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The Perfect Celebrity.


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[size=1]I was talking with a friend a couple weeks ago, and I don't even remember why or what the conversation was about...But I remember him saying this:

"Will Smith is awesome. He can act. He can sing. He's even like a role model. He doesn't do drugs or get married ten times a year. He's like the perfect celebrity."

I just thought it was an interesting thing to say, and I thought I'd bring it up here.

Do you have an qualifications you think the 'perfect celebrity' should possess? Is there anyone who, in your mind, fits the bill?[/size]
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[font=Arial][size=2][color=darkred]In my mind there can never be any such thing as a perfect celebrity. Nobodys perfect and things that Joe Shumo would get away with Celebrities can't. Celebrities are under the spot light all the time and when even a small slip happens the reprocutions are huge. The public expects them to be angels. Take for example an incident that happened in Australia recently. A group of Rugby Players left sexualy explicit messages on a womans phone. Mothers and religious groups where up in arms over a group of below average sports stars behaving badly. I hope that it help to prove my point that there is no such thing as a perfect celebrity.[/color][/size][/font]
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[color=teal]I don't want to produce yet another a cliché by saying that there is nothing special in the eyes of a celebrity, but there are different senses in which the word 'perfect' could be used. Ultimately, to our distinct knowledge, perfect is another form of flawlessness in the most positive way, but I do know what you mean Lore, and I accept the context that you're approaching. Celebrities consist of actors, singers, dancers, and popular and unusual people, and I'm sure you won't find any of them to be the least bit ordinary in the slightest--and this is what catches people's eyes about them.[/color]

[quote name='Lore][size=1']"Will Smith is awesome. He can act. He can sing. He's even like a role model. He doesn't do drugs or get married ten times a year. He's like the perfect celebrity."[/size][/quote]

[color=teal]Part of that statement I don't think qualifies as a suitable argument. I agree with the fact that your friend acknowledged his talent, but the second part that advertises Smith's personal life is completely meaningless regarding his career.

For one, I wouldn't faint, cry, and put on a fake personnel in the presence of a celebrity just to make a good impression. I find it ridiculous and stupid, but that doesn't imply that I don't respect that person's work whatever he/she may do. Their personal life is entirely up to them. Whether or not they do drugs, smoke, drink, or abuse their wives is most likely to not have an impact on their overall performance in their field of work. Iron Mike Tyson is the perfect example to what I'm saying; he's a great athlete and a highly respected boxer, and the fact that he's a rapist doesn't change any of that. It's not as if his skills will suddenly deteriorate overnight.

To answer your question though, I think that Brad Pitt is a pretty good celebrity; he's smart, toned, married, a non-smoker, and most of all he's one hell of an actor; his roles are well varied and actually has a set of morals--not something you see for most actors these days.[/color]
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That's funny, a long time ago (maybe a couple of years) I was thinking about Will Smith and I thought something along the same lines. Then movies like [i]MIB II[/i] and ... that one in the desert with the big metal spider, I can't think of the name and don't feel like looking it up ... Anyway, those movies came out and I thought a bit less of him.

I think ... well I just started retyping that sentence about seven times, because the whole celebrity thing is weird already. They're just doing something to entertain us, why is it so many people idolize them and expect so much out of them?

That aside, the main thing that makes a celebrity a "good" one in my book is certainly their talent, and the roles they choose (or the kinds of songs they release in their albums, or whatever quality of whatever work they do). After that, I think I like the ones who appear like they have a strong idea of who they are and what they want in life. J. Lo, for instance, with her seven hundred marriages, strikes me as someone who just has no idea of what she wants.

I don't really know who I think would fit into that, because I don't pay overly much attention to the celebrity gossip, but I guess that's my half-baked idea.

Incidentally, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may be one of the most beautiful couples ever, and I am jealous.
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[color=darkblue]Yes! I am in love with Brad and Jen. They are the perfect celeb couple.

But I don't know. I'd be hard pressed to find a more perfect celeb than Will Smith. Let me think...

Denzel Washington is pretty perfect. Not only is he the first black man to win an Oscar, he is a huge role model for black children. He grew up in the ghetto and is an advocate for the Boys and Girls Club (he was a member as a kid). I don't know much about his personal life, though.

Beyonce Knowles is pretty well-rounded. She sings, acts, and is a model. She does lots of charity work.

If I think of anyone else, I'll let you guys know. We need to get some white people up here in this list![/color]
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[COLOR=Red]For singers i like people with true talents and bring new stuff into the kinda of music they're making[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Indigo]For movie actor/actress, i like people that have acted in different styles of movie and have proved that they truly can act [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]my fav singers: EMINEM, Evanancence, Christina Aguilara, [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Indigo]Actor/Actress: no fav yet [/COLOR]

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[color=darkred][size=1]Are there really any perfect celebrities?

Maybe Will Smith, once upon a time, yeah. But ever since "Will-inium" I just think he's too caught up in his own hype.

Anyone who was qualified seems to have lost their edge, it seems. Jessica Simpson came out and was supposedly a big Christian. She may still be so, but since Newlyweds came out, I know I would laugh if she tried to tell me about Jesus.

Tobey Maguire may be on top of my list. Keeping with the Spidey trend, Willem Dafoe always seems to be good guy. Same for Robert Duvall. Also consider Patrick Stewart, David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof. Alyson Hannigan...its sad that so many of the "perfect" celebrities are unknown or little known actors who don't get much work. As for Dafoe and Duvall...they're pretty much retired, and only do a few movies when the script is really good.

Its a tough topic. Everyone has their flaws *shrug*

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