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In the year 5701 the magic comes back to the world. In the small town of Riding's Port lives David, who is the main hero if you want to call him that? In the earlier years as a kid he and four friends went into a different dimension where magic was very real and battles ravished the land. He and his four friends were the rulers over all of the kingdoms, for they were superior to all kingdoms top knights. They also wielded the four swords that powered them with such energy. The one we should be most concerned about in this story is the one David wields and also Jake wields. Jake is from another part of Riding's Port, but I'll get into him later. Anyway, the sword that David held was not really a sword; it was a crystal that could produce a sword. The sword is called the Dark
Chaos sword. The crystal can power the sword that Jake uses. Now to talk about Jake, well, he is also from Riding?s Port. He is friends with David and is also friends Frida Feldat. Now Jake likes to wield a sword that is powerful. The sword he wields is the Fentron Blade. The Fentron Blade is an elemental blade. It has fire, earth, water, wind, light, and dark elementals in its power. The crystal that controls the blade is the Dark chaos crystal. Now that you know about Jake let?s move on to Frida Feldat. Frida is a cat like creature and is very good at infiltrating, sneak attacks, and if need be sheer power. Anyway she visits David every week to give him the latest scoop on things happening around the world. So, he doesn?t need a newspaper. Now for the evil like side that just exist to get on David?s nerves is the gang leader of the worst gang in Riding?s Port. You can make his name up. Anyway he is a guy that holds the Eternal Chaos Crystal which is more advanced than the Dark Chaos Crystal. He wields the Eternal Chaos Sword. Now his friends are Carlos Ignoumus Darfield or C.I.D. for short and Iden. Now C.I.D. wields the Vardesiti. It is yet another elemental blade with all the elements fire, water and all that, but it is largely enhanced with power. Iden has a bow of your choice that isn?t as powerful as the Eternal Chaos Blade but as strong as the Vardesiti.

David: (closed) ? sonofdragon
Jake: (open)-

Frida Faldat: (closed)-Wave_of_Daeth

Gang Leader: (open)-
C.I.D.: (closed)-Asim
Iden: (open)-

(Personality and Bio is yours to decide)
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[size=1]Name: Frida

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: A tall, slender human with certain cat-like traits (i.e. cat ears, tail). Generally wears black clothes, including black jeans. Looks a lot like one of the [color=grey]Viera[/color] characters from [color=blue]Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced[/color].

Bio: Little is known about Frida Feldat, aside from the fact that she looks a lot like a cat-person and that she has one of the most explosive tempers you've ever seen. No one knows whether or not she even has parents; she just showed up one day in the town, seemingly out of nowhere. If she has a home to go to after dark, nobody's ever seen it. Since she got rejected from the high school in the city, she spends most of her time either in a fencing club she found or practicing with her real sword, the legendary [color=red]Fey Blade[/color].[/size]
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I'll be C.I.D .

Name : C.I.D
Gender : Male
Appearance : ( Should be attached )
Bio : A loyal follower of the gang leader , he knows the wrong doings of the gang leader , but hopes that he can someday make him see the light of good . Still he follows his orders most efficiantly . He is a great warrior , and is greatly respected by the people around him . Does not get angry easily , but when he is angry he really gets angry , only a few can stand in the way of his sword skills .
And he is cunning advisor of the gang leader . There is some evil in his soul , but he tries to block it out , yet sometimes he uses it to channel anger into strength .
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