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Manga Which Manga is better Saiyuki or Naruto?


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[color=darkblue]1) Your title is different from the question you're asking, so you may want to specify which two titles you're trying to compare.

2) You should really try to put more thought into your posts, like saying which you believe is better, and for what reasons.

3) In regards to Saiyuki vs. YYH: I've not yet read Saiyuki, but from what I saw in the sampler I got at Suncoast, it looks very interesting. The art style is very cool, if the plot has been a bit overdone. Yu Yu Hakusho is a good manga in my opinion, with its great charaters and odd art at times.

In regards to Saiyuki vs. Naruto: I haven't read either, so I can't really comment.

I can say that all of them look like great reads for someone just getting into manga, though.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Which is better? Tough call on both.

Saiyuki vs. Naruto--
I'd have to say Saiyuki. It's more mature, has more action and emotion in a balance, and features slightly more likable characters. Naruto is good, but Saiyuki edges ahead a bit.

Saiyuki vs. Yu Yu Hakush--
Again, extremely tough. I'm kind of prejudiced, as I've had time to grow to like Yu Yu more, but Saiyuki is also excellent. Both feature great characters, excellent action, and real emotion. I'd say it's tied on this one.

My opinion? All three are good, with Saiyuki and YYH rising above Naruto slightly.

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It's confusing to know which ones you want to compare, but in any case...

Saiyuki vs. Naruto- I've recently bought the first two Saiyuki novels, and they were quite good. Interesting art style, well-developed characters, and a thorough, and "legendary" persay, storyline. I have been a long and devoted Naruto fan however, and have both seen and read it, I must say that I like Naruto better. It's complex plot and characters, unique art style, and humor brings Naruto to be my favorite anime and manga out there. However, both are awesome in there own way.

Saiyuki vs. YYH- I've only read the YYH manga in Shonen Jump, but I've seen up to the recent episodes. Like said before, Yu Yu has an odd art style, which sometimes annoys me. I think the anime is much better than the manga.... So, I'd say that Saiyuki wins this one.
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Hmm, like the others said your question is quite confusing... as to which mangas we're supposed to compare...


Naruto vs Saiyuki: I never read Saiyuki so I wouldnt know... although I'd tend to say that Naruto is better.

Saiyuki vs Yu Yu Hakusho: Again, I dont really know... I read and saw Yu Yu Hakusho, the anime is better than the manga but as to if it's better than Saiyuki...

Well, maybe that wasnt much help at all...
Anyways, see ya!^_^
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