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My first cheap comic!


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[quote name='slasher']Hey here is my first comic ever!Please dont laugh. Post your replies, Please![/quote][size=1]Ideally...wouldn't you [i]want[/i] people to laugh? ;)

I can't read what they are saying, but I do have a couple suggestions for you.
[*] Make the boxes more uniform. Make yourself a square template, or find a stencil you can use. It will make things look a lot neater.
[*]Write neatly, and write the text before you draw the speech bubble in. If you need to know where the bubble is going to be, you can sketch that in lightly--but don't try to cram everything you write into an area that's too small.
[*]Make the image a little bigger. If it's too big, break the lines into seperate files. No one will get it if they can't see it.

So, there you go.[/size]
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Yes, I do want to laugh in the humorous way, not the disgusted way. I will work on improving it, It is bad because I drew it in the middle of Math class. Ill redo this one.

Later that week:
Okay Here is the new redone comic!
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Heh, now that I can read it, it's much more fun to read ^_^ I like the joke, funny stuff, especially ending with "Who are you?" Sounds like something I'd write, I swear XD You da man, slasher, my friend. I'm not sure what you'd like me to comment on, but naturally, you did this in math class and said it'll be improved so cool. I'd like to see EXPERT ARTWORK >: o

I kid, I kid. Just keep up with drawing and you'll be fine. Your humor definately has freshness. That's fine :)

[b]My Rating:[/b] 7/10 Me laugh lots :<
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