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Suposed new banner (for my site)


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This will be one of the banners for my new website "Forsaken Glory.net" :D

PS: The site isn't up yet so don't bother running a web search for it. I'm not sure when I'll have everything set up but I hope it's soon. ;)
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[color=gray]Err... Well I think you should use an other banner o-o;;
This one is sort of simple, plain and MSpaintish. Doesn't really attract people I'd say.

I don't know which program you use so I can't really tell how good it is, but it could atleast be less plain o-o;;....
I guesse you didnt do it with Paint because of all of the small color details I see.
The white/orange stuff around the black blob in the middle doesnt look very well. You might want to do something else around it. Since the middle is kinda detailed and looks a little nice, and the white/orange stuff looks so plain...

Ah well, keep working. You'll get something done.[/color]
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