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Siroshima Fire, Season 2


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OOC: Since jro13 left this I decided to continue it on my own... This is season 2 of Siroshima Fire

Since the start of the adventure a very evil and powerful deamon known as Sirus attacked the village in hope of finding the Sirohima fire. Many attempts were made to stop him, but he was too powerful.
The young Gohan Sinahiro was a teacher at the Shinobi Academy. His main student was Shimura Hentaro, a decendant of the extinced Shimura clan. Now seaking reveng, he trains to become powerful enough for it.
As the story started new characters were introduced. The beautiful Veil, who is on her own quest, but she to needs to be trained for it.
Kilik, The skilled young fighter who came into the crossfire between Sinahiro and the evil Sirus.
And Mya, a dangerously underesstimated young warrior with the intelligence to do anything.

These 5 brave souls were the only good deffence of the village against the evil of the Roxoski Clan.
At the climax of season 1, a huge battle errupted in the Roxoski village, and Sirus was once more threataning the lives of innocent. This time it was Veil. The group came to her rescue, and in the end it all went well. The Hokage came and defeated Sirus and everyone was saved. Except Veil. Her soul was abducted by an evil power. The group managed to save Veils soul, but later it god abducted again, by Sirus. Sinahiro sacrifised his soul to save Veils, but they were both near death. Later Veil woke up and found out what Sinahiro had done, and somehow feelt responcible.
As much time passed Sinahiro awoke from his deep slumber, fully healed, and with his own soul in tact.
Now begins the groups first training lesson.

Ok, everyone who needs to read last season go to that thread and read it.

Previouse players don't need to put in their info, but they do need to post in his thread as verification.

If any new players want to join, I STRONGLY suggest you read last season. And then come up with a good character.

We'll need

Your name:
Side: (You don't have to be in one, but the current main clans are Auraski {Good}, Roxoski {Evil}, and the Shimura {Good / Neutral}. But the Shimura are extinced and Hentaro is the last decendant.)


LETS GET THIS SHOW BACK ON THE ROAD!... We'll start when we have at least 5 characters, including me. Which means we already have 2 :P
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Lol, where it said "The skilled young fighter who came into the crossfire between Sinahiro and the evil Sirus." I mean to write:
"Kilik, The skilled young fighter who came into the crossfire between Sinahiro and the evil Sirus."
Sorry ^_^ *Edits*
Anyways, welcome back guys, I'll get the thread started A.S.A.P.
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[B]Name:[/B] Vera Koryuma of the Auraski

[B]Side:[/B] Seemingly good/neutral

[B]Age:[/B] 14

[B]Sex:[/B] Female

[B]Weapon:[/B] Kunais; smaller double whips

[B]Description:[/B] Black hair that cascades in waves, luminescent gray eyes, and a slim, somewhat undeveloped form. She wears small, silver bells on her ears that chime gently, along with numerous decorative ear cuffs. She is garbed in various shades of pale yellow cloth, which is embroidered over in intricate designs of bright silver thread. Wearing loose pants that match the tunic, her two whips hang at her sides, also decorated on their handles with silver and bells. Her kunais are hidden in the folds of her soft tunic, and have the same cloth wrapped around the handles.

[B]Bio:[/B] The half-sister of Veil Koryuma, Vera is the daughter of one of the favored concubines. After Veil ran away from her family so she wouldn't be forced to marry, their father, the head of the Koryuma, became extremely angered, and sent out not only search parties, but also hired mercenaries to bring back his only child. However, his concubine (Vera's mother) then introduced him to Veya. Veya was 13 at the time of the first meeting, and instantly became her father's new favorite. They had not met before because Vera's mother was afraid that Veil's father would dislike Vera. However, the complete opposite happened, and soon Veil's father was not found without his new-found daughter, Vera.

However, contrary to Veil, she was not taught in weaponry at all, instead being trained in more "womanly" arts. Her parents wanted to shield her from the warrior type of life, afraid that she too would run away, like Veil. Instead, she got all the duties of the first daughter, and was completely engulfed by her new life of training to be the perfect daughter in every aspect. However...this made Vera more determined to get out of the new life - she felt like she was being smothered.

As a result, not two months had passed after Veil's disappearance, that Vera also ran away, escaping the overprotective and loving embrace of her parents. Running deep into the mountains, she was about to collapse from exhaustion, when suddenly a shadowy figure caught her in her faint. The mysterious person nursed her back to health, and once Vera was well enough, trained her in the combative arts. It was a quiet lifestyle - the peace of nature surrounded them, and Vera gained much wisdom and training from her silent, robed benefactor. The person, whoever it was, never revealed their identity, always staying shrouded beneath dark robes. He/she also communicated to Vera only by hand-signals, which she picked up very quickly. She stayed in this intensive training in the mountains for a little under a year, passing her fourteenth birthday there.

One morning, the person was gone, and all of Vera's things were neatly packed. She understood perfectly what this meant - she had to leave, and move on. So taking her meager things with her, along with her weapons she had constructed there, she left the secret place on the mountain. Instead, she dropped by her home in secret, and seeing that their father was now hunting for both she and Veil, left quickly. Now, she decided to search for her half-sister Veil, even though they had never met. She wants Veil to go back, and kind of resents the fact that she was dumped with all of the first daughter's duties. She also wants to figure out who her mysterious teacher was. What Vera doesn't know, however, is that she was taught under a Shimura master... ;)
Vera is now on her way, following rumors that tell of Veil and the others, trying to find the temple that her sister resides in.
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Name: Kinesha Loa

Clan: Roxoski

Age: 14

Sex: female

Weapon: 16" Amythest Boomerang, legion of minions

Skill: Torture and Healing

Description: Mid-back length dark-brown hair, steely brown eyes with a blue ring around them, obsidian ring attached to an amethyst braclet on both arms, v-necked low cut black silk dress, 3 necklaces made of animal teeth tipped in silver.

Bio: Kinesha grew up a lonely child until she discovered her talent in torture. She tortured guards, animals, anything she could get her hands on. At the age of 8 her healing power kicked in. She had went to far and made a fatal injury to a cousin's head. As she started to cry the wound healed. After she had been reported by her cousin she was tought to use this in a deadly way. Now at the age of 14 she has been sent to do what another failed at, to take over the village. She was taught by Sirus himself how to improve her battle skills. After hearing news of his death she wanted to find the killers and tourture them. Her plan is to destroy who ever is related to Sirus' death.

Can I join?
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