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RPG The Titan Tournament(13+ for violence and language)


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[size=1][color=darkblue]Aeomni looked across the deserted field from the roof of her house. She remembered when they had plenty of things growing there. The Dark Lord had taken it all away... along with her mother's life. Ever since her mother's death, they hadn't bothered to go on farming and gardening. Their main job was at the forge. Her family was only able to survive by selling their weapons and various trinkets. Aeomni then stood up and jumped into a nearby tree branch and slid down the tree trunk to the ground. Her family was working in the forge today, she was on cooking duty today. "I'm sure a nice potato soup and some bread would taste great for supper tonight." Aeomni said cheerfully to herself as she walked toward the small market in the small village. As she walked up to the little food stand, a short and slightly large woman greeted her with a smile. Aeomni always thought it was amazing that no matter how dreadful things get, many people manage to stay friendly and polite, not showing much fear and going on with their lives. Aeomni envied these people of Chanta, even though people always considered her to be one of those type. She selected a loaf of bread and a sack of potatoes and dug for money in her pocket.
"One piqe please." The woman said with a warm smile. Aeomni handed over the money and turned for home. Aeomni heard a few shrill cries come from the east of her when she took a few steps away from the food stand. A black cloaked rider on a black horse galloped through the small market right toward her. She just stood there as the rider stopped in front of her. She looked up into the dark face of the rider. The rider held out a small parsle and Aeomni carefully took it. As soon as it was in her hands, the rider sped off, in the direction of the Dark Lord's city. She watched after him, as did other villagers. The villagers then looked at her, their faces held mixed feelings, but then they turned away. Aeomni looked down at the letter, it had the Dark Lord's seal. She slowly turned it around in wonder, then stuck it under her belt and quickly walked home.

As Aeomni stirred the soup, she remembered the letter. She looked down. Sure enough, it was still tucked under her belt. She grabbed it and slipped the letter out of the envelope. Aeomni wasn't sure why she had gotten a letter from the [i]Dark Lord[/i] and she wasn't sure if she wanted to know. She drew a deep breath and looked at it. In a fancy script it read:

[i]Congradulations, you have been hand chosen by The Dark Lord to be in The Titan Tournament. The winners will be given a nice house in the Dark Lord's city, more freedom for you and your family along with the prize money which is 100,000 piqe. Losers that survive will go home with nothing and the rest shall die.
You will either participate in the tournament or you and your village/family will suffer. The tournament is held exactly a week from now. We will see you there and best of luck.[/i]

A lump formed in Aeomni's throat. It was either a do or die choice. That meant she had no choice. She only had a week to prepare and travel to the Dark Lord's city. She was reluctent, but she knew what had to be done.
Well, there is the first post. Have fun people![/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Naiya swept the floor of their poorly repaired house. She could see her father and brothers outside working in the field. She let out a sigh her sister of only 5 attached to her leg. She could smell her mother cooking in the kitchen of the house. A small noise soundly like someone was singing came from the back of the house. Staring back out the window, she looked at their withering crops. This year hadn?t been good for growing things. Many in Konhom were having the same problem. That didn?t stop the people from their everyday life though. Setting down her broom she moved to get a basket full of freshly washed cloths. Walking outside her brother waved to her and she waved back. Naiya felt tugged on the back of her skirt and looked down at Amalisa, the youngest of the children. Naiya ruffled the top of her head messing up the hair she had brushed that morning. Moving to the side of the house was a long rope was tied from the side of the house to a tree. Taking out a blanket as she began placing them on the rope to dry.

The sound of horseshoes clapping on the ground got her attention. Turning her head she noticed dust coming from the distance. A lone rider was heading toward her house. As he got closer she noticed he had a black cloak on. Amalisa hid underneath Naiya skirt as the rider came towards her. Stopping in front of her he handed her a letter with the seal of the Dark Lord on it. As soon as she had it in hand he rode off. Her father seeing the commotion started up from the hill.

She opened the letter careful and started to read it:

Congratulations, you have been hand chosen by The Dark Lord to be in The Titan Tournament. The winners will be given a nice house in the Dark Lord's city, more freedom for you and your family along with the prize money, which is 100,000 piqe. Losers that survive will go home with nothing and the rest shall die.
You will either participates in the tournament or you and your village/family will suffer. The tournament is held exactly a week from now. We will see you there and best of luck.

Her father came up to her ?What does it say.?

She looked at her Father with determined eyes; ?I?m to enter the tournament.? He father gave out a gasp.

?You can?t.? He ordered.

?I must, Father and I will. For everyone sake I promise I will win. I must go and train now. Please understand I do this for you and everyone else.? She walked away from the wash she hadn?t finished hanging. Little Amalisa went to follower her and she shook her head no.

Entering the forest she went to a tree with a huge knot in it. From it she brought a sword and some armor. ?It seems Visola that we must fight.?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Looking out at her mother, a tear falls from Clou's face. Not being able to handle the shame that she has brought onto her mother. She never wanted to disapoint her but she cannot deny her feelings. Looking away Clou begins to mend a pair of paints for an elderly man whos body is as frail as a blue js egg. Finishing up she hands the pants back to the man.

"There you go Sr good as new." she gives him a warm smile.
"Now young lady how much do i owe you?" he asked hole heartedly.
"Oh Sr this ones on the house and here take this i backed it myself."she hads him a flat piece of bread.
He looks at her with a smile on his face,"May the Gods bless you." he says and walks down the old and dusty streets of what is her village.Looking once again at her mother Clou decides to talk to her, when all of a sudden a man in a dark flowing cloke rides up to her.
"Good day sr how may i help you today?"She says
The man stares at her, than he hands her a letter with the dark lord seal on it.Takeing it in her hand Clou glances up at the man again as he rides off in the direction of the Dark lords castle.Opening it up she reads:

Congradulations, you have been hand chosen by The Dark Lord to be in The Titan Tournament. The winners will be given a nice house in the Dark Lord's city, more freedom for you and your family along with the prize money which is 100,000 piqe. Losers that survive will go home with nothing and the rest shall die.
You will either participate in the tournament or you and your village/family will suffer. The tournament is held exactly a week from now. We will see you there and best of luck.

Folding the paper back in its envilope Clou walks to her mother.

"Um mother..i wish to tell you something."she says sheepishly
"Hmm another one of your nasty little secrects?" she snaps harshly.
"No I am to go fight in the tournament, its in a week so i will need to train."
Her mother keeps working on the new shirt she is makeing.
"Well i am going now...."Another tear runs down her face.
Clou dries her eyes and thinks " You are an adult now and if she dosent acept you than deal with it, also if you win this tournament she mite once again love you for who you are."With that last thought Clou packs a few food supplies and heads for the woods to train.
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A metallic ringing filled the corridors of the police lock-up as Phelan smashed his fists into the door of his cell. To the guards outside is must have sounded like he was trying to escape, even though that would obviously not work. In truth he was training his mind and body to ignore pain, and stregnthening his knuckles so they would do more damage to anyone he his. With his forced entry into the tournament it was a good idea to get in as much practice as possible. The training continued for some time before Phelan stopped, no need to break any bones before the fights.

Phelan looked down at his knuckles and cursed. If he could see them he was sure they would be a very dark red, or even show early signs of bruising. Being locked in a solitary confinement cell made it impossible to see anything, since there were no lights anywhere nearby. It seemed that the police did not like the little light show he had put on during an earlier escape attempt. Before he could think about it any further the small window on the door opened and a fat face filled the area.

"Heh heh heh. You tryin' to escape, or just break your hands in hopes of avoiding the tournament?" The guard smirked.

Phelan looked up and the dim light from outside the cell reflected from the silver of his eyes, lending him an almost demonic look. "Just imagining your ugly face as my new punching bag. I've gotta have the right motivation to enjoy praticing." Phelan chuckled lightly and guard scowled and slammed the window shut.

Pissing the guard off was not the brightest thing to do, but it was entertaining. There was also the added bonus that the guard could not do anything without taking the chance of messing with the tournament, a chance that could be painful, or even deadly to him. Phelan sat down on the cold, rock floor and stretched his legs, which touched the other side of the tiny room. Grabbing his sunglasses from his pocket he placed them on his head and began to whistle. Just one more week to go.
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Tetsuo entered a run donw pubin the Dark lords city.He had just reseved a letter from a man in a black clock,who just walked in here.He looked around then he reread the letter.

Congratulations, you have been hand chosen by The Dark Lord to be in The Titan Tournament. The winners will be given a nice house in the Dark Lord's city, more freedom for you and your family along with the prize money, which is 100,000 piqe. Losers that survive will go home with nothing and the rest shall die.
You will either participates in the tournament or you and your village/family will suffer. The tournament is held exactly a week from now. We will see you there and best of luck.

"But who is this from?" he said"It dose not have a name.
"[I]"It has the seal of the Drak Lord ,and who eles in this in this baron, waste, poor conditioned planet could hold a tournament w/ a prize of this much money?"[/I] said the ghostly demon that folowed him and told him things and was stuck to him for life.

"yes bu..."he was interupted by a man who was clearly drunk

"Who ya' tlken' ta' lila' fella'"

tetsuo studered for a moment and covered his noise (man smelled like beer very strong beer)and said
"Umm...n-no one ju-just myself"

[I]His stench is horried please KILL HIM[/I] (plaese note the demon has no name and only Tetsuo can hear him so his speach is in italic thank you)

The letter then snatched from him by another drunken man who was big musseled,tall and hugeand read it allowed.

"Please give it back!"
"NO! You come and get it yoi a** hole!" said the drunken man
[I]Let me controll your body....now i want to kill him [/I]
"No you cant do that."tetsuo
[I]Yes i ca.....fine but get it back use your magic something [/I]
"Fine " said Tetsuo as he focused on the letter
"WHO THE H*** YOU TALKEN TO BOY"said the drunken man
Then the letter started to glow black and it lifted out of his hand and into his bag
"You said if i get it i can have it "tetsuo
"I'LL KILL YOU"He screamed and jumped on tetsuo.....well so he thought
[I]What is he mad about its your letter [/I]
"Who knows" :laugh: Tetsuo
"ya'll the younen' is in two places at one stnken' time" said the first drunk man who saw Tetsuo about to leave.
[I]Now you must kill them all [/I]
"No i'm not going to kill them ....whats up with you and death anyway"said Tetsuo
[I]None of your bussines, duck [/I]
The drunken man tackeled Tetsuo.Which realy p***** him off.He focused all his energy on the mans stomach then a purple tornado released from his mouth(hands to sore to move)blasted him through 12 side by side buildings.
"Thank ya' ladie that drunk kepped all me customers away and he never payed his bill" said the bar tender
"you..you..your welcome"Tetsuo said as he walked out the door the go meditate some where peacefu

I'm sorry if this is not enough.please pm me if i did some thing wrong
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Matt looked over at Phelan and his uncanny ability to make the guards angry. He chuckled to himself, as that was his only way to laugh. He was 3 cells down from Phelan, but they never spoke, due to the guards. Matt sat on his bed, day and night, wondering how he is going to win the tournament. With it only a week away, he had to train hard, and the only other person who was going to enter this tournament was Phelan and they never spoke so they couldn't train. His cell, along with Phelans was surrounded by a strange magnetic barrier, negating the powers they had. When exiting, they were cuffed with a pair of hand cuffs, emitting that same magnetic signal.
Matt layed back down on his bed, looking up to the ceiling. Thoughts of the people he knew ran through his head, and he wished he could see them again. One major one was Aeomni, whom he thought about a lot, and he always lost track of time of the day whenever his thoughts wandered.

"Hey boy. Wake up. It's not sleeping time untill nightfall!"
"I wasn't sleeping, I was just thinking, unlike you brainless idiots."

The guard turned red with anger, but he backed down, knowing that the cell barrier would hurt him, let alone the tournament if Matt was injured. Matt layed back down on his bed, looking up at the ceiling.

"One week to go....sheesh, if I knew by possible death was this close, I wouldn't have punched that guard. That way, I wouldn't have wounded up in this hole."
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Clou sets down her things by a big weeping willow, very rare to see one of these. "How are you this dreadful day?"she asks the old tree. "Do you mind if i climb you a meditate?"she listeans for the tree to answer.With a smile she gracefully climbs the tree to about the middle and finds a nice spot to meditate. Closeing her eyes she gathers all of her power togather and tries to keep it for as long as she can. It begins to glow from her heart, a green orb,it grows bigger and starts to form around her. She thinks hard of her purpose and what she must do.
"I am the warrior of the forest i must protect it and my loved ones, i must do anything to protect them, for mother nature can be cruel and i must be the fist of her anger.....i call the old ones to settle here withen me, grant me power to fulfill my destiny, if i must die so be it but let me go down with the heart of a warrior."she drifts off into a deep trance. The green or around her glows stronger as she seeps deeper into the unknown.WHAAM!!Something smashes into the side of Clou's head. Dazed and confused she falls to the ground.Eyes blurring she tries to stand up when a bare fist contacts with her stomach.She falls back. Vision now clear a tall man stand's befor her,"What the hell do you want?"she stands up and gets ready to fight.
"I heard you got into the Tournaments and ive come to steal your invetation and you powers."He laughs.
"Hmm thats funny how can you do that when your all tied up?"she smiles.
"LOWEN YA KIE!!!"she yells and several vines wrap around the man.
"Hey whats the big idea?"he yells "Dont you know how to fight fare?"he strugles with the vines.
"Hmmm let me see your the one who hit me while i was medateing!"She yells back."You men are sooo arogant!You Want fare ill give you fare!"She yells and the man is set free from his confinment.
She provokes the man to come and get her.He picks up his staff and charges at her.With a smerk on her face she effertlessly(sp) moves behind the man and pounds his head into the ground with the bottom of her foot."AHHH." he yells and soon recovers, he throws a hight kick to her face, she blocks it an says "Dont you know to kick to the knees you moreon!"and bashes in his kneecap.The man yell with pain hugging his injured leg."You have messed with the forest and now you must pay.
"ROSE WHIP!"she calls, a long whip of thorns form in her right hand."TENA KIE!"she lashes the whip at him and it wraps around his ankle pulling forcefully she flings the man hurtling him in a tree."I think you've learned your leason or shall i begin number 2?"she says sarcasticly."No no ive learned ill leave you and the forest alone."he wippers.With that she morphs into her little cat and scampers off deeper into the forest.
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[size=1][color=darkblue]After Aeomni and her family had eaten, she confronted them about the tournament. When her father saw the letter, his eyes filled with sorrow. "I cannot allow my only daughter to meet the same fate as your dear mother." He said with pain in his voice.
"Father... I don't have much of a choice! I now I can win this! Please!" Aeomni protested.
"But... if you don't win, you will die."
"No! I've known people that have been in the tournament before. You know them too! The person just has to be down or unconcious for15 counts!" Aeomni continued to beg. "Please... we need this..." Her father couldn't argue with her. He hesitated but finally nodded. "Thanks you father! I won't let you down, I promise." She hugged him and then kissed him on the cheek gently. "I need to train now..." She whispered as she cleaned up the table.
"We'll help!" Aeomni's eleven year old twin brothers happily exclaimed. They jumped out of their chairs and started cleaning up the kitchen. Her two oldest brothers also stood up.
"And we will help you train." They said together. Aeomni smiled and nodded. The three of them headed outside and went to their abandoned field. One of them blind folded her and she heard something coming toward her. She stopped it in air with her powers and threw it to her right. Her brothers continued throwing objects at her as she was blind folded, the objects got bigger and bigger, making it harder each time to stop them. They gave her a series of these tests, her passing all of them. With a huff, they unblind folded her and let her train on her own.
"Thanks a ton guys." Aeomni said gratefully. They just waved at her and headed back to the forge. It had gotten late. The sun was setting, a blood-red, bright pink, deep purple, and golden yellow spilt across the sky. Aeomni sighed and headed toward the small forest located about half a mile away from their house. She was going to polish up her hand to hand combat skills. Something crossed her mind while she walked to the small forest... [i]Matt... I never found out what happened to him. Is it possible for someone to just... disappear? I hope he's ok.[/i] Aeomni thought as she walked under the first of the trees.[/color][/size]
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It had been 4 days scince Tetsuo had resived the invite/threat to come to the turnament, and he hade been meditating for 3 days. He started the reson he came here.
" I must kill the dark lord" he said to the demon.
[I]Yes you must but why enter the turnament any way. I mean your family was killed by the dark lord already and you have no village the only reason i can think of is to get..... [/I]
"Closer to the dark lord" Tetsuo finished for him
He leaned aganst the the wall of the jail (that contained matt and Phelan) and thought how he would go about the task he had to preform. The dark lord was stronger in the dark magics than he was and could easaly repel his magic.
"Hey you "
Tetsuo looked up and saw the drunk again. The same drunk he blasted trough 12 building.
"Come on little man lets fight"said the drunk as he fasened brass knckels the his own.
"Do what you want with him i dont care" said Tetsuo.
His expression then greatly changed his eyes narowed in to a death glare.
"I wish you would have let me sooner "he said in a voice that was not his own.
"Come on fool"said the drunk
Then he charged at Tetsuo, then he noticed his narowed eyes and the ball of drak energy in his hand.In a flash of purple light the drunk had been vaporized.
The jails power went out along with the power in the intire city.Tetsuo's eyes unnarowed and looked around and said to the demon
"I think you over did it where is he any way"
[I]Oh the body of the drunk i vaporized it [/I]
Then loud noises came from the jail and and presoners ran out the door screaming things like finaly ,'bout time ,and yes i'm free again.
"We should help round em' up " said tetsuo
Then a man ran in to him. tetsuo looked at him and probed his mine real quick and said
" Matt is your name Matt
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As Clou pushed forward she felt a being behing her. Ouickly she jumped into the nearest tree and wachted. A young lady apeared bellow her, she soon realized that it was Aeomni a girl from her village. She jumped down but was stoped in mid air,"Hay its me Clou...."She said.Aeomni let her fall and she landed on her feet."Well what brings you to the woods?"she asked eyeing her up and down."Oh im here to train for the Tournament,what about you?"she says "No way your in the tournament too......that means we'll have to fight each other."a smile crept arcoss her face."Hey i know we could help each other train,theres only a few days left untill the tournament starts."Clou says." I know so we dont have to fight each ofcourse unless you want to, i can make dummys out of wood!"she says." hey ya that wold be great!"she smiles. "LAL DEN KIE HA!"clou yells and a small tree infront of her begins to morph and move."I thought you ment dummys." said Aeomni."Well how can we get better if they cant attack us?"she says."LAL DEN KIE HA!" she yells again and more trees spring to life."Wooo thats taken alot out of me." says Clou. "How about i watch while you beat the crap out of the trees hmmm?"she says "Wait wont that hurt the trees?" she asked"Well yes but i can fix that when your done."she smiles.Clou thinks"I really hope we get to fight but i really dont want to hurt her shes sooo pritty, but if i must than the flower will whilt."she smiled again as she watch Aeomni train.
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The door of Matts cell opened up, as did Phelans. The guards cuffed them as always and escorted them to 2 seperate rooms. As the doors closed, the guards said something.

"The Dark Lord wants you two to train alone, even though I don't imagine why. You'll die anyways."

The guard walked off, as the doors slammed. Matt looked about the room, seeing that there is only one light on the ceiling and that the same magnetic field from his old cell was also around this one. With that, Matt began his training. He started off with some punches and kicks, his speed being faster than that of a normal humans, but not too fast. He done this for a few hours, as sweat poured off of him. Matt then decided to kick it up a notch. He placed his hands in a cup formation and placed them atr his side, a little behind him. Little by little, a small orb of energy was forming in his hands. When it grew up to only a millimeter from his hands, he fired it at the wall, a tremendous force of concentrated spirit energy and electrical energy fused as a forceful blast that could kill a group of 50 normal people with just one sweep. The blast hit the wall, but it was deflected back at Matt. He jumped up, barley dodging the blast, it knicking his feet, causing his shoes to burn some. He landed and put the small fire put, but was hit in the back by his own blast, not watching what the blast was doing. Matt slammed into the wall he fired at and got shocked by the magnetic forces surrounding the walls. He was blown back and landed in the middle of the room, his body burnt a bit and badly hurt. Matt slowly got up, staggering a bit, heavily breathing. The guard opened up the door.

"Times up kid. Time to go back to your room." The guard said.

Matt slowly dragged his tattered body back to his cell, and plopped down on his bed, thinking.

"That went rather swell...but man, did it do one hell of a thing on my body."

He looked up at the ceiling, his thoughts wandering around again.

"Hmmm....I wonder how Aeomni is right now? I hope she is okay, probably trying to work to keep alive...if I get out of this tournament alive, she will be the first person I'm gonna see...if I live..."

Matt rested his head back on his bed, as he drifted off into sleep...
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Once more the window to the solitary confinment room opened and was filled by the face of the same guard from before. This time around the guard spoke while fumbling with his keys.

"Get up. You're being moved to a room to train for a while."

The lock clicked, and slowly the large, metal slab they called a door opened. In addition to the first guard, who was holding restraints that wound bind Phelan's hands, there were two more behind him holding stun sticks. Even if Phelan would decide to run, it would be very hard to get past the two that took up most of the small hallway. Phelan simply turned around and the guard locked his hands in place, then led him off to a small room.

To anyone passing by the room would seem very strange. Despite having no visible lights, and very dark walls, people would still be able to see if they were inside. Even to Phelan the room looked rather strange, and the reason became clear when the guard shoved him in. The white shirt Phelan wore under his jacket shined an almost blinding light, and even the metallic silver of his eyes reflected brightly off of his glasses. The door slammed shut behind him.

[i]Clever bastards. Using a black light to limit my powers was a good idea. Guess someone from outside the station told them to use it. I doubt they were smart enough to think of it.[/i]

Due to the extreme range of ultraviolet light it was more difficult to control then the lower frequencies in the visible spectrum of light. Phelan used UV light to make his laser bursts more damaging, but even then it was only a small fraction of the energy. With this much of it around, and so little visible light, it any beams would be to weak to do much more then singe hairs. Deciding that was good enough to train with, Phelan chose to work on his aim. Previous experience had taught him about the station's field that reflected energy.

Phelan bent his left knee, placed his right foot behind it, and took on a posistion that make it look as if he had been sitting on something. Pointing his right hand out he curled his fingers in and pointed his index and middle finger away. Collecting a small amount of UV rays he released them and left them bounce from wall to wall. Most of the bounced shots went flying past him, barely, and he felt them as they moved around. There was an occasional accident, like the one that hit his ear and burned him, but most whizzed by harmlessly. This continued till the guard returned and led him back to his "room." Past the barred room that Matt was in, and back to the lightless box that was the solitary lock-up.
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Guest Midnight Rush
James Ross woke swiftly, rising and dressing before the maid entered. He asked her for tea and when she left, he pondered his situation. The Evil Empire types had tried to keep him in his cell, the solitary lightless confinement package.

That changed when he killed his guards... and their replacements. The complex master, Colonel Vernon Rembrier, had laughed and ordered Ross executed. The Dark Lord watched the (attempted) execution, curious to see what the young man would do.

Ross had melted his bonds and killed all the soldiers in the courtyard, as well as the executioner himself. James then tried to kill the Dark Lord, but his magic was feeble compared to the Master's defense.

The Dark Lord liked the boy, and said that he admired his fire and that he reminded him of him at that age. He then set Ross up in a rather luxurious apartment, leaving him basically under house arrest.

His meditations were interrupted by a knock on his door. A beautiful woman entered the room. She smiled at him, "Well Master Ross, in this luxury you may have forgotten why you are here. In three days the tournament's preliminary rounds begin. The Dark Lord has high hopes for you,"

He looked her up and down quickly, noticing the slight seductive pose she had struck. "I haven't forgotten at all, although I do appriciate the reminder. May I ask your name?"

She was surprised, she had expected the usual teenage clumsiness... Ross' forwardness was most abnormal. She knew that she could revenge her husband's death... and she also knew how she would do it. "My name... I will return to you after the preliminaries.. and then I shall tell you." Her voice became more sultry with every word.

"What if I am dead?"

She struck the best school-girl pose she could, "I believe you will win the entire tournament... I haven't even thought that you could lose."

"Well, see you then..."

She left, and he was perplexed.. [I]What the **** was all of that about? She's up to something... better not bed her, well at least not seriously. Anyway... may as well prep for the fight, I've been idle too long.[/I]

OOC: No apologies for the different situation... I'm not pedastooling my dude, but the story needs a little flava-injection!
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[size=1][color=darkblue]As Aeomni countered the last tree's attack, she concentraited her powers and the tree went hurtling in the air, then crashed to the ground. She wiped the little sweat on her forehead away. She then looked to Clou and smiled. "That was great, thanks." Aeomni said warmly. Clou nodded.
"No prob." Clou said simply, "It's late. I'll let you go, I'll take care of this mess." Clous said and gave Aeomni a little wave. Aeomni gave her a small departing solute and raced back home.

Days passed as Aeomni trained for the tournament. Two days before the tournament she decided to head toward the city. She gathered a few things in a small pack and rounded up her family to anounce her leaving. After talking with her family, she finally gave them all good-bye kisses and hugs. Worry still hung on her father and older brothers' faces. Her younger brothers clung to her, but encoraged her... at least they had great faith in her. Aeomni finally walked outside and turned her back to her small home. She gave them a wave, but while still facing away from her home and them. She couldn't look at them, she had to stay strong. So she set off.[/color][/size]
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Clou woke up early that morning, olny two more days till the tournament she packs her things and heads fro home. When she arrives her mother is sitting at her post normally where clou works. "Hello mother....I need to get a few things befor i leave for the city."she says with a smile.her mother just keeps working. Shane walks inside and to her bedroom. Packing a few cloaths she takes a last look at her room, than walks to the kitchin. Lookibg around shane sees a small food packadge laying on the small wooden table a note was laying next to it.

"Dear child i hope you the best of luck, and i wonted to repay the favor i hope you lke hte bread i made and these some dried meat and cheese.Gods bless you.
Signed the old man.

Shane knew who it was and smiled, but she was a little dissapointed that it wasnt from her mother.Sighing she puts the food into her pack.Walking back outside she tries once again to make peace with her mother. "Umm i must be going now I mit not see you ever again......so i guess this is goodbye."she says tears falling from her face again."her mother looks up at her and begins to cry."I never ment to hurt you child." getting up she hugs her very tight."I love you no matter what you are or what you do.......please dont die out there i dont know what i would to if you did."she said.Clou embraces her mother hug and forgives her."Its ok mother i will be back even if i dont win i swear."she kisses her mother."But now i must be going."she smiles."Yes i know and befor you leave i want you to have this."her mother hands her a green pendent. Holding it in her hands Clou feels a sudden charge of power. She puts it around her neck.(thsi is the pendent of emotions when clous emotions run hight the pendent glows bright green and when in battle it can be used as an attack but only when shes feeling really really emotional.) With another hug to her mother Clou beigns to set off for her adventure.Knowing that her mother dose not hate her gives her even more confedince that she can do her best and try to win.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Naiya stood and looked down in the stream and looked at her reflection. [I]Two more days until the tournament. I should leave for the city now.[/I] She llooked up at her house. She hadn't been there for thepast five days. She just could not leave without saying good bye to them. She started up the hill grabbing Vuila that had been leaning up against the fence.

Making her way toward the house she seen her mother and Amalisa come out of the house. Little Amalisa was waing at her. From around the back of the house she watched her father and three brother coming around to stand with her mother. Her mother smile was warm and welcoming. NAiya eyes began to fill with tear. [I]No I will not let them see me cry.[/I] "It is time for me to go now."

"Yes we know, dear." Her Mother drew her inher arm and hugged her tightly. "Please be safe and take care." Her mother let hher go.

"Please no matter what happens come back safe to us. We don't care weather you win or lose. We just want to see you home safely." Her father leaned his head down and kissed her faarehead.

"Please do not fear I will do everything in my power to return to you." Naiya was fighting her ters back.

She felt somwthing wrap around her leg. "Pleas don't go. I want you to stay here. How will I know if you are dead, sissy." Naiya knelt down and took Amalisa in her arms.

"Please so not cry Amalisa. I will give you this." Calling apon her powers she forme a globe of water and gave it to Amalisa. "This will tell you that i am alive. If it shatters and breaks than I am dead.

"Here take this. Its packer with a few of your things and some food." Her mother handed her a shoulder bag.

"Thank you all. I promise to return to you." She turned and head towards the dirt paththat lead to the city. Tears formed in her eyes. She could hear her famil calling good wishes and to take care. She couldn'tlook back at them. She kept her head forwards and to the goal ahead.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Aeomni walked on the dirt road toward the Dark Lord's city, she kept her eyes on the large castle that loomed over it. Even through the think trees you could see fine detail of the castle. It was magnificent. Aeomni ajusted her long blade spear along with her small pack and started jogging.

When Aeomni reached a river that was about four miles from the city, she stopped to rest. She drank handfuls of the ice cold, clear, glittering water. It felt wonderful in her dry mouth and even better when it seeped down her throat. The way she had been carrying her belongings was rather uncomfortable, so she tied her pack onto her blade spear and held it over her shoulder. Then she realized there was no way to cross the river that she could see. Aeomni then concentrated her power and floated quickly over the river. She landed on the other side and then continued to walk.

About an hour later, she reached the city. Aeomni felt so small compared to the enormous city gate and walls. He heart skipped a beat as she made her way into town. Everything was so much larger, cleaner. People on the streets looked relatively happier. A spark of anger went off in Aeomni's head, it wasn't fair, the people who lived here got so much more. The Dark Lord had it all. So why did so many people have to suffer? [i]This is why I need to win the tournament.[/i] Thought Aeomni, [i] To set things right...[/i]
She entered a large Inn. People were scattered here and there. They all looked like they were having a great time, dining, drinking, and talking about a great variety of things. She felt so out of place. Aeomni still went up to the Inn keeper as the counter. "May I help you miss?" he asked politely. The man didn't look to much older than her, probably in his late teens, early 20's. He had a mane of thick dark hair that couldn't seem to keep in one place and beautiful thick, chocolate eyes.
"Uhmm.... I am here for the tournament..." Aeomni said quietly. The young man gave her a warm smile, she could feel her cheeks getting hotter and hotter by the second.
"A lovely young lady as yourself? My, you must be very strong to be hand picked by the Dark Lord. I'm sure you will do well in any case. Now... what is your name?" He asked looking down at a piece of paper on his counter.
"I'm... my name is Aeomni." She said boldly.
"Ah, yes! I have heard of you. You are expected in the castle. I will escort you if you like." He said warmly.
"Yes, that would be very nice." Aeomni said gratefully.
"Right then, I'll be with you in a moment... I have to go tell the others I will be gone for a little bit, go ahead and take a seat while you are waiting." He said as he walked into a back room. Aeomni nodded and sat in a chair nearby. She waited patiently as she looked around the Inn. There was a kitchen right by the back room, the door was open so you could see the cooks scurrying around, clanging pots and pans and mixing, stirring, and flipping various foods. The people that were downstairs in the eating and lounging area were talking, eating, reading, playing, and quariling. It was interesting to watch such happy people with all this energy. The boy came back out of the back room and lead her out of the busy Inn. "Whew, it's so busy here since the tournament is right around the corner. Oh well, customers mean money!" He said happily as he navigated through the crouded streets.
"Are people here always this happy and carefree?" Aeomni asked in an unsure voice.
"Of course!" He said cheerfully, "Why do you ask?"
"It's just that... where I come from, everyone is always working. They are always tired, there is no time for fun. Everyday is a nightmare." Aeomni said sadly. The boy looked at her with sad eyes.
"I forgot that not all towns and cities are like ours. I'm sorry." He said in a sader tone.
"Don't be."
"I wish the Dark Lord would share our fourtune. But he is but a greedy man, only giving to those he feels like... well, he we are... The Dark Lord's Castle." He announced as the approched yet another huge gate. Aeomni gulped.
"Here it goes..." She whispered.[/color][/size]
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Guest Midnight Rush
James Ross walked through the door of his house, and was stopped by his guard. "Sorry Master Ross, but the Dark Lord has confined you to the house until the tourney tomorrow."

"Hmmm... what ever. Could you arrange for my weapons to be returned?"

"They were...ah... destroyed by the prison officials upon news of the execution order."

"The [I]repealed[/I] order."

"Yes of course."

"Well, I will need a sword or five."

"What types?"

"Gladius is my preference... Two of them. I need the blades half again as long to fit my style."

"It shall be done."

"I will need to test them... I want them within three hours."


While Ross waited he slept. And the rest was good... he felt clean again... and strong. The swords were brought to him, and he practiced for a little bit. Afterwards he slept some more.

When he woke... it was the day. He dressed and walked towards the arena... the other competators were arriving, and he felt confident.

Very confident.
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Aeomni left the comfort of the friendly young man and was escorted into the castle by a guard. The guard briskly walked down the hall and gave instructions to Aeomni at the same time, "The tournament with start in four hours. You are to stay in lounging area untill it starts." He finished as she was pushed into a large room. After she was shoved into the room, he slammed the door quickly and she heard his footsteps fade into the distance. A few people stood in the room. Probably from other villages or perhaps even from the city she guessed. Aeomni looked around the room an tried to find a place to sit or stand. Only one other woman stood in the room, whom Aeomni didn't know. The woman had a lot of muscle, the woman glanced at Aeomni then lost interest and went back to staring out the window. Other than the woman, a few men were scattered across the room. Many stared at here, she felt uncomfortable and took a chair by a window in the corner. How was she supposed to just sit here for four hours? She looked around for familiar faces but failed to find anyone she knew. She sighed and continued to stare out the window. [i]Please... please let there be others I know in this tournament. At least Clou will be here...[/i] Aeomni thought as she continued to keep her gaze away from the other fighters.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Naiya headed into the big city. She first found a tavern, she was dying to get something to drink. She sat down on a stool and asked for ale. She had drawn a few stares from men because her armor revealed much skin. With a sharp look in her eye though whatever comments they were going to say were held back. An old man with a grey beard worked behind the counter. ?So what brings you in town, young Lady. We don?t have to many women folk com in here.?

?I am entered in the tournament.? Eyes shot up around here.

?Really now. You should be careful when fighting. I hear your opponents are strong.? The old man warned her.

?Thank you for your concern old man. Can you point me in the right direction to the castle.? Taking another gulp of her ale.

?Of course, but if you like I could take you myself.? Naiya shock her head no. ?Okay then. Just turn a right out here and than follow the path till the four way. Than hang a left and follow that straight to the castle. You got that.?

?Yes, thank you for your help.? She drank the last and went to pay the man.

?This one is one the house.?

?Thank you again, Old man.? She got up and left.

She found her way to the castle were they to her to the lounge. A couple of men were there and that was it. She had no interest in talk to them, but she studied them. She tried to locate weakness they might have. Naiya stood near a window so she could look out every now and than.

An hour later she heard the door open a young girl entered the room. [I] Must be another fighter. [/I] She didn?t feel like studying her opponents now. She went back to looking out her window. [I] Four more hours and than this thing starts. I just want it to be over and done with. [/I] She watched a group of bird?s flutter in the sky. She smiled. [I] To be free and happy like that is all I want.[/I] She was trying to think of ways to past the next four hours.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tetsuo entered the lounge of the castle he could feel the dark powers coming from it. He looked around he saw 2 girls and many men all who looked big and strong.

“Do you think I will stand a chance?” He asked his demon friend
[I]You yes and if worse comes to worse I can always protect you [/I]
"you are my daerest friend and youcan not parish " Said Tetsuo

He started to probe peoples minds to findweakness but when he came a cross a girl named Naiya thats all he could find out he tryed harder yet nothing changed so he walked up to her and asked
"Hello are you entered in the tournament aswell?"
"You were inside my mind why?"ASked Naiya.
[I]cause he can whats it to ya' barbie[/I]
"Stop that be nice"whispered Tetsuo
"Excuse me what did you say?"she asked
"Ummm inside your mind ummm because i-iwas ummmm"studered Tetsuo
"To find my weakness no dought"she said in a calm voice
"Sorry yes thats why but were did you learn to shield your mind like that?"Tetsuo asked curiously.
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Clou looked up at the city gate. "Finally im here."she said. "Look at all these people how they have fun when others must suffer!"she said to her self.A young man walked up to her."You must be in the tournament."he said with a smile on his face."Ya so what if i am?"she said glareing at him. "well i can take you to the castle if you like."a toothy grin spreed arcross his face.Clou thought"hmm i really dont know my way around."she said "Sure that would be great."she said. He lead her down a dark ally way."why have we stopped?"she asked the man smiled."AHHHHHHHH." shane punched the man with her eyes closed."HOW DARE YOU!"she ran out of the ally way her face hot with embaressment(sp)another man walked up to her."Can i help......"he was cut off."NOOOO I DONT NEED ANY MORE HELP!"she yelled and jumpud onto a near by roof.She bolted across the rooftops still a little red from what that man had did.She srugged it off as she junped down and stood in front of the caslte gate. Now placeing her goal ahead.But Aeomni crossed her mind."i wonder where she's at right now."she sighed and walked up to the gate."Name."said a man."Clou im here for the tournament."she said."Right this way."the man lead her to a small room.Right when she entered she saw Aeomni."Hey Aeomni i was just thinking of you."she smiled and Aeomni stood up and ran to her."These people are sooo up tight i was getting a little nervous....im glade you showed up!"she smiled."Ya how come noones talking?"she asked."I dont think anyone wants to get to know each other."she said.They sat down, talked and laughted.
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Phelan cursed the full hand shackles that had been placed around his wrists. If not for them he could kill that arrogant guard that had been keeping an eye on him, and the other prisoner he knew only as Matt, durning the trip to the Dark Lord's city. Nothing would please him more right now then to burn a hole through that cocky smile the guard had.

It had been nearly two hours since Phelan and Matt were transported from the prison, by way of horse-drawn hay wagon, but the Dark Lord's castle was finally in sight. Phelan cared little about the approaching tournament at this moment. He was more irritated by the midday sun over head, which left the ride quite warm, though the jacket he wore did not help much.

When the wagon at last reached the front of the castle the guard pushed Phelan and Matt out, and led them to the entrance. A small man stood by the front door to great the group. "Two more for the tournament?" The man asked. The guard nodded and provided the man with their names, then pushed them through the doors when the man confirmed their entry.

Inside the room there were quite a number of other competitors. For a moment Phelan could swear he saw a look of surprise from Matt, which seemed to be shared by a redhead on the far side of the room, but a push from the guard moved the two out of his visual range. Phelan heard a click, and felt the restraints on his hands open. He turned around, and the guard threw a small, rolled up piece of fabric at him, it was the holder for his throwing knives. "Thanks," Phelan said before giving the guard a punch in the gut, and tossing him out the door. It was not as good as getting to kill him, but pleased him none the less. Phelan walked to the far side of the room, leaned against a wall and started to whistle while adjusting his sunglasses.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Naiya watched as a new girl came in and come to sit down with the only other girl. They stated tolaugh and talk. [I]Ii wouldn't wan to make any friends here. I wouldn't want to fight any of them. I would just feel horriable.[/I] She turned her attain back at the young man in front of her.

"I taught myself while building a wall one day."

He arched an eyebrow.

She sighed. "When you pile the bricks you build a wall to keep others out. So if you do the same in your mind."

The door opened once again this time letting in men. They seem to have shackles on their hands. A guard took them of and threw a fabricto one of the boys. He than procided to to shake her head to at this. [I]Great ths keeps getting better and better.[/I][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Wonderful lunatics in a tournament of death. Tetsuo thought.
[I]Theywill be very hard to beat you know[/I]
“Well miss there must be a hole n your wall cause I know your name, well that or you painted your name on the wall one of the two.

2 hours later
Tetsuo had become board so he out of habit started to make to dirt on the peoples skin around him very hot it was fun watching grown men 3times his size start t cry and squirm but to no amazes to him all the females there were clean and hade no dirt on them. He thought how funny it was watching men cower in front of a 13 year old ‘s power. Then he made the dirt start to freeze. He thought he was doing them a favor by cooling them off but them a man named Phelan came over to him. Now he started to sweet
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