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RPG Suikoden 2: The bonds of Friendship


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Months have passed since Highland and the City State of Jowston signed a ceasefire treaty. The Unicorn brigade hold the pass into the city state under the control of Highland. But tension begins to grow between the members of the Unicorn brigade as the days pass and the flames of war slowly begin to rise again.

Until one night, The Unicorn Brigade was attacked and massacred except for the few people who had managed to keep hidden during the attack. The survivors crept out of their hiding places and discovered the deception made by the Captian of the Unicorn Brigade and the Bloodthirsty prince of Highland who wish that another war be started with the City State.

The survivors escape via the river and are seperated along the way. This is the story of these great warriors who fought agaisnt the odds and eventually overcame the Highlanders.

(Each persons first post is how they escaped)
( I will also let you make up some NPCs time to time, Just add to the post if you are a bringing in an NPC)

Let it rip people.

Some Bad Guys:
Neclord,Evil Vampire[IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/n/neclord02.gif[/IMG]
Prince Luca Blight[IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/l/lucablight01.gif[/IMG]
Captian Rowd [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/r/rowd01.gif[/IMG]
Solon Jhee[IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/s/solonjhee01.gif[/IMG]
Yuber,Evil Dark Knight[IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/y/yuber01.gif[/IMG]
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Cougar rose out of the shallows of the river silently. Spitting out water, he made his way to shore. Kneeling, he regained his breath slowly, silent the whole time.
"Damn! Damn damn damn!" Pounding the ground with his fists, he looked back upstream. The flames from his camp rose high into the sky. Tears brimmed, but were not shed. Cougar had no time for that. Checking his blade, he made his way into some underbrush, nursing his wounds. The memory of the slaughter flashed back into his mind. When they were attacked, he had helped as best he could, but a wise warrior knows when to flee. He had dived into the river with numerous others. Who knows how many actually survived. When he finally broke the surface, he found that he had swam quite a ways downstream. The others were nowhere to be seen. Cougar knew the chances of survival for them were slim. He had lucked out himself. Hunching over, he warmed himself up in the shadow of a gnarled oak, crying softly into his knees. He never showed this side of himself to anyone. But he was alone now, and didnt care. All his friends and comrades were dead, or prisoners. After a few minutes, he raised his head, tears replaced by fury. Rising to his feet, he ran off, not caring where he went. He would deal with that later.
"My friends...I will gain revenge...I swear it!"
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OOC: I'm introducing a temporary character into the Rpg, He will stay until the fall of Muse.

Riou and Jowy looked at Captian Rowd, They thought it was kind of odd that the captian didn't run but then they noticed the uniform of the soldiers, They were members of THe Highland armys most honured unit, The White Wolf army.

Jowy took a step back and whispered " Wha.. What the hell?"
Riou whispered back " Let's see what is going on"
Jowy tilted his head in agreement than got to his feet and walked into the clearing with Riou at his back.

Riou than spoke up when Captian Rowd and the armoured man and said " What the hell is going on here? Who the hell is that man"
Captian Rowd spun around and yelled " Why are you still alive?, You should have died like everyone else"
Luca held up a hand to make Rowd shut up and said " You do not recognize your crown prince?"

Jowy was speechless for a moment than whispered to Riou "let's get out of here"
Riou looked at him like it was not obvious and ran like the wind with Jowy keeping pace with him.

Eventually Jowy and Riou got to the cliff over looking the river that flowed through the Tenzan pass and took a rest.

Jowy looked at Riou and wheezed to him " Are you okay?.. But why would Captian Rowd?"

Rowd and a handful of soldiers had caught up to Riou and Jowy when he emerged from the woods nearby and said " You will never find out that awnser, because you will join those corpses who were sacrificed for this cause".

Riou backed up slightly until his feet were resting on the cliff and said " So.. for that you killed my friends, you murdered them all for your own cause"
Riou then turned around and leapt off the cliff like a madman and hit the water with a mighty crash. Jowy leapt into the river right after him where they were both swept away.

Hours later Riou awoke to find himself on his own, lying on a river bank with two men looking over him.
The two then stood aside so that their apaprent leader could move so he could see Riou and said " so you're awake, can you say your name?" Riou coughed up some water than whispered " My name is Riou"

The leader smirked and said " Why where you in the river?"
Riou coughed up some more water than said " We were ambushed by the state army but....."
The leader fowned at this and said "What the hell are you on about", We have signed a peace treaty and haven't moved for a month" The leaders eyes narrowed and he asked " Are you a highlander"

Riou made a sort of salute and said " Highland Royal Army, Unicorn Brigade"
The leader than said in a dark tone " So you and I are enemys than, Well my name is Viktor. I'm the leader of the mercenarys here in the eastern part of Jowston"
Another man walked up to Viktor and said " Are you having fun bullying this poor kid, Viktor?"
Viktor looked shocked at this and awnsered" I would never do that Flik, You know i'm a nice guy, but anyway did you get that over kid?"

Flik looked down and muttered "I lost him in the river"
Viktor looked at Riou and said "I'm sorry about your friend... Come with us"
As they walked the long trek back to the mercenary fortress, None of the men that were around Riou, noticed that a short trickle of tears flowed down Rious face in greif.
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