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Digimon and Beyond


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Well, as we all know digimon is dead. However, I heard that there is a manga that is still continuing the digimon legacy. Does anyone know of it? If so, I really would like to know where to find more info on it and maybe someday find scans on it too. Thanx a bunch.

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[color=darkblue]I personally don't think of Digimon as dead, but eh. Everyone has the right to their own opinion.

Anyways, there does happen to be a Digimon manga series that's distributed by none other than TokyoPop. I just checked out the entire first series (the being Season 01 with Tai & Co.) and Season 02 is supposed to be coming out soon, if it hasn't already been released. You can check [url=http://www.tokyopop.com]here[/url] to see if it's available.[/color]
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Actually there is a new manga-series in Japan called Digimon Chronicles, featuring at least three new stereotypical digidestined: a goggleboy, a loner and a girly girl. Their digimon partners are (respectively) bestial Dorumon, dragonish Hiryuumon (or something like that), and feline TobuCatmon (not sure about this name either...).

Well, I don't know much more about it, but there're bits of information scattered around the net, so go and search if you're interested.
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Its Dorumon, Ryuudamon, and TobuCatmon...

Kouta Doumoto Is the goggle boy who has Dorumon

Yuji, the loner, Has Ryuudamon.

And the bad guy He is called Shinji, and his digimon is Omnimnon X... OminimonX is also known as NeoOmnimon...

Unfortunatly the site I get my info from about this... Well their host is down again so i cant direct you to where you need to go. But if you want to look for the site and find the older version of it... Go to Google and type in [I]Digital Empire[/I] Its the one with the little lines around it and it might say geocities or something like that.

From there you will prolly find a page saying they moved. Anyways just keep trying to go to the new site maybe it wont be down. But it has infor .... not much... But a few scans... pictures of the Neo digimon. Info about the x antidote... and pictures of the two tamer kids... The boys... It says nothing about a girl though but i did post up a picture of Tobucatmon just for you to see.

The attachments... The purpleish one is Dorumon... The dragon like tan one is Ryuudamon and the catish one os Tobucatmon... And of course the other is OmnimonX
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