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Sign Up Heaven Falling [PG-13, Blood, Cursing, Sexual Referencing]


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[COLOR=DeepPink]?A half-breed??

In a world dominated by demons, half-breeds are scarce. The few who do exist are outcasts, either left in the rain, or forced onto the hot sand. Three goddesses, well half goddesses, were banished to the earth by the heavens.

Alice, The One Winged Demon, she was half goddess and half demon. She was the most unholy of all mixes; demons and heaven beings are not to mix. Arylle was the most human like of the three, only the wing stood in her way.

Skye, The Wise Human, she was mostly goddess, but had human blood mixed in. Shameful really, if that little bit of human blood wasn?t there, she would be the most wonderful goddess.

And Naomi, a dreadful wreck? Half goddess, one quarter demon, and one quarter human, her mixes enabled her great power, but made her an outcast on all fields.

The three were like sisters, always together, never apart, they stood in line, and killed those who wanted to kill them. Little did they know, the Gods were pulling the strings to make them fail. But they stood strong, walking on the hot sand, or running in the rain, heads held up high.

Today they turn 13. Returning to where they were cast down, will be a challenge.

They have one year.

A path that will test their friendship, power and heart. Only those who wish to live will join them. Heaven is decaying, and without their earthy power to revive it, it shall perish.



Name: (I have Alice, If you want Skye or Naomi, talk to me.)
Human/Demon/Half-Breed (What mix, no heaven beings):
Special Skills/Fighting Styles: (If any)

I'll add my sign-up later.

EDIT: Skye and Naomi are taken.[/COLOR]
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Name:Leon silvers
Human/Demon/Half-Breed:Half breed, Demon and fiend(lesser form of demons sorta)
Biography:H ewas expeeled from the demon realm for questioning the over lord.In fact he was not when he questioned the over lord, the over lord tried to get him killed but he took on most of the demons and escaped from the demon realm.When he did escape he was changed into human form.he started doing good acts and avoiding ending up in the literal hell hole he was previously in.Every so often demons will try to kill him for one of the greatest bountys ever, which is on his head.Celestials favour Leon although he his heritage his evil.He still hates celestials and is in the middle of good and evil, he will have to be killed, because he is a problem for both sides. Both the celstials and demons think he could be the one that gathers an army which wil destroy heaven, hell and earth....
Appearance:[IMG]http://www.actiontattoos.com/castlevania/circle-hugh.gif[/IMG](Except it's just a normal coat so it doesn't go round the front of him)
Weapons:Ba**ard sword, Duel hand axes
Special Skills/Fighting Styles: Demonic jump(he can jump twice as far and high as humans), Weapon finesse(Bas*ard sword), it means he can use his dexterity rather than strnegth when using his B. sword.Fiendish strentgh, dexterity and speed.

he's not actually evil or is he?
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[FONT=Book Antiqua]Sign-Ups

Name: Alice
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Human/Demon/Half-Breed: Half-Breed, Half Goddess, Half Demon
Biography: Cast from heaven, and despised by earth, she and her three friends traveled from place to place. Trying to hide their secrets. Originally Alice had two wings, but one was cut off when she was almost raped. Her other wind is badly damaged and she can no longer fly, but even when she did, the heavens thought she wanted to get back to heaven? So they shot her down anyway. A life where she can?t go to even her mother the Goddess of Angels. She spent a time with her father, the Demon King, but son his army revolted, and she was banished, but not before an attempt at raping her, for a second time. Now she has turned 13, and she must save the home that once though she and her friends were repulsive.
Appearance: [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=19495[/IMG]
Alice on the left, Skye on the right, Naomi in the center.
Weapons: Shurikens and explosives.
Special Skills/Fighting Styles: Street fighting and ninjutsu.

Edit in a while.. me busy...[/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Oooh... this sounds like fun. (lol, and those three are cute!)

Name: Isaac

Gender: male

Age: 14

Species: Half-breed - Half demon and half human.

Biography: He never really fit into any group, cast out by a number of them. It has turned him into a vary awkward person... if you can call him that. He's made very few friends and has spent most of his time thinking. Anything he does seems to be criticised, rejected, and destroyed. He tries to ignore the people and other beings mocking him from a distance, and the few that have the nerve to say it to his face. He's given up searching for anything or anyone that can make his misery worth while.

Appearence: (I'll see what I can do for a pic, for now a description...) About 5'9'' with jet black hair that he's let grown out until it covers his eyes and lays across his shoulders. His eyes are narrow and depressed - one is green, the other blue. His build is more or less sturdy, but appears meager due to his slumped posture. He wears the same clothes all the time, washing them when he happens across a water source and no one is around - a black, woven shirt, slightly too big for him and ripped and torn from so much use, dark blue pants of similar condition and old shoes. He has tiny horns, no more than an inch or two long, behind and slightly above his ears.

Weapons: A small knife he keeps in self-defense.

Skills/ Fighting styles: The only thing he can really do well is evade with unexplainable skill.

EDIT: My bad Ryu... thought you meant no more [i]pure[/i] heaven beings, didn't know we coudln't have crosses either.[/COLOR]
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Name: Maura Trepas
Gender: female
Age: 14
Human/Demon/Half-Breed: Half-Breed 1/2 Demon 1/2 Human
Biography: Her mother was a who was raped by a demon when her house was attacked by demons. She gave birth to the demons child and kept it secert from the hunters and her family that Maura was a demon. Maura didn't know herself that she was a demon intill her mother died and told her. Her mother was killed by the demon that had caused her to have Maura. He stole Maura away and trained her to kill humans and thought her demon magic. Once Maura learned all that he could teach her she killed him. She then ran from the demon hordes. Maura is hunted by many demons because of her crime she comited against one of there most powerful demon leaders. If Maura uses to much magic she passes out. When she does pass out her ice demon dog, Suno-Ranpu(Ranpu for short), protects her body intill she awakens. Ranpu shows no mercy for his prey but attacks depending on Maura's feelings.
Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg10/maggirl.jpg]here add black leather pants[/URL]
Weapons: Gloves with retracklable knifes, board sword, and shurikens
Special Skills/Fighting Styles:
Magic: Blood Rebirth- reopens any wounds that an enemy may have.
Heavens Gift-Heals self and allies.
Banshing Shadows-Creates a ball of light that is shot at the enemy.
Skugga Blast-Creates a ball of darkness that is fired at enemy.
Shining Aura-Increases strengh temperaly, though it tries user out quicker than usal.
Elemental Blast-Fires a blast of different elements.(ex.fire,rock,water,wind....)
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Naomi
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Human/Demon/Half-Breed: Mix of all three, 1/2 goddess, 1/4 demon, 1/4 human.
Bio: A child of all three races, a total outcast, Naomi has learnt to fend for herself when no one else would look after her. She and her friends, who travelled together, always did look after each other and they became like family, trusting each other and always there, they made this promise to get them through the worst times.
Looking like a normal human, but having powers unimaginable, Naomi's only solace was her friends; they are all she has now. She can't remember much of her past and she's not sure that she wants to. What still resides in her memory haunts her in nightmares.
Appearance: *points to Ryu_Sakura's pic* the middle one ^^
Weapons: Her magic although if she uses it too much she could lose control, also uses a staff with a sharpened blade attached to the end.
Skills/ Fighting styles: She uses martial arts when trying to avoid using magic and she handles technology well. Also has a good judge of character.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]OOC: I hope this is okay[/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Name: Skye
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Human/Demon/Half-Breed (What mix, no heaven beings): ¾ Goddess, ¼ human
Biography: Cast from heaven, and despised by earth, she and her three friends traveled from place to place. Trying to hide their secrets. Skye was a goddess ? well, she was! Her mother was a goddess, and her father was half god-half human. And thus came the hybrid. Skye used to fly; her wings were magnificent and beautiful, until she was struck down. Her father hated her for what she was, and hated himself. SO he attempted to kill them both. He died, and she lost her wings. Now she has turned 13, and she must save the home that once though she and her friends were repulsive.
Appearance: *points to Arylle?s pic* The one on the right.
Weapons: She does not like to fight, but she will use a staff.
Special Skills/Fighting Styles: Skye is an adept in the healing arts, and is very good with telepathy. She uses basic magic, and is very good at it, too.

I did it! I did it![/color][/font][/size]
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Name: Mimi
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Human/Demon/Half-Breed (What mix, no heaven beings): Human
Biography: Mimi was friends with teh three girls when they were in fourth grade.But,as girls always do..they split up.Recently,Mimi was invited to Skyes 13th birthday party.This was weird...Skye never got along with Mimi.But what will happen next was even weirder..
Appearance: Um..ill get a pic soon
Weapons: Pom poms
Special Skills/Fighting Styles:Her own fighting style called Cheerleader Fu.

OOC:Im going to look for a picture..so ill edit this eitehr today or tomorrow.
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