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[size=1]I'm really not quite sure how I ended up drawing this. I felt like drawing tonight, and was trying to come out with something that didn't look like a doll. (I think Godel pointed out that all of my pictures look like dolls or plushies, heh. And mostly, they do.)

So, yeah. It started out as my having fun with bold lines, and I wasn't really paying attention to the picture itself (such as making sure certain aspects of her face were actually on straight--whoops) because I was having fun inking.

I'm pretty sure it started out as an original character, but it ended up reminded me of The Bride, so I added the jumpsuit and colored it appropriately.

Questions, comments, criticisms, whatever. No number ratings, please. :toothy:[/size]

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[color=#707875]Well, you used yellow and orange. So right off the bat, you know that I think it's a cool picture. ~_^

I'm curious to know whether you did this all digitally, or partly by hand and then digitally.

I say that because the linework all [i]looks [/i]digital, but it has a very deliberate "sharp" look to it, which I quite like. It's almost as though it was painted with a thick brush dipped in black ink. And considering the subject matter, this is very suitable.

In general I like the style. The way that you've kept it very "flat" and two dimensional, as well as somewhat blending the character with the background...it's just a style that I find very fresh and bold. And it works well here.

In particular, I love the way you've done the hair. The individual strands not only look as though they've been painted with a brush, but they [i]almost [/i]look like they've been sharply cut into the page with a katana (how appropriate, eh?)

And I also think that you've done the face quite well. Everything is in proportion and you haven't gone overboard with the rendering; you've kept simple lines and simple colour changes in place, as is appropriate.

So...I won't give you a numercial rating, as you requested (and because I dislike them myself). I'll only say that this is probably one of the best pieces I've seen from you and I quite like your art in general anyway. So there you go. Be proud. ^_^[/color]
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Whoa. Gorgeous work, Sara. Gorgeous.

The color scheme rocks my world. Yellow and orange, used here, are nice complements to each other. I've seen some pieces where orange and yellow looks iffy. But here, it works.

I love the style of the piece. It [i]looks[/i] Kill Bill-ish. Hell, if Kill Bill were animated, I'd expect to see that bold style, considering how bold Kill Bill was.

This is a short review, and for that I apologize.

My only crit is about the background and font. It seems more Lion King than Kill Bill. It's probably the orange in the background, combined with the black/orange title card. Perhaps using Impact font, and a piece of yellow, tattered parchment?
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[size=1]Heh. ^_^

Everything I post here is usually sketched, scanned, then "inked" and colored. I actually did the lines with pen on this one, but everything you see has been run through photoshop for clean-up.

Lion King, heh. I guess I can see that. The box in the middle was honestly put in as something of an afterthought--her face was kind of crooked, so I lined up her features a bit more. Of course, that meant her hair didn't match up...so I just covered it up. *ducks*

I don't know, heh. I just really love this picture. I feel so silly about it, but it really turned out great. I'm so pleased with it, and I'm so glad it's not just some delusion of mine--other people actually think it looks good. So awesome. ^_^

Yellow and Orange and Black. We should have a skin like that, James. *laughs and flees*[/size]
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[size=1][color=darkred]Woah. Really impressive stuff Sara. This is a legendary piece. The colours are really vivid and bold. Everything meshes really well....I love it. My favourite part would be the jumpsuit, and undoubtably the neckline. It looks so real, like you could almost touch it. The lips are very cool too...they look so plump. Heh. This picture survives the quick glance impeccably, and the long stare just about as well.

I could honestly concieve this being official artwork by a true career artist.

Nice work.


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