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RPG Clock Tower the new evil[pg-13 for viloence and swearing]


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(umm since no one signed up for edward he will not be in it)

Shane looks around as she steps from out of her car.Being the first one there she walks up to the front gate....."Locked." she says. Moveing back to her car she pops the trunck and pulls out a par of wire cutters. Going back to the gate shane forcefully breaks the lock open, and pulls the gates open, She jumps back into her car throwing the pair of cutter's in the back seat.(HINT HINT) She slowly pulls up to the clock tower eyeing it as she moves closer, Finally she stops next to a big weeping willow. Gettint out she looks at the great big mansion, her eyes wonder to a big oak window, she gasp, She could have sworn that she just saw a figure standing in the window. Thinking that its just her mind playing tricks on her she takes a seat under the big oak,not wanting to go in by her self. Slowly she drifts off to sleep.

(DREAM 1) Something wakes her up, its dark now and no ones there yet. Looking up she sees that her cars gone and the the Clock Tower is lit up. She pulls her self to her feet and walks over to th front door. She begins to reach for the handle when the door opens by it self. She walks in and the great hall is lit with candles. Steping on the beautifull red carpet she looks up to the top of the steps.
Standing ther is her wife dressed in a long flowing black gown, smileing she geasturs(sp) for her to come. Tears fill Shanes eyes and she runs to her, but befor she can reach her a tall figure from out of the shadows apeers behind her. Shane stops to look at the thing, its wearing a mask sumilar to the Scissormans. Frozen shane tries to move her legs and tries to tell her love to move but cant. The figure pulls a string and all of a sudden something whips arcoss the room and when she looks up her loves head is laying on the floor. "AHHHH NOOOO!" she yells and falls to her knees tears fall from her cheeks. "HAHAHAHAHAAAAA." the thing gives a crazy laugh and comes down the steps after shane with a par of giant scissors. Shane moves to her feet, and the scissors just nip her cheek. Running for the door shane here a voice.

"Shane......Shane......wake up its ok."says someone.

Ok there we go, start a comeon in. whoever posts first has to be the one wakeing me up. oh and were she got cut at shows up in real life. :laugh: :devil:
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[COLOR=Orange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Tamara walked up to the gate. She shrugged her camera bag back onto her shoulder. She noticd the gate was opened and walked inside. Taking out her 35 mm camera she snapped a few pictures at the gate. She gulped and walked in further. "This place gives me the creeps." She heard a noise and jumped. She whipped her head to see could fine were the noise was. [I]Maybe this was a bad idea.[/I] She looked up at the clock tower and snapped a few more photos.

Tamara noticed a car under a weeping willow. "I guess someone is here already." She walked up to the care not seeing anyone. A whimper came and Tamara jumped again. She relized it was coming from under the oak tree. She ran up to it and noticed Shane sleeping under the tree. Shane was tossing and turned and mumbling in coherintly. "Shane......Shane......wake up its ok." Shane opened her eyes. "Don't worry its okay." She noticed the cut on her cheeck and took a hankerchief out to whip off the blood. "Don't worry you are fine now."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Jim was running up and down the streets to get to the clocktower...now that he was older he could proove those rumors wern't ture and convince the city it was all a lie. Even though there was hard evidence against Jim, he wanted to prove it wrong, but just in case he brought his fathers pistol with him and hid it in the back of his jacket.

"This'll be a peice of cake, nothing will happen to me" Jim said as he climbed over some fences and ran through some people's yards. It took him aout a half and hour to get to the clocktwoer, but he didn't want to go through the front gate, he's figure it would be locked as it has always been. So he climed one of the stone walls using some rope he brought in his napsack. It contained extra rounds for the pistol, some flashlights, a lighter, a small medical kit, and some snacks just in case he got hungry. Once he landed on the ground he appeared to be in a maze or something.

"Fancy....wonder who keeps these hedges so neat and tidy?" Jim tought to himself as he walked throught the maze, he saw some sculptures in the garden and some nice flowers there too, but they were all red. Jim slowly walked out of the maze and came upon the front enterance...the gate had been opened by someone. "I had to go though all of that for nothing" He signed, before he went any further he saw two girls by an weaping willow tree, they were talking to eachother so Jim decidd to meet them. Once he came near them they talked.

"Hiya....I'm Jim"

"Nice to meet you, I'm Tamara"

"And I'm Shane" She said as she took a hankershif (sp) and placed it on her cheek. Jim looked at the cut and wondered how she got it.
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Shane tried to get up but she was still a little shacked up."Wow take it easy" said Tamara. Helping her to her feet shane gave her a smile."What happend anyway?"asked Jim. "Im not sure what happend......i fell asleep under this tree than....."She trailed off, not wanting to talk about seeing Kathy die again."It really dosent matter dose it?"she said."Well how about the cut on you cheek?"he asked her. "I must have done it by aciddent(sp) when i was sleeping."she glared."Are you sure i cant help?"he said. "No ill be alright!"she yelled, and turned to her car to get aher first aid kit."Her let me help you with that."said Tamara.She whipped the blood from her face and put some alchoal(sp) on it."Owe."said shane."Opps sorry."Tamara said."Its ok it just burned a little."shane smiled."There all done."Tamara said."Ok so do you guys think we sould go in or wait for the others?"shane said.

(sorry this is short i hope the others start posting)
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