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RPG The Demon Tale [R: Language, Violence, Gore, and some Adult themes]


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[QUOTE=Hatake][color=darkred][size=1]Characters taken:
Samurai- Hatake
Monk- doukeshi03
Ninja- Vicky
Bandit- Dmitri_Dragon

Bounty Huntress- KittyChanan
Ninja- Imi
Princess- Camellegoddess04

[color=darkred][size=1]Ok well, sorry to start it so late. I'll play Imi's character for a while since she's gone.


Kyo found himself in the middle of nowhere. Near the ruins of the [i][b]Temple of the Wicked.[/b][/i]

[i]Kawasaki... Kyo... You've been blessed by me. Bishamon.[/i] Said a rough angelic male voice.

"Blessed... By the God.. Of war and warriors... That's bull." Kyo sneered.

[i]Oh... Is it..? Thou and six others was chosen out of millions to save the world from Hell's child.[/i]

"Hells child...? Do you mean... Benjiro...? So Grandfather was right. I'd be chosen."

[i]Haha, your grandfather is the very Grandson of the samurai he's told you about.[/i]

Kyo looked around seeing nothing but ruins.

"Where are you? Show yourself... Bishamon."

[i]Hahaha, a god or goddess cannot show him or herself, now you must be off.[/i]

Kyo opened his eyes, he grunted.

"Erg... Damn?I knew I should have stayed out of the fight..? Kyo looked around the jail cell to see three men, and three women. ?So this is? The other six??? Kyo glared at every one of them. He then stood and spoke aloud. ?Ok we all have to find a way out of here! We don?t need to do a damn intro right now. All we need to do is get out of here. Intros will be done after.?

Kyo slipped his hands in his pocket and glared at them.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]OOC: Looky, I'm back![/COLOR]


Imi sighed and looked up at the angry man, "Sheesh...take a chill pill dude, we all feel the same. No need to have a cow over it...." she looked down at the floor and started humming a happy tune.

Kyo glared at her and some of the others rolled their eyes.

"Oh, fantastic, that's all we need, a girl with an overdose of perky..." Ken said through gritted teeth.
Imi pulled tongues at him, "***..." she muttered under her breath.
"Hey I know!" she said suddenly, jumping up, "We can use that guys..." she pointed to Ken, "we can use his head as a ram to knock the door down!" she grinned and the the others were cleary not amused...especially Ken.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]OOC: Sorry for the short post[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Suzuki stopped looking at the four men she was studing. "That is the silliest thing I ever heard." Her voice was whimsical and seem to have a little melody to it. "If you wanted to get out of here why didn't you just say so."

"Really, you know how to get out oh here." Kyo raised an eyebrow in speculation.

"Oh course silly." She got up from the bench and walked over to the cell door. As she went she brushed her hand up against Kyo chest. "Just watch. "

She leaned over and looked from one side to another. A male gaurd was sitting at a desk.

"Um.. Mister gaurd, could you come here for a second." Her voice became like silk with a slight musical tone to it.

"Ah yes." The guard come over and looke dat her. "Miss Machiko, nice to see you again."

"No, no the pleasue is all mine. You know it is kinda cramped in her. Do you think I could just come out for a second and strech." She made her eyes big and started to flutter them. Placing a finger on his chest she moved it into a circle. "I would be eternally grateful."

The guard gulped. " Miss Machiko you know I can not do that. so please take your hand off.' He removed her hand from his chest and started to walk away.

She moved her head down and braught out a hankerchief. Pretending to cry "Rejected by the only man I ever cared for." she made a whiney noise."

"I am sorry but it not going to work no or never. You see the chief put up a warning about you and not to be swayed by your...tatics." He sat back down out the desk.

Placing the hnkerchief away. "Oh he just made a challenge and I will accept. Anyways I couldn't get us out. So oh well." She headed for the bench the men were sittinh one and placed herself inbetween two of the. One she could tell was a ninja [I]Those are normal are hard.[/I] she thought and a man with a dark trench coat and brown whispy hair. [I]Winner we have a winner.[/I] played through her mind. She rested her head on the brown hair5ed guys shoulder. "My name is Suzuki. Whats your cutie?"[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Since you waited such a.... short period of time to get this started, I shall have to let you know that I will be out of town and unable to get to a computer until Thursday night. Until then, if it is necessary, I would like for Vicky to temporarily watch over my character. That is if she wishes to.
Oh, and please read my character bio before you do so. You will also notice that Ken is not in jail.

[COLOR=Indigo]Ken whittled away at a piece of wood happily. This little project of his was going along much better than most of his other ones. His happy little world was suddenly shattered when he heard an urgent voice that startled him, thus causing him to break the piece of wood in his hand.

"God damnit!" He swore softly at the distraction. He took a peek out of his shack to see what the commotion was and realized that it was just the jail. Probably some out of line inmates, Ken figured.

Though, something did tweak his curiousity, and he found himself quickly making his way over the small distance to the jailhouse. With some careful climbing up the fire escape he found himself hanging on a ledge looking into cell window at several people. He quietly listened to their conversation, a rather unusual one at that. Something about ancient evils, reincarnation, ignorant topics such as that.

Ken started to go into his own little world for some reason, when a voice once again shook him from his peace. "Hey.. who are you?"

"Uh oh," Ken said, then quickly made his way from the window.

"Wait! Come back!" The voice urgently hissed. "You must help us escape!"

"There is no profit in it! Sorry!" Ken called as he quickly escaped.

"You a**hole!"
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OOC: I take it that the guy in the trench with the whispy brown hair is moi.

Shoji raised a dark eyebrow as he felt a light touch rest upon his shoulder. Glancing askance at the young woman who now stood beside him he gave a small smirk. She seemed to be quite the charmer and very forward in her ways. He was amazed at how she could remain focused on obtaining men even in a situation such as this. Turning to face her he inclined his head slightly and gave a nod of greeting.

"My name is Nakagawa Shoji, mistress Suzuki, not..cutie. It is a pleasure to meet you, though I fear the circumstances are less than favourable."

Suzuki gave a small chuckle, flicking her hair in, what he assumed was, a suductive manner.

"Oh I don't know," Her voice was a soft purr as she neared him, resting her hands on his shoulder once more, "It's quite cosy in here, don't you think?"

Frowning and shaking his head Shoji, who until the most recent interruption, had been praying for their release, pulled away, resuming his position of prayer upon the cell floor, eyes closed and hands clasped.

"I think that our energies are best spent on our freedom mistress Suzuki, maybe we can continue our...conversation at a later date in time."
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Imi snickered as she watched, this group was fun, she was going to enjoy herself...even if she was in jail. Besides...she'd done worse.

With this thought in the back of her mind she frowed, her usuall smile dissapearing in an instant. She sat down and held her head in her hands.
"What's the matter, girl," Kyo spoke up, "Lost all hope?" he sneered, sitting down by himself.
"I lost hope a long time ago" Imi muttered, still looking at the floor.
Kyo raised an eyebrow, he snorted, "You should show respect to your superiors." he said, pulling her head up, "look at me when you speak."
Imi glared, her eyes had gone blank, she was totally lost in thought. "Listen, I don't even look at myself in the mirror when I talk, so [I]why[/I] should I look at [I]you[/I] , of all people, when I speak?"
She continued to look down, not caring about what the others thought about her, least of all Kyo, there was a time for being happy and a time for defense....the time for happiness was most certainly not now....[/COLOR]
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[color=darkred][size=1]OOC: Sorry Dmitri. Wow lots of trips today. Well this RP is going well. So I'm guessing Vivky will play Dmitri's char. if she agrees on it.


Kyo let out a sigh.

"Geez, you people are useless." Kyo sneered. He stood and pushed the girl whom he once was talking too. "I'll just do this myself." Kyo walked over to the cell bars and leaned against it. "You, guard. I need to tell you something." The guard looked up from his magazine.

"What?" He said as he stood and walked over to the cell keeping his distance.

"Do you expect me to tell you, when your that far? You dumb***." The guard balled his hand into a fist and took a few steps forward. As soon as the guard was close enough. Kyo thrust his hand at his throat and clutched it making him choke. "Now, give me the damn keys, or you can die." The guard reached for his gun and pointed it at Kyo's head. Kyo twisted his wrist making him drop the gun and scream in pain. "The keys you dumb***!" The guard reached for the keys and slowly handed them to Kyo who snatched it. "Thank you." Kyo then thre him.

"Yay! We're going to get out." squeeled on of the girls.

"But are we going to out alive..?" Said the man whom was girl charmer.

"Geez. Trust me. You'll all live if you follow me." Kyo said as he had trouble putting the key in the keyhole. There was a clank and the cell door was unlocked. Kyo then walked over the guard who was horrified. Kyo then punched him. "Damn... Next time do that more quickly. But I don't think there will be a next time." Kyo then kicked him making slide into his table. He then reached for a button under the desk and an alarm went off. He smirked.

"Eeep, he sound the alarm!" cried a girl.

"Then let's get the hell out of here." Kyo said as he turned toward the exit. "Go go go!" He yelled trying to raise his voice over the alarm. They all ran but one girl who seemed terrified by a small spider hanging from the ceiling what the hell is your problem?Just get out already!"

She stuttered then cried. "A spider!"

Kyo sighed he walked over to her and picked her up. Then ran. She seemed to blush. The noise of trampling boots could be heard. Kyo then sped up. And made it out of the door just in time. He saw the other in a far part of the forest. Once he arrived he put down the girl gently. Who seemed to stil be blushing.

"Geez that wasn't hard at all..." Kyo snorted. "Where's that one little *** we saw before." Kyo then spotted a man wondering around. "That him... Over there... Oh well."

Just then a bright white light shined over them.

"Agh... Him again... Bishamon."[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Sure thing, Dmitri, I'll watch over your character while you're away. I'll just twist this post a little, just meaning Kai stayed in the jail cell while everyone went out, nothing big, you know?

[B]Kai was still sat in the corner when everyone walked out, well ran out in fact. Why Kai was in jail, he had no idea. Kai was simply passing by, and was thrown in with the others. He listened to the alarm going off, and decided to make a break for it, well not really. If he just stayed calm, he could walk out of here, or if not Kai would simply run for his good name. It was one way or the other: Run, or just calmly walk.

Kai chose calmly. He got up and walked out of the open jail cell, but decided the "calm" act wouldn't serve him as well as he thought, when a group of guards came charging at him. Kai grinned.

"I didn't do anything." Kai shouted at them. "I swear it, I was a bystander, and you arrest me? That seems a tad unfair, don't you think?"

"You were there, you might have had something to do with it!" One of the guards snapped back. He was a tubby guard, hardly looking fit enough for the job. Kai grinned again.

"Well, if an old lady was stood by, would you take her in? Old ladies can be a dangerous as many other people with a gun, and there is always evil people in this world, so would you?" Asked Kai. The guards started mumbling to each other, looking up at the ceiling and shrugging. Kai decided to make a break for it then. He picked up all his speed and sped off.

Kai was out of the jailhouse, looking behind him at the guards trying to catch him. It seemed they had given up already. Kai turned around, almost running into one of the girls, but stopping just before knocking them over. Kai shielded his eyes from a sudden bright light appearing above them all. He quickly glanced around, seeing from a distances (not so far) the same man who did not help them out of jail. Kai couldn't blame him, though. Just another everyday guy being dragged into a mess, like Kai... though, Kai wasn't exsactly an everyday man, and he had a feeling none of these people were either.[/SIZE][/B]
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Shoji frowned and curled his lip at the man who had deemed himself their 'leader'. He did not like the tone of the man's voice, nor the language he chose to use with it. His arrogance was palpable and it seemed that he had little tolerance for others and any possible flaws that they might have. Hardly qualities of a leader.

Folding his arms across his chest Shoji was about to voice such opinion when he was suddenly interrupted by a blinding flash of light overhead. They were rpesented with a mighty form, a shining giant of a man dressed in traditional Japanese armour, holding a terrible looking spear. Recognising the deity immediatley he felt little surprise when their 'leader' muttered in annoyance.

"Agh... Him again... Bishamon."

Shoji was stunned by the disrespect this individual seemingly showed one of the most powerful deities of Japanese Shinto religion. Seeing that most of the others in his group made no motion towards the god, Shoji knelt quickly, his head bowed and arms stretched forward in an imploring gesture.

"My Lord. We are but humble servants in your infinate presence. I implore of you, with what honourable message do you bestow us, we who are unworthy of your grace."

As a servant and patron of the demon hunting God Fudo, Shoji was awed by the presence of Fudo's powerful master. Bowing his head he waited silently and with patience for Bishamon's reply.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Imi stared at Bishamon and squinted from the blinding light.
"Woah..." she murmured in awe, "This guy means business, doesn't he?" she said sarcastically, looking at the others...who, again, were not impressed.
"I've had it with your remarks, why don't you just...SHUT UP?!" the samurai shouted at her, a vein in his temple throbbing.
Imi cringed, she didn't like being shouted at, "Meanie..." she muttered.
The samurai went to lunge at her but one of the men held him back.
"Seriously now, man, what would hitting her prove, we have more important things at hand!"
He nodded and cracked his knuckles, "It would make me feel better though." he said, giving Imi a meaningful look.
She nodded and gulped, enough comments for now...this guy was NOT one to mess with.
She looked down and pouted, twiddling her hair, totally forgetting about Bishamon. After a few seconds she walked over to the man who had scolded her, "Um...Mister..." she gave him her best cute look, the one that had worked on her father countless times before, "I'm sorry about before...I didn't mean to make you angry..."
He rolled his eyes and glared at her, "Oh please, do you think I care? Now, would you please shut up. We have something to deal with here..." he pushed her aside and walked in front of Bishamon, next to the man kneeling on the ground.
Imi looked around remembering again..."Oh yeah!" she laughed slightly, "Whoops!" this merited another glare from the samurai.....[/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]The whiny girl, Serenity, whimpered at the sight of that thing. It was bright, and her eyes squinted. She buried her face in her hands, not looking. She let out a small scream as something crawled over her foot.

She jumped back, golden curls bouncing against her back. Serenity let out a squeal as the rat scurried past her sandaled foot. She ran into the other girl, the bounty hunter. She clung to Imi. Imi looked at her. ?Hey! Let go!? Serenity whimpered as Kyo mumbled, ?Stupid girl??

Serenity whirled on him at that. ?I am not a ?stupid girl? thank you!? Kyo rolled his eyes as Serenity tossed her head, her hair bouncing.

OOC: Sorry I took so long![/color][/font][/size]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Pink]Suzuki looked at the light. At first she was skeptical of it first. She has seen tricks like this before while working. Ahe was in deep thought, which was rare for her) when a honey colour hair girl bumped into her. One of them men calle dher stupid girl. "Do not refer to her like that."

She kneeled down on the grown and bent her head. She placed her hands in her lap. She knew hwo it was, but she didn't want to be tricked. She learned from her grandfather of the God. she regonzed him at an intants but want to make sure it wasn't a trick of sort. She look to the remaining standing. Her tone was serios, which shocked all. This included herself. "You wouldpay your respects to the great god Bishamon."

Not taking her head up she spoke. "My great Lord forgive my rudness. Please my Lord what important message do youo have for us who are unworthy to be praced by your presencce."

Shoji looked at her from the corner of his eye. She caught it and gave him a wink. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=darkred][size=1]Kyo groaned.

"Respect a God. Bah."

[i]Kyo, if you were like your grandfather, you would be on your knees, praising me.[/i]

Kyo let out a snort and chuckle.

"I'm nothing like my grandfather! I'm more like my great, great grandfather." He sneered.

[i]Oh, yes. You are very muh like him... Kawasaki, Kyoshiro. Haha, even your grandfather named you after him. So cold, so ruthless... I have to admit I admired him a bit.[/i]

"Oh lord why have you come before us?" Said the lady charmer still on his knees.

[i]To tell you to save the world... From Hell's child.[/i]

The man in the coat looked up, shock in his eyes.

"Do you mean...Benjiro? He's been released?" He stuttered.

[i]I'm afraid so... He's killed many already.[/i]

Kyo spat and slid his hands into his pocket.

"So, as you said to me before we gotta save everyone from him...?" Kyo looked to the dark sky.

[i]Yes, Kyo... You need to participate in this or else it will not work, and Benjiro will still be rampaging about. I would suggest you all stay and work together. Now I must be going. Good luck![/i] The bright light then faded away.

"Work...With these scumbags... Common...They're useless..." Kyo dropped into a sitting position and sighed. "You heard the God. This means just stay out of damn territory then." Kyo groaned and let out a sigh. "Wait there are only six of us here, where's the damn seventh one?"[/size][/color]
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I have returned. Thank you Vicky.

[COLOR=Indigo][I]He is nearby, watching.[/I]

Ken heard this and almost laughed. It seemed almost too obvious, too... coincidential. But, he had to admit, from what he could remember from school and legends, the seventh was a "bandit," that would mean him.

"Joy," he said under his breath.

He then heard sirens fast approaching. He was then faced with the question of whether or not he would help those poor six bastards, or leave them to the police. Afterall, demons and gods were of no concern to him.

The sirens drew closer.

"What the hell?" he asked himself as he made his way quickly to them. The one that seemed to be the leader almost attacked him. Ken easily backhanded him in the face. "Don't **** with me. Now come with me if you don't want to be taken back in by the police."

Without further questioning or conversation, Ken turned, and started running in the direction of his shack. Not caring who followed him or stayed behind.
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