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RPG Final Fantasy Wraith

Box Hoy

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Shea held the book in his hand. The book his grandfather had written. It was of his grandfathers experience in Lainwood forest with the mysterious hooded being.
Shea felt the darkness within each word in this text. He didn't quite understand why it was felt so evil but there was no denying that it was.
Shea put the book in his bag. He knew he would need it. This book contained what had happened in the forest. He would need it if there was an occurance that was similair to an event his grandfather had gone through.

Shea sighed and turned to leave. His foot kicked something. He looked down to see a crystal on the ground. It was a beautiful crystal, black like the night sky and perfectly cut.

Shea picked it up. Suddenly a wave of shock flew through his veins all throughout his body. His vision blurred and soon he was seeing a whole new world. Two eyes stared at him. They were red and glowing in the black.

Shea regained conciousness. He was now laying on a bed in his grandfathers house. He could here the rattling of the floor. Someone was inside the house. Shea stood up and turned the corner where the couch was. A man stood there. It took Shea a second to realize who it was. Reis Terras. Shea's old friend.
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Reis had gone to Shea's house because someone gave him an urgent letter that Shea was going to die. He looked at Shea seeing that he was perfectly fine.

"What are you doing here?" Shea asked looking puzzeled.

"I recieved a letter that you were going to die, so I came as fast as possible," Reis said. Shea looked around the room wondering why the crystal had effected him like that. He especially remembered the eyes of the hooded being, and remembered a description of him in the book. "I think that the evil of the Lainwood Wraith has grown stronger since my grandfather has seen it." Shea said, "That's impossible, you shouldn't believe everything you read," Reis said remembering what had been in the book, and how he feared every word.

"I don't care we need to go find and kill this thing, before it kills us," Shea said as he walked for the door, "Fine, but I'm telling you he doesn't exist," said his friend as they both headed out for Lainwood Forest.
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Avus watched the corpse carefully. He had been staring at it for around an hour from a tree. Nothing but staring. The being that had killed it was...unsettling. The fur on his neck rose, and he growled low. The being was gone. Carefully, Avus made his way down the tree, jet black fur helping him to blend in. Leaning over, he poked the corpse carefully. Leaning down, he noticed it was a man. Soldier. Sniffing it, he lifted it easily over his shoulders. FWWIIIP! He crouched swiftly, an arrow zipping through his ear. Snarling, he turned to the attackers.
Hunters. How could he have missed theyre sent? Snarling, the large werewolf took off down the path, keeping a firm grip on the corpse. He had waited far too long for food to pass this up. He easily outran the hunters, stopping at a clearing to take a hasty bite at the corpse. He stopped eating. His ears pricked up. The wind had stopped, and he knew what he would see when he turned around. Slowly turning, he looked behind. A large cloaked figure was there, tattered edges of his cape fluttering without wind. Avus stared, petrified for a moment. The creature's red eyes glowed back. Then the werewolf kicked in again. Snarling madly, he lunged. A right hook from the creature knocked him through the trees. Avus reacted rapidly, taking the blows with his shoulder. Howling, he threw himself at the creature again, slashing rabidly. The creature simply dodged easily. When the werewolf tired out, it laughed, a cold noise. Avus was running out of energy. Glaring up, he stopped mid snarl. The creature was gone. Not a trace. No energy. He slowly shrank, still staring. The fur shed, revealing a relatively young man behind. Rubbing his eyes, Avus stared around.
"Am I simply entertainment for you? Is that why you dont kill me? Or is it because Im not yet a threat, living off your leftovers!"
Avus slowly walked back to his camp, a hollow tree, dragging the corpse behind him. Settling down, he began to feed.
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The hooded figure ran so fast it almost looked like it was flying. it came to a hult when it aproched a water fall "me lady i have found him just as you have asked and i have toyed with him also as you asked.What more do you wish for me to do?" A figuer with such a womenly body there could be walked out from behind the water fall she spoke in almost a whisper "NO that will be all for now with him. but i do wish for you to find me the one called Shea. He has something i want i will get it back."

The dark hoodied figured darted away into the distanse following every damaned the Lady had order. Meanwail She had stayed next to the waterfall She chanted some words As a flame ingulfed her.

When it died down it left her with deep red hair and a body suit to mach it. "Now to see if Avus will help me. Im sure He will be happy to see his half older sister Rin".
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