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Sign Up College Daze(Rated R for sexual themes and language)


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Natsu walked with Jacob toward teh new college taht had opned up."Well guess this is it..heh it seems ike it was just yesterday we were still in 7th grade.."Jacob said.Natsu looked at him and nodded,she was out of words taht morning.It seemd that Jacob and Natsu were the only ones taht kept in touch since they split up after Highschool.Natsu followed Jacob into teh college,it was way crowded and everyone was stumbleing over another."Hey Natsu hold my hand,we won't get seperated"
Jacob said as he grabbed her hand.It wasn't anything flirtatious or anything,they just needed to make it to thier dorms alive.Once they got out of the crowd Natsu flipped her now long hair over her shoulder.As they walked toawrad thier assigned dorms and Natsu noticed they were still holding hands,she then quickly let go of Jacobs hand.Jacob looked at her and shrugged.They came upon a boy and a girl who were talking on and on.Then teh girl said "Natsu?Jacob?!What are you gusy doing here?!".

Ok heres teh sign up
Name:Somethign Japanese
Appearnce:picture of just a short writing will do
Bio:something short,include your personality here.

and heres my sign-up
Name:Natsu Ayuhara
Appearnce:Natsu looks way different from junior high.She now has long hair and wears skirts all the time.She dosn't look tough anymore,and now looks like a full on girly girl
Bio:Natsu now a happy go lucky perky popular girl has come a long way.She was once a bully,then one day at Disney Skye,her best friend,striaghnted her hair and gave her a skirt.This is when she decided to become a girly gal.She wants to persue a career of a doctor,hoping to go to the States like her mother.

OOC:If you were part of School Daze you'll be familia with this.These are the saved and open chars
An two more chars a free to make up.
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Thank you it looks fun

Name: Yuki Michiko
Age: 20
Appearnce: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/20-8.htm]clicky please[/URL]
Bio: She had been homeschooled most of her life. She diecided to go to a college to meet new people. She use to be ingage to a young man name Hoshi. During a snow storm while he was driving he was an accdent and killed. This left Yuki heartbroken. She is very shy and quiet. She doesn't like anyone to really notice her for fear she will lose anyone she loves aagain.

Hope that is okay.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Chiimaru Kyota
Age: 18
Appearance: Has short blond hair, with a red t-shirt and black jeans. And don't forget those Nike shoes!
Bio: Not much is known about this person. All that is known is that he has almost no friends, and wants to commit suicide. He is really outgoing, and would do anything for his few friends! his parents died in a car crash when he was four years old. He had to fend for himself since then.
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Name:Tatsuko Odaka
Appearnce: See picture
Bio: A quiet loner, he has an incredibly odd sense of fashion. Relatively smart, he hides his dog, Shiro, in his dorm. Knows a little kickboxing from his years in America visiting his brother. Kind and caring, he talks softly all the time, sometimes almost to the point of not being heard, until he loses his temper, in which case he becomes a berserk fool, often choosing the quickest path then the safest. He now works as a trainer in his grandfather's dojo.

((Is this alright? Im slightly confused as to the plot))
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Nice concept Exiles, but what's this business with only me n' you keepin' in touch? Me and Skye will stay in touch for eternity if we can! I mean, come on... no offense, but I think I'd stay in touch with Skye more than Natsu. Don't mind if I switch that bit around do you? GOOD! You jealous little girl you... lol.

Name: Jacob Isami (Isami? Where'd I get that...)

Age: 19 (I was in eigth grade so you know... well, still am anyway...)

Appearence: Now 6'1'' and slightly longer hair (a little past his ears - brown) still blue eyes. The same, flexable/slim build, and everything. He wears the same kind of clothing - anything he finds in his closet. This generaly consists of knee-length shorts, a t-shirt of varying design, and tennis-shoes. lol

Bio: He never lost interest in Skye and tried to keep in touch with her through the years. He remembers the days when Natsu and Skye fought over him... and is very glad those days are over, looking back on it. His dad died when he was in sixth grade, and his mom wasn't working for a while. Now he has a part-time job at a grocery store... at least it pays OK.[/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]LOL Back again, are we?

Name: Skye Tanmateresu
Age: 18
Appearance: Skye is know 5?7? instead of her old 5?6?, and her hair is know to her waist. Its still the same old dark brown with the gold streaks through it, and her eyes are the same old warm hazel-brown. She wears her same style ? sometimes punkish, sometimes flirty, but always comfortable and conveinant.
Bio: Skye broke away from her pals after Highschool, but always kept in touch with Jacob. She hasn?t changed much, and her family is doing good. Skye is on an official soccer team, and they are going to the finals. As always, she?s top in her classes, and friends with everyone. She wants to be a pro soccer champ, and at the moment is working at the local karaoke bar.[/color][/font][/size]
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Name:Miatatzu Mihyotto
Appearnce: Miatatzu wears A dragon vest, with a black tank top underneath and black pants.
Bio:Miatatzu is pretty much a loner. She's always seated in back and she eats alone. She doesn't talk to anyone, no one really knows what her voice sounds like. Miatatzu spends her free time at the horse stables a couples miles away from campus. Nobody ever sees her at all.
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ok,im not accepting any made up chars anymore.Now we are just waiting for Sesshomarufan,if he dosn't come in two days,teh slot for Kiruna will be open.So PM me now to reserve your spot ahead of time.
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