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-*Glory and Honor*-


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[color=green][size=1][I][B]"Glory and Honor.... the principle of which history is made....The principle of which men follow, and men make history... "[/B][/I]

[U][B][size=3]-*Glory and Honor*-[/size][/B][/U]

[U]A Small Coastal Town of China "Nihao Village", 1972[/U]

For years, Nihao Village was run, basically, by the Chinese Triad, using the small towns weak police force and business opportunity to their advantage, the Village was easily taken over and the Triad rule with an iron fist. But when a young man named Kuang Lou stood up to the Traid with his group of martial artist and vigilant men, fighting for justice out side of the law, they nearly took the town back, but several of the martial artist died in their first daring raid on the Triad's headquarters in Nihao. Shamed by his defeat and the loss of the brave warriors who so faithfully followed him into battle, Kuang Lou left the village and moved to Hong Kong were he spent the remainder of his days meditating and trying to reach peace of mind.... little known to him, that life on Nihao Village was soon to be subject to change.

Eight months after Kuang Lou left to Hong Kong, several Japanese members of the Yakuza came to Nihao Village in order to take control of the Opium Operation that the Triads had begun. The Yakuza having much more immediate power, including modern guns and well trained fighters, they took power in Nihao Village. Things changed quickly. For when the Triad ruled, they held respect for the Chinese people, their beleifs, and they let them live as long as the Triad was left to their own business, but as soon as the Yakuza took power, everything went down hill. The Yakuza were brutal to the Chinese people, forcing beleifs and cultural ways to them, and making several poor village people work as slaves in the Opium and Cocaine factories. The Chinese people, who refused, were mercilessly slaughtered, and the people who could no longer work, were slaughtered as well. The Yakuza desimated the town in full and took control over everything, and no one could stop them...

[U]Nihao Village, 1973[/U]

A year after the Yakuza took power of Nihao Village, one of the surviving raider's from the Triad attacks called the villages last hero, Kuang Lou, to come back too end the horrible plight of the villagers. At first, Kuang refused, knowing there was nothing he could do, but after hearing of the brutal ways of the Yakuza, Kuang's mind slowly began to change... After several days of consideration, Kuang forced himself to re-enter his old state of mind, and he re-kindled the old fire that used to burn so ferociously within his spirit. Kuang left, too Nihao village soon after...

Now, Kuang is entering Nihao Village, ready to be welcomed by old friends, and new enemies. He prepares himself for what will be the fight of his life....


This RPG will be played out like a movie with events happening and leading up to the eventual raid of the Yakuza's building were Kuang will face several henchmen and warriors who are at the level of other wordely. Please, play along ,and don't rush things.

This RPG takes place in the early '70s and in a small chinese village so there isn't any modern things such as cell phones and TV is scarce, so make note of the time period and region.

Kuang, played by me, will fight along side 4 warriors, 2 from his old possé, and 2 from the former Triad, who, while very ataganistic towards Kuang, have agreed to fight along side him for the better of the village and the redence of the Japanese Yakuza. I need 2 people to play the role of the old possé and two people to play the role fo the Triad, and I will need someone to play 1 or 2 new recruits from the villagers.

Kuang and the gang will encounter several Yakuza gangs as he takes out smaller establishments one by one. Each time he will meet a member of the Yakuza, one who is an incredible fighter and uses Japanese martial arts. Kuang will not fight them to much directly, but on the final raid, they will fight no holds barred. So, I need 2-3 people to play Yakuza leaders. Your characters will be beaten, maybe even killed, at the end of the RPG, but they will still hold a long life, so please consider them as your choice. Plus, you get to use Katana's!

One last thing, there is no super martial arts like ki blasts and tree breaking kicks, this is the real deal, think like Tekken kind of martial arts. Also, it will play out like a movie, so I will start scenes were characters are necessary. Once I end a scene, you will not post until your are needed in the next scene. This'll play out a bit like the famous "Kill Adam". It'll be organized, so it will make more sense and be less jumbled, and therefore, more fun! Thank you for signing up in advance and I hope you enjoy!

PS- they'll be several NPC's I'll be controlling just so ya know. And if your a Yakuza, you have control over you henchmen, who are basically morons with sticks.


[B][I][U]Sign Ups:[/U][/I][/B]





-Physical Description


-Martial Art Training History [/B]
(If your Chinese or Triad, you'll have to use any form of Chinese Martial Art, and if your Japanese, you'll use any form of Japanese martial arts. No mixing though, please.)

(since the Yakuza rule the town so harshly, there are no real weapons in the form of swords. The highest form of weapon a Chinese can get is a Nunchaku, Stick, Bo Staff, or a Knife. If your Triad, your basically subject to the same, except maybe you can get more knives or one sword, basic though. Yakuza can use Katana, Naginata, Bo Staff, anything thats japanese.)

(biography of your character, make the Bio tie closely to how you character learned martial arts and what significy he/she has to the story.)


My Sign Up:

[B]-Name:[/B] Kuang Lou

[B]-Age:[/B] 21

[B]-Height:[/B] 5'10"

[B]-Weight:[/B] 139 lbs

[B]-Physical Description:[/B]

Kuang has a dark tan with defined featrues and sharp cheek bones. His hair is jet black and messly combed back, his eyes are jade green. He is lean and nearly all muscle. He can be seen usually wearing a silk chinese suit in either green or blue.


Kuang is humble, humorous, and helping. He rather not fight unless necessary and is a deep thinker into the ways of the martial arts and philosophy of humanity. He seems simple on his exterior and rarily reveals his deep and serious side.

[B]-Martial Art Training History:[/B]

Kuang is an impressive practioner of Wing Chun and Southern Fist Gung Fu. He is good with in-fighting and long range. He has also dabbled in the art of Tai Chi, but only uses it to develop his Chi.


Kuang prefers not to use weapons, but it talented with a Bo Staff and Nunchaku.


Kuang was born in Beijing, but moved to Nihao at young age. When he reached Nihao, he found it to be a boring town and found immediate interest in learning chinese martial arts from the older master outside of the village and he did several chores for the man in return for martial arts lessons. At first, Kuang only embraced the fighting side of the martial art, but after learning from the old man the spiritual and mental ways of the arts, he was changed forever into the man he is today.

When the Triad took over the town, Kuang and a few fellow students of the old man, and the towns vigilant men to action against them and led a revolt, heading to the Triads center of operation, but when the raid failed, Kuang was forever indebted with the lost lifes of the brave men who followed him into battle. Kuang then left the village of Nihao and moved to Hong Kong off the shore.

Then the Yakuza came into the town and took over. After a year of his leave, Kuang was called once again too fight for the town. Reluctant due to his last failure. Kuang forced himself the re-ignite his lost flame and fighting spirit and now pursue's Nihao Village were he has sworn not to fail again...[/color][/size]
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-Name: Kaiyu Dokawa, the Black Dragon

-Age: 30-ish

-Height: 5' 8"

-Weight: 176lbs.

-Physical Description: Very lean and muscular, always wearing his Ninja outift, in full garb. This includes hood, mask, gloves, boots, everything. Under it, though, he has a shaved head, gray eyes, and a tattoo of a black dragon winding around his neck to his chin, starting at the opposite shoulder. His body is laced with scars, and he has black dragon's wrapped around both biceps, both lower-legs, on his back, and both pecs.

-Personality: Dokawa is very cold and solitary, preferring to be alone. He is master tactician, being brilliant and cool-headed. When conversing with others, he is sarcastic and sharp-tongued, speaking openly and honestly.

-Martial Art Training History: He is well-versed in the Ninja Arts, being trained in Ryu-Kuro-Ninjitsu. Before being kicked out, it was strongly believed he would take over after the leader died.

-Weapons: Ninja-to, Shuriken, and a Kusari-Gama

-Biography: Dokawa's past is a complete mystery, even to his closet friends. He is a master Ninja, feared assassin, and high-ranking member of the Yakuza. He has kept to himself most of his life and no one knows if his family exists anymore. Thus, many rumors abound, and he only quells those that do not talk about his deadly, vicious nature.
What is known is a bit of his history relating to Ninjitsu. He was trained in the Ryu-Kuro school, the name being the reason for all his tattoes. He left his Dojo after killing six rival students. He felt they were too weak and had to be eliminated. On being confronted with his deeds, he told his teacher that, and he was kicked out. One of his private missions now is his desire to get back at the members of his 'weak' Dojo.
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Thats good except for one detail. If you could, add on a little more to your biography about how and were your character was trained in the arts of Ninjutsu. Like where his clan was, and why he left it.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][B]-Name:[/B] Kevin Weldrich

[B]-Age[/B] 29

[B]-Height[/B] 6' 0"

[B]-Weight[/B] 150 lbs

[B]-Physical Description[/B] Brown-ish black hair which is brushed back, a very serious look on his face, and the Taekwondo fights suit(forgot what it was called). He would rather wear fighters clothes than anything else. [URL=http://www.taekwondo.to/i-tom.jpg]Click here[/URL] for a better description.

[B]-Persona[/B] Very self aware, and very protective to other people. Also to himself. He hates people bad mouthing other clutures and other people (more info on that in his Bio), and isn't afraid to give people a punch in the face. Kevin will never give up, not matter what. If there's blood still going through his veins, then he will never give up until his heart stops and he's dead. Although he never gives up, running is also an option as long as it saves lives, and giving himself up to save people is just an everyday deed, because Kevin will do it.

[B]-Martial Art Training History[/B] The only Martial Arts Kevin is extremely experienced at is the Korean Arts, which are Taekwondo (or Tae Kwon-Do however way you want to put it) and Hwarang Do, since his father trained in the Korean Arts and taught his son.

Un-armed, and does not use weapons. He is more skilled in Taekwondo than any other fighting art, therefore he does not use weapons, only himself.

[B]-Biography[/B] His father grew up in Korea and learned the art of Taekwondo and Hwarang Do, thus teaching his son the arts. Though Kevin is not Korean, he still knows much about it and the arts. At the age of 7, Kevin and his father moved back to Korea when his mother died, and Kevin was given the chance to learn much more about fighting there. He stayed for 5 years, and considered himself more Korean than anything else. Taekwondo became his favorite art, and he learnt to fight with his own body parts than with weapons. His father was considered one of the Grand Master, and Kevin father entered a tournament when Kevin was only 11. His father was killed in the final round when the other fighter cheated by throwing some sort of dust/drug in his fathers eyes, and broke his fathers neck. Kevin was the only one who knew.

At the age of 15, he went away from Korea and travelled the world trying to learn as much about fighting as possible, but it seemed no other Master would train him. Until he came to a small town, Nihao. The Triad took over it, and instead of fighting alongside, Kevin didn't help. He didn't know why, but since the death of his father he couldn't do anything. It seemed he had lost his will to fight. A young boy from the village who's parents had died also, persuaded Kevin to fight again, and so whenever he was needed again, Kevin came to the conclusion he had to fight.[/SIZE]
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[color=orange][font=arial][size=2][b]-Name:[/b] Amaya Kohaku Ryo (Called Maya; her name means Night Rain(Amaya) Amber(Kohaku) Excellent(Ryo))

[b]-Age:[/b] 19

[b]-Height:[/b] 5?6?

[b]-Weight:[/b] 125 lbs.

[b]-Physical Description:[/b] Amaya has a deep tan, and always has a slight burn across her cheeks and nose. Her hair is black-auburn, silky, and falls to her waist. It is often kept in a braid, or kept back with a black head band. Her eyes are deep green, with silver and gold flecks throughout them. They are Asian in shape, and often hidden by thick, black lashes. She is often seen garbed in a silk kimono or a outfit made up of a black pleated skirt(short), a white silky vest(tight), a white blouse with loose sleeves(tight wrists). With it goes knee socks, and school shoes.

[b]-Persona:[/b] A quiet, yet sweet person to talk to. She has short temper, but it is always hidden, and her eyes go like cold steel when she is mad. She has a calm, level speaking voice, and often has a smirk tugging at the corners of her slim mouth. She has a ready laugh, and a ready smile, if you only know how to trigger them.

[b]-Martial Art Training History:[/b] None

[b]-Weapons:[/b] Fists and feet, butterfly knives

[b]-Biography:[/b]Maya isn?t exactly sure what her childhood was like, but knows she moved to Nihao when she was 12. Born in Japan, she was moved there by her father, who was killed when they rebelled. She was often dragged down by the soldiers, beaten and then? well, lets just say she wasn?t happy. She learned to defend herself, and is often beyond the town. Maya comes in once and a while, to get decent food.

As a young child, she was doted on by her father. They lived in Japan, and moved to the country when she was nine. Maya was a sweet child, but when her father was killed, she became quiet, depressive, and often had a temper beyond belief.

Maya watches every move that the ?government? makes, and curses them often. She often prays, to whatever god/ess? will listen to her, to keep her safe, and to release the village from the clutches of these people.

I tried, Mike! [/color][/font][/size]
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As for vicky, your sign up is fine. But callmegoddess, I need your's to change drastically. One, a person cannot learn Ninjutsu by their selves, two, this is supposed to be realistic anda Japanese wouldn't live in a town were Yakuza ruled if they could leave so easily, three, its called Nihao Village and is in China. So if you could change your Biography and be on the side of the Yakuza, your sign up would be perfect.[/size][/color]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Before I change anything(I need to, I know), I have a question: Does she have to be trained in a specific fighting style? I would have asked before, but the question just now came.[/color][/font][/size]
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[quote name='callmegoddess04][color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Before I change anything(I need to, I know), I have a question: Does she have to be trained in a specific fighting style? I would have asked before, but the question just now came.[/color][/font'][/size][/quote]


Yes, basically you do. I mean you can blend like Kendo and Aikido or JuJutsu, but you can't up and create your own form of Ninjutsu and teach it to yourself.
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Yes, basically you do. I mean you can blend like Kendo and Aikido or JuJutsu, but you can't up and create your own form of Ninjutsu and teach it to yourself.
[color=orange][font=arial][size=2]I ment, can she do free-style? Like, street-fighting?[/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=Blue]Ok, bad guy comen.

Name: Gaara

Age: 21

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 119 lbs.

Description: Attachment

Personality: Very quite. But when he needs to, he'll talk. And when he does, he's not nice. At all. He will turn wickedly eveil when he's close to losing. He's never nice, never kind, never talketive, and never truseworthy(sp?). He's the type of guy that will lurk in the shadow's, so watch your back.

Martial Arts Training History: He is very knowen for his Aikido Arts. It is a Japanese martial art involving a wide range of techniques that can be used to throw or immobilise an opponent. It helps to develope a greater understanding of harmony, balance, and dynamics of movment. Some techniques, Tajutsu (empty handed techniques) locks, pins, throws. Ukemi (rolling breakfalls).

Weapon(s): Jo (wooden staff), two katana's and his fists + feet

Bio.: Born in Japan, Gaara, lived as an only child with his mother and father. He never made friends for his lake of friendlyness. One day, while his mother and him were out shopping, a robbery was taken place a little ways up. As she looked down at him and smiled, the men who did the robbery, came running by and acidently sliced his mother with his sword.

Blood splatered on his face as he looked down to see his mother lying there, dead, right in front of him. He was 10 when it happened. He then went into denial after that. 5 years later father thought that it would be a good idea to train him in some deffence and attack moves. He trained him for 3 years. So he was now 18. But, as he grew older, an evil was bruing inside of him.

One day as is father was teaching him a technique with a katana, that evil which was now at it's boiling point. When his father wasn't looking, Gaara stabed him the back. For now this evil was to much to control. So he wander around the land until he met a group called the Yakuza. They asked him to join. So he did and then a few years later, about 2, he became a high ranking member and was asigned to Nihao Village as a guard of the main building. He has been with them ever since.

Was that good enough? I don't really know....

EDIT: I fixed it!

EDIT 2: There! I re-wrote the whole Bio.! Happy!?[/COLOR]
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Okay, callmegoddess and Ryoko, you two have some problems with your sign ups.

Callmegoddess, you character has a japanese name and uses japanese martial arts even though she is a native to a chinese town, which Nihao (Hello) Village is. So, either change your bio or your name and fighting style.

Ryoko, you have a slight problem with you bio. Nihao Village isn't in Japan, its in China, so your character would have to first hand, meet the Yakuza, join, become a high ranking member (which would probably have to do with adding on some age to your chara) and then being asigned to Nihao Village as a guard of the main building. And you would probably want to add on some detail of how his mother died, why he went so insane, and how he became so talented and strong at 10. This is supposed to be realisitic, so I doubt a ten year old student would be ablel to defeat a seasoned master with an art that is non-lethal.

And both of you should remeber that this takes place in the 1970's, not ancient Japan or China. So, make sure you keep that in mind while editing.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][b]Sign Ups:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Lei Neveal Chung

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Height:[/b] 5'0"

[b]Weight:[/b] 100 lb.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Long black hair that reaches to the back of her knees. But it's pinned up so as to look as if her hair is cut like a man's with a red bow, has bangs coming down to her forehead, dark brown eyes, somewhat skinny. She has dull skin, but the glint in her eyes make up for it. Usually wears; a short sleeve red bozi shirt, white pants that fluff and round at the end. Black padded shoes, and wears two silver bracelets around her right hand.

[b]Persona:[/b] Intelligent, obedient and kind. Lei will go against what's asked of her only if she can have an idea relatively close to what may be the out come. Being intelligent she can think her way out of most battles/fights. Although it's not always possible, she'll try never to kill a foes. Rather try to do enough damage or blows only to keep them out for a few months, 2 to 6. (Often times she'll write Don zi bos)

[b]Martial Art Style:[/b] Aikido

- Lei begun to learn Aikido at age 7 from both her parents, although in her mothers line females weren't meant to learn any form of fighting or martial arts. Thinking it'd be unlady like, as the binding a child's ankles theory. Still through out the years she's still tried much with her parents and other sensai's that had been willing to teacher her. From them, Lei learned how to use a boh more efficiently. The same time her skills increased with training with her father, the original man who had taught her.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Boh ( Bo Staff)

[b]Biography:[/b] Born within in years far before the Yakuza had come and some time before the Nihao Village was ruled by the Triadto, Lei knew what was her past. How things should be, like they were before the Triadto. Peaceful without others taken advantage and trying/ordering around the people of the village. Her parents caring deeply for not only their own famille's well being, the village, and what could possible be an end result of China as a whole. What might become of China if others were able to use the Chinese people for their own gain.

Thus in her teens, they made sure that discipline was in plied and rethought her all values of caring for all. This they did through having her learn Aikido, they had believed that it would help her to keep all teachings. They had different teachers from all around teach her things. Her father mainly teaching her for over 6 years, and her mother adding input on stances, how much stregth, targets, etc.

Currently, Lei has been very passive. Trying not to harm anyone, yet her nature has stopped her from doing so. A few times Lei has gotten into fights with the lackies and guards in arguments over the rights of the villagers. Knowing already, that they knew what they thought it should be like. Getting her in trouble many times. Causing her to have a great dislike for anyone who abuses any sort of power they may have. Thus causing her to take stands against them, and serving the punishments for them.

But recently, hearing a few rumors that Kuang had been seen heading in the direction of Nihao...She feels as though they may be able to drive them away.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Okay, now all we need is a few more allies (chinese please) and Triads and if possible, quite a few more Yakuza. Then we might be able to start.[/color][/size]
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Shiguru has come! Well, maybe only one or two of you know me... and only one knows how I work. But... aw hell never mind. :rolleyes:

Name: Toma Higaku (I used it before, but I'm lazy)
Age: 45
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Rank: Yakuza boss... (Can I be the big boss badguy?)

Description: Wears a business suit at all times unless he is training. Gray hairs all over his head, and some slight wrinkles. His eyes, however speak of power and experiance. Scars on his torso prove of many battles to get to where he is today.

Persona: Hard Working, a total bastard who is excellent at diplomacy and speaking in general. But those who piss him off are usually ordered to be killed, either by top Yakuza assassin's, his own guard or himself (But you have to REALLY make him mad or insult him to make him kill you himself)

Martial Art: some Shotokan Karate, some Akido, Kenjimetu-Ryuu, and other basic weapons training.

Weapon: Any japanese weapon... but perfer's a Katana or claws.

FIghting style: Higaku has a devastating defense as he uses counters more than anything, and hard single strikes to key areas. Nobody has beat him in a sword duel and few have beat him in hand to hand combat. He is feared by all because of his hardcore defensive skills.

Bio: Born in the Yakuza familty as a bastard child his father had with a waitress (During a Bond film no less.) Higaku was taken under his father's wing at a young age and taught to fight. Learning Shotokan Karate from one of the higher ups in the circut he quickly learned what kind of power defense has over offense. Learning basic Akido only strengthened it. Going onward he learned all major Japanese weapons and started to train hard and constantly.

As he started out as a grunt and worked his way up the circut shooting politicians and killing drug dealers and prostitutes to get information he started to become feared and then tried to take power. The particular Yakuza circle he was in forced the challanger to kill the person with a duel... and Toma always won every duel he fought in... for a price. He has lost a kidney, has a peirced lung, and episodes of shoddy vision in his left eye.

After the village was abandoned by the triads Higaku took it as prime realestate for smuggling and slave trading.. something the other triads didn't even consider. And now he waits.
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Since no one has taken part as the big boss, you get it Shiguru, cuz I know how you work, you caniving bastard. Now all we really need is maybe one more ally, one more yakuza, and the two triads.[/color][/size]
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