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William Hung: Inspiration

Xander Harris

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"She Bang! She Bangs!... I have no professional training" with those words and a few spastic hand motions, William Hung won a place in America's heart. And now the 'King' of untalented singers (move over, Brittany Spears) has released his own album! 'Inspiration' features Hung's signature song, as well as his unique renditions of several others. You too can channel your inner lovable geek and become rich and famous by following the 'words of wisdom' Hung has recorded upon this humble CD. And did I mention there is a bonus DVD music video with Hung in all of his glory?

I actually don't own a copy yet, I was just listening to the samples on Amazon, and laughing my butt off. I intend to buy a copy, for novelty's sake, since it's only ten bucks.

So, who else here wants an entire CD of Hung?

And, to add some depth to the discussion, what does our fascination with this guy say about us and our culture? I'll leave the answer to those who post next...
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]This is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. . I think it's the perfect example that the music industry is going to . . . well. . *points down* . .

I was at work the other day, and we had a guy come in that said he signed musical groups for major labels (don't remember the exact lable he does it for). . this guy said he came from L.A. and had signed bands like Counting Crows (I may be wrong on that one. . but I want to say that was the group. . *sighs* sorry. . ) Anyways, we talked for quite some time on how bad the whole industry is getting, where looks/sex/and moves can take your further then actual vocal talents. .

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am not big into music. . however, when I turn on the radio/pop in a CD, I expect them to be some good group that I am listening too (yes, I research the group/sounds before I even decide to spend the money on it). . I am very sickened by the fact that a joke is leading to a label. . even worse, this execs that signed this guy are going to make a ton, and while Hung will make a pretty penny, he is clearly being taken advantage of. .

Oh well. . good for him. Not my style of music (I prefer the groups with talent and good vocals) . . flame me all you want, I refuse to lower myself to the types of people that are going to get this CD. . [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I don't know that it is ignorant. The music industry is already filled with a billion cookie cutter artists that all sound the same and aren't distinguishable from eachother. American Idol does nothing to change this in any sense. We need more average voiced people who can't write songs without the help of five lyricists, can't dance and can't play an instrument. I'm tired of all these "solo" artists that have little more talent than the bum I pass by that sings R&B every morning in the subway.

I think the existance of Hung is a great thing. He throws all of this nonsense back in everyone's faces. Whether or not he is a good singer is irrelevent in terms of that. He was trashed and now he's going to come back with an album that will most likely sell better than whatever the winner of American Idol puts out this year. It's totally ironic and I love it.

I personally would not buy it because I think he is a joke or anything like that. In some ways, I think of it as a protest to all the crap people want us to buy in the first place. A purhase for Hung is a purchase against this other stuff. He's the total opposite of everything that's being spoonfed to the general music buying populace right now and I think that's a GOOD thing. It's definitely not a sign of something wrong with the recording industry, especially considering it's ****** up beyond belief already as it is.

Whether or not he's being taken advantage of is up to argument. The guy can't sing fair enough. Why wouldn't he take the chance to finally do what he has wanted to do all this time? Regardless of how good he really is or not. He has a huge opportunity because of this and I am all for him taking advantage of it.

That's my thoughts on it, anyway.
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
Well personally I can't say that Hung is being "taken advantage" of, just because for that much money and publicity I'd run buck naked across the United States while singing opera arias at the top of my lungs.

As far as what this means for the industry... well let's face it it's not the first time America has been entertained by people making fools of themselves. So I can't say it's too far a step [i]down[/i]. At this point about 1% of the musicians out there are truly talented (showbiz ones, not classical), and throwing Hung into the mix won't be a wake-up call or anything.

What pisses me off though is that American Idol pretends like it's looking for talent. That is such bullcrap that displaying Hung [i]as opposed[/i] to the people that they actually let advance is just stupid. Everyone and their dog knows that your typical high school choir will have a singer who can put to shame everybody on that damn show. I know mine did. ...Eh I don't want to start a rant.

As for the sales Hung's CD will generate, I think that the only thing it will truly show to the recording industry is that Americans are total morons because a) they'll pay money for amusement of such poor taste and b) they think they can make a point by flushing ten dollars down the toilet. Retards on display sell, ain't that a wonderful message. And buying the CD will not be a "purchase against other stuff" because they're not in competition and we all know it. And it's not like the industry will open their eyes and say "OMG we were wrong all along it's [i]talent[/i] that people want, not spectacle." Yeah...
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Eh, really the CD is nothing more than a novelty despite what I've said (which was a joke anyway... I don't think anyone got that on my site either lol). I'm surprised people think I'd actually think that, but whatever. Not that you know me as well as other people that thought it was true, but yes lol. Thinking this is out of my character.

If you want to combat bad music, you should do so by buying good music and Hung obviously isn't it. I'd recommend a billion things over that and so would any other sane person. All the time I spend talking about music and people honestly think I'd tell them to buy something that sounds horrible in place of someone that at least slightly deserves where they're at? lol There's a bunch of bands I'd like to see do well in his stead.

There's plenty of goofy satirical releases such as this one. Usually, though, they know what they're getting into. Hung seems oblivious to all of it... but perhaps that's just what he wants us to think, really. I find it really hard to believe that he'd think he was that good after everything that has happened.

I will admit that I still think this is all really ironic and funny, but I'm not planning on buying the CD and I find it strange that it's doing so well. It was pretty high on Amazon's best selling list. I think number eight. I doubt anyone is buying it for much more than a laugh, and that's fine enough with me. If a label wants to put it out, knowing full well how stupid it is, what's the problem?

In any case, they're all in competition as far as I am concerned. People are voting for those they want and those they don't right now. The show is a competition by nature. Certainly Hung didn't make it that far, but obviously buying one CD means not buying another. It's an economic cost - doing one thing means not doing another. If I was in American Idol, I think I'd probably be put off by Hung's success for no reason honestly lol. It would be more disheartening than amusing after all that work involved.

I'll say this again so I don't get any other repsonses going along with or against my first post -- [i]I was joking[/i]. Going with the joke doesn't seem worth it right now heh. Perhaps I seemed too sincere in it, but I did work some truth into it. I do think that bum at the subway is more talented, for example lol.
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I won't be purchasing this CD, but to be fair, I would pick it up before I ever approached an album from any of the season three [i]Idol [/i] finalists. Most of them can't sing, but unlike Hung, they lack character. And whatever character they do have is divided between boring and obnoxious.
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[size=1][color=red] If I were to articulate a response, it'd be almost a carbon copy of what Tony's said. We seem to agree on a lot of things. . .this is just another.

All those people who listen to artists like Britney Spears need to listen to something drastically better. Because I have about as much talent as Britney Spears. And much more. I've also got the good looks down too, and as far as I see, most of Britney's good looks are prosthetic and fakely made by way of makeup and other such stupid devises.

Tony, I'm your man! I can write good, good songs. I mean, likewise to Charles, this is my second year in a row of Poet Laureate.

Charles, this year it's a bitter fight! I'm gonna win writer of the year once! :p[/size][/color]
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You can't swing a dead cat without hitting something that has William Hung's image plastered on it. Magazine covers, television spots, radio, music video, album (that was the #8 most downloaded on iTunes yesterday!) and even pop up ads on the internet. When will we get the William Hung action figure with off-key singing action?!

I have some mixed feelings on the subject of Mr. Hung. Part of me feels like the millions of people who think that it is great how this no talent, but full of spirit guy can become more popular than the really talented people out there. Of course another part of me is taken aback by the fact that a no talent, full of spirit guy can be more popular than those who have talent. But at this point I would have to say that I am getting tired of seeing (and hearing) him. I will not be buying his album. I think the guys who are making money off of him don't need my dollars to pad their wallets anymore than they already are.

This kind of makes me think of Biz Markie back in the 80's. He sang that "Just a Friend" song. He sang off key and was a novelty act. He had his moment in the sun and now is done. I see William Hung in the same light. His 15+ minutes of fame will be coming to an end soon.....but what we need to really be worried about is what is going to replace him? Perhaps another dance craze like the Macarena!?!

The horror.....
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