours into the day, but it seemed business was slower that day. Only a couple of Komodo sat on the far end of the bar away from Van and mumbled things, mostly looking at Tanis and then at a portrait. Van shook his head and stood. He slid from out behind the counter and entered the lobby to hang out with Chi.

She sat reading a book behind her counter, twirling one of the room's keys on her finger as she read. "Hey there, Chi," Van said as he walked behind the counter.

"Hey," Chi replied, not wishing to look away from her book for even a blink of an eye.

"Whatcha readin' there?" He turned the book cover up to peer at it, but Chi snorted and he let it fall back down.

"Just a romance novel. I read them now and then when I'm in a peaceful mood."

"That so?" Van shook his head. "I hate romance novels." He grinned and took a seat in the corner of the room still behind the counter. Chi finally closed her book and began talking to Van.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Bryony listened to William's flute, letting the music carry her as she began doing a few gymnastics across the stage. "You know, Will, you really play beautifully." She stepped down to the floor and took a pewter mug from behind the bar, filling it with cold water and drinking. She moved back into the kitchen and nimbly ducked a tossed spoon from Idgie. "What, you lovely people don't want my help?"

"Ah, ge' on with you, girl." Draken grunted. "We's all the help we needs. Ge' on with yer dancin'." Idgie just looked up and shook her head.

Bryony danced out to where Van and Chi were talking and listened to them, finishing off her water. Chi was explaining the plot of a romance novel to Van, who looked slightly interested when he heard that it was a war story.

A patron entered the lobby, looking around for a second...[/FONT]
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[color=blue][size=1]OOC: Uh... ignored much? Did you people even READ my post?! Shame, shame! >=O
Kara was still in the backroom, looking for one of her two favorite instruments. "Where'd it go? I can't find it. That's the last time I leave it in here on Sundays. Ah! Here it is!"

She pulled out a violen. It was full size, too. She walked up, said a short "Hi" to William, and sat down on a chair beside him. Since he'd already started a tune with his flute, she decided not to start yet. Instead, she waited, roasening (sp?) her bow, and listening to the conversations in the room.

It was nothing special. It never was in the morning. But then a man caught her eye, as it did Bryony's on the other side of the room. As he looked around, he spotted Van, and rushed up. [i]"Always Van. Always, always,"[/i] Kara thought to herself quietly. [i]"What's it this time? A cat up a tree, or a store being held hostage?"[/i] she asked herself sarcastically.

Kara's attention returned to the music as William ended his first tune, and began a second one. She chimed in quickly with a harmonizing melody from her violin. While she played, she kept her eye on the man and Van.[/color][/size]
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[color=purple][size=3][font=arial]Tanis waltzed around, taking orders, giving people things to eat. She went back and mulled some wine. She warmed it, and, dividing it into two cups, made her way to the stage. She placed one mug by Kara?s feet, and another by William. She smiled at them, and then sat down at a nearby table to watch. Kara?s hands were delicate, and moved so swiftly along the violins neck.

Tanis smiled, her mind wandering. She got up, and, seeing everyone content for the moment, made her way out to the lobby. She came upon Bryony, Van, and Chi, smiling. ?Business is pretty slow this morning, eh?? She looked outside. ?It might be because its raining.?[/color][/size][/font]
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Van paid no mind to anyone, but the man who approached him. He was strictly a businessman, it seemed, who carried a dark briefcase. "Greetings, sir. Are you the owner of this inn?"

"Uh, yes. Van's the na-"

"Very good," the man interrupted. "I am selling some Elderberry wine. Wish to purchase any?"

Van gave a suspicious eye. "We do."

He placed the case on the counter of the bar and unloaded the dozens of bottles. "Here we are." The man smiled happily under his fedora that shadowed most of his face. Van lifted a bottle and peered at it. He opened one and sniffed. He corked it again and threw the bottle back in the case.

"Poison," Van sneered.

"What?" The man stood back. "That's elderberry wine, my friend."

"I will not sell my customers poison. Get the hell out of here!" The man stood his distance and finally took out a small dagger and aimed it at a nearby patron.

"Fine. Then give me all the money here and we can go along peacefully." Van yawned and took out his rod, extending it, then unleashing it's blade to form his scythe.

"It's too early in the morning for this," he mumbled and prepared to fight the threatener.
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[color=blue][size=1]Everyone in the inn quickly became quiet, anticipating a battle between the strange man and Van. Kara didn't really care. After all, the man probably overestimated himself, thinking he's more than a match for Van. Too bad he was wrong.

Van's blade, still at the other's throat, stayed steady. "Fine then. I'll take my business elsewhere," he said, trying to sound bored with Van, but his voice was still shakey. "The cowardly response," Kara thought aloud. A few stared at her, making her blush. "What?" she asked.

As the man exited, Van withdrew the blade on his scythe and put the rod underneath the counter where it previously lay. Kara and William, who'd stopped playing during the 'excitement', resumed their music. The others went back to their jobs as well, and the customers dug into their meals or nearly drowned themselves in their drinks.

A crash was heard outside, making the inn quiet once more. "Do you think--?" Kara heard someone ask Van. "Yes... I'm sure it was him," he said in a tired voice. "Who gets to go?" Kara asked. Van raised an eyebrow. "What?!" she asked, wondering why everyone kept reacting strangely to her comments.

OOC: Sorry, this is a little late. ^____^;;[/color][/size]
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"Why tha' good fer nothin!" Draken snarled as he grabbed onto his spatula and a butcher knife that was close by. He left the kitchen, ignoring Ingie's raging cries.

Outside he went where he saw the would-be thief. He readied his spatula and knife and took a threatening stance toward the man.

"What do you want you miserable little dwarf?" the man asked.

"Miserable? I'll show ye miserable!" Draken ran forward and took a jump into the air, smacking the man across the face with the spatula. As he landed back onto his feet he thrust the spatula into the man's stomach, and then brought it down across his knees.

"Now git out o' here befere I git really upset!" Draken growled. "An' ne'er come back! Ya hear?"

Draken re-entered the Inn and went back to his kitchen, not paying any attention to the looks he was recieving.
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"Draken! You idiot! Get back in here!" Idgie cried, as she furiously mixed a bowl of pottage. Draken reentered the kitchen, his face stormy. Idgie sighed. "Jeez, you know Van can take care of it perfectly well out there. No need to show off your 'skills.' Besides, you're letting the scones burn; hurry up and take them out of the oven!" He didn't say a word, but his face was still angry as he opened the oven door. Steam poured out, filling the kitchen with the delicious scent of berries and bread.

Whipping honey into some glaze, Idgie immediately started to brush it onto the piping-hot scones. She muttered to herself, glancing at the stove out of the corner of her eye. The numerous pots kept whistling merrily, and none boiled over, so she kept brushing the glaze on the scones. She tossed a bowl of assorted berries to Draken, and he started to garnish the scones.

Going over to the scones, Idgie searched her cupboards madly, banging the doors and making quite a racket. She scratched her head, "...where did I put that pepper...?"
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