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Sign Up The City of Death (lang and violence)

Dead Alice

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Takizawa High seemed like your average, modern Japanese school. There wasn't a big problem with drugs, violence or poor behavior. The teachers were understanding yet determined, and most students were appreciative. No one ever expected to see blood on the walls.
When a wave of unexplained murders hits the city, it leaves the community in an uproar. People with no relation to each other are found dead, and no evidence is left behind but the blood that seems to be drowning the city. Some frantic citizens believe that it's either the Apocalypse or some kind of invasion, while others are skeptic.
After 20 consecutive murders, the city where its people once felt safe has been shrouded in darkness. The sun has not been seen for days, and it feels like an eternal nightmare. The deaths become a daily topic, and the main headlines on almost every TV station.
Despite the frightening atmosphere, all students are still attending school regularly. A group of teens at Takizawa finally decides to take matters into their own hands, but they end up getting more than they bargained for...

Please do not sign up if you are not going to post. Do not post really short replies. There can be romance but no graphic depictions of sex. I will allow swearing. There will be graphic violence. And PLEASE use good grammar!
I will start this RPG when I think there are enough people. If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to tell me, since I tend to forget things...

Sign-ups~(please be in 3rd person)
Name: [It should be Japanese, since this is a Japanese city. However, I may allow a few students to be from other countries.]
Occupation: [Student or teacher (and what you teach). If you really want to be a citizen or some other person, please PM me.]
Age: [15-18 if you are a student, 25+ if you are a teacher.]
Gender: [This should be obvious... I will allow girls to play as guys and vice-versa.]
Appearance: [NOTE: All students at Takizawa High wear black and white school uniforms. Otherwise, explain what your character wears outside of school. If you can't provide a picture, please be very descriptive with hair, eyes, etc. And you don't have to look Japanese to be Japanese. ^^;;]
Weapon(s): [This is only for self-defense outside of school. You're only high school kids, so no fancy swords and stuff like that. You could have something such as a switchblade or a small gun. You do not [I]need[/I] a weapon, but it could be useful. Nobody has mystical powers either, BUT some kids could have a tiny 6th sense or something to that effect.]
Personality: [Doesn't have to be really long. Just an explination of what your character acts like and what kind of people he or she hangs out with.]
Bio: [At least a paragraph about your character's history. You also might want to include exactly why you decided to investigate what's going on in the city. If you want to be related in some way with another character before starting the RPG, please ask them first!]

My Sign-up~
Name: Fujima, Keitaro (some people just call her Kei) (foo-jee-ma kay-tah-ro)
Occupation: student; also works as a waitress
Age: 16
Gender: female
Appearance: (picture coming soon) 5'6", lean but not too skinny; dark blue eyes, always wears eyeliner; brown hair that reaches her mid-back, feathery layers and wispy bangs, lighter brown highlights; out of school, usually wears a lot of black and red
Weapons: pocket knife and chain
Personality: A lot of people think Keitaro is "demented". She seems to have an interest in dark, gothic and medieval things. Even though she is good-natured and does well in school, people seem to avoid her like the plague. She doesn't really fit in anywhere, being too nice for the dark side of the school and too evil for the other. All she really wants is to be understood.
Bio: Keitaro grew up in a fairly nice home. Her father died of lung cancer when she was 4, and her mother rarely came home for long periods of time, since she was working several jobs and hardly had time for anything else. That left Keitaro in the care of her older brother Kodachi, who she grew very fond of. One day when Keitaro was 12, Kodachi mysteriously disappeared, and she hasn't mentioned or heard from him since. She never grew close to anyone else, out of a secret fear that anyone she loved would be taken away. Her mother quit one of her low-paying jobs so that she could spend more time with her only daughter, yet Keitaro avoided her. No one really knows why she became as dark as she is now. She chose to find out why these things were happening to the city because somehow, maybe they were related to her brother's disappearance...
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Name: Jim Mishima
Age: 16
Occupation: Stdent, Mechanic
Gender: Male
Weapon: Small Pistol
Appearence: [url]http://www.mindeclipse.com/cels/pics/OS04bg.jpg[/url] (outside of school)

Personality:Jim is one of those kinds of people that doen't like to leave things alone once he starts something, he has to finish it right there and then. Jim's a pretty outgoing person, likes to make new friends and sometimes just say hi to strangers he doesn't know. He always turns out to home games for any kind of sport at school no matter what the weather, he's always cheery no matter what. Some of the people Jim know call him perky and optimistic no matter what the situation. The only time Jim probably gets down is when something bad happens or if it's raining outside all day long, he hates to waste a day indoors like in school and stuff but knows it's for his edjucation.

Bio: Jim grew up with his mother and father like a regular family, an only child though so he didn't have anyone to associate with or talk to. So then Jim turned to the community and helped out with anything they needed. Jim's mother is a Lawyer and his father a doctor, he hardly see's them at home but visits them at their work sometimes just because he misses them. Jim works part time in a big auto parts building where he has a part time job working on cars and computers, even though he gets a big allowence he likes to work to save up for things like college and such (even though he has 2 scholarships from the community). Jim want to investigate the murder reports because some of the peple he knew from his neighborhood were killed and the murders are getting too frequent now a days.

*Hope this is ok*
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Tanaka, Kisho

[B]Occupation:[/B] Student, Tech Support for local Cybercafe 'SubZero'

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

Your typical nerd at first glance, Kisho wears glasses and, outside of school, dons a black, long sleeved sweater under a white polo-neck shirt. He had curly, blonde-brown hair, and is more comfortable in sneakers than in more polite, polished black shoes he wears to school. He is also quite tall for his age at 5' 11".

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Not much with heavy duty weaponary, but in a bizarre twist of fate, he once came across a medium-sized Tommy Gun in an alley near his house, though he keeps this well concealed. He also carries around a Swiss Army Knife, being conscientious of the recent murder cases.

[B]Personality:[/B] Much like his appearance, Kisho seems like your typical geek. However, over the years of hanging out with 'the cool guys', Kisho has managed to develop some rudimentary charm and thus has an average assortment of friends. At times, Kisho can be quite sad and depressed, but he most often dispalys a cheery, optimistic side, though this isn't reflected by his speech. His lack of confidence causes him to talk very little, if at all, and he usually stays away from drastic situations. Yet the recent case has sparked off his rather over-active imagination.

[B]Bio:[/B] Kisho loves to learn. The more he learns, the more superior he becomes over his fellow man! Yet this leads him to investigate the increase on murders with his morbid curiosity. He first came to Takizawa High from Osaka, where his mother died in an accident concerning research into nuclear weapons. He and his father moved away to rid them of the fond memories they held for Yushi Tanaka. His father, Toyo, works as a military consultant for the JSSDF, and so is around most of the time, only having to call in to the centre in emergencies.He is also very fond of computers, and spends most of his time whiling away in front of monitors, fighting others in the only way he knows how, over the internet. He is very passionate about video games, and this brings him to the conclusion that he WILL be a successful novelist. His teachers agree he is well equipped for the life of literature, and he is somewhat of a model student. He has many friends around the school, many of whom could be considered popular, and he has an unshakable interest in the military, which he gets from his mother.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Tsukiyono, Ami (Tsoo-kee-oh-no, Ah-mee)
Occupation: Student, public library assistant
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: [URL=http://usagis-house.net/jacml/members/memberscels/pasiphae.jpg]Face.[/URL] 5'7". When she's in school, she keeps her hair in two long braids. She never looks exactly comfortable in her school uniform. Outside of school, Ami wears blue jeans with flowers sewn along the seams and t-shirts in blue or green, with a silver chain necklace. She sometimes wears a bit of makeup, but never much more than a little mascara and lipstick.
Weapon(s): Small switchblade. She's never really needed it to defend herself, so it's kept in her pocket.
Personality: Ami is extremely bright, and as a result of that, extremely shy. She loves to read and can most often be found in the school library, reading or quietly chatting with a few friends about school work. Her friends are mostly kids who like to read and discuss books, and all of her friends make good marks. If she smiles at you, you know that you're special in her eyes, and if you can get her to say more than five words, you're fairly close to her. She has a bit of a romantic streak, but would never admit it.
Bio: Ami's background was fairly normal. She lived at home with a businessman father, a teacher mother, and twin elder brothers. She read and wrote at an early age, and enjoyed being one of the top students in her school.
When Ami's friend Akiko was found murdered, Ami was distraught and more than a little afraid for her family. When the number of deaths became unnaturally high, she sought out a few people to find why the deaths were happening, and what they could do to stop it.[/FONT]
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Name: Yamato "Matt" Tachikawa
Occupation: Student
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Uniform in school, but outside, usually wears loose jeans, not baggy. Black sleeveless shirt, with a two dragons on it, curling around each other, one fire red, the other ice blue. Has a bracelet with a dragon on it, and wears a pair of tennis shoes with dragons flying on the sides.
Weapon(s): Two 7' Daggar with a dragon embroided on the handle. Silver blade with gold and brass handle.
Personality: Loner type, yet sticks up for the wimps and unpopular kids in school. Anti-social all the time, hardley speaks and tells people to shut up when they try to talk to him. Gets nervous around girls at his school, if they go to talk to him or not. Only his mother calls him Yamato. He is always called Matt by his peers.
Bio: Growing uo in Kyoto, Matt had a good life. Lots of friends, popular ones at that. He was the friendly type with everyone, even the geeks and low lifes of the school. When he moved in the 5th grade, everyone ignored him. Always was made fun of, Matt turned into a stone cold person, never talking and always going out on walks. His parents loved him, so they never bothered to ask about that. They bought him the two daggars he uses when he was 14, and held them in his back pockets since the murders been happening.
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Name: Toshimi Sasuga
Occupation: student; his parents wouldn't let him get a job
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: large, dark eyes; shiny, longish hair. Slight, active-looking, but not particularly athletic. Wears a variety of eclectic clothing styles outside of school--it usually depends on the weather.
Weapon(s): amazing interpersonal intuition--he's good at figuring out what people are thinking. Since the murders started he's been wary about going around unprotected, so he bought a cool-looking letter opener and sharpened the edges a bit. (It's a good thing he can also run pretty fast.)
Personality: If you couldn't already tell, he's not the best of the best--but he's charming, eccentric, and really does want to help. Toshimi's a bit flaky when it comes to following things through, but this whole situation should probably be enough to keep his attention long enough to actually accomplish something.
Bio: his parents are clinging to him with everything they have; they're both hoping that he'll stay near home after high school and help around the house--he's been a gopher his whole life because his parents have problems communicating. Because of his knack for sorting out other people's feelings, they've come to rely on him to talk to each other about the problems between them. Thus, he's a little peculiar, having heard his entire life (and having to say) that his parents' sex life is not what it used to be. He's not daunted by talking about anything, so many people do feel free to use him as a personal therapist. His mother is terrified of having him go out while the city is so unsafe--but Toshimi finds investigating it a good excuse as to not being home.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to post anything until next Tuesday--I've got politically incorrect "Easter Break." But I really want to be in this, so don't forget me! You don't have to wait to start it, but is it all right if I just pop in when I get back?
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[B]Name:[/B] Cortiga Arvalis

[B]Occupation:[/B] Student

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment

[B]Weapon(s): [/B] She only carries around a small chain. Other than that, weapons are anything that can come to hand (pieces of pipe, garbage cans, other people's heads...). She also has an amazing wit, and her tongue can throw verbal barbs that can seriously deflate someone's ego. Cortiga is also able to manipulate human emotions quite well with her words.

[B]Personality:[/B] She's extremely intelligent, and can be very charming when the situation calls for it. However, usually she's kind of contemptuous of other people. One can never tell if she's being serious, or if she's being sarcastic and insulting you. Her insults and contempt is so well-veiled, that usually people don't notice that she's making fun of them. Because of her odd nature and unpredictable moods, most tend to stay away from her, and she's naturally a loner. But if you get on her nerves, she can be vicious and brutal. She has no patience for those who think themselves superior, and is quick to beat them down into submission if she must.

[B]Bio:[/B] Originally a student from the U.S., she moved here recently because of her mother. Cortiga is half-Japanese; her father was German, and her mother was Japanese. Her parents divorced when she was a child, and she was frequently shuttled back and forth. Thus, she speaks fluent German, Japanese, and English. However, while living in the states with her father, she became involved with a shady group...which turned out to be a cult. Unbeknownst to her parents, she was involved in many delinquent activities, and many street/gang fights. This only made her more unbreakable, determined, and almost impossible to beat. An expert at manipulating human emotions, she would always anger her opponents to the brink of rage, and then merely sidestep their clumsy attacks.

However, one day she was caught with other members of her group, and they were hauled off to jail. Her father came to pick her up, and then her mother forced her to move to Japan. There are already many rumors going about her at school, but she pays no attention, and shrugs if you ask her about them. Her mother moved her here because the schools are supposedly very rigorous and tiring, and she wanted to keep Cortiga out of any more trouble. Cortiga, on the other hand, does what she wants...although she's less wild now.

As soon as the killings started to happen, she was immediately interested, because she had seen many deaths on the fights she had been in. Although she had never killed someone, there had been times when it had been close... She merely investigates the murders because they are a cure to her boredom, although otherwise she could be completely apathetic to them.
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