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RPG Final Fantasy the Last Story (Start here)


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Squall wakes up in his double dorm ready to do his first mission as a seed.

Squall:*yawn*Get up Cecil it's time to go.

Cecil:5 more minutes!

Squall:Get up man!

Cecil:*throws pillow at Squall*5 more minutes!

Squall:Now you've done it!*Kicks Cecil out of bed*

Cecil:What's your problem?!

Squall:Today's our first misson and your not going to mess this up for me!

Cecil:Fine but you did'nt have to kick me!

Squall:Just hurry up so we can get to the front gate!

some 1 else go
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[COLOR=royalblue]Someone banged on Squall's door...

Sunstar: Aren't you people awake yet?!?

Squall: Who? What?

Sunstar: It's Sunstar, let's go!

Cecil: Is that a girl?

Sunstar: :o :mad: Don't I look like a girl!?!

Cecil: Sorry.

Sunstar: He's dead meat.

Squall: Okay, let's go.

Sunstar: If we're late, I'm gonna hit both of you over the head.[/COLOR]
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Cecil gets up off the floor puts his close on and grabs his lionheart and his pendent.

Cecil: Hey Squall dont you think you could find a better way to wake me up?

Squall starts walking out of dorm


Cecil: Dang... Hey wait up!

Cecil starts running after Squall and Sunstar
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Squall:Why hit us over the head?

Sunstar:Because you two are going to make me late.

Cecil:*pants*I said wait!

Squall:You did?:confused:

Cecil:So what's the mission?

Sunstar:i'll tell you later.

Squall:Look at mister serious about his work!:D



Sunstar:*slaps Squall on the back of the head*

Squall:What was that for!?


Sunstar: Don't act like a jerk.

Squall:You look kinda cute when your angry.;)

Sunstar:*Smacks Squall*

Squall:What was that for?

Sunstar:I don't know?It's kinda fun!:D
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[COLOR=royalblue]Cecil: Oooh, a developing romance...


Cecil: :eek:

*Cecil is hit by solar flower*

Squal: *claps* Very impressive Sunstar.

Cecil: Ouch.

Sunstar: There's plenty more where that came from, so shut up and let's go.

Cecil: Why do you hit so hard?

Sunstar: Because you are moronic, that's why.

Squall: I think he likes you Sunstar.

Sunstar: :o. Oh, not him too.[/COLOR]
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Squall:What do you meen him too?

Cecil:What he said.

Sunstar:Uhhhh ummmmm.

Cecil:Uh um what?


Cecil:Alright don't get mad.


Sunstar:Let's get going shall we?

Squall:Let's go.

They get to the front gate.

Cecil:Alright what's the mission?
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Cecil: I could beat you in a fight Sunstar! And i dont like you!

Sunstar: No you couldnt.

Cecil: Yes i could im stronger than you!

Squall hits Cecil upside the head

Cecil: Why did you do that for?!

Squall: You might be more powerful than Sunstar, but brute strenth isnt everything.

Sunstar: Squalls right i could beat you in a fight. :P

Squall: I never said that.

Sunstar: You implied it though.

Squall: No i didnt.

Sunstar: Yes, you did!

Cecil: HAHAHAH. You to are fighting again.

Sunstar and Squall both hit Cecil upside the head.

Cecil: Hey thats not fair! Two against one... grumble grumble....
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[COLOR=royalblue]Sunstar: Besides, I can beat you Cecil. I have a living Spirit Stone with me.

Cecil: A what?

Sunstar: A handy dandy little object that gives me summoning powers and a "few" transformations abilities...

Squall: Impossible.

Sunstar: I'm not human, anything is possible.

Cecil: Prove it.

Sunstar draws a knife from her sheath and slashes her hand.

Sunstar: See the blood? It's blue. Which makes me a Laporin.

Cecil: That's impossible!

Sunstar: **** right.

Squall: So, back to our mission...[/COLOR]
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Squall:Shut-up Cecil.


Sunstar:Alright here is what you got to do.we have to go to Alexandria and see what the queen is up to.

Cecil:That's it?

Sunstar:*Slaps Cecil upside his head*You did'nt let me finish!

Cecil:Sorry!You guys are gonna give me brain damage.

Squall:So what.

Cecil:That was cold man.

Sunstar:Any ways:rolleyes:.We have to find out what the queen was doing and stop her.

Squall:What for?

Sunstar:Because she's been acting really weird lately and has been doing strange things.
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Cecil: Thats a nice little sprit stone... but i got this...

Cecil pulls out thing attached to his necklace out of his shirt

Sunstar: Thats just a pendent...

Cecil: JUST A PENDENT! This "pendent" gives me the Legendry powers of the Gilgamesh. Hes the strongest GF there is espically in the hands of a great swordsmen. And i always knew the quenn was i little crazy in the head.

Squall: I think we heat him a little to hard in the head...

Sunstar: I think so too...

Cecil: WHAT! youre just jealus cause i got the strongest GF in the world.

Squall: Youre crazy

Cecil: *grumble*
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Sunstar: Maybe the strongest in this world, but in case you forgot, I'm not from this world.

Cecil: F**k you!

Sunstar: No thanks.

Squall: :eek:

Cecil: :mad: You always have to get your own way, don't you?

Sunstar: If I had my own way, I wouldn't be here, I would be on my own planet. Where men are normal.

Squall: Okay, enough of that, let's get going!

Sunstar: Fine with me.

Cecil: Grrrrr...
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Cecil cools down some and starts acting "normal" for a little whlie

Cecil: I dont think im a man yet a just turn 13, so how do teens act on your planet? So how are we gonna get to Alexandria? Train, Boat, Car, Ariship?

Squall: The fastest way. by airship.

Cecil: Really? Thats my first time on a airship!

Sunstar: You ask a lot a questions and on my planet teens act... (thats for you to decide.)
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[COLOR=royalblue]Sunstar: Oh my planet, teens act normal. Calm, intelligent, the opposite of you.

Cecil: Oh.

Squall: So, let's start it up.

Sunstar: I'll follow behind.

Cecil: Yeah, are you going to sprout wings or something?

Sunstar: *glare* Yes.

Cecil: Oh.


Sunstar's back ripples and two black wings spread out of her shoulder blades.

Squall/Cecil: :eek:

Sunstar: *smirk*[/COLOR]
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Cecil: You better stop smirking cause im gonna get there before you!

Sunstar: Yeah right

Cecil: Your right, im right and im not getting a ride on and airship *sigh* was gonna be my first time to.

Cecil spereds arms above head and shusts eyes


Suddendly a huge odd human like creature with a few too many swords and arms pops up right behind Cecil

Gilgamesh: You called Master?

Cecil: Yeah and i need to get to Alexandria asap!

Gilgamesh: And how do you wish me to go about this master?

Sunstar/Squall: HAHAHAH! he dosent even know what to do! HAHAHAH!

Cecil: Yeah just watch this. Gilgamesh draw the masamune.

Gilgamesh draws a huge sword. Cecil hopes up on it and waves to Squall and Sunstone

Cecil: Okay... Throw the masamune to alexandria. Bye guys!

Gilgamesh hurls the sword out of sight and Sunstar and Squall are left behind.

Sunstone/Squall: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Sunstone: Hey hes gonna beat me! Bye Squall!

Squall: :eek: :eek:

Squall Boards airship and is last to arive in Alexandria
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Squall:That was unfair!

Cecil:That's what you get for laughing at me!:p

Squall:I should've used Bahumut.

Sunstar:Why did'nt you?

Squall:I did'nt want to beat you like that.


Squall:So let's go!
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Cecil: Where to next Squall?

Squall: The Castle.

Cecil: Wont we find Guardes thier?

Sunstar: Dont worry ive got it all taken care of.

Sunstar hands out fake ids to everyone

Cecil: WHAT!? My name is Bob what kinda lame name is that?

Sunstar: SHH! everyone is going to hear you.


Cecil: What name do you got Squall?

Squll Lookes at card "My name is...Jerry? You come up with lousy names Sunstar"

Cecil and Squall hit Sunstar upside the head

Sunstar: Hey what you hit me For!

Squall/Cecil: You gave us crap names!

Cecil: Yeah and shes got the good name right Squall?

Squall: Yeah. i bet a million gil that shes got a good name.

Squall tries to get Sunstars fake id card but she pulls it out of the way

Squall: Whats your name?!

Sunstar: Thats for me to know and for you to find out. :p
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Squall:Alright that's it!*Tickles sunstar*


Squall:Get the card!

Cecil:Alright!*Grabs card*

Squall:*stops tickleing sunstar*Give it here.

Cecil:*hands over card*What does it say?

Squall:It says...Garnet.

Cecil:Hey you got a better name than ours!


Squall:What do you got to say for your self?

Sunstar:Bye!*she tranforms and flys away*

Cecil:Hey get back here!

Squall:*Summons Bahamut*

Bahamut:You summoned me.


Squall:Fly me on your back and catch up to that person with wings.

Bahumut:*Bends down and to let Squall up*

Squall:Bye Cecil!HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!*Flys off*
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Cecil summons Gilgamesh

All the people: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Man: First theres a flying girl than some guy on a giant dragon and now this!

Gilgamash: Yes, master.

Cecil: Throw me towords that dragon!

Gilgamesh: Yes master. *Draws masamune and Cecil climbs abord. Gilgamesh throws sword at Bahamut. Cecil jumps of sword with perfect timing and lands behind squall.*

Squall: Hey what are you doing here! Get your own ride!

Cecil: So much for the quiet treatment now where gonna have to fight our way though the Castle!

Cecil throws fake card away and Squall does the same

Squall: Im gonna get Sunstar its all her fault.

Cecil: yeah after that flying good for nothing... grumble grumble.

Squall: Huh?

Cecil: Ahh... nothing
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Squall:Alright Bahamut use your Mega Flare and hit those guards.

Bahumut:Yes,master.*uses mega flare*

Squall:Good work!

Bahamut:Thank you master.

A big big hole is in the wall where Bahamut used mega flare.

Cecil::eek: :eek: :eek:

Sunstar:Watch it!Ahhhhhhhh what's that?!



Squall::eek: :eek:

Cecil:Looks like...Ahhhhhhh!

The group is hit by a powerful attack by Eden.
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Cecil: AHHHH... GILGAMESH we need your help!

Gilgamesh: Yes master

Cecil: You heard me we need your help!

Sunstar: Levithon help us out too!

Levithon pops up

Squall: Come on Bahamut use mega flare again!

Bahumut flys up high and lauches his mega flare but it seems that it has no effect

Eden: HAHAHAHAH none of your useless attacks can stop me!

Levithon: Take this Tidal Wave Eden!

Sunstar: Great job Levithon but dont attack again or you will drown all the inecent people!

Levithon: Yes mistress.

Levithon soars back into the spirt stone

Cecil: Come on Gilgamesh its up to us!

Gilgamesh: Yes master

Gilgamesh/Cecil: Double MASAMUNE

Gilgamesh draws the Masamune and Cecil gets his Lionheart ready. At the same time they go rushing towards Eden they jump high and come slashing down cutting Eden in half

Sunstar/Squall::eek: :eek: :eek:

Sunstar: maybe your right you are the strongest on [I]this[/I] World but not mine

Squall: Impossible!

Eden: HAHAHAHAH! i told you couldent defeat me!

Eden puts himself togeter again and is barely hurt

Cecil/Squall/Sunstar: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Cecil: This isnt the end Eden! I still have 1 trick up my sleves!

Cecil spreads his arms and and closes his eyes much like he dose when he summons gigamesh and his pendent flots out of his shirt. an arua starts to collect around Cecil


Cecil pendent starts to glow and eden starts to shrink and he is absord into the pendent.

Squall/Sunstar: you... beat... him!

Cecil: *pant* Yeah its the same way i captured Gilgamesh years ago... but its not gonna a last that long

Squall: But Gilgamesh has been with you for years?

Cecil: A few resons 1. Gilgamesh and me have alot in comman so it was easy for me to capture him 2. Eden is a lot more powerful than him.

Squall okay than lets hurry and complete the mission!

Sunstar is in utter shock at the events that just happend.

Sunstar: how is that possible! I thought only my people had that power!

Sunstar runs to catch up with Squall and Cecil

Sunstar: Cecil can i see your pendent?

Cecil: Yeah but hurry!

Sunstar examins the pendent very quitly

Cecil: So?

Sunstar: Ahh... its nothing
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Squall:When another GF comes it's mine!


Sunstar:Like you can catch a GF.:rolleyes:

Squall:You know nothing about me!

Sunstar:So what!


Cecil:Lets leave it at that.


Sunstar:No,what were you going to say?

Squall:Never mind.


Cecil:Let's go!

Squall: Do you here that?

Cecil:What is that?

Sunstar:it sounds like a hoarse.

The group turns around and Odin is charging at them.
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Cecil: O... its odin... dang hes week

Squall: Huh? Yeah thats cause you got Eden.

Cecil: Umm... Squall if i summon Eden he will get lose then i will have to capture him again and that is very tiring... im having a hard enough time trying to tame him.


Squall: huh? ok

Cecil: You know nothing about my pendent Gilgamesh... oh wait i dont need you... Cecil uses hes magic Zentetsuken.

Cecil: Here some of your own medicene. Zantetsuken

Cecil cuts odin in half and he falls like paper

Squall: These idiots they used there strongest guards first and put the weeker ones later. They know nothing about defending the Castle

Sunstar: I wouldnt be to sure Squall i dot think there that stupid

Cecil: Dont look now but i see something i cant handle.

Squall/Sunstar: Whats that?

Cecil: Doomtrain...


Hey safer cloud dont you think its been a while since Raiha posted maybe she abondend us.
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Squall:I've been waiting for you.

Cecil:Go get'em!

Sunstar:Go get him!

Squall:*charges at Doomtrain*AHHHHHHHHH!


Sunstar:Tat gonna leave a mark!

Squall:Flare!*hits doomtrain with Flare magic*

Cecil:Good job!

Squall:AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!*gets hit into a wall*


Squall:Alright that's enough!*Summons Bahamut*


Squall:use mega flare on Doomtrain.

Bahamut:*uses Mega Flare*

Squall:This is it!GF CAPTURE!

Doomtrain:You will never get me!

Squall:*puts on solomon ring*GF CAPTURE!*captures Doomtrain*

Cecil/Sunstar:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Squall:*passes out*
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Cecil looks at the passed out Squall Cecil: And i thought capturing eden was tiring.

Sunstar: Yes it is very tiring useing gf capture but Laporins dont get to tired doing it but humans pass out doing it.

Cecil: Huh? Im human but i havent passed out when i capture my gfs.

Sunstar: Well...umm... youre just speical.

Cecil: What do you mean by special

Sunstar: Nothing...

Cecil decides to ignore Sunstar and think of a way to help Squall

Cecil: Bahamut are you still there?

Bahamut: Yes i am. May i be of service?

Cecil: Could you take him back to Graden?

Bahumut: Yes...

Cecil: Sunstar what are we suposed to do when we reach the quenn?

Sunstar: Im not sure right now but lets think about that when we get there?

Cecil: ok:rolleyes:

Squall wakes up in the infarmery of balamb garden wondering what happened
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Squall:Ugh.My head ugh!Bahamut are you here?


Squall:Get me back to the castle and hurry!

Bahamut:But you are hurt.

Squall:Get me to the castle now!


Squall gets to the castle and sees Cecil and Sunstar.

Squall:Take us down Bahamut.

Bahamut:Yes.*He goes lower*

Squall:Get on you two.

Cecil/Sunstar:*hop on Bahamut's back*

Sunstar:Was capturing Doomtrain that hard?

Squall:You would have passed out too if you got knocked into a wall!:mad:

Sunstar:Don't get mad!

Cecil:You two are fighting again.You know what that means!:D :D

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