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[color=darkblue]Ever since Shonen Jump started the trend (and ever prior to that), reading manga online has become a past time for a lot of people. Admittedly, for people who don't have the money to buy them themselves for whatever reason, it's a great way to read a series (or at least part of it) and a lot cheaper (hopefully). As a bonus, with the Internet being the Internet, you have access to several different ones.

I suppose what I'm getting around to are these two questions:

1) Do you read online manga or Ameri-manga (i.e. MegaTokyo, RPGamer, etc.)? If you do, which ones and what is it about them that makes you keep reading?

2) Do you feel that, like online anime, reading manga online is wrong in a way? Why or why not?

For me, the answer to the first question is occasionally. I sometimes make a stop by MegaTokyo's site once in a while, but only if I'm really bored. I don't feel right reading it since I missed about the first 275 issues, lol. I just wait for the hardcopy mangas to come out.

The reason I read it is that I just want to see what happens to Piro and Largo (not to mention Boo. ^_~). Plus, the art is really interesting to see since it seems so simplified to me. 'Tis nicey much.

As for the second question, both yes and no. I feel that it's okay to read the manga if it's just to catch a glimpse of what it's like (which is SJ's gimmick, since they do every other chapter). If I just sit and read an entire manga series online, I don't feel right about it. Sort of like music piracy in a way. *shrugs* Of course, I'm more than a bit weird, so eh.

I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts on the matter. ^^[/color]
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[b]1.[/b] I use to read [u]Strings of Fate[/u], which was a very good online manga about Gods of the Zodiac and the end of the end resting in the hands of a guy representing the year of the Rat. I stopped reading because they said they were gonna stop making it :( I kept reading because of all the interesting details, but now it's gone. Sort of saddens me.

[b]2.[/b] Not wrong at all. It's not like it's illegal or anything. It's the same thing as one our members here on OB showing off their work. I just as well may post my manga [u]Demons of Netherhan[/u] on here, but is that bad? No :) Point taken.
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[B]1.[/B] I agree with Dragon Warrior,I read Megatokyo when I've read all the other manga I bought,so I don't really need to buy the graphic novels.I read Shonen Jump,but I still read Robochicks,because it is funny and I just want to keep reading,Hyperboy (the comic Psycho created,)is funny too,thats the point.Megatokyo is alot like Love Hina,I only skimmed through the first Love Hina manga and I could tell.Megatokyo makes me want to keep reading because I think, "Geez,I really hope there isn't another Shirt Guy Dom day,and whats with the tacky name?!" but it also makes me think, "Ohh,what happens next?!" I never got to read Strange Candy,seeing it took 3 days for me to finish reading Megatokyo online. -_-

[B]2.[/B] I feel fine reading online manga,its just like going to the book store and reading manga without buying it,exept there is a larger selection.
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