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VAs and Seiyuu who rock.


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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]as long as i can remember, i've been fangirl-obsessed with certain voice actors and their Japanese counterparts, [i]seiyuu[/i]. now, i came from a forum where dubs were looked down on and subtitles were the only way to go, but you can see (or hear) great voice acting, no matter the language.

VAs: [B]Eric Stuart. [/B] The voice of Seto Kaiba, Brock, James, and about a billion others. He's the first on my list, because he really has a versatile voice and i love the way he portrays different types of people.

[B]Lia Sargent. [/B] Shion Uzuki, Milly Thompson, Kuronekosama, Judy of Bebop's Big Shot. She's also extremely versatile, and she produced the dubbed version of Trigun, something i will be forever grateful to her for.

[I]Seiyuu: [/I] [B]Takehito Koyasu.[/B] Fujimiya Aya-kun, Zechs Merquise, Demon Fist... i just love the timbre of his voice, and i'd know it anywhere. he did this one song called 'Tiny Little Song' that sounds like a lullaby.

[B]Midorikawa Hikaru. [/B] Schuldich, Heero Yuy, Tamahome. He just has a very cool, very smooth voice that makes him a joy to listen to.

[B]Weiss (Yuuki Hiro, Tomokazu Seki, Shinichirou Miki, Takehito Koyasu).[/B] They play the lead characters in the anime Weiss Kreuz, and they are a J-Pop group with a wonderful sound.

so give some praise to the voice actors you like! =^_^=[/FONT]
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I'm surprised I didn't see Megumi Hiyashibara on your list. She's definately on my top list (And the top lists of about a gazillion other people). I especially love her as female Ranma (Ranma 1/2) and Lina Inverse (Slayers).

The dub cast for Slayers was great.

My favorite VA is probably Crispin Freeman (Zelgadis from Slayers, Arucard of Hellsing, Joker from Read or Die, and many, many more!). He's just creates this great atmosphere for each character he plays, and Eric Stuart is simply hilarious. The little sound effects he makes, not many others can do it like that. Most VA's try, but just fail miserably (Which is one of the reasons I prefer subbed most of the time, Seiyuu's usually have a bit higher voices, or can make their voices go higher, just making them funnier).

My favorite Seiyuu list includes Inoue Kikuko (Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess, Kasumi of Ranma 1/2). She's not very versatile, or doesn't seem so as she does similar characters a lot of the time, but I just really like her voice. Something about it, just nice :D There's many more Seiyuu I'd like to mention, but I'm tired and I can't remember their names.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Ooo...I, too, like seiyuus and VAs. Without them, there wouldn't be much life to anime, right?

[U]Favorite English Voices Actors (esses):[/U]
[B]Steven J. Blum [David Lucas][/B] This guy is pretty well known for most of the roles you hear on Toonami or Adult Swim. In more recent roles on CN, he played [I]Spike[/I] fr. Cowboy Bebop and [I]Shishio[/I] fr. Rurouni Kenshin. You can usually find him in anime licensed through Bandai or Pioneer.

[B]Wendee Lee[/B] She's usually found coupled with Mr. Blum. I don't mind it--they make a great team. She played [I]Faye Valentine[/I] fr Cowboy Bebop and Shishio's girlfriend fr Rurouni Kenshin. Lee also played [I]Karen[/I] fr X. Again, you can find her through anime licensed by Bandai or Pioneer.

[B]Kirby Morrow[/B] This guy is perhaps my favorite English voice actor *^^* He voiced characters that include [I]Van Fanel[/I] fr Vision of Escaflowne, [I]Miroku[/I] fr Inuyasha, and [I]Scott Summers[/I] fr X-Men Evolution [yes, it's NOT an anime].

[B]John Burgmeier[/B] Another good one! I absolutely loved him as [I]Shigure Sohma[/I] fr Fruits Basket. He's also the guy who did [I]Kurama Minamino[/I] fr Yuyu Hakusho.

[U]Favorite Japanese Seiyuus:[/U]
[B]Inoue Kazuhiko[/B] SEXY VOICE ALERT! Yum! Seriously, I can listen to this man speak for hours--eventhough I won't be understanding a single word he says ^^; Notable characters include: [I]Eiri Yuki[/I] fr Gravitation, [I]Aion[/I] fr Chrono Crusade and [I]Oriya[/I] fr Yami no Matsuei. Mmm...

[B]Sho Hayami[/B] SEXY VOICE ALERT! The same thing goes for this man as well ^^ Notable characters include: [I]Naoe[/I] fr Mirage of Blaze, [I]Muraki[/I] fr Yami no Matsuei, and [I]Remington Priest[/I] fr Chrono Crusade. Mmm...

[B]Seki Toshihiko[/B] Ahh man! This guy has been in soo many. And yes, SEXY VOICE ALERT! Notable characters include: [I]Genjo Sanzo[/I] fr Saiyuki, [I]Legato[/I] fr Trigun, [I]Ougi Takaya[/I] fr Mirage of Blaze, [I]Watari[/I] fr Yami no Matsuei, [I]Zechs [/I] fr GW...and much more. This guy is a seiyuu veteran!!!

[B]Seki Tomakazu[/B] Yep, this guy has also done PLENTY of work. I like him mainly because his voice is SOO flexible! Notable characters include: [I]Van[/I] fr Escaflowne, [I]Shuichi[/I] fr Gravitation, [I]Chichiri[/I] fr Fushigi Yuugi and plenty more...

Really. I can go on. BUT, those are my 4 most favorite Seiyuus ^^

WITHOUT them, anime would be incredibly BLAH!
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[b]John Burgmeier[/b] has always been one of my favorite VAs. I first became acquainted with him through his magnificient performance in FUNimation's Yu Yu Hakusho. Kurama is a dark, lovely character and Mr. Burgmeier successed in capturing the essence of his complicated personality. I was astounded to learn that he also played Shigure Sohma (that insane cackle must have been difficult to master!).

[b]Crispin Freeman[/b], one of the most versatile actors I've ever encountered, rarely fails to please. And as an ardent fan I must state that his voice is simply gorgeous. Recently I've been watching him in Witch Hunter Robin (Amon) and X-TV (Fuuma).

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Megumi Hayashibara is over rated. Tbh, i don't like her voice much, there are many seiyuus in the world better than her who have JUST as many roles. (example: Tomokazu Seki).

Favorite Seiyuus:

Hikaru Midorikawa
There is soemthign REALLY sexy about his voice. I just can't explain. It might have something to do with his roles as Kaiba and Mikage which are my favorite roles of his.
And his Tamahome... wahaha, it's just so hilarious. <3
I don't like Midorikawa-sama's singing tho, he sounds so goofy :P

Tomokazu Seki
I love this guy! He is so talented!! <3 He's probably THE most talented Seiyuu I have ever seen. I mean, if you listen to him as Chichiri, then as Van (BIG change), then as Ogata (from Angelic Layer) and then his role as kamui... he's really soemthing.
He's an awesome singer too. He can change his singing voice to match his characters unlike some seiyuu. (Midorikawa-sama seems to ahve a problem with this...)

Takehito Koyasu
Once more, a very sexy voice. I loved his role as Hotohori in Fushigi Yuugi.

Nobutoshi kanna (not hayashi anymore)
Oh god, oh god, oh god!!!! He's just awesome!! XD He was great as Tasuki (mastered the 'Osakan' accent well). Taht's the role I always remember him by. ^^
I also adore his singing. tasuki's image songs... they just make me purr.....

Aya Hisakawa
My favorite female seiyuu. She's just so talented, she has a beautiful voice, spekaing and singing, and ya gotta love the characters she plays.

Kotono Mitsuishi
When I heard her do Usagi's voice from Sailor moon and then Juri's voice from Utena, I was amazed. Mitsuishi-san is just... awesome

Megumi Ogata
Once more, a very talented seiyuu. She plays boy roles alot (like Shinji, and Yuugi AND Yami int he first YGO series.) but her role as Haruka form Sailor Moon... that was...amazing O_O

Yarggle, I have a thousand more favorite seiyuu, but I don't wanna take a whole page @_@ (yes I know I'm a bit shallow :P)

As for VA's... that's simple.

Eric Stuart and Lisa Ortiz. No i don't like Ms. Ortiz for her roles as Serenity and Lina and a bunch of other characters. I like for her role as Shiori form Utena. Holy cow, I like Ortiz doing Shiori's voice more thna I like her original seiyuu. She played sadistic, selfish Shiori so well...
The two of them are just execellant. Eric Stuart is extremly talented. ^^ 8can't think of any thing else to say*
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I only really have two:

Ogata Megumi: MINAMONI SHUIICHI!!!!!!!!!!!!! *glomps poor Shuiichi* from YYh!!! I love her in this show. She can sing to! *pumps up the volume on "Romantic Solidier* I didn't even know she was a chick....too bad... anywayz..

Niiyama Shiho: God bless her. She was a great VA. She died 2/7/00 of lukeumia. *cries* she did Seiya/Star - Fighter (SM Stars) Doris in Marmalade Boy, Rei in Perfect Blue, in CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan she did Takamura Suou and a lot more...this sis making me sad... :( :bawl: :crying:
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I have two also.

Voice Actor:

Scott McNeil - So FUN! ^^ Scott played Duo Maxwell in the Gundam Dub, Wolverine in the X-Men Cartoon, and Piccolo(sp?) from some of the Dragon Ball Z episodes. He's a great voice actor and wonderful with the fans! His best show is arguably Beast Wars: Transformers because of the diversity among Rat Trap, Silverbolt, Dinobot and Waspinator.

Imai Yuki - Definately a good voice actress. For the role of Suzu from Peace Maker Kurogane alone! Ah... What a wonderful scene during that second last episode... If done by any other voice actor it most probably have turned out to be corny.

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][quote name='r2vq']Scott McNeil - So FUN! ^^ Scott played Duo Maxwell in the Gundam Dub, Wolverine in the X-Men Cartoon, and Piccolo(sp?) from some of the Dragon Ball Z episodes. He's a great voice actor and wonderful with the fans![/quote]

:luv: Scott McNeil has a WONDERFUL voice, and he's come to Nan Desu Kan so many times! he played Piccolo in DBZ from the Saiyan saga to the end of the Frieza Saga, and Jeice in the Frieza saga.

Fushigi Rockna: you and i agree on most of the VAs and seiyuu. Seki Toshihiko did Duo's image song Kitto OK! and i had to get the mp3 because he has such an awesome singing voice. did you know he also plays Cid in Final Fantasy: Unlimited? :love: And Kotono Mitsuishi also played Excel in Excel Saga.

Dagger: Crispin Freeman has a great voice... he's in several video games that i loved.

personally, i think Megumi Hayashibara is overrated. her voice isn't all that great. Aoi Tada is better =^_^=[/FONT]
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[color=darkblue]Well, I have several VAs that I love:

[b]Dan Green[/b] (Yugi/Yami & others- Yu-Gi-Oh!, Nabuca- Now and Then, Here and There; Professor Birch, major villians, others- Pokémon)- Yes, Dan Green. Everyone's favorite five-thousand year old spirit. Even though he does Yugi/Yami, not to mention every major villian and several minors in the Pokémon movies and series (and the voice of Knuckles in Sonic X, I'm told), I still love to hear his voice. He did a particularly good job in the Now and Then, Here and There dub as Nabuca too. ^^

[b]Ted Lewis[/b]- (Bakura/Yami Bakura, Bandit Keith, others- Yu-Gi-Oh!; Giovanni, James [1998], others- Pokémon) Again, another Pokémon/Yu-Gi-Oh! VA, but I still love to hear him, even though he doesn't have a lot of versatility like his spiky-haired co-star.

[b]Brad Swaile[/b]- (Quatre, others- GW; Amaro- Mobile Suit Gundam; Keisuke- Junkers Come Here) Admittedly, I didn't like his voice at first. I thought it was pretty annoying, but that was only because I had first took notice of him in Mobile Suit Gundam, and Amaro is definately [i]not[/i] one of my favorite characters. After giving him a second chance with Quatre (even though it was just the same) I grew to really like him.

[b]David Lucas[/b]- (Spike- Cowboy Bebop; Shishio- Rurouni Kenshin: Legend of Kyoto; announcer for various commercials) Though he seems to do just about everything under the sun, David Lucas' voice is sort of soothing in a way. It's very smooth and easy to listen to without getting annoyed by it. And as much as you hear him nowadays, that pretty amazing, lol.

[b]Veronica Taylor[/b]- (Ash, Delia, and May- Pokémon; Seita & Setsuko's Mother- Grave of the Fireflies) I'm just impressed that she can do a boy's voice that well. During an interview (which is on the Director's Commentary on the 4th Pokémon movie DVD) she said that it was sort of hard doing Ash's voice because of what it involves. I admire her for that.

[b]Tara Jayne[/b]- (Megumi- Rurouni Kenshin; minor characters- Pokémon) I was always impressed by the sound of Ms. Jayne's voice when I heard her on Rurouni Kenshin. It was a definate turn around from when she did her voice work on Pokémon. A complete 108, if you will, lol.

[b]Eric Stuart[/b] (Brock, James [the current one], others- Pokémon; Kaiba, others- Yu-Gi-Oh!) Anyone who can do a crazy laugh like James' deserves some sort of honor in my book, lol.

[b]Yuji Ueda-[/b] (Sanosuke- Rurouni Kenshin) I simply love the sound of his voice. It seems so versatile to me. I especially like the tone he takes when a character gets angry. Wonderful. ^^

[b]Lex Lang-[/b] (Sanosuke- Rurouni Kenshin; Crim- .hack//SIGN) He just comes off as your regular smart-aleck cool guy with the way he talks. And his outtakes are some of the funniest around, lol. (Take a look at the 5th volume of the Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai outtakes for an example).

Whew, that's all I can think of for right now, but there are many others, lol. I'll come back when I can think of them.[/color]
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RICHARD COX!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love: :love: he did SOOOO incredibly grat as Inuyasha! He's more famous for it than Yamaguchi Kappei. I think it's quite funny actually

[COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]Akiya, please try and add more substance to your posts. This is so incredibly close to being spam. -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]
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I really like Naraku's voice (Paul Dobson) from the English dub of InuYasha. The weird thing about it is that he also does Myouga's voice. :twitch: By the way, I don't think that Richard Cox even comes close to Kappei for the InuYasha role. I don't like the fact that they made InuYasha use English slang for his parts. Corny.

For seiyuu, I'd say that I love Orochimaru's voice from Naruto (see pale guy in my sig and ava). I think the guy just goes by Kujira.His voice is really creepy and almost sounds a little bit like an old woman who's been smoking all her life. =P
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[quote name='Akiya Debisu']RICHARD COX!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love: :love: he did SOOOO incredibly grat as Inuyasha! He's more famous for it than Yamaguchi Kappei. I think it's quite funny actually[/quote]

This reply is rather spammish, dearie. Next time be sure to tell us why you like Mr. Cox's performance, and ease up on the smilies--like many things in life, they're best when utilized sparingly.

But disregarding any issues related to post quality, I don't understand why you assume that Richard Cox is "more famous" for being the man behind Inuyasha than Yamaguchi Kappei, an incredibly well-known and easily recognizable seiyuu. He's nearly as ubiquitous as, say, David Lucas. Mr. Cox might possess some degree of renown among North American or dub-only fans... yet overall I think his name commands less respect than Yamaguchi Kappei?s.

I agree with you in the sense that Richard Cox is one of Inuyasha?s best VAs; his performance is certainly more nuanced than Moneca Stori's. However, you shouldn?t underestimate Yamaguchi?s fan following or his fame.

EDIT: Oops, Solo got here first. My bad. ^_^;

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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]I wont bother with North American VAs...aside from the fact that I don't know how any one could like that Cox fellow. Uck.

The dude who VAs for Shikamaru (and, according to one source, Konohamaru, as well O_o), is definately one of my favourites. I love the way he manages to sound so whiney--even if it's overdone, the personality emphasis is great. He is also "a doll", as Cherry Valice would say. (The Outsiders is bad for my brain.)

Whoever voices Gai must be a genius. A genius of vocal cords, because he cracks me up, even if I hate Gai. : /[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Godelsensei][COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]The dude who VAs for Shikamaru (and, according to one source, Konohamaru, as well O_o), is definately one of my favourites.[/FONT'][/COLOR][/quote]

According to my sources, Shikamaru was played by Morikubo Shoutarou and Konohamaru was played by a female, Ikue Ohtani.

I love both these voices. Shikamaru has to be so whiny and almost to the point of pathetic when the time is right, but so intelligent or stressed at other times. Konohamaru's voice is annoying at first but could be done no better by anybody else. Gai-sensei too, played by Masashi Ebara, is a genius voice. In fact, come to think of it, I liked a lot of voices found in the Naruto series. Count in Mayumi Asano for Haku's voice. ^^ Such a cool character, with such a cool... feminine voice.


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