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Request Final Fantasy X-2 Banner

Hacker Kite

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Im looking for some one that can make excellent FF banners.

Im looking to have Yuna as the main theme,
in her Songstress Dressphere!!

Rikku should be in her Theif Dressphere; off to the left side of Yuna
Paine in her Warrior Dressphere; on the right!!

I want the top of the banner to say, "Gullwings, Ready!"

and the bottom of the banner to read:
"Y, R, P, in position. It's showtime girls!"

If possible this would be a very appreciative banner!!!

Hacker Kite
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[color=gray]Sorry, I was bored so I made a banner aswell -.-
The picture of Yuna was sort of small...[/color]
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