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Another..yet again


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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][i][size=1]Okay, now I warned you all that I am a chamelion...in short, I'm always changing. Yes, I've come to request another banner/avi.

[url=http://iacs5.ucsd.edu/~aewalter/images/angel-kiss3.jpg]Setsuna and Sarah[/url]

There is the picture that I would like to have made into a banner and avi. For the banner, I would like pretty white font (cursive, swirly, as long as it can be read) w/ the word "Virtue" in one of the bottom corners.

As for the avi, just a close up of their mouth area. And for those who saw my last Setsuna and Sarah avi, you know what I'm talking about. It was the awesomest, made by the one and only Piro Munkie.

So, once more..have at it..[/color][/size][/i]
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Well, here's my attempt. I don't know what the other Avi you were talking about is, so I just cropped to the mouthes and resized it for Avatar requirements. Pretty much the same thing with the banner, too.
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[color=gray]I rotated the picture 90 degrees so that I would not have such a hard picture to work with.
I did the same with the avater so that it would look nicer.
Here they are:


Since I never got to do your last banner, i made this one dark red ^_^;;[/color]
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[color=gray]Woohoo, its in taste!

OB wont let you use their attachments as avaters, so you should save it to your PC and then upload it as avater. Worked for me when I tested it just now.
Glad you like it ^_^[/color]
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