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How Correct is Politically Correct?


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[color=darkviolet]Consider these definitions from [i]The Official Politically Correct Dictionary[/i] I'm not going to go thru and do all of them, but a few were:

[b] Dirty Old Man[/b]- sexually focused chronologically gifted individual

and [b]Dead[/b]-Terminally inconvenienced

I'm curious as to how pressured does everyone feel to be considered politically correct on a day to day basis. Do some of us watch our speech and actions in hope that we won't offend anyone and everyone as we go along?

I'm hoping that this will instigate some sort of conversation.[/color]
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]There are certain things that require political corectness. The rest is just a bunch of snooty people with brooms up their bums.

Day-to-day, I do not go out of my way to prevent myself from saying terms such as, "white", "black" (in reference to race, of course), simply because they are accepted as inoffensive terms that describe some one's race. I describe myself as white, and black people describe themselves as black. Though it's usually seen as a negative conotation for whatever reason, alot of Asian people describe themselves as "yellow."
As long as people have enough common sense and social skills to determine whether some one is insulting them or another group or describing some one's appearance based on phrases that every one understands, no one really cares. (Boy, that was one long-winded sentence, there. o.o"")

But, when some one is something negative (you used the example "Dirty old man") I don't even see the reason for going out of your way to be polite. O_o

I guess some people just like being anal about irrelevent things.

As I see it, as long as you're respectful (meaning you don't use terms like "*****" or "******" or "Whitey", as they are derogatory), I'm "cool."

(Apparently, Godel needs some vocabulary building. >_>)

You [i]see[/i]??? The censor even cut out ****** and *****!! Why?! Because THEY'RE OFFENSIVE. *gasp* (Good job, censor guys. *mark of approval*)[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Like Godel said, some things just require political correctness. You can't be a rude jackass about everything :p

I think that when I am with strangers, I tend to be more "politically correct". When I'm with a group of friends that I like to hang around and talk with (which, admittedly, there aren't too many of), I'll be more casual and "politically incorrect".

Also, the way I see it, it pays to be in the middle with this sort of thing. Both extremes are really quite silly lol. People who demand you be politically correct about [i]everything[/i] are just really annoying, as are people who are just ******** about anything and everything.

Hm. Can't think of much else to say.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Some things like "Dirty Old Man" are supposed to be like that.

People are short or bald or old and that is what you refer to them as...not to their face, but that is the appropriate term for it. Lots of PC stuff is just ridiculous. I don't agree with going out and calling homeless people 'hobos' [openly] or calling them 'housing deficient indivudal people with a lot of self-worth and abilities that can benefit our community' either. Be respectful basically. Call it for what it is, as long as you can be nice about it.

Do I feel pressured? Not really. I watch my mouth, but I am generally not someone who goes around saying bad stuff anway.[/size][/color]
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I think at times our PC society is getting a bit carried away. When in doubt if something is appropriate to say, don't say it. That is usually the rule of thumb I go with. I don't feel an overbearing sense of trying to stay PC, but I do watch what I say.

When with my friends we will talk in a not so PC way, but that is because we all know that what we are saying is not meant in a bad way. Does that make sense? For instance one of my girlfriends will say "What! Are ya yella?!" like an actor in a cheesy western. I, being Japanese will say "Yes!". Or making jokes like- I am like the drug Nuprin...little, yellow, different, better! Some of you guys may be too young to even remember that commercial for the pain reliever Nuprin. That joke isn't offensive to me or my friends since they know I am not saying it like I am better than they are because I am Asian.

I wouldn't say those things to someone I didn't know. I work with honored citizens, which use to be senior citizens, which use to be the eldery, which use to be old people, which sometimes I have heard them referred as grey hairs....it makes you wonder when the PC-ness is going to stop.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Im weird with political correctness im black and I can take some things in fun like some the the racist comments on South Park and Family Guy I find funny because of the context. But some of the things they say on Tough Crowd just offend me to the point where i have to turn the show off maybe because in cartoons you know there not real people but in a debate show theres a chance the people really think this.

When black people say the word ****** i dont find it offensive because I grew up around people saying it all the time but when a white person says it, it just fills me with rage. I dont know maybe because I was taught that ****** coming from a white person just seems offensive and dirty. Even though racism is not as potent I have been called a ****** by white people on occasions and i find it to be the most evil word you can call someone it just is the most belittling thing i have ever been called. Although while coming from a person of my race it can be used to mean person in general and is said in exchange of him,her. I know it is quite hypocritical I just feel that white people should avoid the word in general just in respect to the anger it causes but thats my opinion.

I am sorry for using the terms white and black so much I just didnt feel like typing out Culcasian and African America to make a destinction over and over again.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Godelsensei][COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]

As I see it, as long as you're respectful (meaning you don't use terms like "*****" or "******" or "Whitey", as they are derogatory), I'm "cool."[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[color=indigo][size=1][font=comic sans ms]As an anglo-American, I'm offended that the censor didn't block out 'w*****'.

The problem with political correctness is that it works under the assumption that anyone who isn't following its jargon is insensative, or a racist.

Heres' an idea for the Uber-PC: Instead of focusing on the words, focus on the message. A white person who says 'black' more than likely isn't trying to be offensive; they're using the term they've heard in common usage. It's about the intent, not the word itself.

This would be, I assume, the same logic behind minorities using racial epitaths around each other. At least, I think it is, but I still see that practice and those words as racist, no matter who you are.[/color][/size][/font]
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[QUOTE=ChibiHorsewoman][color=darkviolet][b]Dirty Old Man[/b]- sexually focused chronologically gifted individual

and [b]Dead[/b]-Terminally inconvenienced

These are a joke, either that or the book is. either way, I'm not referring to the dead as "terminally inconvenienced" And who says all duirty old men are sexually dirty? perhaps some of them just need a bath!

So, are rubbish collectors "Waste Disposal Officers?"
Are Torrets patients, "expletively-orientated persons?"

It never ends. Political correectness is a very good idea, that has been mutilated and spun out of control to the point that it's laughable.
Soon, pets will be "domestic live-in aminmals"
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[quote name='Shinji']Soon, pets will be "domestic live-in aminmals"[/quote]
I am offended by that! They are NOT "domestic live-in animals" they are "domestic live-in non-human companions". Get it right, you racist!

I think that it all about the intent behind the words, not the words themselves.

If you called someone an asshole, they would be just as offended if you said "you resemble that of the posterior orifice used for fecal excrement." It certainly sounds a lot more flowery, but it's still calling you an asshole.

I think that the people who get offended are giving these words power over them. Why do people let a vibration of vocal cords escaping the mouth of a person make them so angry? Or let a few strokes of ink insight such hatred for the writer?

The longer you allow yourself to be offended by these words, the longer the words will be offensive.

I agree that some words are vulgar and highly innappropriate, but if you ban those words from usage by anyone, people will just find new words to use that will become just as offensive.

Just imagine if the word "n*****" was banned outright from being spoken aloud or written, not only is that a direct violation of my 1st amendment rights, but pretty soon the word "pocket" or something will begin to mean the same thing. Then you'll be offended every time someone wants to retrieve 50 cents for a soda.

Simply put: It's a self-destructive system. You can have freedom of speech, but ony if it doesn't ruffle anyone's feathers.

I say: Ruffle on![/b][/size][/color]
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Political correctness, at the level which people try to impose it, is pretty foolish.

The basic gist of what they're saying is "what you [i]are[/i] has negative connotations among people who are prejudiced against you, so we'll call you something different"

What next.. will man be the "Visitor of the gateway to increased population", and the woman the "Welcomer of visitors from a foreign body"??


The basic premise of political correctness is that if a term can be abused and have prejudice held against it, then that must be stopped, usually by replacement of the word. It's the basic equivalent of seeing a filthy mess (more to do with the abuse the words are used for than the words themselves) and cleaning it up by throwing a new carpet over it. Either an equal mess is going to pile up on the new carpet, or people are just going to remove it again. i.e. even these new terms will get abused, or simply ignored.

I'm not exactly a fan of dealing with negativity by hiding it- an act which I consider to be equally as negative as it is a negative response to something negative. Maybe if we were more positive about stuff.. like actually encouraging people to be proud of who they are and how they are different, and encouraging actual equality within society rather than forced equality.

Of course, I dunno exactly how, and gracious as I try to be I can't figure out why you'd want to encourage Dirty Old Men to be proud of their differences to the rest of us, but heh.. I always reckon that positive action does far better than negative action (note: discipline can be positive, as long as it's not out of hatred but for correction out of love. Eg. if someone continues to do something which is actually doing them and others harm)
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