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[size=1]Just so no-one yells at me for some reason or another, [color=red]YES[/color], there are several things in this story based off the [color=blue]Demon Diary[/color] series of Manga. I know that. So PLEASE don't yell at me for plagiarism or whatever.


[/size][font=garamond][size=4]H[/size][size=2]elix walked into Kia's bedroom, only to find that she was still asleep. He crept up silently beside her and gently nudged her, trying to wake her up. As her eyes opened slowly, he spoke softly to her: [color=teal]"It is time for your studies, your highness."[/color]Even as Helix spoke these words, he cringed at the thought. Studies with Kia were another way of saying 'disaster'. Her mind was ever wandering, her thoughts elsewhere. Kia slowly rose up out of her bed, rubbing the exhaustion from her eyes.
[color=blue]"...? Oh! I'm sorry, sir, I must've dozed off..."[/color]Kia managed to sort of mutter, still trying to stay awake. 'figures,' Helix thought, as he helped Kia up out of her bed.
[color=teal]"Please try to refrain from calling me 'sir', your highness,"[/color]Helix said slowly. [color=teal]"It is most...unfitting,"[/color]he added after a moment. Helix was quite unaccustomed to this sort of behavior; here he stood, a lowly demon, in front of a new Demon Lord who seemed, at least for the moment, completely different from the Lords he had seen before...[i]kind[/i], even. The most highly respected Demon Lord supervisor in the world, Helix had [i]never[/i] had to actually [i]train[/i] one of his lords and masters before.[color=teal]"And I must ask you to [i]never[/i] apologize to anyone again. [i]Ever[/i]."[/color]
[color=blue]"I'm sorry. Why shouldn't I?"[/color]Kia asked. She was totally new to this whole 'Demon Lord' thing. Ever since she had been told that this beautiful castle was hers, she had somehow gotten the idea that it was a terribly important job, but she still wasn't sure at all what the job was. 'This does not bode well,' Helix thought.
[color=teal]"Because,"[/color]he explained,[color=teal]"it is inappropriate for one so important as yourself to be so [i]polite[/i] to inferiors. And to a Demon Lord, [i]everyone[/i] is inferior. Do you understand now, your highness?"[/color]
[color=blue]"Yes, I think so,"[/color]Kia replied.[color=blue]"Um, Helix? How do I get to the library again?"[/color]she asked, glancing around at the castle which seemed to go on forever in each direction. She knew Helix couldn't have told her any less than four times already, but, once again, she had forgotten.
Helix growled.[color=teal]"For the last time,"[/color]he shouted,[color=teal]"you have but to envision the location you wish to go to in your mind, firmly state it's name, and say 'now', and you will be immediately taken there!"[/color]Helix immediately regretted shouting at her; any decent Demon Lord would have killed him on the spot for so much as raising his voice to them.
[color=blue]"Okay, okay, sorry!"[/color]Kia apologized, shrinking away from Helix. Kia had always been scared when people screamed, and old habits, they say, die hard. Quickly, she closed her eyes and recited the location of the study, and said 'now'. Suddenly, she blinked out of space, vanishing to the library. Helix smirked.[color=teal]"This is going to be a very...trying service."[/color]Then he too was gone.
When Helix opened his eyes, he was slightly surprised to find Kia there, staring in wonder at the endless shelves of books lined up all around them. 'Well, at least she teleports without difficulty,' he thought. Kia turned around and, seeing him standing there, actually leapt up 'at attention'.
[color=teal]"I beg of you, you highness...stop being so polite. It is difficult to maintain one's respect for another who humbles themself in front of their own subordinates,"[/color]Helix groaned. Kia seemed somewhat taken aback by the thought; she had never [i]ever[/i] considered being impolite to [i]anyone[/i]. Before she got a chance to apologize, Helix cut in again.[color=teal]"Let's just begin the studies, your highness."[/color]He began to search the expansive shelves in front of him for the necessary books for the studies.
[color=teal]"Today's lesson,"[/color]he noted,[color=teal]"concerns the basics of elemental magic. After you have completed the study, we shall go to the courtyard to practice magic configuration. Does this schedule suit you, your highness?"[/color]
[color=blue]"Um...sure, Helix, whatever you say..."[/color]Kia drifted off, not quite following what he was talking about. She sat down at one of the tables lined up in the section they were in just as Helix finally pulled two dusty, old-looking books from the shelf he had been going through. He set them down gently on the table and slid them across to the side Kia was sitting on. She opened the book carefully, as it seemed too much strain would tear it apart. She then began to read from it's tanned, but well-kept pages. This is what it said...[/size]

[center][size=4][color=sienna]Concerning Elemental Magic[/center]

A[/size][size=2]ccording to the ancient ones, one's ability to cast magic depends entirely upon his or her attributes. Every being, upon being born, encounters an elemental influence. Upon this encounter, the element manifests itself, to become the person's attribute. There are five possible attributes:[/size]

[size=4]Fire[/size][size=2], the power of strength and courage. One with Fire attributes may cast Fire magic. Fire magic can be used in several different ways, such as to create light or heat. Fire magic [i]can[/i] be used as a weapon, but one must be aware of the sometimes explosive side-effects.[/size]

[size=4]Water[/size][size=2], the power of healing and serenity. One with Water attributes may cast Water magic. Water magic tends towards the healing side with spells that heal, prevent injury, or purify. Water magic has few attacking spells, but there are some potent ones.[/size]

[size=4]Wind[/size][size=2], the power of agility and sagacity. One with Wind attributes can cast Wind magic. Wind magic specializes in the alteration of time (speeding or hindering the movement of others). There are also several powerful offensive spells involving cyclone-type effects.[/size]

[size=4]Light[/size][size=2], the power of life and kindness. One with Light attributes may cast Holy magic. The most potent healing spells in existance are cast using Holy magic. One may even revive others who have recently passed away. For the amazing healing abilities of Holy magic, there are very few attack-worthy Holy spells known.[/size]

[size=4]Darkness[/size][size=2], the power of destruction and malice. One with Dark attributes may cast Black magic. Dark magic comes in many forms, every one of which are used to harm others. Poisons, voodoos, pain, and death spells can be found in Black magic. Black magic can't heal [i]directly[/i], though there are a few drain spells, and one spell to raise the dead (although the dead will be 'zombified', and unable to think or be healed).[/size]

[size=2]Unfortunately, if one is not associated with a particular element, that individual cannot use magic from that attribute. Exceptional beings MAY be able to conjure a non-characteristic spell if they exert themselves, but the end result wouldn't be worth the effort.[/size]

[size=2]Magic is cast using Mezreaz. Mezreaz is the standard measurement of magical energy. To collect mezreaz, one simply draws the energy into one's body. The average magic-caster draws in about fifty mezreaz worth of energy each day. Beginning magic-casters need only about ten mezreaz worth. Once mezreaz is gathered, it stays inside the magic-caster until used. -Ω[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=blue]"Wow, that's fascinating, Helix! I wonder what attribute I have..."[/color]Kia said. There was a long silence. After this there was another long silence. Veins started to appear on Helix's forehead. An extremely aggravated look crossed his face. 'Uh oh,' Kia thought, 'I must've said something wrong again...'
Helix somehow managed to maintain his composure and explained to her, with great patience,[color=teal]"Your highness, you are a Dark-attributed person. Also, the gods chose to gift you with the responsibility of being a Demon-lord. As such, I am your humble servant. I've taken an oath to always do your bidding."[/color]With that, he bowed down to the floor and looked up at her.
[color=blue]"Um...Helix, you can stop bowing now,"[/color]Kia said after a while. Helix got up off the floor.[color=teal]"I am at your service, your highness,"[/color]he said with another, slightly less full bow, more of a nod than an actual bow.
[color=teal]"You should have some time to gather the mezreaz we'll be using for practice today. I am going to go to the front gate, in case some smartass knight tries to break in while you gather your mezreaz,"[/color]Helix said with a smile, as though this idea brought him some satisfaction. Kia thought this was fair; it would give her a chance to change out of her nightgown, in any case.
[color=blue]"Okay, have fun, Helix!"[/color]she shouted after him as he left, waving and smiling. She teleported up to her chambers and rummaged around in the huge closet in it.


Well, that's gonna be the first post if and when this story gets going. Here's the sign-up sheet:






[b]Servant:[/b][/size][size=1](optional; only use if you are a character of importance-like my character, who is a "Demon-lord")[/size][size=2]

Current Positions:

Fire: Cheri Kin (sonofdragon)[color=red][closed][/color]
Water: ---[color=blue][open][/color]
Wind: Yami Kasumi The Fifth (Ryu_Sakura)[color=red][closed][/color]
Light: Chyme Solace (shadowofdeath13)[color=red][closed][/color]
Darkness: Demon-Lord Kia (Wave_of_Death)[color=red][closed][/color]
Knight: ---[color=blue][open][/color]

If you want to "reserve" a position, just PM me![/size][/font]
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Name: Cheri Kin (Lily Oshi Nishi) Japapnese name.
Element: fire
Appearance: She wears a lot of black. She wears black leather. She wears sun glasses and she likes to ride on her motor cycle. She has brown hair that is about 3? in length. She is an American girl. She also loves to use her fire to give her a melted leather look.
Bio: 6? 11??. Loves fire and loves to burn things. People of the land know her as Lily Oshi Nishi because that is her street name. Her servant is one of the bravest and most devoted fire elemental of the servants in the land. She will only allow fire and dark elements into her castle. She thinks you must have power to even get passed her low trained guards. She is a queen of the land of Darbid and lives in the castle of Darbid. The land of Darbid is on top of Mt. Kono.
Servant: His name is Kaine and he wields the converten. He hunts for dragons on his spare time if the queen lets him. He is highly loyal to the queen. He is also one of the first servants to actually meet the queen?s demands for more than a year. He loves adventure and was born as an elemental knight which is the highest ranking knight.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Name: Demon-Lord Kaze Katana The Fifth, but prefers Demon-Lord Yami Kasumi The Fifth. (Nickname: Kiddy)

Age: 13 (Human years)

Element: Wind

Appearance: Like: (URL: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=kohimeohse&image=30[/url] ) Only pale, her hair is longer and silver-purple, her eyes an endless, deep purple.

Bio: She could have been spoiled rotten as a kid, she was an heir to a throne, but she left when she was 7, to try to find the place of the gods, and take the power from them, when she did find a way at age 8, she failed. She had gotten too close to a temple, and the tried to get rid of her. Because she at the time was young, and ignored her teachers too much, she panicked and ran back home. She was yelled at for it, but they were also happy, because she lost some of her rude attitude, that would have gotten the land killed if not for the fact she could freeze time and kill the enemy first, by using a simple method, of grabbing the family sword, and stabbing the frozen bodies. When she turned 12 she killed her father because he angered her too much, and she thought being the only possible heir, she shouldn?t be treated as such. At 13, she was finally given the title Demon-Lord. So, she kicked her family out, and her other teachers, leaving only Theelios, her servant and magic teacher.

Servant: Theelios, Kiddy nicknamed him ?Holy Demon? because he was raised by a temple.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]OOC: Sorry this took so long to get up

Name: Chyme Solace
Age: 19
Element: Light
Appearance: [URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=magnacarta&image=2]Chyme[/URL]

Bio: When he was 16 had tried to help his friend out of a river but ended up getting caught in the flow and going over a waterfall. He was found downstream by a girl his age named Aliya. She lived in a small village nearby called Lunia and she took Chyme into her care till he was better. When he returned to strength he only had memories of his early childhood and what happened sinse the accident. Having no where else to go he stayed in the village and soon found that he had skill with the sword and the ability to heal. Using these he became the villages protector. After a year his memories started to return but they were fragmented. He ignored it for awhile but soon Aliya encouraged him to find his past and return after he did. He traveled across the land but returned to the village empty handed. Apon returning he remembered his past and he was the prince of a land called Sol. He left the village again promising to return but this time Aliya joined him. He was greeted warmly by his family on return to his land but he still longs for the simple life back at Lunia. He would return to the village but he is the heir to the throne and his father would not allow it.

Seravnt: Aliya, Chyme doesnt consider her his servant but his companion and friend. She secretly has feeling for Chyme but doenst let it come to the surface and would gladly be his servant if that meant she could stay by his side.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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