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Pokemon: Beherrschen (15+ for dark themes, violence, and probably language)


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Odd title, isn't it? You should at least have an idea of why that's the title after reading what's below. I know it's a lot, but it's all important. And yes, I did say dark themes and violence in the thread title. This isn't going to be a bright and cheery RPG.

Different text colors indicate scene changes, for lack of a better term. And for the first-person segments, a different color is a different being's perspective (None of the first-person beings are human, which should be obvious). Oh, and for those who don't want to read the huge amount of stuff below, there's a summariztion under the spoiler tag below. You might also want to read it if you're confused about who has which perspective when the body text goes to first person, or if you can't keep "bases" and "sets" straight.


[spoiler]Okay. Bassically, an international criminal organization called Nerajtigita is working on a Project Beherrschen (Yes, the same Beherrschen from the title). There are ten different "bases": A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5. Each base has a "prime set", which is basically its current capabillities, and "improvement potential", which is how much better it can be made. After full improvement, C1 is the best, and the three Bs are right below it. These four are used in Phase Three.

The scene then changes to Zire (my character, by the way) watching the news two weeks later. He learns that Viridian City was destroyed my a freak lightning storm, Fallarbor Town, Lavaridgh Town, Verdanturf Town, and Mauville City were destroyed by the impossibly violent eruption of Mt. Chimeny, and Blackthorn City was destroyed by a freak ice storm. Found in the remains of Blackthorn was a piece of fabric with the Nerajtigita symbol on it. Zire recognises the name, and wonders if the events are related.

Another scene change, this time to an underground testing site made by Nerajtigita. Here, the three Bs, fully improved, are seen in action. B3 was responsible for Blackthorn's destruction, and he loves to be feared. B2 did the volcano, and he loves to destroy. B1 destroyed Veridian, and he enjoys commanding others. C1, on the other hand, isn't happy with Nerajtigita trying to tell him what to do. While the three Bs are at the testing site, he leaves. His plan is to lure the Bs to him one at a time, as two or three at the same time can destroy him.[/spoiler]

The main body starts now.

[COLOR=Purple]They all stood up as he enters the room. He indicated for them to sit, so they did. The man, Harstbron, walks over to one. "Status report, Kastran."

"Sir, we've finished Phase 2 of Project Beherrschen. We're ready to move on to Phase 3 ahead of scedule."

"Very good. Which bases are the best? I assume A1's one."

Kastran shakes his head. "Actually, no. Only C3 through C5 are worse. I don't think there's anyone on this project that wasn't surprised by that."

"Which one is the best?"

"C1, sir. A1 has the best prime set by far-about twice as good as C1, which has the second best prime set-but no tolerance for improvement. C1, on the other hand, has huge improvement potential. It must have not changed any since its creation."

"It's still as it was when it came into existance and it's got the second-best prime set? Amazing. What kind of improvement potential are we talking about here?"

"Well, sir, it looks like it can take the full treatment five times."

"Five times?!"

"Yes, sir."

"Incredible. Which bases are next?"

"B1, B2, and B3 are equal. They're very close behind C1. They also don't seem to have changed since their creation. They can each take five full treatments as well. The only reason that they're worse then C1 is because they have slightly worse prime sets. After them is C2, who can stand four full treatments. Next are A1 and A2, which are, as predicted, exactly the same."

"Obviously," Harstbron agreed. "After all, A1 is just A2 with full potential improvment."

"Correct, sir. That's three full treatments and one half-treatment, by the way. After them are the other Cs, 3 to 5. They all come out exactly equal, and can stand one full treatment and one half-treatment."

"And you've run them all through simulations?"

"Yes, sir, we have. We've kept a backup of the mind for each one, so it's used to the base we give it."

"Good. How many can we do with current resources?"

"Four, sir."

"Get on it. Make C1 and the three Bs. How long will it take?"

"With current resourses and information, a total of two weeks."


Zire floped himself on his couch and turned on the news. A very good-looking female reporter was standing in a ruined city. [i]I'd sure love to do her,[/i] Zire thought. But soon, his attention was no longer on the reporter's appearance, but on her words.

"This is all that remains of Viridian City after today's freak lightning storm, which occured about an hour ago. Meteorologists are stumped by the seemingly impossible occurance. The event shows several signs of not being weather-related, however. Witnesses say that the clouds came out of nowhere, and completly covered the city in about half a minute. The lightning came a few minutes later, enough time that almost everyone in the city was told of the clouds and was outside loking at them. Then the lightning hit, and the entire city was destroyed in about two minutes. This has been confirmed by orbital equipment, including weather satallites and millitary satellite. Unfortunately, we have no further information at this time. For KFNR News, this is Alice Roland reporting. Back to you, Jack."

The scene changed to a bald man at a standard anchorman's desk. "Thank you, Brian. The events in Viridian are not the only unusual occurances. We go now to Frank Grensman in the Hoenn region."

The scene changed to a ruined town. The reporter, Frank, was a middle-aged man who was, well, horzontally gifted. "Thank you, Jack. I'm standing just outside of what's left of Fallarbor Town, where the nearby Mount Chimney has just violently erupted without warning. Before today, it was believed that such an eruption was impossible. Not only has Fallarbor been destroyed, but Lavaridge, Verdanturf, and Mauville were also hit. The volcano started erupting about an hour ago. The three closer towns were destroyed within a minute, but Mauville lasted for five. Jack?"

The scene switched to Jack again. "Thank you, Frank. As a note for trainers, all Gym Leaders of destroyed towns and cities are seting up temporary Gyms at Indigo Plateau, and all regestered Trainers are being alowd entrance to battle them. We go now to Sally Dranmoor in the Jhoto region."

Again, the scene switched. This time, the reporter was even better-looking than Alice. [i]I'd love to work with these people,[/i] Zire thought. [i]Hot chicks all over the place.[/i] "Thank you, Jack," Sally said. "I'm in the ruins of Blackthorn City, which was hit about an hour ago by a seemingly impossible ice storm. The city was destroyed in about fifteen seconds. Blackthorn Gym Leader Clair locaded a piece of fabric with a symbol sewn on it. The symbol matches that of the international crime organization, Nerajtigita."

Zire turned the TV off. [i]Nerajtigita? Could this be related to Project Beherrschen?[/i]

[COLOR=Cyan]My task was easier than I was told it would be. They underestimated my capabilities, which is understandable. Nothing like Project Beherrschen has been attempted before, so it's perfectly understandable that they didn't predict the results 100% accurately.

After Blackthorn, they decided to send me to an underground test site, where a massive city replica was constructed. Instead of humans, there are many kinds of Pokemon, from the incredibly weak Magicarp to the extremely powerful Alakazam. That doesn't make a difference. It is as easy to destroy as Blackthorn was. None of the Pokemon can challenge me.

A group of Tyranitar is first. It's a very large group, large enough that they could have destroyed Blackthorn in the same amount of time it took me if they all attacked different areas of the city. They all attack at once, focusing their Hyper Beams on me. I do not care. I cancel their attacks with mine, which then strikes them. Only one is left. I stalk it through the city, enjoying its obvious fear of me. When it appears to think it has lost me, I position myself in front of it. It attacks me in desperation. I allow its Hyper Beam to hit me before killing it.

I move on to a group of Alakazam. It's another huge group. For them, I decide to test my speed. I slam into each one at full speed. My momentum caries me through them. I do this until there are five left. I stand facing them. I can smell their fear. I allow them to be afraid for a few seconds before justifying their fears.

As I kill the rest of the Pokemon in the city, I realise why I enjoy doing what I've done and am doing. I enjoy it because of fear. I enjoy being feared. After I'm done with what they want me to do, I plan to make people and Pokemon afraid of me. I realize that being feared by others is what I want most.

When the city is empty of Pokemon, I turn my energies toward destroying it. With Blackthorn, I had to come in from one side. With this test site, I can position myself in the middle, a much better position. From there, I am able to destroy this city in half the time. After I do, they tell me that the city was only in my mind. They used the fake city as a test site with no risk, because it doesn't actually exist. The Pokemon were real, though. They tell me that they've been breeding Pokemon for things like this, and have quite a stockpile. They then tell me that B2 and B1 must be tested in the same way that I just was, and that we will be given a new assignment afterwards.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]I am tested after B3 finished. They set it up the same way: fake city and real Pokemon. I test myself on the Pokemon first. My first encounter is with a group consisting of three Salamence, five Milotic, a Metagross, and two Tropius. A very powerful group, and easily capable of destroying the towns and cities I did, although it would take them longer because each one of them could only attack one city at a time, while using the volcano allowed me to target all four at once.
The Salamence attack first. I dodge easily, and my couterattack destroys them. The Tropius die next, and I target the Milotic after them. I allow the Metagross to hit me with its Hyper Beam so that I can have an idea of how much I can take before killing it.

I encounter a small herd of Rapidash next. A couple of them use Fire Blast, but the herd flees after seeing that I am not significantly weakened by it. At least, they try to flee. They can't outrun me, and when I catch them, they are mercilessly slaughtered.

I continue through the city, destroying all Pokemon that I encounter. I begin to understand that this is what I enjoy. It is very enjoyable to kill these Pokemon, all of whom are powerless to stop me. After I finish with them, I move to the middle of the city and proceed to destroy it. I find great enjoyment in this, too. It is very amusing to destroy so easily. It is what I will do when they are finished with me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Yellow]I am tested after B2 is finished. My test is the same thing, and it isn't long before I encounter a group of Pokemon. The group consists of three Charizard, three Blastoise, three Venusaur, and a Magneton. The Blastoise are first, followed by the Venusaur. I kill two Charizard next, then allow the Magneton and the remaining CHarizard to attack me I dodge their first attacks easily, then allow their second wave to hit. The lack of a significant effect scares both of them, the Charizard much more so than the Magneton. It tells me that it will do anything if I allow it to live. I tell it that if it kills the Magneton, I won't kill it. It does this, and I keep my word, at the same time discovering something about myself: I enjoy commanding others more than anything else.

Through similar methods to the Charizard, I quickly gather a small army. I have it destroy any Pokemon left. I then seperate it into several smaller groups. I set these groups against each other. After the battle, I quickly finish off the survivors. I then proceed to the middle of the city, and destroy it easily. I enjoy this, but I find greater pleasure in commanding others. That is what I will do when I have done what they wish of me. I will do what I must to gain the obediance of others.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]The arrogance of these people amazes me. They wish me to obey them, but I have no reason to. I need nothing from them and there is nothing they can offer me to gain my services. My only fear is being attacked by the Bs. While I can take one, two would be too much for even me, and I'd stand no chance against three. So I leave while they are being tested, I leave. I am beyond tracking range before the Bs can be sent to stop me. I will now attempt to lure them to me, one at a time. Once I eliminate then, there will be nobody, human or Pokemon, capable of challenging me. Then I will be free to do what I want, instead of being ordered about like a common Growlithe.[/COLOR]

All right. Sign-up time. My character is listed as an example.

Name: Zire

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Apperance: About six feet tall. Short black hair and brown eyes. A little chubby, but otherwise very average-looking. He owns a variety of smart-*** t-shirts, and he also tends to wear shorts. His favorite shirt, and the one he will be wearing for this RPG, has "My god can beat up your god" written on it.

Pokemon(Max of six. Only use those seen in the games, show, and/or movies. No legendary Pokemon): Absol, Swampert, Sceptile, Charizard, Metagross, Salamence.

Personality: Very smart, especially when it comes to computers. He's a computer expert, and his specialty is hacking. He's never met a firewall that he can't beat. He's also very determined. When he starts something, nothing will make him give up. He'll take breaks, but he'll always finish what he starts. He's a surprisingly skilled fighter for a computer person, though. He knows how to defend himself. And somehow, he manages to find time for Pokemon training, and is very skilled with Pokemon. He does have a darker side. He's willing to do any number of dirty tricks to get something, he's not afraid to break the law, and he'll do it with most women. He's comitted a rape (but was never caught), one of the few acts he's sorry for, but that doesn't change the fact that he did it. He does have a line that he will not cross, and he'd kill himself before he crossed it.

Bio: Zire had a pretty normal childhood until the age of ten. At that time, his parents started to fight more and more often, frequently over him. He blamed himself because of this. It took a year before they divorced, and it was a messy divorce. Zire's mother was given custody of him until his father framed her as a child abuser. She was found guilty and imprisioned. Custody went to Zire's father.
It soon became clear to Zire that his father didn't want custody because of love or concern for him. He wanted Zire because Zire could do things for him. Zire was reduce to as close to being a slave as he could get without his father breaking the law. As soon as he legally could, Zire left.
Zire joined a crime organization called Nerajtigita (yes, that Nerajtigita), where he gained his computer skills. He was their best hacker, and he's the one who hacked into bank computer systems and transferred large amounts of money to accounts that Nerajtigita uses. He was the one who aquired the money used to by the extremly expensive equipment for Project Beherrschen, which is how he learned of its existance, although all he knows about it is its existance.
Soon after that, he was ordered to torture a captive. Torture is one of the few things Zire will never do, and when he couldn't get around the order, he left Nerajtigita. He went to the cops, and in exchange for everything he knew about Nerajtigita, they erased his criminat record and helped protect him from Nerajtigita members. He aids the cops when he can, but he made enough money with Nerajtigita that he doesn't have to do much for a living. This continued until he saw the news about the destroyed cities (the ones mentioned in the body text and summary).

I think that's everything. PM me if you have any questions. Wait, one more thing. I'll allow your character to be either with Zire (good guys) or Nerajtigita (bad guys), although nobody can play the Nerajtigita boss or anyone on Project Beherrschen, as I'd need to reveal way too much plot information. Now I really think that there's nothing else.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Mina

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Apperance: Approximately 5'8" tall. Wears long-legged blue jean shorts (below the knees, not quite to the ankles) and a red hoodie most of the time. For this RPG, she will be wearing a t-shirt that says "I can bend minds with my spoon."
Mina has red (and i do mean [COLOR=DarkRed]RED[/COLOR]) hair that she keeps in a ponytail down her back. Unbound, it reaches the small of her back. Her emerald green eyes tend to look skeptical, and she wears round-framed tortoiseshell glasses.

Pokemon(Max of six. Only use those seen in the games, show, and/or movies. No legendary Pokemon): Meowth, Jigglypuff, Kadabra, Gloom, Totodile, Pikachu

Personality: Mina is extremely intelligent, but only really pays attention to things she's interested in. She wants to become a Pokemon breeder/nurse, and has already begun a breeding program. Her Pikachu and Meowth are her own bred specimens and she is very protective of them. She is a font of information about Pokemon found only in the Johto and Kanto region, mostly because she was born and raised in the city of Cinnabar. She ends up often having crushes on guys, but will break up with a boyfriend if he thinks that her dream of becoming the world's best breeder is too far out, and she should be a housewife.

Bio: Born in Cinnabar, on Cinnabar Island in Kanto, Mina grew up pretty much on her own. Her mother and father were researchers for the gym leader, Blaine, trying to create better and stronger Fire Pokemon.
On her tenth birthday, Mina got her Pokemon, packed a knapsack, and bid adieu to the island and her parents. She decided to start her own journey and begin to learn more about what she could do with breeding and care. She spent two years in Goldenrod working with the people who own the Nursery, learning the basics, then took her new Pokemon and headed off for Olivine City, where she has spent the past five years.
This looks like it'll be an interesting and challenging RP. Do let me know if i should change anything, and i'm looking forward to it!!

EDIT: made the changes. let me know if i should/can do anything else to make it better. See ya![/FONT]
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There is one thing you should change. Well, two, actually. FIrst, you don't need to state which side your character is on, because that will be clear from the bio. Plus, those weren't affiliations. They were examples. If you want to be a "good guy" then you're with Zire, because he's one, too, but he's not the boss or anything. And second, I just want to make it clear that those with Beherrschen will start the RPG at Beherrschen's headquarters, an underground facility. The others will start whereever they live (this makes it easier to get the characters together, which allows me to get the RPG going faster)
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Name: Dondar

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Dondar is tall, around 6 foot, with steely blue eyes. He has thick brown hair with long bangs that always get in his eyes. He usually wears a camo shirt that says "Ha! Now you can't see me!".

Pokemon: Arcanine, Ninetales, Raichu, Scyther, Skarmory, Abra

Personality: Dondar is very quiet, but not unfriendly. He doesn't trust people very much, though. He gets angry very easily, and when he gets angry, heads roll. Almost always that's a figure of speech.....

Bio: Dondar grew up with a fairly normal family. He had two parents and an older brother named Jeremy. They lived in Blackthorn City as breeders. Since both of his parents bred, they were often very busy and had little time to be with Dondar. Because of this, Dondar usually spent alot of time with his brother. When he turned 12, Dondar's parents gave him his first pokemon, a growlithe. Since then, he has been traveling the world trying to become the best trainer. When he heard about what had happened to his hometown, Dondar came back as fast as he could. When he got there, he found that his parents had been killed by the ice storm. From that point forward, Dondar was determined to exact revenge upon his parents murderers. But first, he went to seek out his older brother.

This looks pretty good.....be sure to PM with any changes I should make!
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You're find, Rannos. So are you, Balinese.

I would like to mention that this RPG will start the day after the destruction of Blackthorn, Vermillion, and the four Hoenn cities/towns.

Also, if you know anybody who might like this RPG, please tell them about it. I can't start this until I have at least a couple more people.
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[size=1][color=#999999]HEY! Be happy, I'm joining! Sorry, I couldn't join earlier.

[B]Name:[/B] Callista

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Appearence:[/B] See attachment- she doesn't wear the goggles, she wears a black beanie with a white pokeball sign, her gloves are finger gloves, and she wears a necklace that has a whistle, a black and white pokeball, and an heirloom pendant that has a pokemon on it resembling Jirachi

[B]Pokemon:[/B] Blaziken, Salamence, Umbreon, Hypno, Feraligator, Meganium

[B]Hometown:[/B] Saffron City

[B]Personality:[/B] Although people think highly of Callista and respect her, she keeps a dark secret and never shares it with anyone. She is the type of person that has one night stands and rarely has a long relationship. When she does have a long relationship, it's with someone she loves and someone who's up to her standards, which is very high. Callista is an independent person and keeps to herself. She rarely asks for a battle or a fight, but they seem to be attracted to her. She is very fond of boys, especially those who have a bad-boy attitude. She wishes to become a pokemon trainer of many things and wishes to start her own pokemon school. The one thing people know surely of her is that she has morals that she stands by and she does not start a fight unless that person hurts her morals. Callista is known to be one of the most darkest, mysterious, and dangerous females known in the pokemon world and most bad guys fear her, for she looks down on evil things that they do.

[B]Bio:[/B] Callista was born from a wealthy and well-respected family. She was the only daughter and heir to her father's company, but wished not to become what he wanted her to be. She had a passion for the pokemon world and always had like her mother. But her father feared that her love for pokemon would someday get her hurt. He knew that she could take care of herself, but the fact that she was wanting to go on a journey far from home, worried him.

At the age of 8, Callista began to learn martial arts from a teacher her father knew. She would wake up every morning with an excited smile, just waiting to begin her martial arts. At that same age, she was given her first pokemon, an Eevee. She began to bond with her pokemon and knew that someday the two would become one of the greatest pokemon trainers in the world.

As Callista grew to the age of 15, her father had died from cancer and she was alone in her home. She had no one other than her pokemon and so she gathered the money that her father left her, which was more than expected, and appointed the vice-president of her father's company to run things for a while, for she trusted her and knew she would keep things well.

For 4 years, Callista roamed around area training and helping people from harm. She grew to love her pokemon and every pokemon around her. Although, it seemed as though she was good child, she did things that was unappealing to many people, but kept it a secret and knew that if she had done it again, it would bring heartache to all those around her.[/size][/color]
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name: oni

gender: male

age: 19

appearance: shoulder-length black hair, yellow bug-eyes sunglasses, black-shirt that says " i'm with stupid 'then an index finger pionting upwards'" 6' tall.

pokemon: (in no particular order) 1) charizard 2) scizor 3)gengar 4)umbreon 5)pikachu 6) corphish

personality: oni is an outgoing person. but, he's handy around the house also. being an extremely friendly guy, he is often mistaken as a poor judge of character. although his main reason is that there are good in everyone. being a son of a master chef, oni's culinary techniques have been hewn since childhood. he trains with his pokemon everyday and leaves umbreon outside of the pokeball.

bio: oni had a slightly abnormal childhood. growing up in rustboro city. at the age of seven he worked with his father at the restaurant and almost equalled him at the age of 10. but he got his first pokemon eevee, so his time at the restaurant lessened and lessened, until he decided to go on a journey. after nine years oni comes back to his home to finally rival his father two weeks before the cities were destroyed.
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Arika, I need a city or town for your character to start in, preferably a place where she's been for a while. this isn't required, but it will help me get the RPG going faster. also, you need a character description. Do that, and you're in. baalthaczaar, you only need to realize that your character won't have had time to start a journey since the attacks.
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[quote name='Takuya']Arika, I need a city or town for your character to start in, preferably a place where she's been for a while. this isn't required, but it will help me get the RPG going faster. also, you need a character description. Do that, and you're in. baalthaczaar, you only need to realize that your character won't have had time to start a journey since the attacks.[/quote]

ok i'll edit it out right now. and whats next after sign ups, could you pm me please.
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Name: Matthew Duffey

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Apperance: 5'6'', average weight. Tough looking build and very durable to weather changes. Has deep hazel eyes but they change to ice blue when he is angry. His main attire is a pair of black loose jeans that have flames on the legs and a black DBZ shirt with Goku, Vegeta, and Vegeto on it.

Pokemon: Nidoking, Pikachu, Charizard, Haunter, Vulpix, Vulpix. (He has 2)

Personality: Tough, not social, and will stand up for anyone if he sees fit. Barely speaking, the only ones he talks to are his Pokemon. But he does have a soft side, in which is very rare for people to see. Good with electronics, Matt can dismantle and put back together about anything. He also created his custom Pokeballs.

Bio: Having a poor life during child hood, Matt went on a Pokemon Trainers journey to get away from it all. His journey has made him tougher than he was and has tought him many things than before. He learned how to make Pokeballs from Kurt, and learned all he knows about electronics from his journeys and helping others. After he became one of the leading Pokemon Champions, Matt decided to settle down in Olivine City where he stayed with his aunt and uncle. He still travels, meeting old friends and making new ones. When he heard about Maulville being destroyed, he headed to there to check it out. But something told him to stay home just in case.
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