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Substance of Fire: Dead Reckoning


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"What did you think you would learn?" asked a burly man with a pitching wedge rhetorically, "Did you seriously think that I wouldn't find out?" he struck the man across the face with the golf club. The sickening crack that echoed throughout the warehouse told everyone that his jaw had been broken.

"Songbird." he held out his hand and a woman handed him a pistol. The broken man, still conscious, struggled to free himself from ropes binding his wrists. As he saw the gun exchanging hands, he threw himself into a frenzy. Muffled screams escaped his locked mouth. Two men near the door rushed over to subdue the profusely bleeding man and hold him still.

Don Guisseppi Vittorio pulled back his arm and knocked the man in the back of the head with the butt of the gun then kicked him in the ribcage. More bones cracked. "We have no choice but to handle this in a manner fitting to the crime." the woman called Songbird nodded slightly.

The Don pulled back the hammer of his gun. He walked forward and placed the tip onto the man's forehead. The man's sobs were deepening.

Vittorio stepped on the head of the pitching wedge and broke it off, leaving a long metal spike. He thrust this spike upwards into the doomed man's torso. Blood streamed from his nose and mouth. His eyes remained wide open in an expression of pure terror as he fell limp to the dusty floor.

"Leave him on Vendetti's doorstep." he commanded one of the men who had held the prisoner down, "Leave a note telling him..." he thought for a short moment, "Thanks for the workout your friend offered me. It was quite... invigorating."

Laughs bounced off the walls as they dragged the man away, leaving a trail of smeared blood. He and Songbird walked to the office on the other side of the room and shut the door. "This s**t will not be tolerated." he was furious, "Tell me, Sophitia: How did he get that deep into our ranks?"

"I will find out as soon as possible, Don." she offered. "I will find every Vendetti spy in this entire family and dispose of them swiftly."

"You had better." he pulled a fat cigar from his breats pocket and lit it. The smell of smoke filled the air instantly and created an ever-deepening haze. "You will have full authority over this investigation. You will bring any suspects before me. And, you will not kill anyone without my expressed permission. Is this clear?"

"Perfectly, sir." [/b][/size][/color]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sophitia pulled back her hair from her face and sighed as she left the room. "The Don is really angry this time." She pulled a pistol from her pocket and twirled it around her left index finger, watching it rotate and thinking. [i]How did Vendetti manage to sneak a spy into our organization? I'll need to tighten security, and even that won't placate the Don for a while...[/i] She absently rubbed the tips of her fingers on her jeans, cleaning off a little bit of the dead man's blood that had remained.

"Yes, Songbird?"
"Get Nico on the phone," Sophitia smiled, mentioning the man who did most of the dirty work for the Don's organization. "He and I need to have a... talk."
"Yes, Songbird." Adolfo went to make the call, shaking his head a little as he noticed Sophitia caressing the tattoo of a wren on her left arm. [i]She's going to make him sing...[/i][/FONT]
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange]Tanya's fingers flew across the key's, and she swivled away from the keyboard as Sophitia walked in. She stood, and said, "Hello, Songbird. I heard the commotion. I take it the Don wasn't happy?" SHe smriked a little.

Sophitia nodded. "Yes. Adolfo is going to get Nico on the phone... unless you can do it faster?" Songbird raised an eyebrow at her. Tanya shook her head. "YOu know no one is better than Adolfo."

Sophitia nodded. "Correct. What have you been working on..." SHe leaned on the desk, and scanned the computer screen. Tanya said, "Raising the defenses. After what I heard down there, I asummed it to be a good idea..."

Tanya watched as Sophitia went over it, hopeful. SHe brushed rows of little braids over her shoulder, the beads banging together.[/color][/font][/size]

OOC: Is that okay?
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Lina sat on her couch as she watched her customers dancing and partying as the music pounded in the room around. She sipped her wine cooler as she watched the people talk, dance, and just have a good time and unwind. She smiled and sat back and picked up her magazine. She began to read until the door opened and a bouncer showed up. Lina looked up from her magazine and asked what he had wanted. The people that worked with her spoke korean, chinese, and japanese, but since Lina was a second generation korean, she did not know much of japanese and so she only spoke korean.[/i]

"Moh? (What?)"

[i]The bouncer walked in and whispered in her ear and Lina groaned. She nodded and stood up. She fixed her jacket and her hair and walked out with her bouncers. They lead her down the stairs to a table where a man sat at and she groaned once again.

Lina, not liking people stiring up trouble or bringing trouble to her club, walked to the table. She arrived and the man and his followers looked to her. The man gave her a cold stare and she did not appreciate what he was doing. The man still looked to her and spoke.[/i]

"What do you want?"

"I believe there is a problem with you being here. I advise that you take your belongings and leave as soon as possible."

"Uh huh. And I have to do this because...?"

"Because I own this club and I say what goes and what doesn't. Now, I'm going to ask you again. Take your things and get out of my club."

[i]The man stood, as did his followers. They let him step out and they stood behind him. Lina smirked as she saw what they were doing. Her bouncers stood by murmuring and snickering. The men just stared and listened. They did not know what was going on. The man just ignored it and looked to Lina. He put his hand on her shoulder and Lina just looked to it. She detested people that was not family or friend putting their hands on her or touching her.[/i]

"Remove your hand, please."

"And if I don't?"

"I'd suggest you remove it anyways. I wish not to cause trouble with you, sir."

[i]The man tightened his grip on her shoulder and walked closer to Lina, who was beginning to feel furious with this man. She also detested people who disrespected her and detested people like this man. She looked into the man's eyes and saw that her bouncers were ready to get the men out, she shook her head once and they fell into the shadows. The man's men snickered as they watched their leader become superior to Lina.

Lina was now boiling with anger and if the man did not remove his hand by the time she asked him again, she knew she was going to become violent and she disliked becoming violent. It made her look bad and made her people look bad as well.[/i]

"Sir, I advise you, so calmly, to remove this hand from my shoulder."

[i]The man did not listen and began to chuckle. He raised his hand and was about to hold tightly onto her other shoulder, but she knew that men like him would not listen to words and they would have to learn by action.

Lina looked to the hand and swung her arms inside the man's and spread them out so that she was able to get out of his grip. He looked to her with disbelief and anger. He pointed to Lina and shouted commands. She smirked and cracked her neck. The first man came to her and swung a punch, but Lina ducked down and right hooked the man into his ribs and he stumbled. Lina stood up and saw that two men were coming after her from both sides and a stick and she looked to both sides and flipped into the air so that the two bumped into each other. She landed behind them and smiled.

There were only two men left. One had brass knuckles atop his own knuckles and he chuckled, the other was holding onto his ribs. He winced when he moved but worked through the pain. Lina raised an eyebrow and looked to the bouncers. They were ready to drag the men out. She tilted her head to the leader and they nodded. She then turned her attention to the man with the brass knuckles and he walked towards her.[/i]

"Well, then. Since you knocked out two of my men and injured one. All I can say is that was too easy. Perhaps you need a work out."

"Well, perhaps you need to keep quiet and leave my club before real damage befalls you."

[i]The man laughed with a rough voice and it boomed around the room.[/i] "Damage? On [i]me[/i]? We'll soon see."

[i]Lina stood there and the man ran at her with his right fist behind his head. He swung at her face, who immediatley caught his hand. Everyone was amazed at this scene and did not know what to think of. Lina smirked and when the man tried to hit her with his left hand, she caught that as well. She looked to the man and smashed her head against his. He began to stagger back before holding onto his bleeding head.

The leader was now afraid of Lina and began to run, but was caught by Lina's bouncers. She cracked her neck again and looked to the leader. He was brought the the center of it all and he kneeled on the floor. Lina was given her katana, which she swung and played with in front of the man. He gulped and looked to Lina pleadingly, who walked up to him and gently placed her blade against his neck.[/i]

"Sir, I asked you to leave, is that correct?"


"And you did not. Then, you placed your hand upon my shoulder, is that correct as well?"


"Now. This katana I have in my hand is poisoned at the tip, one false move and you shall be dead within seconds. I could slice your throat or even have someone push you, but if you promise to never to come here or show your face, I will be forced to kill you. And if I see your little followers, I will give them a severe punishment, understood?"

"Yeah. Don't hurt me, PLEASE!"

"I won't hurt you. But, if you show your face again, I will kill you. Understood?"


[i]Lina took the blade off and turned her back to the man who stood up quickly and stumbled towards his table. He quickly gathered his belongings and his men followed behind, helping those who were down. She sheathed her katana and was disgusted at the way her club had turned into. She looked to her other customers and smiled.[/i]

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry for this scene." [i]Lina looked to her watch and saw that it was close to 11:30.[/i] "For the last half hour, free drinks and you do not have to pay if you have been here for more than 2 hours! Enjoy!"

[i]There were clapping and cheers as she left to go back to her room. She sighed and was glad that that was over with. But, her day wasn't over. She had received a call.[/size][/color][/i]
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Nari swore under her breath, and the man wisely retreated a small distance. [I]So, the spy's been caught. Vittorio's quicker than I thought...[/I] Standing up from the table in the small cafe, one of the last left, she straightened her collar, and walked out, putting her sunglasses on. Three men followed, one paying at the cashier quickly before following her.

Taking a cell phone out of her pocket, her fingers brushed the familiar curve of her guns, giving her small comfort. Pressing a button, she barely heard the other line ring before someone picked up. "Yes, Kye?"

She spoke quietly and quickly, as she walked smoothly by people on the busy sidewalks. "Min, the fox is dead. The information was received from one of Vendetti's. He's still alive; take care of it. I don't need any loose ends; Vittorio's still too dangerous - we don't need him to find us."

"Understood, Kye." The line immediately went dead, and she flipped the phone back into her pocket. Motioning to one of her men, he immediately handed her another phone, which she held gently to her ear. "..hello? Who is this?"

Nari smiled, "An-yung, Lina. Nah-dah. (Hi Lina. It's me.)"

Lina's voice was emotionless, "Kye."

"Yes, Lina, it's Kye. I hope you don't mind; I'm dropping in for a bit." She hung up quickly, before Lina answered, and handed the phone back. As she walked to Lina's club, Nari thought of the spy... Vittorio hopefully didn't know that the spy was not only connected to Vendetti, but also to the Yang...and if Min did her job, it would stay that way. She walked into the doorway, her three men following close behind. Taking off her shades, she waited to see Lina.
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"What in f***ing hell were you thinking?" Don Vittorio was irate.

"What do you mean?" a young man replied.

"That club you went to..."

"Yeah?" he hadn't made the connection.

"That was owned by Lina Kang." the pieces slid into place.

"Oh, sh**." his face was flush.

"No kidding." Vittorio backhanded the young man across the face, knocking the chair he was sitting in over. The young man was breathing heavily. "You're lucky she didn't kill you... No... you're going to wish she had."

Vittorio continued to beat the man. "If you weren't my son, I would kill you myself." he sent another another fist flying into his son's stomach, "If she had realized who you were..."

"Please, no." he pleaded as his father came at him again.

He stopped for a moment and looked at the pathetic heap in front of him. "Get out of here." The young man gripped his sides and limped out of the office.

"Sh**, sh**, sh**."he said to himself with each step.

"Salvatore." the Don called to his son who looked back at him, "Do something like this again and I will [i]not[/i] be so lenient." His son continued on without another word.

A few moments passed as Guisseppi brewed in his anger. "MOOSHINE! GET UP HERE NOW!"

There was a rustle down the stairs of the warehouse office. "Yes, Don Vittorio?" She was in a sunny mood. Too sunny, in Vittorio's opinoin. But that didn't matter at the moment.

"Get someone to tail Salvatore until he get's home to make sure he doesn't do something f***ing stupid again."

"Got it." she left quickly.[/b][/size][/color]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]"Don, don't you think that was a little harsh? After all, Salvatore is not as involved in the Family as you or I. It stands to reason that he didn't know that club was owned by Kang." Sophitia stood in the doorway of the room that Salvatore had just left, watching the Don pace the floor.

"Why do you care, Songbird?" The Don gave her one of the most impressive glowers Sophitia had ever seen in her young life. "You have ambitions of marrying your boss' son and taking over the Family?"

"No, no sir. It's just that..." Sophitia paused to think, brushing a lock of hair back behind an emerald-studded ear. "It's just that we need as many able-bodied men as we can get, and Salvatore is a valuable asset."

"Did you call Nico about the mole?" The Don changed topics, looking a bit angry with Sophitia for her impertinence.

"[i]Sì, signore. [/i] He'll be here tomorrow at one p.m. for an appointment with you. I didn't say what it was about."

"Good. You are dismissed for the evening, Sophitia."
"Yes, Don. [i]Buona notte.[/i]"[/FONT]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Lina heard a knock at her door and one of her bouncers came in and bowed to her and presented Nari. Lina relaxed herself and sipped her Margarita. Nari bowed in respect to Lina and Lina offered her a seat and she sat in it. Lina looked to Nari and knew that she was here on some kind of business. She sighed and crossed her legs and watched Nari speak to her.[/i]

"Yongkkwoni moya? (What's your business?)"

"Ahn-nyung, Sung-Eun. Jaljinet ni?" ("Hi, Sung-Eun. How are you?")

"Cut the crap and tell me why you're here, Nari."

[i]Nari smiled at Lina and thought it best to start the conversation.[/i] "It seems as though I may have a slight problem with Vittorio."

[i]Lina straightened up at his voice and Nari knew she despised that name.[/i] "Mohrakeuletsuh? Dashi malhebwa." ("What did you just say? Tell me again.")

"Uhm...I may have a slight problem with Vittorio."

[i]Lina sighed and stood up slowly. She then cracked her neck and unharnessed her guns and put them on the table in front of her.[/i] "Ok. Explain to me why you may have a slight problem."

"Ok. Naneun kanchupika eetsutsuh. Kehkah narang Vendetti-rang connection-i ka itsutsuh. And, oorika jal ahnchengimyun, Vittorio-ga areul kkuya. So, that's basically it." ("I have a spy. He's connected to me and Vendetti. And, if we do something wrong, then Vittorio's going to know.")

"But, that's not why you're here. You're here for something else. Malhebwa. (Tell me)."

[i]Lina stood in front of Nari and Nari looked down to Lina's guns. She sighed and looked directly at Lina, who stood with her hands on her hips. She had a concerned, yet angered look in her face.[/size][/color][/i]
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange]Tanya dissappeared, and down the stairs. She said, "Dandae, Mickael, I have a job for you!" Two guys walked in. A tall guy, with muddy brown hair, skinny, and a relativley shorter guy, well muscled, and with tawny hair. "Yes, Moonshine?" Tanya brushed a few beaded braids over ehr shoulder. "I want you to follow the Don's son, keep him out of trouble." She smirked. "Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." The men nodded. "ANd most important: don't elt yourselves be seen. By him, or anyone else. Got that?"

They nodded, ad rushed out of the room. Tanya went back up to the Don as Sophitia was leaving. "Night, SOngbird." "Night, Moonshine." Tanya said to the Don, "Sir, I have Dandae and Mickael in the job. DO you have anything else for me?"

The Don watched her for a minute but she never moved. SHe didn't even blink. SO he answered, "No. That is all. Check the defenses one last time, then you are dismissed." Tanya bowed her head in respect. "Of course. Buena tarde, sir.[Good evening sir.]"
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She looked down at the grounds, and then placed her hands on her own hips, reflecting Lina. "...Vendetti doesn't know that his spy was also connected to me. I've already called in to get any potential rats taken care of; I was wondering if you'd just assure that the job goes well. I don't want anymore problems, and it wouldn't do to have both Vendetti and Vittorio at odds against us..."

Lina sighed, shaking her head, "Aigo chamnae. Wae ihruhkkeh dwenneeh? (No translation. Why did this happen?)"

Nari shrugged, giving a brief, if strained, smile, "Halsoo issoh? (Can you do it?)"

Twirling the guns, she looked at Nari through lowered eyes, "Well...why is it to my benefit? Nothing comes free, Kye."

Laughing, Nari nodded her head, "Yes, nothing comes free. Well, first off, there's the fact that if Vittorio finds out I'm connected...well, he could just stretch his bad feelings towards you too. That may just be chance, but there's always that small possiblity. Also...was there a young man in here today? Of this description?" She held out a picture to Lina, who took it.

Looking at it, she recognized the photo; she had thrown him out of the club. "Geurae, waeh? (Yes, why?)"

Nari smiled with regret, "Aigo, you let him go, didn't you? I know a little about the identity of the man... I'm sure you'd find it very interesting.... But it might get you riled up, so I won't tell you now. Besides, I have another business proposition; I think it'd be to the good of both our families if we merged. Asia already has too many little groups. Broken up and divided, they're all fighting for the same things, so in the end there's nothing worth taking. All that effort goes to waste. I don't want to be one of those little squabbling groups, and I'm sure you don't want to either. An alliance could be to our advantage, especially if we manage Vendetti to ally himself with our group also. Vittorio would be alone."

Then, she paused, and continued, watching Lina, "And...the man who was in here today... He was Vittorio's son."
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Lina looked to Nari and dropped her hands from her hips. She clenched them and walked to the glass window and saw that the club was empty. She breathed in deeply and turned slowly to Nari. She was furious and boiling with anger at that moment. Trying hard not to show her anger, Lina looked to Nari, but couldn't keep it in. She turned to the glass window within a second and bashed her fist against and shattered the glass. Her bouncers came in wondering what was happening and saw that she was not to be bothered.

Nari sighed and looked to Lina. Her hand was bleeding, but she knew that she shouldn't care for it. She then went back to the subject.[/i]

"Look, forget about Vittorio's adeul (son) and think about the possibilities we can do with the Yang and Kang guibisok (mafia). We can become one of the most feared asian mafias in all of America and Asia. And, I already know that your family is one of the most feared in Korea, Japan, and China. So, how about it? We get together and we bring down Vittorio?"

"Senggak hebolkke. Keudeshin, Vittorio adeul chajeumyun, nahantelo deryowah. Aratsu?" ("I'll think about it. ???, if you find Vittorio's son, bring him to me. Understand?")

"Aratsuh." ("Understood.")

[i]Lina turned back to her glass window and sighed. It was the 20th time that she had shattered that window. She looked to her and and saw that small pieces of glass were stuck in it. She then looked to Nari and knew that her father and Nari's father were once great friends and they would both wanted their daughter to become great friends as well.[/size][/i][/color]
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Paulie picked himself up from his plush armchair that had formerly occupied his older brother (That he just killed) and went to fix a scotch so he would appear forgetful when his partner got here. He was the former second in command yet now he was the boss of the Vendetti mafia.
Hours later his partner arrived and he sent him on the first mission of his reign, to go seek out the spy he sent to spy on the Vittorio mafia that would so easily be crushed underneath his fist.

Paulie then picked up the phone and dialed his tactician and told him to spread the word of his brother's untimely demise.

Paulie- " It is done"
Tactician- "Bout bluddy time, I was hoping the *Ramabttio* would be dead earlier"
Paulie- "Well, We are in for a good time now that he is gone"
Tactician- "Bloody right"
Paulie- "Spread the word of my brother's demise... but keep the identity of the killer to a Vittorio assassian"
Tactician- " I will do that but I must say..."
Paulie- "I don't give a load of crap about them getting suspicus"
Tactician- "Ok then, Lord happy sacks"
Paulie snorted quietly at this and dismissed him even quickly. His train of thoughts were interrupted by a man sneaking through his window pulling out a small handgun and leveling it at his head. Paulie dropped to the floor, pulled his knife out and hurled it into his foes leg. Paulie took advantage of this and pulled his Colt 11 and shot the assassian right in the throat.
Paulie look at the pitiful man and questioned silently " What The ******* are you doing here".
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OOC: I have noticed the severe lack of posts by Vendetti's character. So, incase you haven't noticed, I have replaced the RPer originally supposed to play him with Daermon_Nashabe. Now we should be able to get this going somewhere.[color=darkred]

IC:"Don Vittorio." Songbird called over from the doorway. Vittorio turned from the window and looked at her.

"Yes, Songbird?" he said in a low, calm voice. Not normal for him.

"Sir, I believe I have found another...umm.."

"Spy?" he offered.

"Yes." she said tentatively. She was still nervous because of the reaction he had had towards his son earlier in the day.

"It's alright Song. I've since settled myself." She let out a small sigh or relief. "Where did you find him?"

"He was over at the bookkeeper's office searching through some old files." she revealed. "When we caught him there, he said he had permission from you yourself to be there."

"Go on." The Don instructed.

"I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth. So, I told him to come with me. And...he ran."


"And he shot at us."

"And??" he inquired further.

"And Ronnie killed him." she was tense again.

"Hmmm..." he thought for a moment as he sat back down at his desk. A bead of sweat formed along Songbird's hairline.

"Sir, there was nothing I could do. He just opened fire and..."

"It's alright Sophitia." she was still a little scared, "You did all that you could. And if I understand the story correctly, by the way he reacted it seems that he must have been a spy. You can go home now."

"Grazie, Signore." she swiftly exited the room.

He sat at his desk smoking his cigar for quite a while. How long is unknown. But, when he looked a the clock on the wall it read: 2:17 a.m..

"What did he think he could find at the bookie's place?" he asked himself. "He should know that I would never keep my files in a insecure location... We can't have someone so... inconvenient... still running around."

At this he stood up, walked over to a closet in the corner of the office behind the door and opened it. Sitting on the floor was a plain, brown leather suitcase. He dragged it onto his desk and popped open the latches.

He pulled out a shiny black stock. Next he pulled out what looked to be a mahogany butt of a rifle. He snapped the two pieces together and a machine gun's skeleton began to take form. He extracted several more parts from the suitcase and continued to snap, click and latch these pieces onto the weapon.

He walked back over to the closet where he got the suitcase, but went to the top shelf and pulled down another box. This one was heavier. He pulled out a donut-shaped metal box and snapped it onto the gun. He cocked the gun and set it down on the desk.

He pulled out a black vest and strapped it on then attached more of the circular clips to it. The ones on his left had a red label. The ones on the right, green. He threw the boxes back into the closet and slammed the door. He walked down the stairs that led to his office and walked to a table where a large group of his men were playing cards.

"Ronnie." the man on the right side of the table jumped. "Get some of the boys locked and loaded. We're going after Vendetti tonight."[/color][/size][/b]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sophitia listened outside the door of the Don's office for a moment after she heard the snap of a gun being put together, and when she heard the words 'We're going after Vendetti," she pulled her leather jacket more tightly around her body and shivered. She didn't enjoy killings any more than any other person... she had just learned to hide her feelings.

[I]"Merda. Merda della merda della merda. Che cosa stanno andando fare? Che cosa se Giuseppe ottiene ucciso? Che cosa se..."[/I] she slapped herself on the cheek and prepared to follow the Don's little party, just to make sure that nothing really horrible happened.
OOC: i applaud your replacement. now things'll get cooking! =^_^=[/FONT]
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange]Tanya was gathering her things from the warehouse office. Once again her fingers flew across the keyboard as her eyes flew across the screen. "Done." She snagged her jacket from by the door, but didn't put it on as she left. THe night was warm, oddly enough, and she wouldn't need it. SHe stayed to the shadows, silent as a cat. She blended perfectly, hense her nickname Moonshine. No one would see her, unless they knew exactly what they were looking for.

Tanya spotted the Don's party, and her curiosoty got the better of her. SHe could feel the cold steel of her gun against her chest, and felt slightly reassured. She watched, and thought, [i]Cuáles son ellos que hacen...?[WHat are they doing...?][/i] Then she saw Songbird.

OOC: *appluades* Yayness! ^_^[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Paulie called together his three top ranking men into a secret meeting later on that day concerning the danger of having so many rival gangs about.

Paulie- " You all know why you're here"
Man 1- " Yes, those Vittorio bastards are giving us hell on earth, and don't get me started on that "Yong" mafia or whatever it is"
Man 2- "We heard there was an assasssination attempt on you already"
Paulie- "He's dead but I want you to hang him up on the flagpole outside the Vittorio mafia and deliver the message"
Man 1- "What would that be?"
Paulie-" We are not be f**ked with, that's what the message is"
Man 3- Already being done sir *Runs out the door down to the houses and brings back some grunts"
Paulie- "The next assassian that attacks will be sent back to their boss piece by piece, Limb by Limb"
Man 2- "Seems a tad gory to be wasted on the Vittorio's*Stops midsentence due to an evil glare from Paulie and an even threatining reach under his coat* but nothing ventured is nothing gained"
Paulie-" I want you 3 to increase security and send messages to the other two gangs"
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"You all ready?" a long line of about two or three dozen men nodded in confirmation, "Let's move."

All of the men piled into eight non-descript black SUV's and drove off. There was little traffic, although it [i]was[/i] 3:00 a.m..

They finally reached the towering white stone building which was one of Vendetti's known strongholds. Vittorio could only hope that Vendetti himself was there. He then radioed instructions to the other vehicles behind him to block the entrance with the cars and shoot anything that moves.

Vittorio, who was driving the lead car, performed a spectacular spinout which situated his vehicle directly in front of the doors. He rolled down the window and fired a single round, shattering the glass door of the building. The slow-moving round bounced, "Tink...tink...tink...BOOOOOM!!!". It had been a grenade round.

He quickly emptied the clip of all grenades and popped a red-label magazine in. This time they were bullets. When the smoke cleared, there were body parts and blood smeared all over the once clean and monumental walls.

Vittorio called out, "Ronnie! You take the lead." This didn't frighten him as Don Vittorio had expected. Instead he leapt at the opportunity. Ronnie was now in his element. Gunfire pierced the oak doors and shattered the glass that hadn't been by the explosions.

Vendetti's men filed out of side doors toting heavy artillery of their own. Bullets whizzed by Vittorio's head so close that he recieved a slight burn on his left cheek. He then shot the man who fired those bullets in the neck. Blood spewed out of the gaping hole while he squeezed the trigger as he fell. The subsequent bullets killed two men standing next to him.

This gave Vittorio's men an opportunity to get up the two staircases going up both side of the room. Vittorio himself kicked in the locked door that sat where both flights of stairs met. Inside were several men poised and ready to fire. This caught him by surprise and he didn't have a chance to react. A single blast from an entry shotgun cuaght him n the gut. But, since he was wearing his armor, didn't do anyhting more than disorient him. He managed to get out the words "Kill them all." before he rolled back down the stairs.

When he reached the bottom, Vittorio could see several of his men fly off the balcony in front of the room. He also saw a few of them gain deeper entry to the room. Then, the gunfire ceased, Don Vittorio regained his footing and he walked slowly back up to the room. He spotted Ronnie lying on the marble floor, severely bleeding out of many chest wounds.

"Sir..." Ronnie spat out along with a mouthful of blood, "It's not him... it's someone else."

"It's okay Ronnie." Vittorio fired a single bullet into the man's head, ending his pain.

Vittorio now pulled out the shotgun that was slung over his shoulder, poised to fire. He peeked over the corner into the room and was met with a bullet aimed at his head.

"Your assassin couldn't kill me earlier, so you've come to get me yourself?" the only man in the room left alive asked.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Vittorio asked as he pointed his gun around the corner in an attempt to kill the unknown man. "I don't even know who the f**k you are. And even if I did, I didn't send any hitman to kill anyone today."

He had his back to the wall now, shouting his side of the conversation through the crumbling entryway. That's when he spotted someone walking through the door. There was still too much dust in the air to tell who it was.

"Hey, Dan!" he yelled into the radio attached to his ear, "I told you to block the doors!" But, then he saw why he had let the person in.

"Songbird!" he yelled at the young holding a 9mm., "I sent you home. What the hell are you doing here?"[/b][/size][/color]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]"I came just in case you needed backup, [i]signore[/i]." The Songbird bowed her head in expectation of a chastising. "I didn't trust that slimy dog Vendetti."

"Do you know anything about the hitman that was apparently dispatched earlier?" Vittorio kicked at the man on the ground. "This garbage says there was one."
"If there was, he wasn't one of ours." Sophitia shrugged and pulled her hair back. "I never sent any orders, and you certainly didn't, Don."
"As I thought." The Don fired a single shot into the forehead of the man cowering at his feet as Sophitia winced. "Lying is never a good idea."

"Ah crap." The voice crackled through the radio at the Don's shoulder. He turned and snapped into it, "What?!"
"Ah, we got some trouble here, Boss." By the voice, both Sophitia and Vittorio could tell it was the lanky Legs.
"What trouble?"
Legs' voice became strained." I think you should see it for yourself, Boss."[/FONT]
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