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Sign Up .:.DREAMS.:. Do you believe in ghosts? (SK) [R - for blood and adult materials]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=Verdana][CENTER][B].:. D R E A M S .:.[/B][/CENTER] [/FONT] [/COLOR]

[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=SlateGray][B]"Do you believe in ghosts?"[/B]

[COLOR=DimGray]- Sha·man (shämn, sh-) :

'A member of certain tribal societies who acts as a medium between
the visible world and an invisible spirit world and who practices
magic or sorcery for purposes of healing, divination, and control
over natural events.'
Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language.[/COLOR]
A Shaman is the link between this world and beyond.- M.O.[/COLOR]

[B]"They don't care if you do"[/B]

Five hundred years ago a tournament was held, like every 500 years. Not any Tournament, this tournament decided the future of the entire planet. This Tournament is called: "The Shaman King Tournament", every 'Shaman' from around the world participated but only one was the winner, Asakura Yoh (u). He defeated his twin brother Asakura Hao at the finals. The winner of the SKT could emerge with the Great Spirit itself and do anything he wanted to. Luckily, for us, Yoh asakura wished to live peacefully, and so he lived in peace.

It's been Five Hundred Years since the last Shaman King Tournament. It is time for a New Shaman King to be crowned. The powerfull Shaman Hao is back, like every 500 years, and the few practicants of the old and forgotten art of Shamanism must fight again to avoid the destruction of the human race.

The Preliminars take place in Tokyo. Every shaman from around the world must go here to show their skills and see if he is worthy of entering the Shaman King Tournament. Get ready..."

Okay, now for those who haven't seen the anime or manga, Shamans fight with a Spirit, a ghost with who they oversoul (Fuse their body with the Ghost and they become one, adquiring the ghost's abilities). Later, we will learn how the Weapon Possession works. Choose your Partner Spirit and let's began.

[B]- This is what I want from you:[/B]

Name: Your character's name.
Alias: How is your character called by others.
Appearance: How does your chara look like.
Personality: How does your character reacts in front of others (XD).
Bio: A few lines about your character's life.
Style: How does your character fight.
Dream: What would your character wish if he wins the SK.
Weapon: What your character uses to fight. This is really important for the Weapon Possession, please don't get overboard.

Spirit's Name: Who or what your character 'oversouls' with. You can have a real dead person (like Bruce Lee, or you could kill anyone, lol, and use that person as your ghost, like The Rock or anyone else (I hate that guy...)), or you can just create one.
Spirit's Alias: Go up.
Spirit's Appearance: How does he look like.
Spirit's Personality: Go up.
Spirit's Bio: A few lines about your Ghost's life, when they were alive. Here, you should write how your character and your ghost met.

You can't use any of the actual anime characters as your own, neither as ghosts. But you could have a relative. I need someone from the Tao family, better if it's a girl, but works either way. You can't have a Asakura Family descendent. No one can use Hao, but you could be one of his 'minions', or you could just be on his side.

[B]Hao's Objective: [/B]
All that Hao wants is to create a world entirely of Shamans, that would have to kill ordinary humans, like 99% of the human race.

It's been 500 years since the last tournament, but don't make it as if it is a advance future, imagine it's 2004.

[B]My Sign Up:[/B]

Name: Kenjiro Takeda.

Alias: None.

Appearance: [URL=http://www.dvdanime.net/images_critiques/jaquette-front-732.jpg]Here[/URL]

Personality: Relaxed and lay back. Cold even if he's never very serious, only serious when it comes to his favorite activity, Fighting. Hot headed.

Bio: His Family follows the way of the Ninja and Shamanism. His mother was a Shaman who had a Samurai Spirit, she was killed by Hao. His father is/was a Ninja, whose location is unknown. He wants to avenge his mother's death but knows Hao's strenght and looks for a way of improving his techs.

He hates the ninja part of his life because he says that his Father (Kyo Hattori) is a coward and didn't do anything to save his mother. He denies the 'Hattori' name and uses his Mother's last name.

Style: Ninjuutsu and Goshindo Aikijiujitsu.

Dream: None, only wants to kill Hao.

Weapon: Katana and Long Spear.

Spirit's Name: Hanzou Hattori Masashige.
Spirit's Alias: The Great Lancer, Hanzou the Ghost.
Spirit's Appearance: [URL=http://emulazione.multiplayer.it/gameover/frame/images/phanzo_hattori_6.jpg]Here[/URL]
Spirit's Personality: Quite and strategist, always listens to his shaman, even if he sometimes has to tell him to cool down.
Spirit's Bio: He is the head of the Hattori clan, direct ancester of Kenjiro by his Father's side. He was 'given' to Kenjiro by his mother when he was born, Hanzou trained Kenjiro since he was a kid in the Ninjuutsu art.

I'll be accepting sign ups till next week. Anything else, PM me.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[b]Name[/b]: Reis Teriyaka
[b]Alias[/b]: Cy
[b]Appearance[/b]: Wears a black shirt with a white shell that winds up in a circle with spikes on the outer layer. He also wears black shoes and black shoes. He has black eyes and wears two metal shoulder guards with spikes on them that cross over his chest.
[b]Personality[/b]: Likes to joke around other people, but when by himself he plunges into despair and misery, torturing his mind into believing untrue things.
[b]Bio[/b]: He spent his life away hidden away knowing that if he got to know his parents he would be sad when they died. Then when they had a girl he began to open up to her as she grew older, but when she turned 9 her heart began to fail her, so when he heard of the tournament he set out to win the prize.
[b]Style[/b]: He has no fighting style he just uses his sword the best he can.
[b]Dream[/b]: He will wish for enough money to afford his sister's heart surgery.
[b]Weapon[/b]: He uses twin katanas

[b]Spirit's Name[/b]: Tyrin Karajido
[b]Spirit's Alias[/b]: None
[b]Spirit's Appearance[/b]: He has long black hair and wears a japanese style white robe.
[b]Spirit's Personality[/b]: He is like Reis, he keeps to himself and will only agree with Reis.
[b]Spirit's Bio[/b]: Tyrin was one of the soldier's best guards but was slaughtered by Amidamaru. Reis met Tyrin when Reis was about to get killed by these robbers, he oversouled with Reis and Reis killed them all.
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[COLOR=Magenta][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Sera Melangell

Alias: none

Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/56-5.htm]click[/URL]

Personality: Sera is very friendly and always happy to meet someone new. She is out going and alway is trying her hardest to be the best.

Bio:Her mother is a great singer and Sera wants to follow in her footsteps. HEr father is a Detective for the police department. She has one older sister who tells fortunes at an astrology shop. She study archery when she had the time and became very good at it. Most times at night she would sneak out her window to go to karaoke bar. She practices in hope to became a great singer like her mother one day.

Style: none

Dream: She wishes to become a great singer like her mother

Weapon: a bow and arrows, a pair of daggers

Spirit's Name: Celestira Chandra

Spirit's Alias: none

Spirit's Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/6-8.htm]click[/URL]

Spirit's Personality: Celestira is gentle, kind, and generous. She will do all she can to help someone who needs it. She has a firery temper and is easy to get her riled up.

Spirit's Bio: She was a preitess of a temple. She was a strong warrior and helped defend those who ould not help themselves. She died while tring to save a family from a band of theives. Sera met Celestira when she went to go visit an old temple on a dare. The floor caved in on Sera and she was stuck in a hole. Celestira oversouled with Sera to help get her out of the old temple.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Maura Trepas
Alias: none.
Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg10/maggirl.jpg]here add black leather pants[/URL]
Personality: Badgirl. Doesn't like it when people tell her what to do.
Bio: She grew up in a very protective family who came from a long line of shamens. Her father died when she was seven and her mother became even more protective. She always amired her older brother who had become a shamen master. He was on a misson to and came across one of Hao minions. Though he defeated the minion the spirt that controled him destroyed her brother's spirt and toke over his body. Maura promised her mother that she would save her brother. Maura entered the SKT with her twin brother.
Style: Sworddance
Dream: To free her older brothers soul.
Weapon: A board sword and many hidden daggers.

Spirit's Name: Ranpu
Spirit's Alias: none
Spirit's Appearance: [URL=http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:qiFoIvsgiCEJ:www.cannonspike.com/CamFan/neo-geo/samurai-spirits2/ngp-shizumaru.jpg]here[/URL]
Spirit's Personality: Childish and loves playing pranks.
Spirit's Bio: Ranpu had a deadly virus when he was born. He was only espected to live for five years. Yet he didn't die. He was able to get away with anything though he never understood why. Ranpu died when he turned eight. He wondered by a tree where his older sister told him about his illness and where they spent many fun times together. She was killed in a car crash when he was five. He noticed Maura from a distance and noticed the simalrty between her and his sister. he followed her a bugged her intill she let him be her spirt. He will do anything to protect Maura even though he knows she isn't his sister, but he fells like if he protect her he'll be able to see his sister again one day, because of her being a shamen.
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Man, I just got into that series! Way to ruin it for me! :bawl: Just kidding. Alright this seems fun.

Name: Riko Marasa
Alias: DJ Kasket
Appearance: Think Django the hypnotist's costume from "One Piece", then add a middle aged, blue haired dude in there and scratch the glasses.
Personality: He is somewhat dark and hard to approach. He tends to look down on others, and has reason to do so, considering he is one of the most experienced shamans in the world. NOW IF ONLY HE WEREN'T EVIL.
Bio: Has lived in Europe for over half of his life, after being orphaned at age six. He grew strong and resilient, and also very very very very very very VERY VERY EVIL.
Style: He fights with a Bow-staff with a sort of grappling style.
Dream: Conquer. The. World. Destroy. All. Humankind.
Weapon: Bow-staff, owned by a former shaman king.

All in all: All this guy wants is some recognition or someone to hold onto.

Spirit's Name: Mougonokomo Sanakamoutono
Spirit's Alias: Monogo
Spirit's Appearance: Old Native American, but very powerful in spirit.
Spirit's Personality: He is very outspoken, and he prefers to not talk, but rather convey his feelings with his spiritual energy.
Spirit's Bio: He was a shaman king for five hundred years, and then he was succeeded by Asakura Genbu (Ancestor of Asakura Yoh). He is very strong willed, and had lived his life by the principles of justice and freedom. During a street fight, riko was badly injured, and Monogo came and oversouled into the staff Riko was using. He killed every boy and girl there, except one girl. He never touched her... he didn't know why. Monogo told him it is because he will always leave one standing, be it ghost or human. He joined Riko when he realised that he had potential for greatness. The only thing he failed to see was his destructive intentions.

All in all: Watch out for this guy. He hates you and wants to kill you and destroy all of humankind. Good luck.

Sorry if this seems a little god-moddy, but I have been dying to create a worthy villian, so that this post can get some more urgency to it! ^_^' Alright guys. Tell me if i need to tone him down a bit.
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Name: Omura Trepas
Alias: None
Appearence: Has black hair, dark brown eyes, wears balck leather jacket, black leather pants, and black biker boots.
Personality: Nice, but quiet. Never talks much and keeps everything to himself.
Bio: Twin sister is Maura Trepas. They entered the tournament together to save their brothers soul.
Style: Quick and merciless, he fights using his speed and agility.
Dream: Will use the powers to bring back his brother's soul.
Weapon: Twin wakizashis.
Spirits Name: Okibi
Spirit Alias: Blazer
Spirit Appearence: Wears dark blue ninja armor and a cloth over his face so you can't see anything but his eyes.
Spirit Personality: He's intimidating, threatens everything that comes in his way with death.
Spirit Bio: Was one of the last and greatest ninjas of all time. He went into hiding for a while, then he comitted suicide because he was the last of the ninjas. The place where he killed himself was the place he had to stay. He could not leave the house at which he died. He met up with Omura when Omura entered Okibis home. Omura found Okibi, and he told him that if he wear to become his spirit he would be able to leave his house. So, with much hesitation, Okibi became Omura's spirit.
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[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=SlateGray]Great! I'll be accepting sign ups all the time and we'll begin in this same week. 0ber0n the Neko, sorry to ruin yer anime lol, but I saw that anime last year, so I thought everybody had seen it xD [Gomen] and about yer chara, it looks a little GM, maybe you could just tone him down a bit, but anyways is good as it is, due to the fact that he is a bad guy! (I'm a bad guys fan), also, if you by any chance get to fight Hao, you'll get yer arse kicked xD, Hao is the single strongest Shaman of all, and I still haven't post Hao's data, but I will! >=D He has a new form and some other surprises, I will post some of Hao's new minions. That'll be in the future, coz I'm otta time, gotta work!

[B][FONT=Verdana]Hao's minion No. 1![/FONT][/B]

Name: Kazuki Ryuuzou
Alias: Dragon Fist, The Fiery Dragon.
Appearance: [URL=http://www.angelfire.com/ne/kazuki/Kaz1.jpg]Here.[/URL]
Personality: Merciless and Vindictivel, only seeks supreme power, hot headed.
Bio: Studied in the Takeda Clan of Ninjas as a kid and was expelled by the Clan Leader, because of his lack of honor at the age of 13, and he decided to train on his own, he trained for over 8 years perfecting his own martial art. Then he met Hao who saw great potential in him and made him one of his minions.
Style: Great Kazuki's Dragon Fighting Style. Dragon Art.
Dream: To see Hao crowned as the Shaman King.
Weapon: Shinobigatana, his legs and fists (Gloves).

Spirit's Name: Ryuu Lee.
Spirit's Alias: The Great Dragon.
Spirit's Appearance: [URL=http://www.tuco.de/home/bruce_lee.jpg]You guess it! Click![/URL]
Spirit's Personality: Quite and relaxed.
Spirit's Bio: He was a great fighter and never lost a match, once he was fighting two men, one of them took out a gun and shot him four times, he managed to dodge three of the bullets but the last one hitted him in the head, he still seeks for revenge. Kazuki was fighting a group of men while he was still perfecting his technique and oversouled with him to help him, cause Kazuki reminded him of himself, they trained together and created the Dragon Art style.

Later I'll post some more.
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