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Mighty kai

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[COLOR=Red]This is similar to a rpg that i started that didnt get finished

There is really big trouble that is going to happen. And its not gonna be pleasent. The half kai half demon bad guy Marashe wants to kill every single kai there is left. And his location is the kai world. The reason why Marashe hates the kais so much is that they saved the kai world before and rid his evil plans by taking over the universe. Not only that Marashe is looking for the kai world dragonballs for absolutly great power. Who can stop Marashe, his hench men and his evil plans? Why the kais ofcouse. And dont forget the Z fighters who volunteer to help. In this rpg we have to protect the kai world, fight the hench men and find all 7 kai world dragonballs before Marashe does. In this rpg you can either be a kai or a z fighter. A character from the series or a made up one. There is two different profiles. Heres the profile if you want to be a kai.

guardian of
Small bio:
weapon[if any]

And to be a z fighter your pro should be like this
race: Saiyan, namek etc
Small bio:
Weapon[if any]:

Here is mine



description:spikey white hair like mohiquin,light purple skin. He wears green clothes, orange waist belt, red boots and a chest belt.

guardian of:?

personality:cheeky and can be sarcastic. But he does look out for his friends.

Small bio:Shinrall is the son of a female kai by the name of Sulphy. He came to earth once to face an enemy. He started training at a young age. He trains with his mom, dad[eh em should i mention his name?]and Old kai. He was sent to Earth by the other kais to get some help.

weapon [if any]:Sword[/COLOR]

So guys come and join if you wish.
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[SIZE=1][B][U]Name:[/U] Kabito Kai

[U]Gender:[/U] Male

[U]Description:[/U] See Attachments.

[U]Guardian of:[/U] Umm... Good question... Supreme Kai, technically Guardian of the East...

[U]Personality:[/U] Can be deadly serious sometimes, or just plain stupid. Sometimes he'll be a coward, and sometimes he'll be brave enough to give up his life. Whenever they're not in a bad situation, he's happy and jokes around, but in a bad situation it's either fear or brave heart. Kabito Kai is mostly caring and kind to everyone, but normally gets pushed around by Old Kai.

[U]Small bio:[/U] Once the Guardian of the East, but then becoming the last Supreme Kai when Majin Buu destroyed the other Kai's. He was fused with Kabito forever, and lived on the Land of the Kai's with Old Kai. He helped Goku defeat Majin Buu, but didn't do much fighting. After that, he was the one who helped defeat Bebi, and save Trunks, Gohan, Goten and everyone under Bebi's control. Though, he hasn't done much fighting, he did much yelling and saving.[/B]

I'm not really sure when this takes place...[/SIZE]
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Name:Hidden Kai
description::[IMG]http://www.actiontattoos.com/castlevania/circle-hugh.gif[/IMG](Except with the clothes the supreme kai wears and has potara ear rings on.)
guardian of:The hidden planets
personality: perstitent and doesn't take crap from anybody
Small bio:Not many people know about the hidden Kai a normal kai would be lucky to learn about hidden kai but the grand and suprme kais know about this legend.
weapon:Energy sphere
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*scratches head* Okay i'm confused....yet i think i'm gunna sign

Name: Miatatzu Kai
gender: female
description: Snow white hair with a small tints of purple that starts off like a mohauk at her widows peak and is grown out in back and pulled into a tight, long ponytail. Her skin is meshed with white and purple tints. She wears a red Kimono top with long, floppy sleeves. Baggy red, pants with a cloth thant hangs out in front. A red and white head band with a dragon on the front. Pointed ears like any other Kai. Is about as tall as KabitoKai, just a tiny bit smaller. Kai earings as any Kai should
guardian of: The West
personality: Miatatzu is very arrogent and stubborn. She's been isolated from interaction with any sorce of life form except her White Pegasus friend White Deztiny. She is very anti-social, but if you are priveleged enough to be a friend or are any importance to her at all, she will fight at all costs to protect you. Though she never lets anyone get very close to her.
Small bio: Miatatzu was cast out into the west when she was the last Kai born. Therefore the youngest. She doesn't know about any other Kai familys and to her she isn't related to any of them. Miatatzu lived in the west desserts and plains her whole life. Her only friends are animals and plants.
weapon[if any] Blue Bladed Katana
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name karonaway

gender male

description like bakora(yugioh) w/black clock w/ hood

protector of the relam of darkness and light (make shour that they dont interrfear w/earth or the restof the .....every thing)the 2 relams are combound in to 1

weapons magic, energy atks,
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I hope I made it in before you decided to start this. You have no idea how long I've waited for a good DB RP.

Name: Figaroha
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Saiyan
Description: Classic saiyan look. His hairs medium length, and resembles Goku greatly.
Personality: Figaroha is nothing of the classic evil saiyan. His parents escaped Vegeta many years before its dimise when they were just children. Figaroha is a carefree Saiyan, he loves all people, but his love of everything caused him to become a mighty warrior. He is somewhat of a womanizer but knows when to draw the line.
Small Bio: Figaroha grew up on planet Tarnil 9. With his parents who escaped Vegeta at a young age. A cousin of Goku, he possessed many of Goku's characteristics. He began searching the univerise for anyone knowing anything of his long lost race as a child of 18. He then arrived on Earth were he learned many of Goku's techniques., and even gained the ability to reach SS level 2. He then began a life of training and lots of eating with the other Z-Fighters.

If theres nething wrong w/mycharacter please pm me and I'll change it immediateally.
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