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Dual Purpose Thread


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I am starting this thread for 2 main reasons. The first is to get commentary on my lateset banner. It is a moving one so be prepared for crappiness. I use Jasc Animation Shop, which is what comes with PSP 8. It is a poor animation program, but beggars can't be choosers (unfortunately). I do what I can. This one is of my latest band facinations, The Kicks. Really good band. I used a wallpaper that they have on their site to create this one. It is in promotion of their newest album, which comes out April 20. Tell me what you think.

Secondly, does anyone know how to put a html link in a banner or in other words a button? I have made a few for my new site, and yet I can't find a way to link the site to the button. Please help.
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It's actually not too bad for a starter in animation or even a veteran. I use the lesser animation shop that comes with PSP 5. Even crappier. I mean it, this program was made when rocks were soft, I'm tellin' ya.

Anyways, about the HTML deal. Simple stuff.

Now then, first take the code for a link:

[URL=http://www.meh.com]Meh[ /URL ]

Obviously, there shouldn't be any spaces on the /URL thing.

Anyways, put your URL where [url]http://www.meh.com[/url] is and then where I have "Meh," put:

[IMG] your attachment URL here [ /IMG ]

Once more, the spaces shouldn't be in /IMG part. Anyways, try that out. If you're still confused, I can try to make it more detailed if possible XD
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[color=#30415d]I think Haze was refferring to HTML, rather than VB code, from what I understand. Otherwise, feel free to look to DW's explanation.

If you were talking about HTML, then what you basically need to do is put the image inside the URL code. An example of this is below:

The code above would produce the following:


Hope that helps.[/color]
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I want to thank both of you very much! I was, infact, speaking of HTML Code, but DW thanks loads. I understood what you were saying, and it helped alot. Also Syk thank you for giving me the HTML code.

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