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Project Thickogan: Evil Toothpaste (More Animation)

Dragon Warrior

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Here's a second test of the Thickogan Project to once more see if you all like my regular style of animation or my new "Thickogan" style.

Remember to copy and paste the URL of the animation to watch it.

[b]Title:[/b] Evil Toothpaste
[b]Rated:[/b] G
[b]Genre:[/b] Comedy
[b]Description:[/b] Two new characters star in their first film with Cogan the hero and Darkor the villain fighting over who used Darkor's toothbrush.

[URL=http://www.geocities.com/disasterpt/eviltoothpaste.gif]VIEW THIS FILM![/URL] [/center]
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I thought this one was funnier than your last one.

As for the new style, I think it looks good. More aesthetically pleasing, but still looks goofy enough to look funny. I don't really have a preference when it comes to how your animations look, because I'm usually too busy paying attention to the jokes to really care what they look like, anyway lol.

But, yes, this was very nice.
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