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The Inner Light: Legacy of Dragons


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[SIZE=7][CENTER][FONT=forte]The Inner Light[/SIZE]
Legacy of the Dragons[/FONT]

[SIZE=1][I]An Inner Light is what shines when we cannot go on, the tougher the battle the brighter the light. An Inner Light is what resembles power inside, it?s the source that we trust to help us win, it?s the power of the day, and it?s our true Light.[/I][/CENTER]

[B]Dragons and Humans lived in peace, each of them living together, having their own way of life. Dragons made shrines to some of the greatest humans in the world, humans made shrines for them. But a race of evil Dragons known as the Red Dragons didn?t want that, and had different ideas, chaos?

A Knight, a Warrior, a Dragon Tamer, a Thief, a half Beast Human and a Samurai became good friends one day when they found themselves fighting together against a Red Dragon. The Red Dragon, and its entire race was the evil of all Dragons. The 6 of them defeated one of the most powerful Red Dragons. They became Hero?s, and the peace between man and Dragon was restored as the other Red Dragon?s fled. The 6 where given a title by the whole world, a nickname even, and as time went by the peace between Dragon and Man was kept. The 6 that saved the world of Dragon and Man went on with their own life now, splitting up and going solo.

When the Red Dragons returned, the 6 where summoned again. This time they could not win, they all seemed to fail. With their last breath, each of the 6 discovered an Inner Light. It was a power that could be summoned, and was stronger when the battle was almost at a lose. With this power, the 6 defeated the Red Dragons, once and for all. So the 6 went back to their normal lives once more, saving the world of Dragons and Humans once more.[/B]

The year was 1992. The Legend of the 6 warriors was long forgotten, until a cold Christmas night when a strange young man named Lance Andrews met up with a strange looking guy while walking through the park. Some sort of birdman. However Lance was not afraid. He was told about the Dragon Wars, and about the 6 friends. Lance did not believe in friendship. The stranger warned Lance not to ignore him, but Lance did. 2 years later he met Scarsmor Flash, a talented fighter. Lance agreed to train with Flash, and he was told about the Dragon Wars once more. This time, it was clearer. Lance knew now that he was a descendant of the Knight, one of the 6. Many others where told this, some having very close friends they travelled with that told them the story. In 1998, it began again.

The rumour was that the Red Dragons had risen again. All the training the few warriors went through was all for one thing: to achieve the Inner Light. The Red Dragons had not shown themselves, yet. But in 2004, the War finally started once more. Red Dragons hid in the mountains and torched people; they destroyed cities, and even burnt rivers into dry dust. The ones who had been trained all this time came up to face the challenge, a long and hard road to victory, not just to prove themselves worthy to be the descendants of the greatest warriors, but to prove there was an Inner Light, and that the Dragon Legacy was true.

[B]Knight:[/B] They?re the ones with the most Pride, but always wear some sort of armour. They?re very good riders, good fighters, and good leaders.
[B]Warriors:[/B] Just like a Knight, only less armour. They have more fighting talent without weapons than with them.
[B]Dragon Tamer:[/B] Able to convince dragons better than anyone else, and very good at riding Dragons. Some have their own tiny dragon with them.
[B]Thief:[/B] Like a Ninja in the shadows, they are master of stealth and can easily sneak up on people, good at stealing as well.
[B]Beast Human:[/B] Half human, half animal. They have the skills of that animal.
Samurai: The best with swords, and very fast on their feet. They can be just like anyone else, but they are mainly good fighters.


Nick Name:
Age:[/B] (No younger than 18)
[B]Descendant:[/B] (From one of the 6, more than one person can descend from the same person)
[B]Skills:[/B] (Keep to what you are)
[B]Weapons:[/B] (One main one backup)
[B]Description:[/B] (duh)
[B]Trainer/Master:[/B] (The person helping you, like a coach)

[B]Name:[/B] Lance Andrews

[B]Nick Name:[/B] Sir Lancelot

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]Descendant:[/B] Knight

[B]Skills:[/B] A good fighter, and able to combine his fighting talent with his riding skills. His best power is that he never gives up. If there?s blood still pumping through his veins he will not give up. He is very good with weapons, and can dodge attacks easily, while being able to hit an opponent with brutal force. Mercy is not real to him, and neither is friendship. Flash is his only true friend, he will trust people, but never consider them a friend, making this somewhat a skill and a weakness.

[B]Weapons:[/B] A Golden long sword that he keeps on his back, with silver diamonds in the handle and a golden blade. For a backup weapon he has a wooden staff he has below his sword on his back.

[B]Description:[/B] [IMG]http://chikara-z.xepher.net/muscle/fanart/mine/kmask_01.jpg[/IMG][/B]

[B]Bio:[/B] He ran away from home at the age of 8, hating his foster parents. His father, Daniel Andrews was said to have died on a secret mission. Lance never knew his father he couldn?t remember him. He swore that one-day he would avenge his father, his father who was said to be the greatest, bravest, toughest fighter and secret agent ever known. He lived on the streets for years, always keeping his hood up and never showing his face. He believed no one cared for him, and grew up bitter, lonely, and rough. It was as if he had no other feelings than the brute inside him. It was as if the only feelings he had where pride, honour, merciless and un-caring, but deep down he cared for the world around him, and he wasn?t selfish, just alone with no friends.

He joined up with a few gangs, but most of the time he beat them to the ground after seeing their true colours. One night while walking through a graveyard, he met a small boy who reminded Lance of him. The boy had run away too, and Lance helped the boy. The young boy was called Kevin, and when they both spilt up and went their own ways, he over heard a group of thugs laughing about a boy they pushed around last night in the graveyards. Lance ran straight to where he left Kevin, and saw him battered. Kevin said he use everything Lance taught him, but it just became more painful and it wasn?t enough. After that, Kevin died. Lance buried Kevin and made a gravestone for him, and went on, battering and beating street thugs to take his anger out.

When he met Scarsmor Flash, he got the first friend ever to train him, and the second person to teach him a lesson. Kevin taught Lance to show no mercy, and Flash taught Lance the art of fighting for real. Flash seemed to know more about Lance than anyone, and Flash claimed to know his father. When Lance heard the tale of the Red Dragons once more, he believed Flash. In his training, he seemed to become immortal, unbeatable, no mercy, no pain no game. He soon got a trademark, his blue knights helmet. Only Flash had ever seen his real face. He then trained on horseback, and when he knew he was the descendant of the Knight, he swore to only use his talent for good to avenge people, but he lied.

When the time came, and Flash told him he had to face the Red Dragons to save Man Kind once more, Lance only did it to live up to his fathers great name, and be the best warrior the world had ever known, with or without the others.

[B]Trainer/Master:[/B] Scarsmor Flash[/SIZE]
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Vicky, I would very much like to join your RPG

Name: Luthien
Nickname: Jet
Age: 19
Descendant: Warrior
Skills: Luthien possesses speed and agility like noneother, he created his own fighting style that uses his amazing quickness to counter the blows of the mightiest warriors.
Weapons: Luthien uses only a thin longsabre(a weapon past down in his family for centuries) where the blade is 3 feet long, and 1 1/2 inches wide with the handle of a rapier, which is so well made it once withstood the bite of a dragons jaws. For a backup Luthien wields a set of throwing daggers, he is able to throw them faster than any bow and arrow can fire, and with more rapid succession than an auto-crossbow.
Appearance: Luthien only wears a light weight plate armor on his body. He is tall, measuring around 6'4 inches tall. He is very lean and muscular. He has short brown hair, and blue eyes that women all over his villiage speak of.(If I can find the picture I want I'll edit this post and add it)
Bio: Luthien has come from a long line of warriors, his family name Jecklen has been renowned for centuries since the time of the great dragon wars. Luthien has been trainined by the best fighters, and has adopted his fighting style from combining all of those. Luthien if very shy and laid back, which is very unlike his father and grandfather who have all been known as avid womanizers.

The only battle Luthien ever saw was when he was a young boy of 9 when a gang of bandits ransacked his fathers caravans. Killing his mother and seriously wounding his father. Since then his father has had him training for the time when he will one day avenge the death of his parents, as well as the new threat being brought on the world.

The day of Luthiens 19th birthday, his father passed away. Torn with grief Luthien swore he would set out that day and destroy the Red Dragons, as well as find the bandits that took his parents. Luthien set out that day with Kento Isacsus, Luthiens long time main trainer and friend on a journey that Luthien knew would become part of history knowing only he could write his own story in the world he lived in.....
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