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BloodMoon (R-Violence,Gore,Language,Adult Situattions.)


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[COLOR=DarkRed][I]The night of a full moon a couple went out for a walk. That evening they held hands and exchanged sweet kisses on a park bench. They were going back to his apartment when the glow of the moon changed. The moon seemed to bleed from everywhere. It spread across it's entire surface causing the light that reaced earth to become an eerie red color.

The next day the couple was found mutilated and mawed to death. Blood had been plattered across the grass. The mans intestins had been cut from his gut and was dragged into a tree. He hung with all of his blood pooled under him. The woman appeared to have been dragged while still alive. He blood followed a path that circled and and curved until it reached her body. Her arm was barley hanging on by strings of wet flesh. Both of there eyes had horrified looks in them. At least they would if the if they still had them. The only thing in common besides the fact that both of them were dead was that their eye sockets were empty.

This news reached across the entire world. Investigators insisted that this act was done by one or more very sick indaviduals that would likely strike again. The tabloids had a feild-day writing up hundereds of stories about cults and assasines that woulds do this for plessure, money, or revenge. They made connections that weren't even there. By the end of the day everyone believed ons story or another. They all came up with the same conclusion though. That whatever did this would strike again, and it did. The next night twelve more bodies were found, all killed in different ways. Each missing there eyes.

One month later the mysterious killer(s) has been found, but it wasn't anything that anyone expected. Video footage, live reports, and hundreds of sightings have all confirmed one thing, that the killings arn't being done by humans. Creatures that appear to be dead and decaying corpses are moving amoungst people ripping them appart and taking their eyes. More humaish creatures nawing on the necks of fresh victims. Wolves that stood on their hind legs exploded through bodies and destroyed small buildings. Many other things live there as well.

Now that the entire city seems to have been wipped out the fear of this spreading to other cities and to other states forces a military action to take place. They believe these to be some sort of new terrorist biological weapon. A group of the eight best soldiers in the military are going to be air lifted by helicopter to the center of the city and attempt to find any possible survivors in that have avoided the creatures. They would be emediatly evacuated by a group. After they were sure everyone was out then a surgical air strike will eliminate what's left in the city.[/I][/COLOR]


[B]Dragon Warrior[/B]

Name: Loki Menfis

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Description: Long black cloak-like coat, some black Indiana Jones-like hat I can't remember the name of, cross necklace (he's a priest), rugged face, large boots, brown shirt and black pants.

History: The creatures had struck his church. Being a renegade priest, he was able to protect the monsters with ammo once they were outside God's house. He drove them out of the church with fire, but was brutally taken down by them once outdoors. He luckily escaped, but lost the church in his attempt. Many people were killed and all he did was run. He eventually got over his sorrow and sulked his way to get more ammo. He's determined to kill those monsters. "Whatever they are," he said, "They're pissin' God off." He locked and loaded and set off.

Weapon(s): Beretta 92fs


Name: shotoken

Age: Roughly 17

Rank: Is a survivor

Gender: male

Description: black hair with red streaks, and a blood soaked t-shirt and pair of pants.

History: Shotoken has been hiding in the apartment he was moving into right when the attacks began. By a stroke of luck, whatever the hell was doing this never came to his apartment, but he still stayed up every night the moon gained that blood red glow, clutching a large butcher knife he has attached a dagger to the handle of.

Weapon(s): A butcher knife with a dagger attached to the handle, and just about anything he gets his hands on.


Name: Deigo Memphis

Age: 22

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 154 lbs

Rank: Corparal

Gender: Male

Description: Wears a black SWAT type suit minus the body armor. Has a pair of night vision goggles on his head , with a mask that only covers his mouth and nose, reaveling his neck lenght black hair combed back. Green Jade eyes. Dark complexion. Skinny, muscualr build.

History: After hearing of the tragedy that befell the City, Deigo was one of the first volunteers. Member of a CIA hit squad, they are trained to take out the enemy, and save the hostage in one ,fast, attack, before the enemy even relizes what has happened. Trained in the use of small fireamrs and improvised weapons, he is also talented with an M-16 Assault Rifle. Deigo is also a talented exponent of the art of Tae Kwon Do.

After volunteering, Deigo now awaits what may be the mission of his life, or the mission to end his life....

Weapon: Deigo carries an M-16 Assault Rifle with a Grenade Launcher attachment and a pair of two silenced M9 Berrettas.


Name: Kamika (Mika) Tomoe

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: See attachments(most often in the last one)

History: When the killings started, Mika was dead scared, even when her brother insisted that it only happened with couples. She and her boyfriend, Caleb, broke up, scared for one another, and never met anywhere. Mika soon started having a normal life, always on the look out. She went to karaoke with her buds on Friday nights, soccer practice on Wednesdays, and homework in between trips to the ice cream parlor. Everynight, she invokes the Goddess, Artemis, into herself, praying, asking to be saved from this evil.

Weapon(s): Her hands and feet, soccer ball, baseball bat


Name: Lee Madison


Gender: Male

Rank: Private

Description: A young man with the classic military hair cut. He is muscular and is wearing infantry armor and helmet.

History: Inlisted in the military at the age of eighteen and was imediatly reconized as a sharpshooter in both distance and close ranged combat. After he heard about the first killings this worried him since he had a friend living in the area. As soon as the monsters broke loose and the mission was put together he volenteered to become the ace gunman of the group of eight. He did this mostly in hopes that he will find his friend.

Weapon(s): Colt Python, Baretta Sniper, 6 Flak Grenades, 2 Implant Explosives


Name: Mick Jagger

Age: 60ish

Rank: Lead singer... er General

Gender: male

Description: see attachment

History: Mick joined the army nearly 30 years ago after his hotel "The House of the Rising Sun" went under when he publicly expressed sympathy for the devil. After this he simply couldn't get no satisfaction, but his friend Steven Tyler (who is dead) told him to dream on and not get jaded. He then joined the army because of the encouragement Tyler's sweet emotion had gave him. He rose in the ranks steadily and finally became a general. He was horrified at the attacks and decided that someone had to save the victims, at least for his imaginary angel's sake. He wanted to make sure all the back street girls got out, so they didn't have to walk a moonlight mile and get all mixed up, going the whole way down and dieing. When asked why he volunteered to lead this dangerous, nearly certain death operation, he replied "I ain't superstitious, I can't help that I can see whats going on. I'll ge those people out in 48 hours or I'll put my heart up for sale!" And that was that, they gave him seven guys to lead and he went into the city to save some survivors.

Weapon(s): Glock Model 18 Carbine Full Auto, modified .75 caliber, armor piercing explosive shells, clip holds 30.


Name : Asimovich Petrofkin .

Age : 29

Military rank : Captain

Appearance : He has yellow eyes , black hair , and is generally hawk faced . About 6 ft 6 in height . Wears a pair of black military trousers , and a black T-shirt , with a vest over it . He is muscular yet still light in his movement .

History : Was sent to investigate the accidents , and rescue the remaining survivors . He was involved in a similar incident years ago when he was a young cadet in Russia , but on an extremely smaller scale . He was the only one that survived from his class . Experienced in combat , and remains cool under the most chaotic of circumstances . Never leaves anyone behind , but believes that sacrifices must be made sometimes for the good of the group . Has a lot of guilt inside , because he lost a girl close to his heart in Russia to the hellish creatures , her name was Eliza Demorkif . Hates these creatures endlessly , and would give anything to redeem himself from that guilt . Now he has at last found the chance to get his revenge .

Weapon(s) : Two extremely large custom made Magnum 45 revolvers of black steel in two holsters on his sides , carries their ammunition in the diagonally placed belts on his waist . An AS12 shotgun with a belt of R.slug shells for it hanging on his back , two 9 millimeter Glocks in his shoulder holster , and 6 fragmentation grenades .


Name: Darren Teloha

Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearence: 6'0'' with blue eyes and short brown hair. He has a sturdy build and a knowing expression. He wears a dark blue shirt, a grey jacket, and black jeans. (sorry for the short description)

History: Darren spent most of his time on a computer, as he specialized in making 'MIDI' files. It wasn't a real occupation for most people, so he worked part time at the local Wal-Mart(lol). His life was relatively un-interesting until the day hell broke loose. Now he's only managed to survive by running and hiding. His constant fight to live has led him far away from his own home, witch means he has no idea what part of the city he's in. Bad news for Darren.

Weapon(s): A knife he was able to pick up off the streets.

[COLOR=DarkRed]This is just for reference. Let the posting begin. Also don't forget that there is also four NPC's. All of them military.[/COLOR]

Kenny / M-16
Jason / Glock-20
Meridith / Desert Eagle
Betty / MG-03
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Diego had his eyes closed to shut out the loud sound of the chopper's propellor. He was in deep thought, and zoning out. Readying himself to see most bizarre and twisted things he had seen before. That was what he was told he would see. Twisted humans, and bizarre creatures. The photo's alone given to Diego scared him a bit. The ferocious and monstrous look on the people's faces. No, they were no longer people... they were mearly animal's after the virus touched and tainted their blood. Diego tried not even to think about the things that weren't human....

A loud and muffeled voice called to Diego threw his thick jump helmet, his eyes opened to see a man with a mustache threw his goggles. "We are about to land at the drop point, Memphis, get your things ready to jump!" he said loudly, so that Diego could here him threw the loud proppelor. Diego could barely hear him, but he knew what he was saying. Get ready to go.

As chopper neared the center of the city, well, the center of what used to be a city, a rope was dropped in the middle of a street amidst several burning buildings and vehicles. Diego was the first to drop down. He landed down, and he quickly drew his weapon and circled around. He looked up to the black chopper and motioned his hand to send down the next man. He immediatley after looked back towards his surroundings. It didn't take him long to relize the smell of burning and rotting flesh in the air. It was thick with the stench....[/color][/size]
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The chopper finally reached the city , he was staring into the emptiness that bewildered him . Pleasant memories were on his mind , they were followed by horrid visions of pain , and blood . He once more remembered his hatred for the cursed creatures , as he put left hand on one of the black at his waist . Then he shook his head to awaken from this state of mind focussing on the current mission . His head rested on the interior of the chopper behind him , as he looked up at the ceiling . A deep sigh he released , as he lowered his sight back on his black guns , he examined them , and checked their bullets . After a minute the man near the exit of the helicopter signaled him to move , so got up and put his shotgun , and it’s ammunition on his back , after holstering his guns .
Then he grabbed the rope the man gave him , and attached it to his belt . An invisible grin was on his face , as he made an easy landing to the ground , and freed himself of the rope or cable .
He saw the man that landed before him checking , and exploring the environment around him .
“ Stay within sight corporal “ He said .
“ Yes sir ! “ The other acknowledged .
He turned his head looking at his surroundings with sad eyes . Burning streets , charred and torn corpses . Indeed this is the work of the same damned creatures he thought to himself . A painful flash back rushed into his mind , as the gusty winds from the helicopter blew in his face . Then he signaled the helicopter to continue with sending the others , as he moved a away a bit further .
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A strange sound cut through the air, into a small, beat up apartment, with holes in the walls, and bloodstains from the horrors that had passed through. Darren huddled in a corner, just waiting until night-fall, when he would have to run again. But this noise persisted. Darren cautiously looked out of a window, fearing the worst -what if the monsters were already out?

He could see nothing but the empty street. Whatever was making this noise was out of his view. It was like a low thumping, whirring sound... if Darren hadn't been scared out of his wits already, perhaps he would have recognized it as a helicopter.

He sat back down on the dirty floor, clutching a knife. Whatever was out there wouldn't find him... he'd make sure of that.
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple]"Kamika!" Mika swivled in her chair, and flipped her radio off. "Coming, Mom!" She got up, and brushed her hair back while running down the stairs. SHe ran into the living room, and almost ran smack into her mom. "Mika! I was just going to tell you that your father and I are going out to dinner tonight-" Mika's face went pale. "But mom! WHat about what happened to those people! YOu could-" Her mother sighed. "Mika, if you really believe that that wasn't a hoax, or just a joke, I say think it over. And if it has happened, its quieted down now, so nothing will happen!"

Mika still protested. "But-" Her mothers face was stern. "NO buts, Kamika. We are going." Her motehr gave ehr a kiss, and her father hugged her, squeezing her shoulder. "It will be okay, Princess." he whispered to her. Then they were gone. Mika ran up to her room, watching them drive off.

She decided to call Caleb. SHe dialed his number.


"Caleb? Its Mika."

"Mika! Hey! How are you?"

"Scared. My parents just left."

"Oh, no. DIdn't you try-"

"I did Caleb, I did! They wouldn't listen to me!"[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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It's been a few hours since Loki had left his church in rumble, but he was now fully loaded with ammo and ready to blast any of those damned creatures back to hell where he believed they spawned from. He was very cautious in his attempts, but kept a steady profile once he got back to a more populated area of town. People were reminisening as usual and kept his hands in his pockets while passing them, though he had his hands always on the trigger of his berettas.

He entered a cafe, peering around carefully before seating himself at the counter. The cafe manager approached him for service. "Good evening, father. How may I help you?"

"Give me water. That'll be fine." The man nodded and went to work to grab a quick glass of spring water. He returned and sat it down before tending to another new customer. Loki picked the glass up and drank while staring out the window as if he knew something would show.

Nothing did.

Though he didn't show it, he feared for his life that the creatures would return for revenge. He did, after all, piss them off. He stood up after guzzling the water, left a tip, and fled out the door before anyone noticed his absence. He had noticed something. He just wasn't sure what yet. He made his way down the street when he saw a car with a couple inside. Paying no mind, he passed the moving vehicle and continued his search. That's when he heard a crash. He turned and saw the car in ruins, something attached to it. Something evil.

OOC: Something evil :< Ooo...

Hey callmegoddess04, if you want, go ahead and say that those people were your parents if you want. It'd open for more of a story anyways.
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple]OOC: That was kinda tha point...

IC: Mika bit her lip. "Caleb, I don't know what to do!"

Caleb sounded worried. "Maybe... hey, how about you round up Lisa, Jiae, and Dezerea, and I'll get Michael and Matt? We can go out as a group. ANd constantley switch partners?"

Mika thought for a minute, then said, "Okay. Meet me at P.I.T.S in five, okay?"

THey agreed, and Mika dialed her friends. SHe brushed ehr hair, and took a quick shower. She slid into her red tube-skirt-jacket outfit((first attachment)), and slid ehr boots on. SHe grabbed her purse, then keys, locked the house, and went to her car. She slid in, and put the key in the ignition. The Mustang roared to life, and she made ehr way to Pie In The Sky.

OOC: the PITS is a pizza place, but also has dancing and stuff. ^^[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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"What in God's name..." Loki mumbled as he saw the black creature cling to the passengers inside. There were quick screams that were silenced within seconds, then the monster pulled the carcasses out and removed their eyes. Loki grimaced and immediately knew this was one of them. People were screaming that saw it and the monster was soon aware that it had more prey. It leapt off the dead bodies and towards a man, but was soon knocked to the side and into the nearby wall by a bullet.

Loki approached it with his berettas ready. "Bring it on, you ******' hellspawn." The monster got to his feet. Loki could now see it was some sort of werewolf or something. At least that's what he figured. He didn't get a good long look at it before it sprang and sliced open his chest with it's claws. He winced, but fired off his guns quickly, backing up to get more distance between the two.

The monster wailed out and ran down the street. He quickly made his way after it. "That's right," he said under his heavy breathing. "Run. I'll catch you, you son of a *****." He fired off a few more rounds, getting the wolf in the back and hind legs. It still seemed to be able to run. "What the hell are you?"

It made a turn and ran down an empty street towards an intersection. Loki took the turn as well in hot pursuit. he saw it running right towards the cars in the intersection and grinned. "Idiot." It ran right between the cars, not being hit once. "Oh, no ******* way." He made his way through the intersection (with very close calls, mind you) and finally caught up to where it went. He lost it in an alley so he climbed up a ramp to get a better look. He didn't see it below or across from him, but drool splattered on his shoulder nevertheless. He looked up and saw the beast above him.

"There you are," he said, moving his gun to aim upwards. But his slight movement caused the metal balcony he stood on to move. He stood still and shook his head. "It's unstable." The wolf glared. "And you'd be pretty stupid to jump down here with me." The wolf growled and leapt down onto the balcony railing; Loki's eyes went wide. "Stupid, stupid wolf creature!" The balcony fell and they both came tumbling down the ten-foot drop to the dusty ground.

Loki moaned as he stood, grabbing up his berettas off the alley ground. He looked over to wolf. The railing pierced it's side and it bled to death. "So," Loki panted. "You're finally dead? I don't trust ya." He shot it in the head just in case. With that, he walked out of the alley and into what appeared to not be a busy street anymore when he was suddenly hit and flung over a speeding mustang. He clung to the rear of it until it stopped short and he flew back over the top, onto the hood, and back to the ground. "Holy ****... could this get worse?"
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Guest Midnight Rush
Mick's feet lightly touched the ground as he left the chopper, his weapons were in his hands and he was ready for anything.
"Well men, this very well could be our last mission. We'll probably all die, or so they say. But I don't give a **** what they say, we are here to acccomplish a mission and by God we will. I want all of you to spread out, sort of pick a wingman, but keep radio contact at all times. If you find anything, a monster or a wounded, radio for backup immediately. All of you studied maps of the city extensively and I trust that will pay off."
Mick jogged off in the direction of the city square, hoping to find something. He did. A group of humanoid-wolf like creatures were gathering near a fallen man who was terribly wounded. By his dress Jagger could tell it was a priest. He ran over to the man and checked his pulse, when he found him still alive he turned his attention to the wolves.
"This is Kingpin, I've got a group of bogeys by the square. Repeat I've got comapny." He radioed, sending the signal to all of his men.
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"This half of the city looks nearly deserted." Lee said observing the upturned cars flames englufing the tires slowly working into the working and soon into the gas. He would have to remember to stay away from any of those cars.

"We will be spliting into groups." The team leader said. Mick was an awsome commander and knew what he was doing. Also if you ever walk into the shower-room late at night you can sometimes hear him singing to himself. He sang well too. He sounded sort of like that guy from the Rolling Stones. "Kenny with Lee, Jason with Asimovich, Meridith with Deigo, and Betty with me."

Lee slashed out his Colt and did a quick clip check then jammed back into the weapon. He heard the usual ressuring click. Then he checked his Berreta, good too. He nodded to Kenny then they busted into the appartment building.

48 hours to go!
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Darren was still scared, but determined now. [I]This will be the end of me... but I don't care anymore.[/I] he thought as he duck-taped his knife to a broom handle, effectively making it into a flimsy spear.

Darren gathered his nerve and stepped outside... nothing there. He could here shouts of panic down the street, and the fading sound of a helicopter. Clutching the home-made spear close, he ran to where the shouts were. A scene of chaos met him.

One dead creature, and a small group of live ones slowly approaching mustang with someone laying in front of it, and two S.W.A.T. looking people. The creatures were shoved out of his brain as he saw the military... he walked forward, almost crazed.

"Oh, NOW you decide to show up?!" One of them turned, glaring at Darren. "DO YOU HAVE ANY ********** IDEA WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING?!" Darren couldn't believe they had stalled so long... did they think it was a joke?

"Look, whoever you are, shut up and run! We've got a situation!" The military man shouted back.

"OF COARSE WE HAVE A SITUATION, YOU DIP-*******!" One of the creatures now lunged at the two military personel, teeth bared. A frightened looking girl stepped out of the mustang and crouched near the bruised, bloody man she had apparently run over.
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple]Mika knelt next to the man. "I'm so sorry sir! Are you alright?" The man moaned, and said, "Could it get any worse..?" Mika helped him stand. "I am so sorry! I hope I didn't hurt you to bad! I'm just not used to any one being out here, no on ever is..."

She stopped short when she saw the body. "Oh my god..." SHe went pale. "My mom and dad... why couldn't theyhave listened! THose things are still around!"

OOC: Whoops![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Guest Midnight Rush
Mick looked at the kid who was shouting at him. "Look kid, you can either shut your ******* mouth and behave or I will classify you as a bogey and gun you to hell. Its your ******* choice."

Darren shut up and mumbled something under his breath. "WHat are you going to do about them?" he siad, pointing at the creatures.

Jagger said nothing as he aimed his weapon at the woplf-creatures. He fired a huge spray of high end ammo into them, killing several and casuing the other to retreat severely wounded. "That." Mick said, lighting a cigarette.
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Diego motioned for Meredith to follow his lead, his M-16 drawn and she holding out her Desert Eagle. A big gun for such a small girl. She looked to dainty to be military, but it takes all types, thought Diego. They saw a clutter of cars and vehicles and very slowly, walked towards it very slowly, creeping, their weapons drawn high, ready to fire.

Suddenly they both rushed into and searched the car quickly. To their dismay, nothing was in it as they could see. Meredith turned around and check behind and they slowly moved back, then looking ontop the roof of the car, they both were shocked to see a bloody, dark skinned man with red in his eyes breathing hard at them. He had the look, the montrous, inhumain look Diego had seen in the pictures. "Quick FIRE!" Diego yelled to Meredith, alerting the infected man, he jumped at them, but the power of the fire power of Meredith and Diego combined knocked it back into the car window, breaking it as it fell into the driver's seat.

That was Diego's first infected to be killed. He knew it wouldn't be the last, but he was still freightened. There was sure to be several more. Diego and Meredith countinued along the side of the cars and walls.[/color][/size]
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Loki pushed the girl aside and stood up. He felt a large pain in his side, but ignored it nevertheless. He noticed a couple of S.W.A.T. soldiers fighting nearby wolf monsters. He shook his head and reached for his berettas in his pockets. They were gone. The girl was still paying mildly attention to the people dead, but he paid no mind to her. Instead, he jumped in the mustang and started it up. The girl immediately got up and shouted.

"Hey, what are you doing? That's mine."

"Yeah," Loki said from behind the wheel, "I'll bring her back." He shifted it into overdrive. "Maybe." She opened the car door just as he started to speed off. She dangled at first, but got in and struggled to close the door.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I'm getting ******* sick of this ****, is what is wrong with me. Now, I don't know who you are, but I'm going to-" He suddenly bolted forward in his seat as the car creamed another monster, this time more of a winged human with a rather ugly appearance. He made no attempt to stop the car, but instead kept going. Mika was frightened to wits end.

"What was that?"

"If you ever find out, tell me." Loki made a swift turn and the car careened down a deserted street. "Where the hell is everyone?"

Mika had noticed the collar on Loki by now and couldn't help but say, "You don't act much like a priest."

Loki sighed as he put more speed into the vehicle. "Is it really the time to nit pick at me?" Mika shut up by then. They both didn't know what had happened to those who were left behind, but all Loki knew was he was getting away from it all. He may just as well drive out of town. In fact, that wasn't a bad idea. He'd drive out of town. But first, he'd make a stop for another gun.
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange]Mika watched out the window, silent. SHe turned to the man, training her gold-brown eyes on him. "WHats your name?"

The man didn't look at her. "Loki. Yours?"

"Kamika. Everyone calls me Mika. Where exactly are you headed?"

Loki trned another sharp corner. "Out of town. First stop, though, is a new gun."

Mika sighed. "Look, mister, but I really want my car back. I need to check on my parents. And I atleast need to get to my firneds-" SHe stopped, eyes wide. Not to far off the road, was a car. Hanging from the windsheild were her motehr and fathers bodies, eyes gone, intestines torn out. SHe screamed, "STOP!" Loki wasso suriprised by the sudden outburst, he slammed on the brakes.

Mika flung open he door, and sprinted to the car. SHock played across her face, and it paled. She reached out and touched her mothers are, but she never moved. Mika slid to the ground, sobbing.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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OOC: Sorry for not posting. What did I miss?

IC: Shotoken watched everything fold out with some binoculars from his apartment's window. He slowly sighed and stopped watching, as he began to pack a few crucial objects he cared about and would never abandon, even putting them above the life of his family: His laptop, a sketchbook, his pencil, inking pens, and a few other random art and technology junk, until it filled a backpack. He closed it and put it on his back with one strap hanging freely and put on the hat he was always seen with: It had a strange sword-sickle weapon and the words " All must die. Nothing is sacred" placed above the picture of the weapon. he picked up the butcher knife he always kept with him even though it went against his system of attack quick and precise, and walked out the door, never expecting to see what he left behind again, and not honestly caring.
"Hmm... yep, that's everything still alive or functioning in this hellhole that I care about. Now, to see if I can get out..."
As he walked down the staircase and outside, his expression seemed much more serious, and his face seemed to harden and become emotionless. He walked up to the others, and smirked slightly.
"Glad to see there are a few others still alive. Now, how do we escape this hellhole, or do any of you know?"

OOC: If I missed anything involving my character, I'll change this. Again, sorry about not being here for a while.
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OOC: you should really read the rest of the posts before posting yourself.. even if it takes forever.

IC: Mick and Darren both looked at the newcomer. Was he freakin blind? Several more of the wolf creatures approached and Mick let out another burst of heavy fire. One was riddled with holes and fell to the ground, screeching. Two others kept coming, though one had several large holes in it's side.

"Look, I don't care whoe you are," Mick yelled over the sound of more fire, "but you need to get the hell out of here!" Darren, though still a little pissed at the military's slow reaction, looked over at Shotoken.

"You... come with me." Shotoken, eager to find a way out of this God-forsaken city, followed. They didn't go far, and Darren looked back at the S.W.A.T. guy, Mick. [I]To hell with that guy![/I] he thought.
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Loki had no time for whining. He shifted the car back into overdrive and sped off before Mika could realize. She began running after him as he drove away. Sighing, he stopped the car and let her get in. "Geez, you could've at least waited, you jerk." Loki gave her a face that could make even the wolf creature shut up. "Some priest you are."

Loki began driving again. "I'm not too big on the priest thing."

"Then why did you become one?" Mika asked curiously, still sobbing a little from what she had just experienced.

Loki was looking around at the abandoned buildings for any gun supply store. "Huh? What?"

"Then why did you become a priest if you hate it?" Mika repeated.


"Benefi-" Loki suddenly stopped the car short and Mika went flying forward. She coughed a little because the seat belt strap choked her some. He got out of the vehicle that was still on and looked back through the window.

"Stay here," was all he said before walking into a darkened building. Mika did as he said even if she knew she should just take off. She actually felt unsafe without him, though. The sound of the wolves cracked through the empty streets and she zipped her way out of the car and into the building after him, afraid and not wanting to be alone.

"Hello?" she called quietly into the darkness. It was pitch black and she was stepping on things that went [i]CRACK![/i] under her feet. "Priest?" She suddenly felt a hand on her and she squeeled.

"Calm down," said the voice in a whisper. "It's me, Loki. Now shut up." There was silence and only Mika's breath could be heard in the darkness.

"What is i-" She began, but was cut off by Loki's hush.

"Quiet." After moments of more silence, he readied a new gun and said, "The wolves are back."
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Shotoken watched, slowly wishing he had just stayed in his apartment and died with one instant of pure pain instead of risking a slow twisted death at the hands of these things.
"One of these days I'm gonna learn the difference between a wild dog and one of those wolf things..."
Shotoken continued following when he could, occasionally stopping to pass through an area more slowly in an attempt to not be seen by any of the twisted things.
"Shouldn't we help the others out? I've always had a "save my own *** and worry about others later" look on life, but still, they're facing death and we're running. Doesn't exactly seem right."

OOC: Again, sorry.
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Lee and Kenny opened fire into a fanged monster that was hanging from the ceiling insode the building. It's bloated flesh took the shots at first appearing not to have any effec on the creature. Then in a massive explosion of thick chunky blood the creature vaporized. Both of the men were covered from head to toe with the **** from this creature. All Lee did was laugh.

"What's up with you?" Kenny asked almost offended.

"Nothing." Lee replied. "It's just I didn't expect to get so dirty so quickly." He wipped some of the monsters hanging flesh from his bottom lip. "Tastes like chicken."

"You are ******* crazy." Kenny said disliking the taste of the creature guts. Above them came the sound of heavy breathing and the cry of a child.

"Lets hurry." Lee said pointing upwords towards the next floor.

47 hours left.
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