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This is my first endeavor in this concept, so try and tolerate my almighty n00bness.

Alright! Let's do this! *Dramatic zoom in on eyes*

Ok, this adventure shall take place on the world of Spaccui (Seer-CAU). This world is a fair and actually quite beautiful world. The inhabitants are incredibly content with their lives, and the food is quite plentiful. The strong Rakkas (a larger race of what looks like humans with colorful fur) tilled the land, while under the rule of the wise Kiros (a smaller race of small, grey-skinned humanoids). All was well until the year 2076.

In the Icy land of A'kent (R-eyn-ENT), there was once a great battle which took the lives of millions. The battle was against the Homaks, a dark and evil conquering race that built great, noxious cities, and terrifying new magics. The war ended when the head Kiros said that the Homaks had been destroyed. It also ended with much controversy and an almost frightening suddenness,leaving many unsure that it had actually ended at all. That many included you. You question the suddenness in your mind repeatedly, but that never helps, as you know. So will you go adventuring to find out? Well, the Kiros made it very clear that you cannot, or you will be arrested and exiled.

The only question remains, will you dare rebel against the wise Kiros?

You can choose to be:
a Homak (looks exactly like a human) Strong in all categories. Lives normal life length. Generally hated.
a Kiros (described above in the story section) Magic adept, weaker. Incredibly long lifespan. Generally respected.
a Rakka (also described above) Stronger, less magic adept. Very Long Lifespan. Generally liked.
a Waska (Looks like a cat-human hybrid) Faster, skilled, and has some strength and magic skill. Slightly longer lifespan. Generally liked.
a Kippor (a Vampire) Only adept in dark magic, Fast, and strong. Lives normal life length. Generally hated.
a Lyc (an Oracle) Only adept in light magic, skilled, and extremely fast. Lives VERY LONG TIME. Generally loved.
a Spherec (Looks like a half-man, half-lizard) Not adept in magic, and not very fast, either, but EXTREMELY STRONG, and can regenerate lost limbs. (only male gender) Generally liked.
a Marrur (looks like a half-woman, half-rabbit) Not strong, but pretty fast, and VERY ADEPT AT MAGIC. Very seductive creatures (a natural advantage). (only female gender) generally liked.

[u]Sides of the conflict[/u]
Rebellion: seeks the power to destroy the Kiros
Government: seeks the power to blind the people to the truth
Vagrant: seeks own motives, and may be joined up with a few other people
Mercenary: seeks the motives of his/her employer

[u][b]My character[/b][/u]
Name: Sardik "The Night" Mes
Race: Waska
Age: 27 (about 20 in human years)
Sex: Male
Class: Assassin
Weapon of Choice: (many) Kunai Knives
Brief Stat Description: Not very strong, but moves with incredible speed. Can use some cloaking magics. Very skilled.

Eyes: Orange
Hair: Dark Black
Skin: Believed to be fair (although anyone who has seen it has not lived to tell).
Build: Slim, but also somewhat muscular
Tail: Dark Black

Fav. Color: Black
Likes: Being alone
Dislikes: Noisy people
Wears: Black Clothing
Bio: Has been trained in the art of assassination since birth, he prefers to be alone, constantly thinking and also constantly wary. He has trouble getting into relationships, even though he has a certain charm about him. He wants to get into a relationship, possibly settle down and have a family, but he believes that it is just a dream, and continues his work. Called "The Night" by his friends (aka those who fear him). Is constantly searching for the meaning of "Love".
All in all: The silent and powerful one.

[u]Side of Conflict[/u]
He is on "His side" (vagrant)

Well...that's my character! Try to make your charcters in the same format, but don't reveal too much of the past (of your character), as it will be an important plot device!
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[b]Name:[/b] Jiae 'Foxy' Wren
[b]Race:[/b] Waska
[b]Age:[/b] 25 (about 19 in human years)
[b]Sex:[/b] Female
[b]Class:[/b] Mage
[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] Quarter staff with a sharp metal cap at one end
[b]Brief Stat Description:[/b] Not very strong, but moves with incredible speed. Has a high level of flexability.

[b]Eyes:[/b] Green with gold flecks
[b]Hair:[/b] Chestnut (dark borwn with gold streaks)
[b]Skin:[/b] Deep tan
[b]Build:[/b] Slim, but also somewhat muscular. Wiry muscles. Finley curved.
[b]Tail:[/b] Dark brown with red

[b]Fav. Color:[/b] Green
[b]Likes:[/b] Astrology, males (lol)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] Grumpy people
[b]Wears:[/b] A black pleated mini-skirt, a white long-sleeved peasant shirt, black vest, white knee socks, and black school shoes.
[b]Bio:[/b] Has been a free spirit her whole life, and can never be tied down. She has a hard time with permanent relationships because of this, but is very friendly and flirtacious. She is very good at assassination, and even better a free-for-all fighting. She is so much of a flirt that those who know her call her 'Foxy', the nick name suitable. She looks more like she's part fox than part cat, though, and her tail is bushy, instead of slim like a cats.
[b]All in all:[/b] The friendly type

[u]Side of Conflict[/u]

Is this good, babe?
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[b][u]My Character[/b][/u]
Name: Riho Garik
Race: Rakka
Age: 123 (31 in human years)
Sex: Male
Weapon of Choice: 5 shaku sword
Brief Stat Description: Strong, average speed. Can use some dark magics. Not incredibly skilled.

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Fur: Black
Build: Muscular

Fav. Color: Black
Likes: Girls and swords and stuff
Wears: Dark Chain Mail, a black steel cap
Bio: Has been a warrior since he can remember. Very outgoing and laughs a lot. Likes to laugh at the pains of others. He also likes dark stuff and girls and swords and more stuff. All the stuff is dark. The girls are not dark. The girls are pretty. The swords and everything else are. Dont worry. He doesn't THINK he's dark.
He just thinks everyone else is too f***ing bright.
All in all: The freaky dark one

[u]Side of Conflict[/u]
He is on the side of evil! (rebel)

That's my character, b*tch. ^_^
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Mine "Chibi" Biran
Race: Waska
Age: 22 (about 18 in human years)
Sex: Female
Weapon of Choice: Wakizashi/katana pairing
Brief Stat Description: Not very strong, but magically inclined and is pretty fast.

Eyes: Emerald
Hair: Chestnut (red/gold/brown mix)
Skin: Tan/Olive
Build: Short. Medium (curves in the right places)
Tail: Chestnut w/black stripes

Fav. Colors: Sapphire blue, emerald green, blood red.
Likes: Reading, magic, music
Dislikes: Small children, dogs, being told what to do when not on a job
Wears: Short jean-type pants, short sleeved shirts, hair back in a braid with flowers woven in
Bio: A mercenary, born and bred. Her life is whatever the highest bidder demands, and she's done many things that she isn't proud of. However, her small stature has earned her the nickname of Chibi and she can go where a larger Waska would be suspect. When not working, she loves to read and play her flute. Her eyes never seem to smile, and she has been described as 'the cutest little thing, even though she looks like her heart is gone.' She has been chasing the mayfly known as love for many many moons now, with no hope of success.
All in all: The dangerous kitten.

Side of Conflict: Mercenary[/FONT]
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:demon: MY CHARACTER :demon:

Name: Gothkir Dessendor
Class: Death Monk
Sex: Male
Race: Kippor
Age: 18
Weapon of Choice: Flail Kama (Picture Forthcoming)
Brief Stat Description: Not physically inclined, very fast, slightly dark-magical, limited range

Eyes: Red
Hair: Black, shoulder length
Skin: Pale
Build: Lithe
Tail: Black w/ Spaded Tip

Favorite Color: Black
Likes: Blood, darkness......... Waska girls (shhhhh! ^_^)
Dislikes: Light, garlic
Wears: Black leather trenchcoat, spiked shoulder guards, belt-strap torso cover, black lips, black fingernails, spiked half-gloves. (Picture Fothcoming)

Bio: Gothkir is an interesting character. His slightly altered psyche and view on others doesn't allow him many opportounities to make friends. He has always been somewhat of a loner, but he's ok with that. He lost almost all faith in life after the brutal killing of his family by a villiage mob, but lives on for one thing... one aspect of his life that gives him purpose. A Waska girl, Alyssa, who befreinded him on one of his journeys. It was she that taught him what love was, it was she that gave him purpose, and it was she that convinced him to join the rebellion.

All-in-All: Dark, forlorn, manic-depressive type.

Side of Conflict: Rebellion
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]Name: Lucifer "Shadow" Chyme
Sex: Male
Race: Kippor
Age: 19
Weapons: Custom Broad sword (see image)
Character Class: Shadow Knight
Brief Stat Description: He is a perfect mix of speed and strength even with his armor. He knows an average amount of dark magic ranging from life draining spells to curses and a few damaging spells.

Hair: Black
Skin: fair skinned slightly tan
Build: Slim but defined and strong
[URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=magnacarta&image=6]Click Here for pic[/URL]

Favorite Colors: Blood Red, Dark blue and Black
Likes: The moon, night and down to earth people
Dislikes: Arrogance, Ignorance, Annoying people
Wears: Outfit in picture
Bio: He has been looked down on and hated all his life but it doesnt bother him he lives for the few that matter to him. He is slightly cold hearted but he has good relationship with whoever gets close to him. Poeple tend to annoy him which generates most of his cold heartedness. He is constantly day dreaming and it shows through his eyes. He wants to change the world how people treat each other because of what they are.

Side of Conflict: Whatever benefits him the most, in other words Vagrant[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] I hope this is ok, If not let me know.
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Name: Austris Luvernicus
Race: Lyc
Age: 96 (the equivilant of about 16)
Sex: Male
Class: Mage
Weapon of Choice: Rapier-style blade
Brief Stat Description: Very fast with skill in basic light magic. Quite weak physically and doesn't pack much of a punch.

Eyes: A deep sea-green
Hair: Light Grey
Skin: Very pale, albino-ish
Build: Quite small, but by no means fat
Tail: Light Grey

Fav. Color: White
Likes: Knowledge
Dislikes: People of lesser intelligence
Wears: Quite a basic white robe with gold lining, and the Kiro emblem on the front
Bio: Austris, or 'Aussie' to his friends, was brought up in a large Kiro city, and thus became friends with the people he grew up with. He is the son of a much respected Lyc, who provides the Kiro government with sources of information concerning the Rebellion. This way, Austris grew up seeing the governmental way as the right way, as the downsides of the Kiro rule are kept hidden from him. He is quite intelligent for a boy his age, and heir to his father's position in the government, but this sometimes makes him a bit big-headed, and tends he to laugh in the face of those inferior to him. He is a skilled warrior, training on the larger beasts and insects on the edge of the city with a small, thin blade, which he mysteriously found one day in the woods, and has a concealed dark power. He therefore keeps it concealed from his parents. He has many friends in school, in which he is the only Lyc.

[B]Side of Conflict[/B]
He is an agent for the Kiro government.[/COLOR]
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Ok, guys! Just letting you know! We'll start the RP after tommorrow! Anybody who does not complete a post by the end of tommorrow (except if they have asked for reservation) will not be included in the RP! Sorry, but that's the way it is! Ok... Very nice characters, everyone! Remember: This story will depend a lot upon how into your character you get!

Ok... Here are some alignment rules I think I should update!
Mercenaries can be hired by anyone (and can change sides according to their employer)
Vagrants can hire anyone (and must change alignment somewhat to accomadate their employees [ie. You most likely will not hire a government official and a high ranking rebel on the same team, as you will be a governmental rebel...])
Government can only hire mercenaries
Rebellion can only hire mercenaries

Ummm... Let's see now... everyone has gone without choosing a class (including myself ^_^;; ). Let's see... alright... make up a class! As long as it only incorporates one type of weaponry (no fighter/mages or archer/fighters or archer/mages).

Be notified that there ARE modern-day weapons (brought to our planet by the homaks, so homaks get bonuses to accuracy with them and blah blah blah)

Those generally hated characters (yeah, you kippors!)! You will recieve a bonus of popularity if you join the rebellion or the government! And let me add another class or two to the top! Check those out just in case you wish to change your character to them!

wow... I really should have added this earlier! Feel free to change your character according to these changes!

It will be called Subhuman, like this thread!
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Name: Ta'a Chuun
Race: Kiros
Age: Whatever about 40 is in Kiros years
Sex: Male
Class: Portal Master (Manipulates kinetic energy to create portals)
Weapon: Sabre
Not very strong or skilled, but fast, and highly magically inclined

Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: none
Skin: Greyish-blue
Build: Small, light, and not muscular
Tail: Greyish-blue

Favorite color: red
Likes: Global domination, control
Dislikes: Lack of power, water
Wears: Loose red robe with leather strips and the emblem of the Kiros on the front, Big red cape, and a red wide-brimmed hat with a white feather.
Bio: Was the Prime Minister of the Kiros nation for two years before being demoted to Vice Minister under grounds of abuse of power. Still, as Vice Minister, he usurped as much power as he possibly could, even going so far as arranging an assassination of the Prime Minister, which ultimately failed, and was about to instrument a military coup and install a dictatorship when he was found out. After some hefty bribes to insure secrecy, he was dismissed from office. His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed that he was inducted into the secret shadow government that really runs things.
All in all, a control freak.

Ta'a Chuun is on the government's side
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Name: Jace "Ace" Oberman
Race: Homak
Age: 17
Class: Fighter
Is inhumanly fast and is very strong.

Eyes: blue
Hair: Brown
Skin: tan
Build: Muscular not very large

Weapons: A sabre(RH) dagger(LH) combination
Color: Blue
Likes: Knowledge, freedom
Dislikes: Tyrants or people who try to hurt others.
Wears: Light body armor, nothing on his arms or legs (Except Dark Green leather pants). A Dark Green cloak covering his head so none can see his heiritage.
Bio: Deserted from the Homak army as a young child. Jace wanders the world using his skill with a bow to win him money from town to town. He hopes of one day finding acceptance among some of the people in this world. He travels the land as a mercenary, hoping to bring down the terror he believes his people are somehow creating.

(Neko if I made this post to late I apologize I won't post in the story until I hear form you)
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