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RPG Tears of Autumn


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Thanks to everyone joining this post, let's make this fun!


IC: The day was dry, dusty, and searing, exactly like any other day on the desert planet of Autumn. Jayce Vinaron liked the heat, and she was dressed for it. Currently she was cruising down the highway to the city of Heirashii, where she had a delivery to make to the Righteous Lightning. She never missed a delivery.

Reaching the city, however, she realized that making this delivery could be very hard. The streets were clogged wtih smoke and Domo guards. [I]****! Domos everywhere. How am I going to make this one?[/I] A large crowd of people were gathered around a news console. "Breaking news from Heirashii: a large offensive has been mounted on a suspected Righteous Lightning hideout by the Domo Faction. Small skirmishes were reported, but all resistance seems to have been quelled." It cut to a shot of smouldering rubble swarming with Domo Faction guards, barely recognizeable as the delivery point. "The man in charge of this operation is the relatively new Commander Talon Vicecount," the screen now showed a mug shot of a fierce-looking man, "but already he has proven his worth several times over. Isn't that right, Jane?" "That's right, Dan! In sports today..." [I]Double ****! What am I going to do with this package?[/I] She was startled as a hooded figure materialized right next to her. "Are you Jayce Vinaron?" Dazed by this unprecedented development, she could only nodd. "My name is Ashi. I am with those you seek. You are instructed to travel in all haste to the city of Veleras. Someone will meet you there. Now, I must go. It won't benefit anyone to stay here." The figure disappeared. [I]At least that's sorted out. Looks like it's time to go to Veleras.[/I]

OOC:My main computer at home, coincidentaly the only one with a functional internet connection, chose to go nuts last Wednesday, so I might not be able to post as much as I'd like. I should get it back soon, hopefully.
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Orange was working on a very beat up old buggy car for a friend, when he heard the garage door open. He took the rag off of his mechanic table. He wiped the grease off of his hands, and answered the door.

"Hello. I'm currently working on a project, could you please-"

He was cut short by a very stern looking robot in his doorway. It handed him a large handful of credits.

[font=impact]Hello, are you the cyborg known as... "Orange"?[/font]

"Depends on who's asking. What business do you have here? And what's with all of this money?"

[font=impact]I need you to build me a weapon... to this specific design.[/font]

The robot handed him a blueprint for a very well concieved weapon design. "Sorry pal, but that's not my-"

[font=impact]We will expect it in 6 months at this exact time of 15:16:06. Good day.[/font]

Orange put the credits in a jar. He continued to wipe his hands clean, and walked back into the garage.
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Ashi slipped though the crowd and hid in the shadow of nearby building. She focused all of her energy on cloaking herself, and in moments she was gliding though the dusty streets undetected. Near the outskirts of the town, Ashi found her yellow glider covered in a red-brown cloth. She removed the cover, and sped off into the sunset.

Just as Autumn's third sun sunk behind the sand dunes, Ashi reached her destination. [I]Damn! She better be here![/I] Knocking on the door, Ashi called "Chasity Garten, are you there?"

"Who is it?"

"A friend from the Righteous Lightning."

The door creaked open and Ashi entered. Looking around she saw the spoils of a wealthy vigilante. "I have a proposition for you. Commander Talon Vicecount has been stirring up trouble for the Righteous Lightning leaders, and we need him to be eliminated. Will you do it?"
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Siiqua slipped through the crowded streets, and she watched out of the corners of her eyes. She saw a few people glance her way, but no one stopped her. She could feel the cold steel of her knives against her skin, the cool presense soothing.

She ducked into the shadow of a building as she saw a troop of Domo?s. She cursed her stupidity. [I]Walking around in broad daylight? Terra, a girl with striking blue eyes and ruby-red hair walking around in broad daylight is not hard to spot![/I] Siiqua slipped past a vendor, and seemingly disappeared. She ?re-appeared? a couple seconds later next to a small door in an alleyway.

?Sai-neva, do mato lezo? [Sai-friend, may I enter?]? A crack appeared in the door, and two stinging grey eyes peered out. ?Terra-neva, soof mat yeekona? [Terra-friend, what news do you bring?]? Siiqua peered about. ?Let me in first.? The door opened slightly, and she slipped inside. She let out a sigh of relief.

Sai embraced her. ?Siiqua! We have missed you! Love, where have you been?? The boy looked at her. ?Doing things ? for Medo-kai.? Medo-kai was Siiqua and Sai?s ?squad? leader. Sai just nodded. ?He wants to see you.?

An hour later, Siiqua was completely filled in. She exited the room with a little bow, and went to one of the small lounges. She slipped her cloak off, handed it to Sai, and sat down on a couch. ?When will Ashi be back, Sai??[/color][/font][/size]
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Guest Midnight Rush
The Tai-Pan sat on barstool, sipping his medium dry lemon peel martini absentmindedly. He was clad in a classic Mick Jagger white polo, and black pressed pants that snapped at a sharp movement.

He winked at the barmaid, and stood up. He flicked his wrist, and Michi walked over and stood beside him. Her hair was put up in a messy knot- intricate coils to the initiated- and she stood looking all business.

It was late, and a lot of the patrons were very drunk... one of the more boistrous of the men approched Michi, reeking of whiskey. He looked her up and down, giving out a catcall as he did. He then turned and addressed The Tai-Pan, "That's some broad you got der... let me take her for a spin and I won't keck yur ***!"

"You won't what?"

"Kick yur ***!"

"You mean like this?" The Tai-Pan said as he punched the man in the stomach, kneeing him as he doubled over.

"I'll save you the trouble, Tai-Pan." Michi said, drawing her weapon and removing his head in one liquid motion.

Several of the dead man's buddies, all of whom were plastered, began to approach the two clean cut figures.

The Tai-Pan winked at Michi, "Well hon, I never like to leave the girl with all the work. I'll provide the hospitality for our new friends."

She sighed and shook her head, slightly peeved at his debonair attitude. Meanwhile, he had walked up to the five burly men and smiled at them.

One of them grabbed him, but before he could do anything, the Tai-Pan had thrown him into the others and was breaking bottles over their heads.

This subdued the lot of them, and the other patrons were very quiet, having just watched a gorgoeus young woman decapitate a man... and an older man kick five other's *****. One of the men who had menaced the Tai-Pan, had risen and drawn a gun.

The Tai-Pan and Michi both were immediately on guard, and the Tai-Pan spoke, "Hey pal, I don't want anyone to get really hurt. Put the damn gun down."

"Give me the broad and I'll only maim you."

The Tai-Pan's gun was out and fired before the drunk man could blink. The first shot hit his gun hand and the second pierced his temple.

"Live and let die... ************," The Tai-Pan said clamly. "Come Michi, the open road awaits us."
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[color=seagreen]"You know the Domo faction has spies everywhere," Chasity said calmly. "You should probaly be quiet about the whole Righteous Lightning. The Domos will shoot anyone even talking about it."[/color]
[color=#2e8b57]"So, will you take the job?" Ishi asked again.[/color]
[color=#2e8b57]"Yes. As long as I get paid. Since I'm a friend of the Righteous Lighting, I'll even do it for a discount." They both laughed then got down to the real buisness plans.[/color]
[color=#2e8b57]Ishi began "Vicecount will hold a press conferance 2 days from now in the city of Prentice. He will explain to everyone what he is doing by sending his army after us. Thats when you will strike. You will be positioned a few hundred yards away in a run down, abandoned building. Try to kill in one shot."[/color]
[color=#2e8b57]"No problem. I've hit harder targets," Chasity said proudly.[/color]
[color=#2e8b57]"Shooting him won't be the hard part. Getting out alive will be the hard part. We have an escape rout through the sewers that will work fine. You just have to get from your sniper position to them in under a minute and a half. Thats about how long it will take the guards to find your hiding place." After this, Ishi stood up and wlked to the door. " In two days a man in a cloak will show you to your sniping spot. Be there." Ishi turned transparent and walked out the door.[/color]
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"ffmmnmmmnnn- THERE! Damn fire."
Odin finally makes the fire.
"Almost Dusk!? ****! And you!" He chucks a rock at his silver bike."YOU WORTHLESS PEICE OF ****!!!" The bike falls over, revealing a torn up underside and the other side filled with bullet holes and plasma burns.
Odin sighs deeply, and, seemingly relaxed, sits down on the log.
"That was no 'skirmish.' What the hell [I]WAS[/I] Domo doing. Oh, riiight, they're [B]Domo[/B] . What the hell did i really do to them? Sweet angry jeezus, I have GOT to calm down. Deep breath... *sigh* deeeep breath... *sigh*." And the Nexe boy sat on the log.
Suddenly, a very blurry figure appeared by the fire. The sillhouette of a rodent slowly took form.
"Aaawww. A squirrel! Hey, want some food? I bet you're- HEY!!! You little-"
"Come back with my ****** bag you little ****!!! GET BACK HERE!!!"
Odin catches up with the animal. He and the very strange rodent fight over Odin's bag. The squirrel bites Odin's hand.
"AAAAA!!! YOU STUPID LITTLE DUMBASS ********* ****!!!!!"
Odin, with quite some effort, got the mortar ready, and in a blind rage, fired near where he thought the squerrel would be.
"Oops... ****... hand bloody, head pounding... ARRGGG... *deep breath* ****! I hope noone saw that damn mortar- ARGG- thing..."
Odin passes out.
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[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]

A stern machine crossed the street, stalking fluidly from the cyborg Orange?s outfit into the darkened alley beyond. ?It is done.? A useless exclamation rang from the robot?s shell, it ensured 0100100-XX7 was aware of its comrade?s presence however, and as such was still useful.

?Follow the Commander to Prentice. There he is to appear in a press conference, he will be more vulnerable. He remains beneficial to Robotica and would be an unfortunate loss. You are to ensure his safety.? After a short pause Vici turned from the machine and headed down the alleyway?

Senator Jacob Moloch smiled as he pushed aside the last of his papers. Although it had been long, the day had been a relatively peaceful one, despite the raid on Heirashii. Vicecount had placed a lot of extra stress on the senators? already hectic lives; he was gaining quite a reputation among them, as he was the rest of the planet.

Tossing this thought in his head, Moloch left his meticulously kept office and passed into the bustling corridors of the Domo Wing of the United Embassy. It had been several hours since the suns had disappeared below the shifting horizon and the workload had only grown without their harsh glares. That wasn?t out of the ordinary however, the weeks leading to a large session were always busy, and Vicecount?s added stresses didn?t help.

?Captain.? A corporal?s voice bled through the torrent of noises echoing through Heirashii?s smoky streets. The raid had begun two hours ago, the media had already reported it as successful, and it was Captain Austin Hartmore?s task to ensure it ended this way.

?Sir,? The young man reiterated. ?Levels one through twelve are clear, the last hostiles have barricaded themselves on level thirteen.? The soldier?s pride seeped thickly into his voice. It was his unit that had stormed the building, his brethren who had cleared away the rats and freed the city from the Righteous Lightning?s insubordination.

?Take them out corporal. Take as many captives as you can.? The captain?s gaze skirted across the smoking husks of the first two buildings as he spoke, both had fallen in the raid; the Domo Faction was unable to flush them, the Righteous Lightning were too well prepared. The corporal sprinted across the alley and disappeared into base of the third and last. ?Sweep the area one last time.? He kept a stony glare towards a nearby sergeant as he spoke, unimpressed with the day?s events. ?We?re almost finished here.?

The streets below glared a vicious red, the heat streaming from the ruined masses spilled across the town in ever thickening waves of smoke, the ground shimmering with the last of the day?s warmth. No it was far too hot for infrared sensors and the UV clusters still weren?t coping with the ionization of the atmosphere, a result of recent solar activity. With one last rotation the world became a vibrant mass of vivid greens and Cogito continued up the crumbling stone, curiously breaking through a narrow opening it had come to know as a ?window?, into the highest room of the building.

A dozen men and women stared stony faced towards the door, each failing to notice the floating orb and its flittering tentacles. They all had guns, some were energy weapons but most of them were built using the aging projectile designs, they were all pointed at the mass of furniture near the door.

Unable to fathom such an action the young machine eased closer, startling a man as it passed overhead. With a cry he screamed: ?The window, they?re coming through the window!? With this he turned his gun and loosed its deadly cargo. Its muzzle lit the room and its dazzling flares glinted across the machine?s darkened bulk.

Cogito shied from the world, throwing a young woman from the window as it reeled blindly. Another sensory cluster slid into place and the world?s vibrant greens were replaced with fiery red streams, the room was much colder then the burning lot. Apparently the human?s couldn?t see in the encroaching darkness, there were no lights in the structure, in the building.

Several more muzzle flashes joined the first, an armada of clomping boots rung up the stairwells. It was a flashlight that afforded the Righteous Lightning?s members their greatest fear. An unsteady beam found a writhing tentacle, a fleeting claw, and followed it to the core, the floating mass of Cogito?s main dome.
?Robotica! They?re here! They?re here!? Most of them screamed as several more turned their guns. The Domo Faction?s troops had cleared the stairs, and the barricade was already shuddering.

A new chaos encroached upon the whirling robot, its writhing tentacles whipping around, through, the poor men and women caught in the room. Each exploded in a fresh shower of gory, painted the walls with their viscera. The barricade crumbled, toppled to the ground.

Kicking the splintering door to one side Unit Twelve of Division Thirty-one of The Domo Faction?s armed forces entered the room, guns raised and wits drawn. Daniel Farceur fell to the ground, his bloodied corpse the last to fall, the last of a Righteous Lightning cell, the end of the bloody maelstrom.

Unit Twelve stalked into the mess, each of its members gasping as their pale torch beams struck the remnants of the room?s inhabitants. A corporal scratched his head and ran to the window, there was nothing there. Confused he turned and said: ?I don?t understand, what happened??[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: It's Ashi not Ishi ;)

IC: Ashi was once again on the road. On her glider, Ashi felt at home. It was only now that she could pause and sort out her thoughts. [I]How the hell did they find us? Heirashii was well protected, how did they... [/I] Silver tears leaked from the corners of Ashi's violet eyes. She quickly brushed them away. [I]No time for tears, I have a job to do.[/I] Dust flew up behind her as she speed off.

Veleras glowed under the light of Xanathite powered streetlights. [I]At least the Domo Faction has not found us here.[/I] Ashi drove right into the deserted streets. It was almost eerie to see the bustling city of Veleras empty. Ashi stashed her glider near an abandoned Xanathite refinery. She walked cautiously towards the old factory, covered in red dust. Upon reaching a side door, Ashi removed her hood and shook her long ebony hair. A light flashed from a small metal box on the door, as Ashi's eyes were scanned. "ACCESS GRANTED," called a cold metallic voice. The hologram hiding the Righteous Lightning hid away flickered for a mere second, as the door creaked open allowing Ashi to enter.

Ashi glided over to a telescreen and opened a communication link to the remaining Righteous Lightning cell in Heirashii.

>Siiqua are you there?

>Where the hell are you?

>Heirashii was swarming with Domo Guards, so I fled to Veleras.

>Will she do it?

>Yes. Have you ever heard of the Tai-Pan?

> No.

> Find everything you can about him. I heard a rumor, and I want to know if he could become an ally. Ask Medo-kai what he thinks of this and get back to me.

The screen went blank and Ashi slumpped down on her bed.
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Jayce Vinaron reached Veleras well after dark. Being under a tight curfew by the Domo Faction, the gates were sealed. [I]You'll have to try better than that to keep me out, Domo.[/I] You don't become successful in the illegal weapons trade by ignoring the secret entrances to a city.
Inside Veleras, she left her bike in a secure location. [I]I can't afford to be seen,[/I] thought Jayce. [I]I'm out after curfew AND a wanted criminal.[/I] She spent the night in an abandoned warehouse.
The next day, she set out to a place she could wait. [I]This city gives new meaning to the phrase "held under an iron fist."[/I] She pulled up her face covering and leaned against a wall to wait for her contact. Two Domos found her first.
"Oi, miss, there's no loiterin' allowed in this 'ere city, right?"
"Specially wit' such a s'picious lookin' package, you know?"
"You Domos are all the same," she spat.
"Now that's asaultin' an officer, miss! The charges keep pilin' up, now don't they?"
" 'owever, we can be made to... drop these charges, if you get our drift?" the Domo said, as he grabbed her by her wrists and forced her against the wall. The package dropped against the ground.
"Bad idea, buddy," said Jayce, flexing her right wrist back. The blade immediatly slid out, severing the guard's hand. She quickly cut off his other hand, grabbed the package, and ran. She could hear the shouts of alarm behind her as she pounded through the twisting alleys of Veleras. Suddenly, a hand caught her and dragged her into a dark doorway. A cloaked figure said "So THERE you are! The Righteous Lightning was wondering when you would show up!" Jayce caught her breath. "You're... my contact? Wait... aren't you Ashi?" "I am. You needn't worry, through this door is the delivery point. I was just on my way to another assignment when I saw you. Lucky for both of us, eh?" "Yes, it is. May I ask what the assignment is?" "Sorry, classified. I can ask you something though. Have you ever heard of someone called the Tai Pan?" "I've heard of him, yes, but I can't say that I know where he is. Well, good luck, and thanks!" She waved goodbye to Ashi, and stepped into the doorway.
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Michi conceded to follow the Tai-Pan out of the now-silent bar, walking slightly behind and to the left of her employer, "...I believe that was unnecessary."

He merely shrugged, a smile touching the corner of his lips, "Didn't enjoy that, did you? Well, you females never like the sight of blood, but I'm surprised at you. After all, your blade isn't cleaned yet, is it? You should get that taken care of - it'll rust like that, and that was an expensive little sword." His fingers played over his gun, which had been returned carefully to its previous place.

Michi was silent, and didn't move to unsheath her katana.

The Tai-Pan stopped, clicking his tongue, "Tsk tsk, now, don't be stubborn. Take out that toy of yours and clean it properly." He waited, watching her, and knowing she would obey.

Much to her chagrine, Michi slowly slid the katana out of its plain sheath, taking the clean handkerchief the Tai-Pan handed her. She carefully wiped the black blade, studying the intricate coils twisting in the design. It was a beautiful weapon, and one that she cherished. Handing back the now bloody handkerchief, she slid the katana back into its sheath without a sound, looking at the Tai-Pan through narrowed eyes.

"Satisfied, Tai-Pan?"

He smiled at her, his eyes studying the slender figure in the clean suit. Winking, he replied, "Not nearly enough." Turning, he laughed as he walked on, knowing that Michi would be fuming inside at this point. Sexual humor was her weakness, and he exploited it at every chance. He had to get his kicks somewhere.

Michi, on the other hand, concentrated on keeping her expression a fixed mask, fighting the angry blush that started to rise immediately.
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[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode] Heirashii couldn?t have been more different from its former self. It had been a bustling trade city, a churning mass of bubbling people and eager merchants. But that had all changed with The Domo Faction?s discovery of the Righteous Lightning cells. Busy nightclubs and elegant theatres alike had fallen to the curfew, The Faction?s only means to hamper the rebels.

Captain Hartmore shook his head as he trudged heavily through the streets, even Domo affiliates had been confined to their homes after dark; his units were one of the few left, to patrol the city. The embassy wasn?t far and the thought of a meeting with the Commander?s Man made its sullen confines none the more pleasant.

?Captain. I thought you were joining our patrol?? An eager corporal queried his officer. Hartmore was well liked among the men, he?d gained his reputation through hard work and a reasonable attitude, rather unlike his superiors, and he didn?t like being called from his unit at such short notice.

?Not tonight corporal. The Commander has called and, unfortunately, I must meet his men in person.? The unit paused at the intersection behind the pair as they spoke, their captain making for the embassy. ?I wouldn?t want a subordination charge placed against me, I hear they can be quite severe.? He smirked in parting, flanked by a pair of heavyset guards as he disappeared down the narrow street.

?What do you mean it won?t do?? Senator Moloch jumped to his feet as he spoke; outraged by the Sergeant?s response. ?Some of The Faction?s best men are to accompany him to Prentice. We simply cannot afford anything more.? Finding the sergeant?s steady glare the senator sank back to his seat.

?My job is hard enough without having to deal with your political ********. You will find the extra men senator or I will do it myself, either way The Commander will be afforded every protection.? Sergeant Athen Fairmount?s voice was icy cold, founded upon his steely resolve.

?Now listen here sergeant.? Moloch slammed his hand into the cold table as he spoke. ?Domo Faction is a political division, we do not fight wars and we do not masquerade military leaders. I will not be bullied by a dumb founded oaf!?

A small laugh escaped Athen?s thin lips. The senator was a fool. Jumping to his feet and demanding The Domo Faction?s leaders go unprotected, slamming his fists and swelling like a bruised Canasscus as he preached ideals he had never known.

?You are sorely mistaken Senator. Sorely mistaken and ill advised.? Athen paused as he turned to the door, confronted by the ever-set gaze of a robot. ?And don?t think your vigilantes will save you.? He didn?t even turn to the fuming mess Moloch had become, he simply walked away, content with the senator?s unrest.

0100100-XX7 couldn?t have asked for a better ?run of luck?, The Domo Faction was turning upon itself, as all human organizations did. It would only be a matter of time before they loosened their hold, began to tear down all they had strove to build. But such things rarely happened during the time in which Robotica required them to. The Domo Faction held far too many Xanathite deposits, too many of Autumn?s moons. It was 0100100-XX7?s mission to free these deposits, to hinder The Faction in anyway it could, to aid its brethren.

?You are no longer needed for tonight. I will see you in the morning Vici.? Senator Moloch had managed to calm himself somewhat, his face had lost its sickly sheen and returned to its usual pallor.

?I am not to accompany you to your residence?? The robot feigned concern; it was a critical part of its three-month deception, a routine that had become second nature to the machine. It crossed the room and paused, waiting for the senator?s response.

?Not tonight, I?ve some personal affairs I wish to attend to.? He was fumbling through the plethora of papers splayed across the desk.

?Shall I secure the premises for you then?? Vici leaned closer, a motion it had learned to use when expressing concern, it reassured most humans to see a machine behaving like a man. The senator had paused for quite some time, apparently surprised by the robot?s offer, then he said: ?Are you sure, you know what you need to do??

His brow furrowed only to relax with the machine?s response. ?I have watched you perform the required activities on numerous occasions as the routines you undergo may prove some importance in a security threat.?

?Very well then, I trust you?ll do your job well. I will see you in the morning.? With that the senator collected the rest of his papers and placed a bundle of small keys on the table before hurrying into the night?s icy reaches.

Vici paused, scanned the room one last time, and crossed to the aging computer terminal placed neatly by the window. Seconds later it established the required connection and downloaded numerous copies of all the senator?s ?paperwork?. Focused on its task the robot failed to notice the soft creak of the door or the heavy footsteps of the janitorial staff member.

?Hey, your not supposed to be in here. This area is restricted after hours.? The middle aged man hurried across the room as he spoke, slightly taken aback with the robot?s presence. Reaching the terminal, his hand moving to the sturdy hard-line connecting Vici to the network, the janitor stiffened. His body fell heavily to the floor as 0100100-XX7 retracted a skewer.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Siiqua shut down the thing, and looked over at Sai. Sai looked nervous. Siiqua sighed, and flopped down on the couch behind her. Sai sat next to her, glancing down to the screen. ?Ashi wants to know about Tai-pan. DO you know anything about him??

Sai suddenly looked frightened. ?T-th-the T-tai-p-pan?? Siiqua noticed his stutter. She turned to him. ?You know something, don?t you??

Sai fled. She oculd hear his feet pounding on the floors, and she got up with a groan. Siiqua made her way to Medo-kai?s office. When she got in, she said, ?We have a problem.?

She explained it to him ? what Ashi said, how Sai had reacted. And Medo-kai sat there, fingers steepled in front of his face. ?Hmm. The alliance with Tai-pan seems? interesting. Get some of our agents on finding more about him. I will see.? Siiqua nodded, and was out in the hall in a flash.

?Damen, Mikael, Soru-yill, Leera, check our files and hack into others if you have to ? we need more information on ?Tai-pan.?[/color][/font][/size]
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Various Righteous Lightning members instructed Jayce Vinaron to report to someone called Levington, the quartermaster. Finding his office, she stepped inside. "You need this package?" "Yes, thank you. I'll take it from here." Jayce offered Levington the package and he took it. There was still something that had been bothering her for the entire delivery. "So why is the Righteous Lightning accepting arms from Robotica now, Levington?" He grew nervous. "What makes you think that, Jayce? You know we wouldn't do something like that." "That's just ********, Levington, and both of us know that. I've seen the address that I had to pick it up from. It was a Robotica factory. So tell me, why?" He sighed. "You [I]know[/I] how badly we need the weapons, Jayce." She was getting very tired of his waffling. "I've been with the Righteous Lightning almost since it's conception, Levington, even if I'm not actively a member. You can tell me about these things. Why are you accepting weapons from Robotica?" "Think of it as the lesser of two evils, Jayce. You've seen the people here. They're under a horrible oppresion, and they [I]need[/I] us. Did anyone lift a finger to help you when that Domo harrased you?" She had to admit that the answer was no. "You see, Jayce? We need weapons to fight this oppresion." "I know that, Levington, but don't you think that oppression is better than extinction? Let the Domo faction, or the AML, or both, anyone, take care of Robotica. They're all better equipped than you. If you try to take on Robotica alone, we'll [I]all[/I] be killed." Levington grew angry. "This conversation is over, Jayce. It's hardly the part of a courier to question our ideals. Now get out."

She left his office, slamming the door. [I]Fools... They're all fools... No one is right... We're all doomed...[/I]
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Orange had just about finished the first stages of the weapon, but he just couldn't figure it out. "This thing doesn't look like it can fire anything..." He said "I wonder why they want me to make a weapon that can't DO anything...".
"Huh... business has been too slow... I don't think I'll be able to do this for awhile..." He put a drape over the weapon.

"Agh! If only i could interperet this blueprint!" He said "Half of this stuff... This stuff isn't for projectile fire, not for laser ejection, not for laser suspension, THIS THING IS USELESS." [i]But then why would they want to have it completed so late? I mean, it wouldn't take an ordinary mechanic more than a month to complete this...[/i] he thought.

He looked over his shoulder at the drape over the strangely shaped object. "Maybe it's a speaker or something. I mean, look at it. It has the makes of one, just a bit smaller." he said "Well..."

A knock at the door.

"Coming!" Orange said. He opened the door. "Oh, Jek. I just finished your buggy! Let me pull it out of the garage for you!" He said.

He ran back into the garage, turning the upgraded buggy on and backing it out of the garage door.

"Thanks, man. I'm just running from the Domos." Jek said

"Again? Why is it you guys are on such bad terms, anyhow?"

"Well, I AM with the Righteous Lightning! We're trying to get the Domos out of power!"

"Yeah, yeah. Sure. Okay have fun, and stay safe!" he said. "Can't have one of my customers dying on me, now."

"You got it. See you next time... but..."


"We're going on a tough mission soon. I might not come back. Say, do you think that you can help some of my friends with upgrades and repairs?"

"That's what I'm here for. You just tell them I'm here, and I'll fix anything for them." he said "But remember, nothing free. Only discount cuz they're with you."

"Got ya! Thank you so much, Orange." Jek rode off, significantly faster.

"Man, kids of this day. Always going off like they're in a war or something. Makes me almost sick, thinking that they think they're adults at fifteen..." he said "Oh well, at least they pay just as much as adults do."

He walked back into his garage and slept for awhile.
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Odin, riding on a painfully slow speed bike, finally had arrived at his destination.
"Oh, hey man! You that Nexe kid?"
"Yeah," said Odin. "I'm just looking for a quick job and, Um..."
"Yes? Repair garage? Snapple Machine, parhaps?"
"Yeah, is there a rapair station anywhere near here, that is, if anything can be salvaged from this hunk of junk."
"You're an idiot, you know that?" said the man, as he was turning towards the door.
"And you need a vigilante job? Well, I beleive..."

After both of them got inside, they settled down at a table in a bluish, mattalic room.
"Ooh, a bluish, mettalic room..." said Odin
"Ah, yes, we have a few newbie jobs. Um, have you ever worked as a vigalante before?"
Odin, idly tapping the table, simply responded, "Nope. But i have done a few assasinations."
"Oh, yeah, I guess you do look like a badass. Ahem, sorry. Lessee... can you fly a
"Oh! Yeah, actually." Odins interest was finally starting to show.
"Okay good," said the Vigilante coordinator, while shuffling papers around. "It [I]looks[/I] like we have a two phase strike mission. It involves stifling the Domos' control."
"Hmm, I can handle killing a few Domos. This for Riteous lightning or something?"
"Nnno. Its some mutant cry-for-help kind of thing, or whatever. The mutants would like a little less **** coming from Domo, sooo, they're paying a lot for assasinations and supply line attacks."
"All right."

"Haha! Look at his hair," snickered one of the strike crew's immature ********.
Odin was finally flying the chopper. But he was stuck with three other people. Actually, people wasn't the word Odin had used. He had said (in front of them, too),
"You mean to tell me that I have to execute a high skilled opperation with these, these Bucktoothed **********!?" And he [I]was[/I] expected to fly with these seemingly senile young bastards of men. So that was that. Well...
"You stupid a** drugged out, lunatic *******!!! One more comment about me, and I'll blow your ********* BRAINS OUT!!!" Said Odin, standing up and advancing towards their seats in the back.
*BLAMM- KCHHCK* Odin fired his plasma gun, and with a surprising amount of blood, one head had exploded.
"HOLY ****!!! WHAT THE-"
And the chopper crashed.

Odin awoke to find himself sprawled on the dirt and looking up at someone's face.
"Hi ! I'm Orange! I guess you need some help?" said Orange, cheerfully.
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[size=2][color=seagreen]As soon as Chasity arrived in Prentice, she could tell the head of the Domo Faction would be arriving soon. Guards were every where. Most were Domo, but a few looked to be mercenaries hired for the added protection. Chasity stayed away from large groups of patrols until her contact pulled her into a dark alley.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=#2e8b57]"Chasity Garten?" a cold, emotionless voice.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=#2e8b57]"A robot is my contact?" [/color][/size]
[size=2][color=#2e8b57]"You seem suprised. Follow me." The robot quickly walked further into the darkness. Chasity had to run not to lose the robot. Chasity follwed her contact into the run down building [b]Ashi [/b]described. They walked up several floors untill the couldn't go up further because the staircase collapsed.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=#2e8b57]"In here," the robot instructed as they walked down a dark hallway. The robot was pointing at a wall. Chasity walked through the holographic wall and into a small room with one boarded up window. She walked to the window and could see where the Domo had set up a stage for the press conference.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=#2e8b57]"Where is the sewer I'm supposed to escape through?" Chasity said while staring out the window.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=#2e8b57]"This way," and once again the robot quickly started to walk off without Chasity. They walked down the staircase until they reached the first floor, then they walked through another holographic wall that hid a staircase. At the bottom of the staircase was a long, dank tunnel that led right into the sewers. [/color][/size]
[size=2][color=#2e8b57]"Keep walking this way and you will reach a ladder. Climb it to get to the desert. Hide your vehicle near the opening for an easy get-away." With that, the robot departed. Chasity walked to her Glider and flew to the end of her escape rout. She turned on the cloak, then walked through the sewers, up all the stairs then through the holographic wall. There was a smal bed in the corner that she had over looked before.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=#2e8b57]"All the comforts of home..."[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Mariangela looked to each face of the people in her unit. They all stood waiting for their next order in the dim dawn light. She sighed heavily and turned to Lt. that had been told to give them instructions. She listened distinctly as he called out commands and they were dismissed for the next hour.

Turning to the nearest stone she could see, Mariangela walked over to it and sat down, resting her chin in the palms of her hands. "Can't wait for this day to be over," she mumbled to herself and eyed a few others walking off to a nearby building.

Not long after someone walked over to her and sat down. "How ya doing?" he asked souding more cheerful that what someone could stand.

Mariangela glanced at him from the side of her eyes and shook her head. "Nothing," she answered, leaning back to lie down. "What do you want?"

"Nothing, just thought I'd give you some company, seemed kinda depressed that's all. Is something wrong with that?" He turned to see her better behind him.


"Good then. Mind if I get your name?"


"Daniels, nice to meet ya." He held out his hand for Mariangela to shake. She did so and then got up and started walking away. "Hey, where'ya goin?"


"Then you don't care if I come with you, huh?" A childish smile came up to his lips as he was given a questioning look. "You're not the cheery type, huh?"

"No." Daniels looked down and a mumble could be heard coming from him. Mariangela scoffed despite herself and said, "Come on."[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode] ?Typical.? Captain Hartmore arrived to find his office empty; the administration with his commander?s apologizes. As usual the meeting with his superiors had been pushed to one side, the result of another dozen errands, no doubt, they were all more important than a tactile brief.

Deciding to make the best of it Austin slumped into his chair and began on reading through the unit reports of the days events. There were thirty-six in all and it was quite some time before he reached unit twelve?s report, he was reading this when the Commander?s men arrived.

?Captain.? Athen addressed Hartmore courtly as he strode into the dingy field office. Austin was not more then a year shy of the Sergeant yet he failed to compare to his officer?s finely tuned physique. ?I am sorry to have kept you waiting. Command had some trouble securing your orders.? He slapped a fist into the heavy plate on his chest as he spoke, a motion mimed by his brethren.
?Perfectly understandable sir.? Austin sank back into the well-worn chair was he spoke. There he sat attentively, preparing himself for his next assignment, whatever that may be.

?Today was a success then?? The sergeant made little effort to conceal his feigned interest; both men knew he had been informed of all he needed to know.
?Completely. There were no noticeable disturbances and the men are in good spirits.? Hartmore paused, a flicker of doubt shading his unshaven visage. ?Although, Unit Twelve?s report has proven most curious.? Raising an eyebrow the sergeant replied: ?How so??

After another pause Austin continued, ?They claim the last of the Righteous Lightning rebels were dead when they arrived.? Athen?s brow furrowed in uncertainty, realizing his lack of explanation the captain was quick to continue. ?These rebels were the last members of the cell The Commander ordered eradicated from Heirashii. They had managed to barricade themselves on the top level of the building. When Unit Twelve arrived they found all them dead, no other unit reports killing them.?

The room was silent in the briefest of pauses before Athen said: ?I doubt it is anything to worry about Captain. It?s probably just a mistake in the paperwork. We have far more pressing issues to deal with at the moment.? Austin raised an eyebrow, hoping he wasn?t about to be left in the dark as usual. ?You are to relocate half you units to Prentice to strengthen the city?s garrison. The Commander?s press conference, two days from now, is expected to draw out numerous Righteous Lightning cells. I want to ensure he is given as much protection as possible.?

With that he rose to his feet, saluted the captain, and left. Austin sighed and slumped back into his chair, pushing aside the mission reports he began sifting through assignment allocation data sheets, intent on sending his best men to Prentice.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"Hey, my name's Orange. Need some... repairs?" Orange said, as he surveyed the flaming rubble heap that looked as though it could have been driven way back when.

"Yeah. Real quick ones, though. I'm on a mission!" The boy said, standing up and trying to look somewhat dignified. Orange shifted his vision from the Boy to the flaming wreck, to the boys hair, which was quite noticably on fire.

"Um... Hair. Fire..." Orange said. The boy looked at him quizzically, then apparently realised that his head was aflame. The only indicator was the fact that he was running about, arms flailing, screaming "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!!! GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!!!!!"

"Hold on, I'll help." Orange grabbed a pail, then threw its contents onto the boy. He looked at the pail. "Gasoline, Extra flammable" said its label. Needless to say, the by was now unmistakably on fire.

The fire eventually went out, the boy was barely burned, and unconscious.
A day later, the ship was fixed, with enhanced speed and maneuverability.

OOC: These are its stats now:
Armor: poor, Speed: Great, Maneuverability: excellent
with these attatchments:
light machine gun, small missile pod.
Orange taught the boy how to use it correctly, and then watched as he flew off.

He continued work on the weapon he was commissioned to build. It was past the fifth stage, which was the shell installation... now all he needed was a programmer. The sixth (and last) stage was to program its use into it. There were instructions, but they were too complex for him to understand. He needed to get a programmer in, so that he could get the job done.
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Jayce Vinaron decided that she needed to let off some steam. She drove down the highway until she could see no sign of civilization. Even the highway was barely recognizeable as one, it was so cracked and sand covered. She had her own firing range out here, where no one ever came. Out of her sidecar, she took the repeating blaster rifle and a bottle of scotch.

Three hours, two shots of scotch, and fifteen clips later, Jayce decided that she had blown off enough steam. She surveyed the striking, beautiful landscape. [I]I love this planet,[/I] she thought. [I]So why does it seem that no one else does?[/I] She sighed deeply, and tried to hold back her tears. [I]Goddamn Domos. Goddamn Robotica. Goddamn AML. Goddamn Righteous Lightning. How is it that no one can get it right? Why can't we just live in peace? Why does everyone feel they have to wipe out someone?[/I] She sat down on top of a dune, watching the sunset, taking another shot of scotch. [I]I don't think anyone will EVER get it right.[/I] Something metallic, reflecting on the horizon, caught her eye. She followed its path along the deserted highway. As she focused on it, she realized that it was a Domo motorcycle. It passed her and she stood up. An evil grin spread across her face. [I]Maybe I haven't blown off ALL of my steam...[/I]

She hopped on her motorcycle, rifle slung across her back, and tore off in pursuit of Odin Nexe.
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[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode] Mariangela Lean was thankful she had been on patrol as she jogged to the assembly; half dressed men and women were stumbling out of their tents all over the place, their eyes groggy with sleep. Coming to the center of the encampment she joined her comrades milling around the officer?s stage. Captain Hartmore was already well into his speech, unshaven but alert.

?As you are undoubtedly aware, Commander Talon will be appearing to the public for the first time in three days from now.? He paused, waiting for the last stragglers to join the sea of men and women below. ?In light of recent Righteous Lightning activity, The Administration has ordered sixteen of our units move to Prentice to bolster its security. Units one through twelve and units twenty-one through twenty-four are to prepare for immediate departure. All others are to remain here and continue the clean up operation under the orders of Lieutenant Horesely. Dismissed.? The Captain saluted his men then turned to join the rest of his officers, undoubtedly discussing their tactics for Prentice.

?It is done.? 2010020-YX2 approached Vici?s shrouded form. ?The assassin is in place, the Righteous Lightning cell is knows nothing.? Both machines scanned their surroundings as they spoke, each carefully flipping through various spectrums to ensure there were no ?cloaked? beings nearby.

?You are to proceed with your subterfuge then. Once the Righteous Lightning?s assassination attempt fails cease your current mission and return to Robotica, do as much damage to the cell as possible at this time.? With that the machines turned and parted, each more aware of its purpose then any being born before them.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Guest Midnight Rush
OOC: For anyone seeking an alliance with the Tai-Pan (cough..inari...cough) thats great. Don't forget that he is the villain...


The Tai-Pan drove along in silence. Michi had ridden with him this time, and was sitting in the passenger seat, enjoying the soft music. They were heading towards the location of Vicecount, when Michi asked their purpose, "Well Tai-Pan, where are we going?"

"Michi my dear, if you must know, we are going to assassinate a man by the name of Moloch. He is a senator, and when he is dead, I will take his place."

"I thought we were against the Domo's, and them us. I see you obviosuly want to corrupt their inner workings... but they know your face."

"Do they?"

"Yes! That time in the City of December... they almost caught you... got a good snap of your face. It was all over the papers."

"You were no more than a bairn at that point. The picture was poor and I was wearing a claoking device that night."

"I was told about the incident... you would know more than I."

"True. They have no idea who I am or what I look like. I'll easily buy a Senate seat... and from there a ticket onto the Appropriations Committee."

"Tai-Pan... this plan is a little simple and...um...not foolproof is it?"

He smiled at her, looked away, and turned up the music. The song was "Turn the Page"....
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Michi sat in uncomfortable silence, her hand resting upon the sheath of her blade. Two songs had passed, and the Tai-Pan had not said another word. She shifted in her seat, knowing that he would notice her discomfort. She hated not knowing things.

Finally, he smiled again, patting her hand, which she quickly pulled away. She was not one for physical contact - not even the Tai-Pan's - unless transferred through the blade of her katana.

"Michi dear, don't worry your head. This is merely an event where we will observe our adversaries. I know you don't like killing when I can see you."

She nodded briefly, and then looked out the window. [I]...not long now...[/I]

The Tai-Pan climbed the steps quickly, his shoes spotless and shining. Michi followed, concentrating on movements around him. But they were not apprehended. The Tai-Pan had obviously prepared arrangements beforehand, to get rid of any complications that might arise with his presence. Money spoke well in this arena. The people of Prentice would provide no threat.

Their escort led them to a curtained, secluded alcove, which overlooked the gathering assembly. Special units of the Domo Faction lined every inch of space that could possibly be a vulnerability. Getting to this spot had been expensive, even in the Tai-Pan's case, Michi was sure. She immediately went over the alcove, scanning her surroundings before nodding to the Tai-Pan. He smiled, walking out with her, the curtains shading him from the suns that were already beating down.

For the moment, the crowds were still small - it would not be so in a few hours. The appearance of Commander Talon was highly anticipated by many, and not for all the same reasons...
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[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode] The auditorium was filling quickly, a sweeping stadium bristling with row upon row of chairs, crowned with the regal grays of the Domo Faction curtains lining the private booths at the top of the stands. An unequalled security force patrolled the facility, the best the faction had to offer, each member briefed and cautious.

0100100-XX7 was pleased; an unarranged assassination would be impossible, and the Righteous Lightning?s lackey occupied the only unguarded position suitable for the task. The evening?s events would further Robotica?s designs immensely.

?The booth has been secured. When might we expect you?? The machine was deadly still, unnoticed amidst the booths heavy dressings. Its internal communication systems were some of the best available and had proved their use time and time again recently.

?I?ve been delayed somewhat Vici, I?m not sure I?ll be able to get there before noon.? Senator Moloch?s voice came weakly to the robot, his poor connection giving way to rifts of static.

?I shall continue to hold your booth for you then?? Vici continued its charade, miming the human behaviors expected of such a situation.
?If you wouldn?t mind.??

Sergeant Athen Fairmount dashed along the corridors, Commander Talon was due at the facility within three hours, and he had a lot to organize. ?Daniels, take the lower levels, I want five units at positions six through nine.? The Sergeant called over his shoulder as he ran, his retinue splitting away with every order. ?Phillips, I want you on the wings, there are to be no less then four men at on every level. Hartmore, I want snipers in every booth and at least two guards by every door.?

Peeling away from his officer Austin jogged up the auditorium?s stairs, hastening through the facility?s upper levels, there were four in all. ?Sir.? A young corporal greeted him as he slipped into the covered walkways. ?Our orders?? He continued, matching the Captain?s pace.

?I want a pair of snipers in every booth, Units three and four are to brought up to patrol the corridors.? He slowed to a walk as they reached the plush carpeting of the up most level.

?What of unit one?? The young man stumbled over the question; the Captain knew he was asking out of sheer curiosity.

?We will be running security on the booths corporal.? His eyes warmed with a smile as he spoke. ?Units five and six are to guard entrances to the upper levels, I want a minimum of two men on every door.? After a brief salute his subordinate sprinted down the hall, the Captain checked his weapon and headed for the booths. His unit would me him there soon enough.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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