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Gateway to the Savage Frontier


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That's right, I am creating an Rpg on one of the old AD&D computer games.

The Rules-
No godmodding, No unbreakable weapons/ armour. I will allow one magical item for each character but not too powerful.

The Background-

Two thousand years ago Ascore was a thriving port on the narrow sea. The gateway to the great dwarven nation of Delzoun, it was a melting pot where humans,dwarves and elves all conducting trade with nations across the Forgotten Realms. Now Ascore is nothing but a maze of windswept ruins, its mighty docks thrust proudly into the desocrate wasteland that is known as the Great desert.

As the waters receeded from Ascore the leaders of the metropolis faced even greater problems. Orcs, Trolls,Dragons and especially the monsters of the growing desert all came to feast on the once great city and it's inhabitants as they shrivilled in the suddenly relentless sun. Ascore called upon the greatest magicians of the Realms, promising great treasures if they could create a magical sheild to repel the monsters yet all failed.

Then one blistering summer day, four old and powerful mages from the distant east appeared at the city gates. Each using his special knowledge and rare components to craft magical statuettes to protect Ascore from monsters that would repel monsters from the north, south, east and west. Each statuette glowed magically with a symbol representing the parts of the realms upon which they were to focus their magic upon.Each created a small area where any monster would become lethargic even nauseous. When the four statuettes were set together upon an altar in the great plaza of Ascore, however, their power increased many thousandfold.

But this was not enough to save Ascore. During the citys final death throes corrupt city leaders took the statuettes for their own greed. The set were split apart and sent to four different parts of the realms. One statuette to the island of Purple Rocks, One to the great sorceress Cepitenne, in the Star Mounts, One to the Hostower mages of Luskan and one to the dwarves of Llorkh.

Zhenteriam spys soon alerted their leaders in the Zhentariam nation who soon set a plan to steal them for themselves. A Zhenteriam general named Vaalgamon was dispatched to oversee this task. A ship would take them to purple rocks where one atatue was held, then to Luskan to take the statuette from the mages, where a convoy would take it across landm They murdered the dwarven leaders of Llorkh and took their statuette from them. Cepettine would carry her statuette across air on her black dragon mount. It seemed like a foolproof plan but it wasn't, at least until the party didn't get involved.

The party, quite by accident, stumbles across this plot in its final stages. They realize that they are the only ones in the savage frontier that can stop Vaalgamon from collecting the statues and completing the Zhenteriam conquest of the region.

Character Creation-

Race: (Elf, Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Halfelf, Gnome, Half-orc)
Gender: * DUH*
Class: (Knight, Paladin, Mage, Cleric, Warrior, Theif, Barbarian, Druid, Ranger or any multiclass of them except any paladin/...... or Druid/....) I will private message you the skills of a class that you select.
Magic: For mages, Druids, Clerics.

Use 28 statistic points to use on points
Strength: (Begin at 8 for each but you can lower their stats to increase other stats)
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