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RPG Digimon: The Evil Within!


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[b][i][color=teal]Mika was sitting on a black throne like chair tapping her fingers on the arm of it. Mike was standing next to the chair, Tiffany and Sky were at the central computer, and Drake and Aura were working on something else at two smaller computers. Mika looked a little impatient. Tiffany and Sky must have been working on something that she wanted to see.

?Can you two hurry it up,? Mika questioned as she shifted her legs. Suddenly, a picture of a black ring with golden engravings in it appeared on the central computer. Mika uncrossed her legs and looked at the screen. She got up and hurriedly walked to the central computer?s controls.
Tiffany and Sky looked at her as she typed something and took a disk out of the hard drive.

?Is that what you wanted,? Sky asked as he looked up at Mika. Mika nodded her head and slipped the disk into a pocket. She then walked back over to her chair and sat down.

?With that disk,? Mika said as she propped her feet up on one of the arms of her chair, ?I can study how to make my Shadow Rings more powerful. More powerful Shadow Rings means our Digimon can stay in their Mega forms instead of their Ultimate.? Mike started to sweat. He took a step backward and disappeared into the shadows, but bumped into something. He turned around and looked up.

?Myotismon,? Mike whispered as he looked up. Myotismon put his finger to his purple lips. Mike nodded and looked at the Shadow Ring around Myotismon?s neck. The golden engravings were glowing brightly.

?Can I have a word with you Mike,? Myotismon asked as a worried look crossed his face. Mike nodded and watched Myotismon tap his Shadow Ring. Myotismon turned around and started walking deeper into the shadows. Mike followed closely.

A few seconds later, Myotismon and Mike appeared at the back of the castle. DarkAngewomon, Beelzemon, DoruGremon, and Hisharyuumon were all talking among themselves. Mike cringed at the Shadow Rings around the four Digimon?s necks. DoruGremon turned from the group and quickly ran up to Mike. Mike hugged him and placed his hand on the Shadow Ring. Hisharyuumon also ran up to Mike. Mike hugged his two Digimon and looked at Mika?s three. Beelzemon was sadly playing with one of his guns, DarkAngewomon was holding her knees in midair, and Myotismon was sadly playing with a bat.

?What did you guys want,? Mike asked as DoruGremon put him on his back. DarkAngewomon went into a standing position and floated over to Mike. He could tell she was highly upset even through her visor.

?We overheard Mika?s plan,? DarkAngewomon said as she put a hand to her chin, ?She wants us all in Mega forms. We have to stop her! We have to bring her over to the good side before it?s too late!? DarkAngewomon acted like she was going to cry. Mike looked a little upset.

?I?m trying my best,? Mike said as he slid off of DoruGremon, ?We?ll get my sister back if it?s the last thing we do.? DarkAngewomon clapped her hands together and nodded her head. Mika suddenly walked into the room. Mike turned around and looked at his sister.

?We?re all going home now,? Mika said as she walked over to Myotismon. Mike nodded and took the Shadow Ring off of DoruGremon and Hisharyuumon. Dorumon and Ryuudamon fell to the ground as the Shadow Rings came off. Mike quickly picked up his two, now Rookie, Digimon. Mika took the Shadow Ring off of Myotismon and watched DemiDevimon fall to the ground. She then took Beelzemon?s ring off and watched Impmon stumble and fall on his face. Mika shook her head and walked over to DarkAngewomon. DarkAngewomon?s wings dropped as Mika reached for the Shadow Ring. Mika caught Shadowmon as the Shadow Ring came off.

An hour later in the Real World, Mika was working with the Shadow Rings on her computer. Shadowmon, DemiDevimon, and Impmon were huddled together on her bed. They would have to act like stuff animals if one of Mika?s parents walked in. Mike was on the top bunk with his two In-Training Digimon, Kyokyomon and Derimon, curled up next to him. He looked down at Mika?s computer screen. He started hoping that he could get some help to stop his sister.

Alright everyone, you?re allowed to post whatever you want for your first post.

I want everyone who?s evil to know that their allowed to have or not have the ?Shadow Rings? on their Digimon. Depends if you want your Digimon in their Rookie form or Ultimate form in the Digital World. The ?Shadow Rings? are removable. They must be removed before returning to the Real World.

Also, everyone?s Digimon can be in their Rookie forms in the Real World if their not too big or disturbing to the public. (Ex. My brother?s one Digimon, Dorumon, was cute and fuzzy, but he was too big. My brother?s other Digimon is a dragon/dinosaur type Digimon, so it?s appearance would raise suspicions.) If your Digimon is one of these two, they have to go into their In-Training forms. Impmon, Shadowmon, and DemiDevimon were just perfect to stay Rookies or Champion in Shadowmon?s case. LOL

That?s all for now! Have fun everyone! :D[/color][/i][/b]
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Ryan sat poking his keyboard boredly... It never seemed to a fun activity his father thought from time to time but was to busy to say anything. Ryan leaned back in his chair and it was pulled backwars by two clue hands.

"Im hungry!" Shouted veemon.

"Your always hungry...what makes now any different?"

"Um.... Im really really hungry?" Veemon thought.

"Oh alright alright ill get you some food." Ryan smiled which was rare at any occasion.

"Cant we go out... or somewhere!? Its boring here..."

"You know how much I enjoy going outside" Ryan said sarcasticly as he rummaged through the fridge.

Veemon frowned at this and heard the front door open... Veemon ran in circles a bit and ran for the pantry.... it was locked... He hid behind the garbadge can as best he could.

"Hey Ryan Im home... Got you something on my way home." His father walked in with a bag of things. He pulled out a Gamecube and a few games to go with it. He glanced over to the moving garbage can and raised an eyebrow before laughing.
"No need to hide little guy I have known you have been here for the past few weeks..."

Veemon frowned and stepped out from behind his not so clever hiding spot and looked up at Ryans dad who didnt seem surprised. "Uh... How?"

"Ryan hardly ever eats... and recently i have been making so many trips to the store on my way home to keep it full i began to wonder... Then one day i came home for lunch while ryan was at school and heard snoring. I saw you on the couch and didnt wake you..."


Ryan nodded at the gamecube and walked back to his room with a class of mild and veemon carried his bowl of mixed things in after him.

"Whats that!?" Veemon asks...

Ryan opens it up and pulls out the silver box... "Its a game cube... Now you wont be bored... When im at school... You hold the controlers and play the games... Ill teach you after my homework is done... till then eat." Ryan closed his rooms door and went to his desk to finish his report.
The reason I had veemon instead of demiveemon is because Ryan never leaves the house... so there wouldnt be anyone around to see him except for ryans father... So... I figured that was ok.
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[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Tiffany turned her computer off and walked from the room. She looked around for a little while before finding Gatomon, Black Agumon and Black Gabumon having a playful little fight with each other in a side room. She watched as B. Agumon used Pepper Breath on B. Gabumon and B. Gabumon retalliated with a Petit Fire. The two blasts collided and the room shook from the small explosion.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]"Hey! You three! Come on, stop goofin' around, we gotta go!" Tiffany yelled at the three.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Tiffany, Gatomon, B. Agumon, and B. Gabumon appeared back home, in Tiffany's room. Tiffany looked at the three. Gatomon was still in her Champion form, but B. Agumon and B. Gabumon had de-volved to their In-Training forms, Koromon and Tsunomon. She gave the three a small smile before walking out into the hallway.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]She made her way to the kitchen where she found a note that read:[/color][/size][/font]
[i][font=Palatino Linotype][size=1][color=black]Dear Tiffany,[/color][/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Palatino Linotype][size=1][/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Palatino Linotype][size=1]We've gone back to the academy for the next step in our training. We wont be back for a few months but don't worry. We left plenty of money in the bank to pay the bills and so you can buy groceries. Please stay out of trouble. We'll miss you lots![/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Palatino Linotype][size=1][/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Palatino Linotype][size=1]Love,[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Palatino Linotype][size=1]Mom, Dad, and Sis[/size][/font][/i]
[i][font=Palatino Linotype][size=1][/size][/font][/i]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Tiffany grabbed the note and crumpled it up in her hand. "You can come out Gatomon, Koromon, Tsunomon! They wont be back for a few months so we got the house to ourselves!" Tiffany yelled and a few seconds later, Gatomon was curled up on the couch, sleeping, Koromon had gotten the cupoards open and was searching for food and Tsunomon was bouncing around, playing with objects it had found strewn about the house.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]Tiffany shook her head. "You guys," she heard Gatomon let out a low growl. "and gals, are out of control. This house is going to be a wreck." she then shrugged. "Oh well. More work for the rest of my 'family' when they get home."[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#483d8b]She then proceeded into the living room. She sat on the couch next to Gatomon and flicked on the TV. She searched around on the coffee table in front of her and found a bag of potato chips. She began munching on them as she watched a violent and bloody movie that if her mother and father were there, they would not have let her watch.[/color][/size][/font]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Siaga stopped staring upwards at the sky. The clouds moving slowly, they were a tint of gray, but not enough to rain. [i]Maybe...[/i]She thought:[i] It's just getting late.[/i] She felt fidgeting in her arms and looked down.

"Motimon, keep still it's not to much further to get home." she whispered.

"I know that, but there are too many people around."

"I'm sorry, shouldn't have took this route anyways. We'll take the long way then,
there'll be less people around."

Motimon became quite, and began to pretend looking like a stuffed animal again. As he was meant too. Continuing to walk they came to a four way intersection. They waited a few moments staring at the red, "Don't Walk" hand for a few minutes. As it turned neon green Siaga walked start up and took a turn leading off into an alley. Coming off to another turn and two more alleys there grew to be less and less people apparent. They walked along a street parallel with the one across, over on that side were rows of apartment buildings. All standing high with each levels of floor having blue, gray, and clear windows. Most of the door brown or red on the first grew, after that the colors of the doors began to change.
Coming to a point of the next street where both streets where lined with apartment buildings, Siaga looked both directions before walking across. From here, she could still see the lights in her mom's apartment on. Once over, she went up three flights of stairs and turned. Heading to the last door on the left with the numbers above it, 561 in black numbers.

Motimon exclaimed, as he hopped down from her arms, "Yay! We're home, finally!"
Looking down at him, she smiled lightly fiddling through her shorts pockets. Taking out her keys she opened the door, letting Motimon in before her self. She closed the door behind her, as she did she call out;[i] Mom, I'm home.[/i] But there was no reply. Siaga took off her shoes and set them on a mat by the door. Looking around to find where Motimon had disappeared to, she saw one of his arms wave from the couch. Walking forwards, see went to the kitchen the phone rang. She picked it up, sighing.

"Hi Lei?"

"Hi mom, where are you?"

"I'm off shopping for groceries and to run some errands for work, I should be back soon though. If you need something call me."


"Also tell your little pet not to go near the cupboard under the sink! I've locked it up
just incase the bug killer should really be kept away from him..."

"Will do, I remember last time."

"Be a good girl, bye."

"Bye mom."

Siaga put the phone back on it's holder in the hall, heading to the fridge and grabbed to bottles of water, two green apples, along with two napkins from their holder on the counter. Walking back out into the living area, the TV was already on. It was turned to the news, taking a seat she handed one of each thing she had in her hands to him.

"Do you think it will rain, again?" Motimon said, taking a bite of his apple.

"I hope not. Last time I left he window in my room open," Siaga shook her head, "My mother was so made after we got my lap top fixed again...For the second time the moths."

"When will we be going back?"

Siaga waved her finger in a "no" motion, "Sometime tomorrow, I wouldn't want my mom to get worried. But how would you like to go and finish some photograph?"

Motimon jumped up happily, and ran with the apple in his mouth to Siaga's room. Getting up she turned off the TV and the lights, holding her apple in her mouth she imagend how much she may look like Motimon at the momment. Grabbing the two bottles of water and fallowed after him.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi sat in her swivel chair, she yawned and bent over the back of the chair in a stretch. She looked at the pile of homework in front of her, and she'd already done half of it. She turned the chair around and looked to the other side of her room. On the bed rested Renamon, lying down, Strabimon leaning against the bed on the floor and Flamon sat on the window ledge.

"You guys want exercise?" Chi asked.

They all looked up at her and nodded furiously. They were bored whenever Chi had to do homework. Chi stood and walked over. Renamon looked at her before changing into Viximon, Viximon looked more normal. Strabimon and Flamon stayed in their normal forms. Strabimon took off a few of his accessories and got on his fours, he kinda looked like a blue dog, Flamon did the same and he looked like a fox. Viximon smiled and twitched her ears.

Chi grinned at her three digimon and reached under the bed for her inline skates. She put them on in a hurry and the three digimon jumped out of the second story window. Chi leaned outside and grabbed the drainpipe, Chi slid down the wall and onto the ground where Viximon, Strabimon and Flamon were waiting for her.

"Let's go!" Chi called, pushing with her right foot and following with the left. Chi skated ahead and the digimon ran after her. They did the block several times before she decided to get home. Chi stopped below her window on the ground. Strabimon and Flamon jumped up. Viximon digivolved to Renamon and held Chi, they disappeared and re-appeared in her room.

"Thanks Renamon." Chi said, taking off her inline skates. Strabimon and Flamon were putting their accessories back on.

Chi heard someone walking up the stairs so she quickly sat in her chair and started to write. Her mother opened the door and saw Chi working at her desk and the three digimon back in their previous positions.

"You've been quiet for the last 10 minutes so I wondered what you were doing." her mother said.
"We've been here the whole time Mom, I've just been doing homework." Chi said looking up innocently.
"Alright.." her mother said unsurely. "We'll have dinner in five minutes. Make sure you wash your paws, you three." her mother addressed the digimon.
"Yes." they replied in unison.

Chi's mother left the room and the four smirked at each other from Chi's lie.[/COLOR]
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[B][I][color=navy]OOC: I changed my sign-up. Sky's now helping Mike! :D

Sky leaned back in his computer chair. He just gotton back from the and he was bushed. He looked down in his lap. Lopmon and Kapurimon were dozing off in his lap. Sky shook his head and brushed his brown hair out of his face, picked his two Digimon up, sat them on his bed, and walked toward the kitchen. The growling of his stomach could probbly be heard two apartments down.

"I need something to eat," Sky grumbled as he continued to walk into the kitchen. When he arrived in the kitchen he discovered a note on the refrigerator. Sky let out a depressed sigh as he walked over to the fridge and pulled off the note. He started reading it to himself.

Dear Skyler,

[center] I'm really really sorry, but I've got to leave for a few weeks. I don't know when I'm going to be back, so the refrigerator is full and you can withdraw as much money as you need out of the bank account. I'm really sorry once again. Please forgive me sweety.[/center]

[right]Love ,

Sky shook his head, crumbled up the note, threw it in the trash can, and opened the fridge. He gathered an armful of things and headed back toward his room.

When Sky arrived in his room, he noticed that Lopmon and Kapurimon were now awake. He figured they would be, so that's why he had an armful of stuff. He closed the door with his foot, walked over to the bed, and dropped all of the food on it. Lopmon and Kapurimon looked like they were going to shed tears of joy.

"I know you've guys got to be hungray," Sky said as he sat down next to Lopmon. Lopmon and Kapurimon looked at each other and then at Sky. Sky was smiling brightly.

"You bet we are," the two Digimon said in unison. Sky hinted toward the food as he picked up a bottle of water and a slice of pizza. He wasn't really watching what he picked up, so anything could be in there.

"Dig in guys," Sky said as Lopmon started to glare, "and girls." Both Digimon smiled and jumped into the food. Sky shhok his head and turned on the news. Something was on there that interested him. He leaned closer to the TV as the News Reportor started to speak.

"We would like to recap on the events that happened sometime ago in Evergreen Terrance," the News Reportor said with a calm tone, "We are still trying to find out who bombed it and why it was bombed. It wasn't really that important. I just I would bring that up Bob. We are talking about bomb scares." Sky shook his head as Lopmon popped out of the pile of food. She had a stick of celery in her mouth and she was looking up at Sky.

"What's wrong Sky," Lopmon asked as she nibbled on her celery. Sky had a stern look on his face as he looked at the old footage of Evergreen Terrance. Him and his mom used to live there, but they moved right after the so called bombing. He knew that was no bombing and he's close friends with Tai. Tai didn't keep a thing to himself when he was talking to Sky. Sky may have not wanted any contact with the Digidestined in the Digital World, but he always talked to Tai and Matt in the Real World. They were two of few friends he had. Lopmon tugged on Sky's shirt. Sky looked down and smiled.

"It's nothing Lopmon," Sky said as he went back to his pizza. Lopmon shrugged her shoulders and went back to eating her celery. Sky picked Kapurimon out of the food pile with his free hand. Kapurimon had an energy bar stuck to one of his metal spikes. Sky shook his head and took the energy bar. He then layed back and started to wonder. Maybe it would be a good idea for him to talk to the Digidestined.[/color][/I][/B]
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[I][color=magenta]Aura was paceing back and forth in front of her computer screen. Floramon and Cupimon were watching Aura as she paced. She didn't look happy as she came to a dead stop. She looked at her computer screen. It was just a blank white screen. Aura seemed to want to go back to the Digital World, but her phone suddenly rang. Aura grinned her teeth as she picked up the phone.

"Hello," Aura said with slight anger in her voice as she put the phone to the side of her head.

"Aura honey," Aura's father said from the other end of the phone, "your mother and I are stuck in a traffic jam. We might be here for some time. Will you be ok by yourself?" Aura grinned at what her father said.

"Oh course Daddy," Aura said with a fake innocence, "You don't have to worry about me."

"That's great sweetheart," Aura's dad said with cheer in his voice, "We'll see you when we can. Love you sweety." Aura rolled her eyes and hung up the phone without even saying bye. She then looked at Floramon and Cupimon.

"Maybe we should eat something," Aura said as she singled to her two Digimon. Both Floramon and Cupimon jumped off the bed and followed Aura to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, Aura grabbed somethings out of the fridge and started to cook. Floramon and Cupimon were sitting at the table. Aura was also watching the news as she cooked. She rarely watched the news, but the whole story about the bombing on Evergreen Terrance made her giggle.

"If only those fools knew the truth," Aura quietly said to herself. She was another resident of Evergreen Terrance before the "bombing". Her parents got scared and moved away though. Aura shook her head and turned the burner to the stove off. She then grabbed three plates, sat one down in front of Cupimon, on in front of Floramon, one in front of an empty, filled each plate, sat down, and started to eat. She would just wait for her parents to get home before she would go back to the Digital World.[/color][/I]
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[B][I][color=red]OOC: I'm like the main good guy, so all the good guys have to meet up with me some how. The original Digidestined already know me.

Mike picked up Dorimon and Kyokyomon and jumped off his bunk. Mika turned around and looked at him when she heard him hit the ground. Shadowmon, Impmon, and DemiDevimon looked as well. Mike smiled nervously as he looked at Mika.

"I'm going to grab a bite to eat," Mike said as he backed up to the door, "You want anything sis?" Mika shook her head and continued to work on her computer. Mike shook his head and walked out the door. He then headed toward the kitchen.

Once in the kithen, Mike started serching through the fridge. He went to grab something when the phone rang. Mike jumped and bumped his head on the top of fridge. Dorimon and Kyokyomon started giggleing as Mike rubbed his head and walked to the phone.

"Hello," Mike said as he turned the speaker phone on.

"Hey Mike," Davis said from the other end, "I wanted to talk to you."

"I wanted to talk to you to Davis," Mike said as he continued to rub his head, "but you can go first." Mike looked at Dorimon and Kyokyomon jump off the table. He started wondering what they could be up to.

"Have you heard of the Shadow Rings," Dacis asked as he pushed DemiVeemon down. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Mike's face.

"Yeah," Mike said as he kept an eye on his Digimon, "what about them?"

"Well," Davis said as he put DemiVeemon in headlock, "someone has been giving to Digimon without partners." Mike almost fell over. Who could even thing of doing that?

"What does that mean," Mike asked as he walked over to his Digimon. Dorimon and Kyokyomon were trying to raid the fridge. Mike slammed the fridge door shut and wagged his finger. Both Digimon dropped their ears.

"Ken and Yolie said that a Digimon doesn't have a partner," Davis said as he held DemiVeemon away from him, "the Shadow Rings don't just turn the Digimon into an Ultimate, but it also turns them evil." A look of horror crossed Mike's face.

"Do you know what this means," Mike said as he started paceing.

"Exactly," Davis said as he pushed DemiVeemon down again, "no." Another sweat drop appeared on the side of Mike's face.

"Listen Davis," Mike said as he stopped and crossed his arms, "tell everyone that we have a challenge on our hands."

"Why," Davis asked with wonder.

"We're going to have to deal with evil Ultimate Digimon," Mike said with a slight edgey voice.

"That can't be good," Davis said as he bopped DemiVeemon in the back of his head.

"No," Mike said as he started to think, "I'll tell T.K and Kari. You tell Ken, Yolie, and Cody. I'll then ask T.K and Kari if we're going to need help from the older Digidestined."

"Alright," Davis said as he glared at DemiVeemon, "we'll all talk tomarrow at school. I've gotta go right now. Bye." Mike nodded and hung up the phone. He then walked to the fridge again. He opened it and discovered Dorimon and Kyokyomon sitting in a pile of food. Mike crossed his arms.

"Having fun boys," Mike asked as he raised an eyebrow at his Digimon. Both Digimon smiled nervously as Mike picked them up. He sat them on the table, grabbed some food, a hand full of candy, and dropped everything on the table. He picked up a candy bar and looked toward his and Mika's room. Shadowmon, Impmon. and DemiDevimon came running out. Mika quietly shut the door. Mike looked at the three Digimon.

"Mika wanted to work by herself for awhile," Shadowmon said as she jumped up on the table, "and we're hungray." Mike shook his head and hinted toward the food. Shadowmon jumped in the pile and landed between Dorimon and Kyokyomon. A candy bar landed on her head. DemiDevimon and Impmon scurried up on the table and grabbed something. Mike shook his head again and sat down in a chair.[/color][/I][/B]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Ankokumon leaped around the tall buildings before she came to Angel's. Kaninmon stood on the balcony, waiting for Ankokumon to return. They both nodded to each other and Ankokumon entered the living room. DarkBetamon layed on the floor, near Angel's feet. The two were watching T.V. when Ankokumon had returned. She bowed in respect to Angel. Angel did not take her eyes off of the screen as she listened to what Ankokumon had to say.[/i]

"There are 5 good digidestined and 5 evil. You are the only neutral. The good digidestined are consisted of Siaga Lei TecAmoray, Chimé "Chi" Iteki, Ryan, Mike Aurora, and Kai. The Evil are consisted of Mika Aurora- Mike's sister, Tiffany Belle, Xion Draven, Sky, and Aura."

"So, there are a new line of digidestined, huh? Ok. Tell me about their digimon."

"Right. Mika's digimon are Impmon, DemiDevimon, and Shadowmon- a black gatomon, but the thing about her is that she is able to keep her digimon in Ultimate form in the digital world."

[i]Angel nodded and turned the T.V. off. Her full attention was to Ankokumon. DarkBetamon jumped onto Angel's lap, and Kaninmon came back in from the outside. Everyone was listening to Ankokumon.[/i]

"Tiffany's digimon are Gatomon, BlackAgumon, and BlackGabumon. Xion's digimon is DarkPatamon. Sky's digimon are Lopmon and Strabimon. Aura's digimon are Floramon and Lucemon. Kai's digimon are Guilmon and Terriermon. Mike's digimon are Dorumon and Ryuudamon. Ryan's digimon is Veemon. Chi's digimon are Strabimon, Flamon, and Renamon. And that's about it."

"Hmm. It seems as though we have competition, don't we? Ankokumon and Renamon, Strabimon, and Shadowmon, DarkBetamon and DemiDevimon and DarkPatamon, and Kaninmon and Lopmon and Terriermon. Hmm. Who should we be with? Of course, we do good, but we don't like others, right?"

"That's correct." [i]Kaninmon had replied.[/i]

"Well, then. What else should we do?"

"Go to the digital world?" [i]DarkBetamon answered in a cute voice.[/i]

"Exactly and there we shall meet our "friends."[/size][/color]
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Mika shook her head. She couldn't figure at what could make the Shadow Rings better. She let out a sigh and looked at her watch. She had three hours until her parents got home. She grinned evily, picked up her D-3, walked to the door, and slowly opened it.

"Shadowmon, DemiDevimon, Impmon," Mika said as she leaned out of the door, "I'm going to the Digital World and I need you guys." All three Digimon jumped off the table and ran into the room with Mika. Mike reached to his bach right. He pulled out his D-3 and looked at Dorimon and Kyokyomon. Both Digimon nodded their heads. Mike jumped and head toward the bedroom. His Digimon followed.

A few secounds later, Mika was standing in the middle of her castle. Everything was quiet and you could hear a pin drop. Mika snapped her fingers and the lights turned on. Three Shadow Rings came flying at her. She caught them and turned toward her Digimon. Shadowmon's ears dropped as Mika placed a Shadow Ring around her neck. A charge of dark energy went stright through Shadowmon. She started glowing with a dark purple color. DemiDevimon and Impmon backed up.

"Shadowmon Shadow Digivolve to..................," Shadowmon said as her voice went into a more grown-up voice, "DarkAngewomon." Mika grinned as DarkAngewomon appeared from the purple light. DarkAngewomon touched down on the ground next to DemiDevimon. DemiDevimon's wings dropped when Mika kneeled down and put a Shadow Ring on his leg. His eyes glowed a black color and he started glowing with a black aura. Impmon hid behind DarkAngewomon's leg. DarkAngewomon's visor was glowing. She was scanning the room for something. She the quickly looked at DemiDevimon. He flashed into Wizardmon, his Champion form, quickly and started changeing.

"DemiDevimon Shadow Digivolve to..............," DemiDevimon started to say in a deep voice, "Myotismon." DarkAngewomon looked at Myotismon as he hit the ground on his knees. She quickly turned from him. Myotismon stood up. He had a hand on his head. He was panting slightly. His fangs were showing slightly. Mika walked up to him and put her hand on his chest.

"Are you ok," Mika asked with slight worriment her voice. DarkAngewomon looked surprised as she turned around. A slight smile crossed her face. The good in Mika was showing through. Myotismon looked down at Mika and smiled with a fang showing. He nodded and Mika smiled very slightly. Impmon stepped up to Mika. He was ready for her to put the Shadow Ring on him. Mika looked down at Impmon and then kneeled down. She gently put the Shadow Ring around Impmon's neck. Impmon backed up so he wouldn't hurt Mika. He started to glow with a dark blue aura. Myotismon wrapped his cape around Mika because Impmon didn't back up far enough. Mika gripped Myotismon's cape. She maybe evil, but she never liked pain.

"Impmon Shadow Digivolve to.......................," Impmon said to change to a deep voice as well, "Beelzemon." The dark blue aura went in all direction as Beelzemon fell to one knee on the ground. Myotismon lifted his cape up a little more to shield his eyes. Beelzemon always made a bright apperence. Mika moved Myotismon's cape to see Beelzemon still down one one knee. She quickly ran oner to him and hugged him around the neck. Myotismon put his cape down and stood up. DarkAngewomon loved this. Mika was showing goodness. Myotismon crossed his arms and smiled.

"I'm sorry Beelzemon," Mika said as Beelzemon picked her up, "I hope you're not hurt." Beelzemon shook his head. He wasn't hurt put he did get alot taken out of him. Mike was watching everything from around a cornor. His Digimon didn't have the Shadow Rings on, so they were in their Rookie forms, Dourmon and Ryuudamon. Dourmon scratched it's purple fur as Ryuudamon wagged it's scalely black and gold tail.

"Mika isn't all evil," Mike whispered as he looked at Dourmon. Dourmon stopped scratching, looked up at Mike, and smiled. Suddenly, the whole castle shook. Everyone lost balance and almost fell over. Mika looked around and then looked at the central computer.

"Take me over to the central computer Beelzemon," Mika said as she looked up at Beelzemon and pointed. Beelzemon nodded and quickly rused Mika over to the central computer. DarkAngewomon and Myotismon quickly followed. Mike and his two Digimon followed as well.

Over at the central computer, Mika slid off of Beelzemon's shoulder and turned the computer on. She turned the security camaras on. She spotted a whole heard of Ultimate Digimon attacking the front door. They had Shadow Rings around their necks. Mika looked shocked at this as Mike ran up followed by Dorumon and Ryuudamon.

"What's going on," Mike asked as he did a sliding stop, "I just got here. You're not hurt are you?" Mika shook her head and slammed her fists down. Mike jumped and looked at his sister. She was shakeing her head.

"We're under attack by Digimon who have Shadow Rings on," Mika said as she looked over at her brother, "and whoever is controling them is trying to get me out of control. We have a snake among us." Mika looked up at the monitor of the central computer. The Digimon were still attacking and the power was starting to die in the castle. Mika looked around with a worried look. Mike did the same thing. Who could want Mika out of power?

OOC: The people who are staying evil are the ones who want Mika out of power. They've been stealing Shadow Rings and turning good wild Digimon evil and making them do their dirty work. Kind of like Ken. They have their own Digimon as well. That calls for double trouble. You evil people can control your evil soilders from your home computer though. So one or all of you planned the attack on the castle from your home computer. I hope that's ok. LOL :D I can change this if you guys don't like that idea. [/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Ryan yawned and shut off the program. Veemon looked up at him and sighed, "Cant I at least talk to another digimon? Im bored..."

"Oh Vee... Do you know what time it is!? No ones availabel at the moment... After school ok..."

Veemon nodded sadly and sighed "Oh alright... I wanta see my twin!"

"Huh? Oh yeah... right... eh who knows..."

Ryan carelessly pushed veemon off his bed and plopped down. "Im going to sleep.... Dont eat everything in the fridge if your hungry... Just eat a little bit..." He yawned and closed his eyes... He soon fell asleep.

short but im out of ideats for the moment
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi had finished dinner and went up to her room with her three digimon following behind her. She finished up her homework and decided to call one of her old friends. She picked up her cordless phone and dialled the number she knew so well.

"Hello? Kamiya Residence." a female voice answered.
"Hey Kari. It's me!" Chi said.
"Chi?! Hey! How are you." Kari said happily.
"I'm fine, what are you doing?"
"I just finished my stack of homework."
"Me too!" Chi said.

Suddenly her D-3 connected to her waistband started to beep and flash. Chi unclipped it and tried to find out what was wrong.

"Is your digivice beeping?" Chi asked.
"Yeah, it's flashing too."
"Check with Tai." Chi said.

Kari ran with the phone to her brother's room, where he sat at the table, holding his beeping, flashing, digivice. He looked at Kari.

"His is doing the same." Kari confirmed.
"That can only mean one thing..." Chi started.
"There's something wrong in the Digital World." Kari finished.
"I'll meet you in there in 5." Chi said before hanging up.

"We gotta get ready to go to the Digital World." she told her digimon. She put the phone to charge and ran downstairs to tell her mother. Her mother just told her not to be back too late. Chi ran back up to her room and put the portal on the computer screen. Her three digimon stood beside her and she held out her D-3.

"Digi-Port Activate!" Chi called. The portal opened and they were sucked into the monitor to the Digital World. When they arrived, Chi had changed into her usual Digital World clothes, Kari wore her usual Digital World clothes and Tai wore what he was wearing before; a t-shirt and pants. They were in some kind of fortress and there was banging.

"Let's find out what the commotion is." Chi said as Renamon, Strabimon and Flamon stood behind her.[/COLOR]
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[B][I][color=red]Mike quickly pulled out his D-Terminal (sp?) and started hitting some buttons. The castle shook violently from an attack, Mike fell, he dropped the D-Terminal, and the power went out. Mike started feeling for the D-Terminal, but it wasn't helping. Myotismon was holding Mika from where she flew to the side from the shaking. Mika hurriedly climbed to Myotismon's shoulder. She was holding her arm and she had a pained looked on her face. Mike sat up. He couldn't find his D-Terminal and it was too dark to see anything.

?Are you ok Mika,? Mike asked as he looked around the darkness. Mika wasn?t responding. Mike started to get worried as he stood up. He felt like his legs were going to give out. Dorumon and Ryuudamon ran up to Mike. Mike could barely see them, but he knew who they were. He quickly grabbed his D-3, threw it up in the air, and held it out toward his two Digimon. A red light started to glowing from it. Both of Mike?s Digimon started glowing as well.

?Dorumon Warp Digivolve to???.,? Dorumon exclaimed as he started to grow in size, ?DoruGoramon.? Mike was lucky his Digimon could Warp Digivolve. He looked over at Ryuudamon.

?Ryuudamon Warp Digivolve to???,? Ryuudamon said as started to grow in an upright position, ?Ouryuumon.? Mike quickly looked around, but the only think he could see was the lights from the attacks from outside the castle. DoruGoramon quickly picked Mike up and snorted. Mike started looking around again. He was starting to worry about his sister.

?MIKA,? Mike yelled as the front door blew open. Mike shielded his eye from the dust and started to cough. Both DoruGoramon and Ouryuumon were looking around in battle stances. They could see now from the sunlight being let in through the doorway.

?I don?t like this Ouryuumon,? DoruGoramon said as he put Mike down. He wasn?t about to let Mike get hurt. Ouryuumon nodded and continued to look around. Everything seemed quiet, too quiet. Mike didn?t like this.

?Guys,? Mike said as he stepped backward, ?I don?t like this either. I?m really scared.? Mike had two Mega level Digimon, but there was no way they would be able to stand up against all of those Ultimates. Mike started to sweat when all of the Ultimates charged in thorough the Doorway. There was only ten Ultimates and only two Megas. Mike knew it was all over. There was two of each Ultimates. There were two BlackWarGraymons, two Cyberdramon, two Digitamamon, two Cherrymon, and two AeroVeedramon. Mike closed his eyes as a Digitamamon charged at him. Ouryuumon and DoruGoramon looked in horror. They wouldn?t be quick enough to stop Digitamamon.

?Grizzly Wing,? Myotismon?s voice said from nowhere. Mike opened an eye to see Digitamamon get carried away by a group of bats. He opened both eyes as Myotismon landed in front of him on one knee. Myotismon sat Mika down as DarkAngewomon and Beelzemon ran up to Myotismon?s sides. Ouryuumon and DoruGoramon ran up to his sides to.

?We?re still out numbered,? DarkAngewomon said as she frowned. Myotismon and Beelzemon nodded in agreement as Mika ran over to Mike. Mike hugged her and looked at the Digitamamon that got carried away by Myotismon?s Grizzly Wing. It survived and it was mad, but so was Myotismon.

?Fire Rocket,? Flamdramon?s voice said from the doorway. Myotismon uncrossed his arms and looked toward the doorway. Davis walked up next to Flamedramon.

?Me and a few ?old? friends are here to even the score,? Davis said as Fire Rocket hit an AeroVeedramon?s Shadow Ring. The AeroVeedramon fell to the ground as Veemon and ran out crying. Myotismon grinned and held his hand like he was holding a whip.

?Crimson Lightning,? Myotismon said as he whipped the other AeroVeedramon?s Shadow Ring. It also fell to the ground as Veemon and ran out crying.

?My turn,? Burning Greymon said as he ran in, ?Wildfire Tsunami.? Burning Greymon?s Wildfire Tsunami hit a Cherrymon?s Shadow Ring. It fell to the ground as Floramon and ran out as Chi, Renamon, and Strabimon walked next to Davis.

?Now me,? DarkAngewomon said as she held her hands like she was holding a bow, ?Dark Arrow.? DarkAngewomon?s arrow hit home on the other Cherrymon?s Shadow Ring. Another Floramon fell to the ground and ran out.

?Remember me,? MetalGraymon said as he walked in with Tai, ?Giga Blaster.? MetalGraymon?s attack hit a BlackWarGraymon?s Shadow Ring. Tai watched the BlackAgumon run away.

?My go,? Beelzemon said as he held out two of his guns, ? Double Impact.? The two energy bullets hit the other BlackWarGraymon?s Shadow Ring. Beelzemon blew the smoke away from his guns as another BlackAgumon ran out. This one was crying though.

?Here we go,? Angewomonmon said as she fluttered in with Kari, ?Celestial Arrow.? Angewomonmon?s Celestial Arrow hit a Digitamamon?s Shadow Ring. A Betamon fell to the ground and ran out.

?Dragon Flame,? Ouryuumon said as he slashed with burning claws. The fire hit home on two Shadow Rings. The other Digitamamon?s and one of the Cyberdramon?s. A Betamon and a Strabimon ran out by Kari.

?Brave Metal,? DoruGoramon yelled as he put out his claws. He destroyed the final Shadow Ring. The last Strabimon ran out. All of the Digimon De-Digivoloved into their Rookie level and Mike, Ryuudamon, and Dorumon ran up to Davis and Veemon. Mika shook her head and removed her Digimon?s Shadow Rings. She then walked over to the exit and returned home.

A few seconds later, Mike returned home. Impmon, Shadowmon, and DemiDevimon were curled up next to Mika on her bunk. Mike figured that she most of been tired out from what happened. He climbed up to his bunk with Dorimon and Kyokyomon in hand. He laid down and stared at the ceiling as his two Digimon curled up next to him. He was worried about who could of planned that attack on the castle.[/color][/i][/b]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Finishing up the image changes, Motimon jumped off the desk and on to the floor. With a satisfied look on her face, Siaga un-plugged the camera from the laptop rolling up the cord she closed it. Spinning around she watched as Motimon jumped to reach the handle and open the door. Getting up she went through the door, to find her mother there putting away the groceries. Siaga waved to her, her mother waved back. Motimon was trying to jump up to the contour...He didn't make it. (too short) Walking over she picked up Motimon he jumped out her arms onto the counter, they both began to help her unpack. Once done, she turned to her mom...

"Hey, mom...Would it be too late to be out at the moment?" she said as she picked Motimon back up.

"It depends, where would you to be?"

She began to fiddle with her arms, moving Motimon to the side a bit. "Umm...."

"No need to worry, Miss. TecAmoray." he said waving, "If need be, I can always Digivole and protect her."

"Again, where?"

None of the three said anything, they were all pretty much silent. With the exception of a bit of rustling with paper and plastic bags. Her mother said nothing turned her back and walked into the living room. Siaga looked down at Motimon, and whispered;[i] We'll go when she's asleep, kay?[/i] Motimon nodded, and they went back to her room and waited a few minutes. After nearly 23 minutes passed Motimon went out into the hall, peering around the corner. Smiling he went back to Siaga's room closing the door behind him.

"She's asleep...Can we go now?"

Nodding, Siaga got up locking the door and turned off her lights. All around the room was darkness, the window's blinds where shut. Trees' shadows marking the darker places, the lamps turned off. The only thing that allowed any vision was the glare of the monitor and her D-vice glowing madly. Taking up Motimon, she put the string linking on to the camera around her neck, and grabbed the D-vice with in her right hand.

"Alright, lets go."

Motimon cheered as Siaga held out the D-vice in front of the screen...The room was engulfed within a bright light. The next thing they knew, they where in a clearing within a forest. They began walking forwards deeper into the forest.

"Do you think any more humans are here?"

"I don't think they would be at this hour...But maybe a few would..."[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[B][I][color=navy]Sky was now sitting at his computer. He was pressing random keys. He was bored half out of his mind when he suddenlt heard "You've Got Mail". Sky quickly clicked on his mailbox after jumping three feet out of his skin. Lopmon and Kapurimon also jumped. They were shocked by the sudden sound as well. Sky started reading his e-mail.

[center]Dude, this is Tai and I've got something you've probbly want to hear. I could exsplain it to you right now, but you know I'm lazy and I won't type that much. Give me a call and I'll most likely come over and exsplain everything. Gotta go. See ya later.[/center]

Sky let out a sigh as Lopmon and Kapurimon jumped on his lap. He closed his mail, picked Lopmon and Kapurimon up, got up, and walked out into the Living Room. He then sat his two Digimon on the couch, hit speaker phone on the phone, and dialed Tai's number. He sat on the couch and waited for Tai to pick up.

"This is Tai," Tai answer from the other end of the phone, "Sky I know it's you. I saw your number on the ID Caller." Sky shook his head.

"Well that just ruins the whole concept of not knowing who's calling," Sky said as he put his right hand on Lopmon's head.

"Your not funny dude," Tai said with a sigh, "Can I come over?"

"Can't you exsplain over the phone," Sky asked as Lopmon cuddled up next to him. Kapurimon jumped gently in his lap.

"I don't want my parents to hear," Tai said with a worried voice.

"Who said my mom wasn't home," Sky said as he brushed off his army pants.

"Your mother is never home," Tai said as he looked over at his window.

"You're right," Sky said with a sigh, "Fine, just get over here. I'll see you when you get here." Sky leaned behind him and hung up the phone. He let out another sigh. He would just have to wait for Tai to get over there. He was wondering what Tai could want to talk about. It was like him to talk about something secret. It must have something to do with Digimon or the Digital World. Sky started hoping everything was ok.[/color][/I][/B]
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Guest Heezay
OOC: I. Am. So. Late.


Sitting at his computer, Kai wondered what was going on in the Digital World at this moment. He decided to call one of the Digidestined to see what was going on at the moment. Terriermon and Gigimon were both asleep on his bed, while his parents were out. Picking up his phone, he dialed Izzy's number.

"...Hello?" came a voice.

"Izzy, it's me. Kai."

"Oh hello Kai, how are you doing? I think I know what you're calling for- to find out what's going on in the Digital World."

"Yeah that's right, how did you know?" asked Kai, suprised.

"Just a guess. Anyway, here's the information. It seems that some kind of group of evil Digidestined are creating "Shadow Rings"- which cause forced viral evolution. To the Ultimate level."

"Hold on. Are you saying these rings cause any Digimon to become evil and stronger?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. I say you take a look into the situation- it's your duty as a Digidestined. I'd contact the others if I were you, it'd be a good idea."

"Wait, I still don't understand, are you saying there's evil Digidestined? Is there such a thing? Digi Destined are supposed to be good!"

Kai heard an audible sigh from the other end of the line. " I know, that's what I've been trying to figure out..but it seems that there are corrupt DigiDestined. In theory, it's possible. I mean, we never came across any proof that there aren't any...you know back in the old days, when you were still small."

"Allright, I'll call the others about this, though they might already know. Bye, Izzy."

"Goodbye, Kai... I have Physics work to do.."

The two hung up. Kai thought, who should he call? He decided on Ryan, picked up the phone, and called the boy's number.
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Ryans dad heard the phone and answered, "Hello? Oh what? Ryan? Oh... I um... Ok hold on a second."... He yelled across the house, "RYAN ITS THE PHONE"

"Whatever dad i got it..." Ryan picks up the phone in his room, "Hello?"

"Hey... Ryan... Its me Kai"


"Well i figured you already knew but might as well tell you anyways... Apparently there are some corrupted or evil digidestined out there... They are creating things to make digimon digivolve to ultimate by force and to become stronger and evil at the same time..."

"Oh?" Ryan said quietly.

"Uh.... Dont sound so exited..." Kai said sarcasticly...

"Sorry... So what am I sapposed to do about...it." Ryan said running his fingers through his long silver like hair.

"Izzy suggested we look into it... If we went to the digital world we could be home before time to go to bed... The time being different in the digital world and all."

"Um well I was ..." Ryan remembered he was sleeping a few moments before untill veemon whimpered at him, "Oh alright.. You big begger"

"I wasnt begging" Kai says suddenly

"No not you veemon he wants to see some other digimon... Bored out of his skull... So yeah ill go"

"Um... Hes bored... Maybe you should leave the house more often and then maybe he wouldnt-"

"Goodbye Kai..." Ryan said putting hte phone down after turning it off. "You got me woken up veemon... and lectured... Lets go but remember this isnt just for fun... you heard him... Uh im not even sure why im going but alright... digiport open"

He was soom sucked through the portal and while going between the real world and the digital his hair flowed behind him as color raced from root to tip... A bright fire engine red color. And what seemed dangerous wasnt. He was struck by lightning along the way but all it did was create bright red and pinkish lightning like details to his pants. That was the only change that ever happened when going in between the two worlds.

He and veemon toppled out of a small TV and picked themselves up. "Tough landing" Ryan said dusting himself off.

"Yeah but im stronger now!" Veemon laughes feeling all of his powers return.

"Lets see if Kai or anyone else is actually around..."

"Trust issues still?" Veemon asks

"Well..." Ryan got quiet and veemon knew it was hist turn to do so as well.
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[B][I][color=teal]Mika was awake and was stareing at the bottom of Mike's bunk. Shadowmon, Impmon, and DemiDevimon were awake as well. Mika slightly nodded DemiDevimon. DemiDevimon slightly looked up at her.

"See if Mike's asleep," Mika whispered as she slid out of bed slightly. DemiDevimon nodded and flew up to the top bunk. He looked at Mike and noticed he was asleep. He quickly flew down to Mika.

"He's asleep," DemiDevimon said as he perched himself on Mika's shoulder. Mika nooded, stood up, and walked to the computer. Shadowmon and Impmon quickly followed. Mika took her D-3 off her belt and faced it toward the computer.The computer screen glowed brightly and Mika and her three Digimon dusappeared into the computer.

A few seconds later, Mika walked through her castle. DemiDevimon was still perched on Mika shoulder and Shadowmon and Impmon were still following. Mika looked highly upset as she stopped at the central computer. She snapped her fingers and the power actually came on. Her three Shadow Rings came toward her. She caught them and handed them to her Digimon.

"I'm allowing you guys to chose to put these on or not," Mika said as she started to type at the computer, "I'm busy at the moment." All three Digimon looked at each other and then at the rings. They decided to put them on because they didn't know what could threating Mika next. A three diffrent colored lights flashed behind Mika. Mika didn't even notice that Myotismon, DarkAngewomon, and Beelzemon were now standing behind her.

"You think we did the right thing," DarkAngewomon asked in a whisper to Myotismon. Myotismon nodded his head and looked at the computer screen. Mika was brining up profile of everyone that worked for her. She had them sperated. Sky and Mike weren't any intrest to her. It was the other three she was looking at. Myotismon looked at the broken door. Something caught his eyes. Myotismon quickly wrapped his cape around Mika. Pieces of the castle celling came down and almost hit Mika, but Myotismon protected her. Mika looked up at Myotismon as he pushed the pieces off his back and picked Mika up.Mika hugged Myotismon and looked toward the doorway. DarkAngewomon and Beelzemon got into a fighting stance.

"You're a fool for returning to your castle by yourself Mika," a female voice similar to DarkAngewomon's. Mika looked as an Angewomon dressed in blue and with an icy blue visior floated into the castle. There wasn't a Shadow Ring to be found on her and Mika knew why. Myotismon pulled his cape around Mika's shoulders. He was the most protective of Mika.

"Well isn't it the Ice Queen herself," Mika said as she glared at the Angewomon, "IceAngewomon. Someone hired you didn't they?" IceAngewomon floated right up to Myotismon. Myotismon frowned as IceAngewomon put her hand to his face. DarkAngewomon looked upset as IceAngewomon floated around Myotismon.

"I was hired to get rid of you three," IceAngewomon said as she moved over to Beelzemon, "but some of you are too cute. Maybe Mika and DarkAngewomon would satify my employer." Myotismon quickly spun around and glared at IceAngewomon. Beelzemon glared at her as well as she floated away from the group. She giggled quietly. Myotismon looked highly upset.

"I'll kill you if you lay a finger on either one of them," Myotismon sneered as his fangs started to show. IceAngewomon put a hand to her chest. She looked heartbroken. Myotismon lifted Mika up a tad higer as he frowned at IceAngewomon. IceAngewomon suddenly lunged at Myotismon and grabbed Mika. Myotismon's face struck with horror as Mika was ripped away from him.

"Oh what a shame," IceAngewomon said as she put Mika on her shoulder and prepared to luanch an attack, "I/m going to de-throne your partner and De-Digivovle you three. Meet my ICE ARROWS!" Mika's three Digimon looked in horror as their Shadow Rings broke in half in a split second. They felt their bodies start to srink as they returned to their previous level. Impmon and Shadowmon held their head as DemiDevimon struggled to get up. IceAngewomon chuckled as Mika stared hopelessly at her two Rookies and one Champion. Her D-3 started to glow brightly as a tear escaped her eye. DemiDevimon started to glow with the same light as the D-3.

"What's going on," Shadowmon asked as she crawled over to Impmon. Impmon had a smile across his face. He balled his fists and sat on his knees.

"He's Digivolveing," Impmon said as he looked over at Shadowmon. Shadowmon looked at DemiDevimon as he skiped over Champion level and became Myotismon again. IceAngewomon backed up slightly as Myotimon charged at her. In a black flash, Myotismon had Mika back in his arms and a stern look on his face. IceAngewomon looked highly upset she started fluttering backward.

"I don't know how you got so fast so quick," IceAngewomon said as she started to retreat, "but I'm not in the mood to get digitized. I'm telling my employer that I quit." IceAngewomon quickly flew out the door and Mika hugged Myotismon. She didn't want to let him go, but Myotismon set her down. Mika looked at him as he De-Digivolved back into DemiDevimon. Mika hugged DemiDevimon as Shadowmon and Impmon ran up and hugged her legs.

"What do you guys say to a walk," Mika asked as DemiDevimon wiggled out of her hug. Impmon and Shadowmon nodded thier heads as Mika threw off her jacket and took out her pigtails. DemiDevimon perched himself on Mika's shoulder. All four headed out the door. Hopefully no other Digidestined were out.

OOC: Mika hasn't turned good yet. That would be too easy. She just cares about her Digimon too much and she going to be putting on a huge act.[/color][/I][/B]
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Xion looked out his window and watched the rain. He enjoyed having his own place in the digital world. He noticed a small beam of light in the distance and ran out of the castle.

[color=magenta]Xion, you must hurry. The goodness is spreading into the digital world. You must help stop it.[/color]

[color=black]Xion stopped "Who are you?" he yelled. He decided to ignore it. THey would never stop his darkness. He wanted the digital world for himself. His own paradise.[/color]

His digimon, darkpatamon, flew up to him. "Ita happened again didn't it?" He asked. Xion ignored him. "We're going on a quest. People are coming. We must greet them." hhe said with a grin.

Darkpatamon glowed white. "Darkpatamon digivolve to ... Kyotomon!" The large white dragon scooped Xion up and tthey sped off.

OOC: My character works alone., buat will meet up with others.
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"You ready buddy?" Ryan said to Veemon smiling a little.

"You betcha!" Veemon nodded, "Veemon digivolve to........" Veemon glowed and grew quickly. He now stood on four legs and had sharp edges all over his body Plus a few actual blades, "Raidramon!"

Ryan pulled himself up on Raidramon's back using Raidramons firm ears that kinda bent forward like horns or in this case handles. Ryan held onto those as Raidramon sped off in search of someone... Or something...

"It feels good to run free in the open again!" Raidramon laughs as he bounds in a circle shortly.

"I kinda know what you mean pal... I got some signals but im not sure who they belong to... lets go check it out. Remember though Lets not be seen untill we know who it is..."

"Got it!"
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Angel sighed and walked to her room. She entered and looked to her computer. DarkBetamon hopped over to the computer and sat on the chair. Kaninmon jumped into the air and floated to DarkBetamon and swung the chair around. Ankokumon followed Angel as she walked to the computer. Beside the keyboard was a digivice, a silver and white digivice. She sighed and held it in her hands and nodded. Ankokumon looked to her face and she was convinced that Angel was going to meet the good digidestined.

The three digimon followed Angel to the balcony and waited there as Angel grabbed her TELD, a device that is able to fuse with her digivice and become a better technological device. Kaninmon looked to Angel, as did DarkBetamon and Ankokumon, who knew she was to take Angel and the other two digimon to where she could find the good digidestined.

Angel fiddled around with her digivice and soon found at least two digidestined. It seemed as though they were inside a building. She ignored them and tried to search for others. Another was also inside a building and was blinking with z's, which meant that that digidestined was inactive at the moment, another was out somewhere, near a portal that was last opened, and two were in the digital world. Angel smiled and chose to go to follow the outside one.[/i]

"I found someone."

"Who?" [i]DarkBetamon chirped.[/i]

"I don't know who it is, but this person had just last opened a digital portal and is now in our world. Ankokumon, digivolve."

[i]Ankokumon nodded and the three stepped back from her.[/i] "Ankokumon digivolve to.....................Karumamon."

[i]In front of Angel was a wolf-like digimon with with wings and 3 tails. She smiled and got onto Karumamon, who flew into the air and hovered a bit before getting a feel for the wind. She waited beside the balcony bars and let DarkBetamon and Kaninmon get on her back. The 2 digimon were on and now Karumamon flew off to find the person who had opened the portal.

Angel kept looking to her digivice and saw that the digidestined was moving south. They were getting closer and closer, Angel looked down to find a person with a digimon, it seemed to be a Veemon. She smiled and pointed to the person. Karumamon nodded and flew down and was about 2 feet from the ground, when Angel jumped off with Kaninmon and DarkBetamon. Veemon stopped with his partner. The person looked to Angel.[/i]

"Who are you?" [i]He questioned with a wondering, yet somewhat demanind voice.[/i]

[i]Angel snapped her fingers and her digimon kept a distance from Veemon and they did not go into a fighting stance. Angel walked up to the digidestined.[/i]

"My name does not concern you at this moment. All I want to know is where is Tai or the originial digidestined?"

[i]Veemon looked to the digidestined. He seemed certain that Angel was a good person.[/i] "Why do you want to know?"

"Because we wish to question either of them about a mishap."[i]At that moment, Ankokumon began to speak.[/i] "If you tell us where Tai is, perhaps I can help you become stronger and help you digivolve faster."

"Is that a bribe?" [i]Veemon seemed interested, yet worried.[/i]

"No, it isn't. It is more like a trade-off. We help each other, and don't worry. I do not fight unless I have reason to, or unless my partner tells me to."

[i]The digidestined looked to Veemon and then to Angel. He wanted to tell her, but what if something bad were to happen?[/size][/color][/i]
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[B][I][COLOR=Navy]Sky was dozing off when a knock suddenly startled him. Sky jumped up and ran to the door. He opened the door to discover Tai in the doorway. Sky let out a sigh and invited Tai in.

"So what's so importanted that you couldn't tell me over the phone," Sky asked as he went to sit back down on the couch. Tai sat down in on on the love seat across from the couch. Lopmon jumped from the couch and ran over to Tai. Tai smiled and looked back at Sky.

"I just got back from the Digital World," Tai said as he leaned back, "and I just saved the Digimon Sorceress and our friend Mike. I think you should look in on who's trying to get the Digimon Sorceress out of power." Sky leaned back and nodded his head. He looked over at Lopmon and shook his head.

"You figure I would help just because I work for her," Sky said as he put his arms on the back of the couch. Tai nodded his head and picked Lopmon up.

"Yeah," Tai said as he sat Lopmon next to him, "you work for her, your a good guy, and you don't want to kill her. Who's better to do the job?" Sky shook his head again. He didn't know what to say.

"How 'bout her brother," Sky asked as he raised an eyebrow. Tai went to say something when Mike came running in through the doorway. Tai turned around and looked at him.

"What's wrong Mike," Tai asked as Mike dropped Kyokyomon and Dorimon. Mike shook his head and looked at both guys.

"Kari told me you would be here Tai," Mike said as he tried to catch his breath, "We've got trouble. Mika went to the Digital World without me. I don't know what danger she could of gotton in or is in." Tai and Sky both looked a little scared. They both had a crush on Mika. Tai had had a bigger and longer onethough. Both Sky and Tai jumped up.

"Let's go," Sky said as he pulled out his D-3. Mike and Tai agreed as they followed Sky into his bedroom. The two Digimon followed as well. Sky quickly held his D-3 to the computer screen and all five were sucked in.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Drake spotted a young girl walking araound heading towards a beach. He stopped her and went to talk. Kyotomon came too.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my world?" Drake shouted. The girl was shocked.

"This is the digital World. It doesn't belong to you, punk!" she replied with grace.

Drake was taken back by this. Fury enswelled him. He made a high whistle and Kyotomon blasted her with a sweep of his wing. She fell back and her digimon digivolved to Garurumon and attacked Kyotomon, getting hit by it's wings of the night attack. Kyotomon grabbed the girl and flew back to Drake's castle.

Drake walked over to Gabumon.

"You're data will be scanned into primary village. But remember, I WILL RULE THIS WORLD!!!!!"

This wasn't one of your characters.
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Mika stopped walking when she heard someone scream in the distance. She was going to continue to walk because it really wasn't any consern to her, but DemiDevimon sunk his claws in her shoulder. A painned look crossed Mika's face as she glared over at DemiDevimon.

"What was that for," Mika snapped as DemiDevimon fluttered off her shoulder. DemiDevimon landed inbetween Shadowmon and Impmon. They were all shaking their heads.

"We think you should go check that scream out," DemiDevimon said as he crossed his wings. Shadowmon and Impmon nodded their heads in agreement. Mika shook her head and started to walk away. Her D-3 started glowing with a bright turquoise light. Mika stopped and looked down at it.

"Now what," Mika asked with a sneer. As soon as she asked, she felt something or someone pick her up. She looked up to discover Myotismon holding her. She then looked over his shoulder to see DarkAngewomon and Beelzemon standing behind him. She knew where this was going.

"If you won't go there," Myotismon said as he sat Mika on his shoulder, "we'll take you there." Mika shook her head and settled herself on Myotismon's shoulder. Myotismon was about to turn around when a flash of light appeared in front of them. Myotismon lifted his cape up and looked at the light. He put his cape down when he watched Sky, Lopmon, Strabimon, Mike, Dorumon, Ryuudamon, and Tai appear out of the light. Agumon came running up because he got the message Tai was coming. He ran up and hugged Tai.

"Mike, Sky, Ta.....i.....Tai," Mika said as she looked down at the three boys and five digimon, "What are you doing here." All three boys looked up. Lopmon jumped onto Sky's head and looked up as well. Mike took a step forward.

"Were here to help ya sis," Mike said noticeing his sister's evil glare, "We figured you were in trouble." Tai and Sky nodded. Mika was going to say something rude, but Tai was like her knight in shining armor. She didn't care about anyone else. It was Tai that got her attention. Mika shook her head and glared at the three boys below her.

"If you want to protect me," Mika said as Myotismon turned around, "I would suggest that you follow me." All three boys looked at each other and held out their Digivices. Agumon Digivolved to Graymon, Dorumon Digivolved to DoruGamon, and Strabimon Digivolved into Dobermon. Sky and Lopmon climbed onto Dobermon as Tai climbed onto Graymon and Mike and Ryuudamon climbed onto DoruGamon. All three Digimon took off after Mika and her three Digimon when they knew their riders were sercure.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Drake lokked the girl up and then looked outside. He spotted Tai and Mika coming with others. He looked back while he headedinto his room to get some sleep. Drake tossed in his sleep, having all sorts of strange dreams.

Dream #1: Drake is walking down a crowded hallway at school, when he is knocked put of a window, and he falls to the ground. He sees everyone laughing at him and he screams out. He glows red then emerges as a new being and destroys the schhol in one swipe.

Drake wakes up screaming in a cold sweat. He looks around and notices DarkPatamon in the corner.
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