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[COLOR=DarkOrange][U][B][CENTER]The Story[/CENTER] [/B] [/U]
Once, when the world was yet trapped in darkness, the goddess of Mana felled 8
incarnations of disaster that guided the world to destruction, the God-Beasts, with the Sword of Mana, and sealed them in 8 stones. And, as the darkness left, the world was created. The goddess of Mana turned herself into a tree, and fell
asleep. Many years passed...

Due to the actions of some who plot to unleash the God-Beasts from the stones, obtain power surpassing even that of the gods, and to make the world their own, conflict breaks out heralding the end of peace...

Mana is rapidly disappearing from the earth. Even the Mana Tree has begun to wither...

Due to these sudden problems the Mana Tree has selected fairies to find some special chosen ones to help defeat those who want to bring back the God Beasts and if need be, The God Beasts themselves. But first the chosen ones most contact the elemental spirits and find their way into the Mana Holyland so as to obtain the Sword of Mana.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][U][CENTER]Elements[/CENTER] [/U]
Secret Of Mana contains eight Mana stones which are related to the eight God beasts. Each stone is related to a different element and each element has a different elemental spirit. These are:
Earth - Gnome
Wind - Jinn
Water/Ice - Undine
Fire - Salamando
Dark - Shade
Light - Wisp
Moon - Luna
Wood/Tree - Dryad
Each spirit is seen as the protecter of the Mana stone corresponding to their element. The spirits have been disappearing and in their place vicious monsters are appearing.
Magic spells are derived from the elemental spirits travelling with party.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][U][CENTER]God Beasts[/CENTER] [/U]
These are the God Beasts and their coresponding elements:
Wind - Dangaard
Wood/Tree - Mispolm
Fire - Xan Bie Xavier
Water/Ice - Fiegmund
Earth - Land Umber
Moon - Dolan
Light - Lightgazer
Darkness - Zable Fahr[/COLOR]

[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][U][CENTER]Guardian Monsters[/CENTER] [/U]
These are the monsters that have appeared near the Mana Stones in place of the Elemental spirits.
Light - Full Metal Hugger
Earth - Jewel Eater
Wind - Tzenker
Darkness - Gorva
Ice/water - Machine Golems
Fire - Bill and Ben (these are thieves from Navarre but are being controlled by evil.)
Moon - Lugar (King of the beastmen, again under evil's control)
Wood/Tree - Gildervine[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Teal][U][CENTER]Races and Classes[/CENTER] [/U]
In truth this only has two races which are beastman and human. Corresponding to these races are starting classes, which are:
Beastman - Grappler
Human - Fighter, Magician, Amazoness, Cleric and Thief

Note: beastman can only be male and Amazoness can only be female in sex.

Each of these classes can be upgraded to a light or dark class and then these secondary classes can again be upgraded to another light or dark class. I will add more on class upgrades at a later date.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Gray][U][CENTER]Towns[/CENTER] [/U]
Each class has a different starting town but overall i will be having the parties establish contact at one specific town. To get to this town it will usually take a trip by sea to get there except for clerics who will already begin there. These towns are:
Fighter - Forcena
Amazoness - Rolante
Thief - Navarre
Magician - Altena
Grappler - Only known as Beast Kingdom(no actual town)
Cleric - Wendel(also meeting place)

The characters will then be split into parties of three at this destination.
Note: not all the towns above are port towns so it may take two or three posts before a port town is reached by the character. The port towns and their corresponding major towns are:
Forcena - Maia
Rolante - Palo
Navarre - Sultan
Altena - Elrand
Beast kingdom - Maia or Byzel (must travel through a forest)
Wendel - Jad[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SeaGreen][U][CENTER]Character Set Out[/CENTER][/U]
Okay here's how u set out your character profiles.

Race: (either human or beastman)
Age: (between 10 and 30)
Gender: (remember Beastman - male, Amazoness - female.)
Starting class: (must relate to the corresponding race. Has to be one of the six above)

I will add information on weaponry closer to when this RPG gets under way.
I will also add my own character profile later.
For a world map see [url]http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/snes/file/seiken_densetsu_3_world_map.gif[/url]
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Race: Human

Name:Ky Kiske


Gender: Male

Starting Class:Fighter


Personality: Ky is headstrong and stubborn.He listens to direction well, though. He is quick to adapt to any situation. Is very smart, and can solve puzzles quite fast.
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Ok here's my character:
Race: Human
Name: Magus Starlet
Age: 18
Starting Class: Magician
Appearance: He is taller than most people of his race. He wears a red cape which marks him for who he really is which is unknown by all except a select few. He carries a scyth as his weapon and uses it with deadly force.

Personality: Magus is rather on the lonesome side. He prefers to work alone as he has never had much interaction with other people. His intelligence is what allows him to use the magic that is available to him.

Note: i forgot to add earlier that both Magician and Cleric start with one spell. These are:
Magician - Ice Smash
Cleric - Heal Light
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Race: Human
Name: Ziarre
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Starting class: Amazoness
Appearance: Almond shaped, burnt orange eyes, long black hair (usually in a plait). Tall with a commanding presence. Lean, a little muscular.
Personality: She is very strong willled, a little stubborn. Ziarre can be very sarcastic at times and sometimes goes overboard with it. She loves to fight, as long as it is for the right cause.
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Two other people is a start but not what i was hoping for. If i don't get three more people at least then it will seem a bit pointless to get this RPG started. I'm hoping that i will get a few more signed up as i was planning on starting this on the 30th June. I will have the last of the information on character classes and weaponry up by the 26th at the latest.

Note: Do not make comments about my puntuation as i use another forum where the use of punctuation is almost completely nonexistant except for ending sentences.
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Guest Durian
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: female
Starting class: Thief
Personality: Streetwise and stubborn,
she'll only listen to you if she believes you
have something interesting to say.
keen on judging people on how they act,
she knows when and when not to steal
and is good at surviving on her own
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Race: human
Name: Zet
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Starting class: Amazoness
Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/61-9.htm]click[/URL]
Personality: Zet has few friends, but those she does have she has a close bond with them. Shes generly laid back, yet she can get hyper at times. She is a tad of a prankster and cares little about her family. When Zet has something on her mind she will do anything to acompilsh it no matter what.
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I have sent PM messages to all people who have posted on this RPG and i will apologise to all. I will not be running this RPG as i'm going to take a break for reasons i will outline in Otaku Lounge. If anyone wants to run this RPG add a post saying that you have taken over the reigns and will keep it up and operational. If this does not happen i may revive the RPG once i return from this break.
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