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Sign Up Digimon: Dark Virus


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]It is many years after the occurances of Digimon Adventures. The Digital World and the Normal world are at peace. Nothing seems out of place. For now.

A Darkness is rising in the Digital World, a powerful force that wishes for absolute power. It obtains its strength by infecting other Digimon with a powerful Virus, known as the E-Virus.

The E-Virus is dangerous, yet beneficial to the host. It grants the infected incredible power, making Baby-level Digimon strong enough to take on a regular Rookie Digimon. However, it is slowly draining the data of these infected Digimon and transmitting it to the force, known througout the Digital World as the Puppet Master.

There is one hope for the Digital World...the Human World. Eight humans have been transported to the Digital World, each using the power of one of the Legendary Crests, used to save the Digital World from so many evils.

The Humans, the new Digidestined, cannot rely on any Digimon due to the Virus. All the Puppet Master need do is infect a Partner, or Digidestined while in a Digimon Form, and the world will lose its only saviors. Thus, the Humans must rely on their own power...in the form of the Crest Weapons.

The Puppet Master knows they are coming...he senses their powerful prescence, and is determined to either obtain that power...or destroy it.[/COLOR]


You shall be playing as one of the new Digidestined. This is based on a slightly modified future. Basically, there was no Digital World-Human World mixing, and the Digimon haven't crossed over except in the times where there was an invasion during the show.


Name: Japanese origin is prefered, but multi-national is good too
Age: 10-16
Crest: Season 1 Crests
Crest Weapon: Any real weapon you want, but not too many of a specific type (I don't want 8 Sword wielders). Must have your Crest somewhere in the name.
Appearance: Pictures are okay, but so are descriptions.

My Sign-Up--

Name: Zeos Uchiyama
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Crest: Courage
Crest Weapon: Courage Sword
Special Attacks:
-Meteor Blade: Zeos sweeps out with his sword, sending small fireballs at the enemy. Very poor aim and can injure allies.

-Dragon Tempest: Zeos spins his sword around and around as the blade catches fire. After charging, a spiral of blue flames is released, engulfing everything in its path. Again, poor aim and can injure allies.

-Amaterasu's Wrath: Zeos's strongest attack. Charges his blade with the power of 10 stars and unleashes it as a massive beam of energy that homes in on the enemy.

Appearance: Lean, average height on the taller side; silver hair with long bangs and short sides and back; gray eyes, but lively; wears a black t-shirt and jeans, with a leather jacket, a black baseball cap, and a pair of sunglasses (the equivalent of goggles, okay?)
Personality: TJ is usually calm and peaceful, prefering to be alone, but he can be demanding, controling, and quite egotistical. He's very intelligent, and knows it, and almost always wins arguments. Though usually laid-back, he can become violent and furious in an instant.
Bio: Zeos is a normal kid, has had a normal life, and isn't that special. He has lived pretty uneventfully...except for something in his past that he never, ever talks about. Bringing up the subject usually results in death. He is known for his big mouth, and bigger ego, as well as a temper just more than hair-trigger. He's very smart for his age, being at least borderline genius. In the Digital World, he's convinced he should be the leader (of course).

The Crests-
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This sounds really interesting. Can I join?

Name: Elena Myriad
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Crest: Light
Crest Weapon: The Light Whip
Attacks: Light Crack (she cracks her whip and slices of light rush at the foe)
Beacon of Light (she coils the end of the whip around the neck of her foe and she can see into their mind)
Light Explosion (her ultimate attack. An explosion of pure energy, only happens when she is infuriated)

Appearance: About 5' 6". Lean, a little muscular. Fair complexion with long black hair, typically always in a plait and soft silver eyes. Her walk is very flowing and graceful, but holds her head like a fighter would, proud and strong. She wears a tight, black leather tank top and black leather pants. She also has a white mid length leather trenchcoat that she can hide the whip under.
Personality: Elena is a kind caring person. She doesn't like other people getting hurt and will fight for their well being. When she fights, she does it with passion and fury. Normally she is the reason of her friends and likes everyone for who they are and respects their opinions. She can be quite friendly but she has a darker side that rarely emerges, and only does when she is truly infuriated. She can be very sarcastic and sometimes goes overboard with it. Other than that, she is the kindest, most caring person you will ever meet.
Bio: Elena is an only child. She often wonders what it would be like to have brothers or sisters. She lives with her father who doesn't work and is a drunk. Elena has to contend wit her father's violent outbursts and the mess he lives in. She loves being at school and learning, and because she is away from home. She rarely talks about her mother who died a few hours after giving birth to her. She has a lot of friends and loves going out with them.
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[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Name[/b]: Reis Terras[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Age[/b]: 15[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Gender[/b]: Male[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Crest[/b]: Knowledge[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Crest Weapon[/b]: Knowledge Blade[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Special Attacks:[/b] [b]Lightning Slasher[/b]-Slashes out lightning waves with each stroke of his sword.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Storm Tornado[/b]-Spins around shooting out huge lightning rods. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Charge Shocker[/b]-Runs up to enemy and stabs them with his sword shooting a huge current into their body.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Appearance[/b]: Reis is 5'8 and he has short black hair with silver tips. He wears a black shirt with a white dragon on it with a black button-up jacket over it unbuttoned. He wears baggy black jeans and black shoes. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Personality: Reis is very mistrusting due to lots of betrayal in his life. He only cares about hiself making a point to avoid everyone. He hates working with others and will try to think for himself.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Bio[/b]: Reis is what people call a loner, never being with anyone else if possible. His mom and dad were both sent to prison for illegal possesion and now he lives with his aunt wishing things could be different. He misses his only brother who left when he was old enough to drive, leaving him lost in his own world. He is always trying to get out of his reality searching for some confused world where he can finallly make sense of himself and who he is.[/size][/font]
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Name: Ty Dragatora
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Crest: Hope
Crest Weapon: Hope's Arrow


Personality: Ty was always the well behaved in the family. He was calm and peaceful and never really got high strung. The only way he ever-got into trouble was because he would always say what was on his mind. He is friendly towards other but still is shy. It takes a while for Ty to warm up to people but once he does he will protect them with out a moments hesitation.

Bio: Ty grew up in a loving family. He was the middle child of five children. He has two older sisters and one younger brother. He has a twin sister named Lily which is 1 minute younger than he is. Being the middle child her got left out on thing but he didn't mind. His family moves a lot because of his dad work. He does enjoy it because he likes to explore the new places that they visit. He always goes to the first library he see to do research on the new place they are living. He dream is to became a historian and be able to visit many other places. He also wants to write a book about his travels so other can read it and learn.

OOC:It is done
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Name: Imi Kagami
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Crest: Friendship
Crest Weapon: Friendship Spear
Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/44-5.htm]Clicky here![/URL]
She wears that outfit too, but she doesn't wear that smile! The weapon she has is the 'Friendship Spear' She also has more obvious blue hair.
Attacks: Ice shard: ice shards shower the enemy, hopefully cutting them.
Feezing twister: Imi jumps into the air and spins her spear bringing it down heavily into the enemy.
Last breath: Imi spins her spear infront of her creating a shield of sorts, cold air is created and blows towards the enemy feezing them.
Personality: Imi is very serious and tries to put up an act of courage but an act is all it is. She isn't strong and needs to learn how to work as a team member. She will be keen to take on the lead and does it well but if someone who is physically stronger than her took her on she wouldn't stand a chance. She's always one to try prove the others wrong but she doesn't like to talk much, good news for her companions. She may care deeply for someone but would not show it, in fact, if she falls for someone she finds it very hard to say anything but also very hard to let go. This is one of her greatest weaknesses.

Bio: Imi was brought up in higher class Japan. She's lived in Tokyo with her family her whole life and has always been spoiled and never been told to do something, this is why she may act tough but in actual fact doesn't have a clue how to look after herself, making her a seemingly easy target. She doesn't act like much of a friend at first and has a cool attitude towards everyone because of her upbringing. She's smart but not strong and needs to appreciate her friends to get her true power to show. It takes everyone else to bring her crests power out. She's usually seen wearing a very serious expression.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I hope this okay! ^^[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]Hmmm.. this is awesome..
Name: Lance Hagozishi
Crest Weapon:Reliability Daggers
Special Attacks:
-Aqua Glyphs: Lance Becomes encircled by blue glyphs that fire water missles randomly.

-Whirlpool Lunge: Lance acquires the speed of aquatic Digimon and dashes around wildly, slashing opponents and friends alike.

-Typhoona's Spiral: Lance summons water from undermeath the Digital Worlds crust in the form of aquatic tornadoes. The water tornadoes can be controlled at will and directed towards the path of any given target.

Appearance:He stands 5'11" in height, and is slightly muscular.His eyes are a transparent blue. Has spiked purple hair that covers his eyes and red at the tips of his bangs. Wears a black jacket with a dragon on the back, and black leather pants. Wears a blue backwards cap and gloves that cut off at his knuckles.

Personality:Lance is easy going and doesn't worry to much.Tends to not take things seriously, because he believes everything will turn out for the better. He likes to show off whenever he can, though he is a kind and caring person at heart. Always tries to stay in the spotlight, but would never let his friends down and will leap in whenever he's needed.He can't stand to watch others get picked on and usually gets into fights while trying to protect others. Due to his righteous mannerisms, he makes friends easily.

Bio:Lance lived a pretty normal, peaceful life. He went to school, played videogames, hung with friends, and mostly slept. He lived with his mom and siblings, because a couple of years back his father left him and his family for another woman. Lance tries as hard as posssible to keep his brothers and sisters in line so that his mom can rest after work, and enjoy any free time she may have. He resents his father for leaving them, but doesn't allow his mom to know of this. Considers his journey into the digital world as a "little vacation".

This good?[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Darien Enoki
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Crest:[/B] Purity/Sincerity
[B]Crest Weapon:[/B] Purity Glaive[URL=http://art.slimemansion.com/original/aquaalps/024ishizuka.jpg] This is only a picture of the Glaive, I have a picture for the description below.[/URL]
[B]Special Attacks:[/B]

[B]Soul Assault:[/B] In Darien's right hand he hold the Purity Glaive. Using his fingers only, he spins it around, constantly gaining speed. As it gains momentum, it starts glowing green, the color of his crest. At its fullest, it is bright green and it send out small, whispy green energy balls at the enemy.

[B]Phantom Illusion:[/B] Holding the Glaive in both hands at the handle, Darien points it at the opponent. To the one he is pointing the Glaive at, an illusion that all around him are invisible and causes him to be weak and defenceless.

[B]Pure Soul:[/B] This is Darien's most draining and powerful attack. Darien's eyes glow a faint green and he lifts his Glaive straight up into the air with is left hand. It again starts glowing green, but brighter quicker. In one sudden flick of his wrist, he points it straight down then thrusts it downwards and stops suddenly when the very tip of the top of the Glaive. In the next moment, the opponent, now extremely confused, is engulfed with green light coming from underneath him. The enemy's soul is somewhat tortured and killed, which leaves it weak and inches from death.

[URL=http://art.slimemansion.com/original/destiny/018emo.jpg]Darien 1[/URL]
[URL=http://art.slimemansion.com/original/destiny/011boxed.jpg]Darien 2[/URL]
[URL=http://art.slimemansion.com/original/junk/03-012zephan.jpg]Darien 3[/URL]
Darien stands at a towering 6'0" and is very self-concious about his glasses, but he wears them when he knows he needs to.
[B]Personality:[/B] Care-free and a bit of a trouble maker, he treats everything like it's something normal, which comes in handy in tense situatuations. He would never do anything to hurt anyone, unless he feels he has to, and he is always there for anyone to talk to if they want sincere answers and tips. He has a strong sense of justice which can often ruin his judging of what is right and what is wrong. He usually is very calm and collected, and is one of the most intelligent boys his school has seen in a while, but he treats it like nothing, which gets him in deep trouble with his parents. He does not speak his mind very well, so people do not usually know if Darien knows something useful or important.
[B]Biography:[/B] Darien grew up in a wealthy community with two over-bearing parents who want nothing more then for their smartest son to suceed in everything he does. Almost everything he does makes his parents angry, even the fact that he gets all A's and B's in school isn't good enough for them. They say that Darien is only holding back, and he could easily get straight A's. And, for this "disgrace of a report card" Darien was grounded for a full month. Darien ran away after this incident to live with his older brother Damien, his favorite sibling and most like a parent to him. Damien was in a car accident soon afterwards, and died soon after. Darien's older sister Seina came to look after her brother and Darien continued his schooling. In the Digital World, Darien wants nothing more then to make sure his new friends never get hurt so he doesn't have to suffer the pain of losing another close person.

Leave it up to ULX to create a Digimon RPG I actually want to join :rolleyes: . Hope it's all ok.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=SlateGray]Name: Takuto Shiroshima

Age: 16

Gender: Male




Crest Weapon:

[I]Hope Axe:[/I]

Note this in the digital world.

This axe appeared in front of Takuto. The Large diamond like handle was made for Takuto, no one else. Sunlight gleamed off the double bladed axe. Sharp enough to cut basically through anything. When Takuto uses it, the axe glows in a bright yellow aura. At 16 years of age, he swings the double blade axe behind him. A slight [I]click[/I], could be heard as it locks into place. The handle pointing skywards, shines in the sunlight. His axe, always ready to be used.


Takuto stood infront of a large Digimon. It's speed was incredible. Slipping his hand behind his back, he grasped the axe's handle. Swinging it forward. As the blade slices through the air, earth spiral's out of the ground. Heading directly to the Pokemon.

Slamming the bottom of the handle to the ground. The earth seems to shake, rocks, grass, coal, flys into the air. Takuto braces himself as the peices of ground hit him. Making a armour around him, as strong as metal.

[I]Axe of Hope[/I]:
Takuto slams the axe's blade into the ground. A yellow Aura soars towards the Digimon, the ground splitting at the force of the Aura. When the Digimon saw it coming, he/she tried to dodge. Although, he was to slow, the impact slammed and flew the Digimon threw the air.


The leaves of the trees, blow slightly in the gentle breeze of the wind. Takuto?s black hair does the same, looking down he notices his shadow. Much larger then he actually is, his actual height is around 6?0. Although some thinks he is taller. The bottom of Takuto?s white shirt blew with the breeze, most of it not moving because of his muscles.. Growing up outside of town, not far though, he had to work for his parents. Blue pants, and black tennis shoes, all he had worked for.


Takuto grew up with only his parents. He had no brother?s or sister?s so he did not talk to any one else, but his parents. When he got around the age of 15 he started making friends in High school. For the first time, Takuto, actually talked a good amount. His parents was so pleased with their son, about him having friends. Takuto, now knows that you have to ask about some one to actually know that somebody. Now, he talks basically to everyone.


Growing up with a some what poor family was harsh. Although, Takuto did not mind, he helped his parents as much as he could. Mom and Dad, both getting up in their age, could not work around the farm. So, being their son, Takuto took responsibility. Working all through the day, he cut wood for the winter. Fed and watered their animals, all this hard work, made Takuto strong and muscular.

While he was caring for the animals. He wondered how life was in the main city, not life like this. Although he did not regret any of his life. He loved animals and his family, he had hope one day that he would go into the city and make a name for himself. If he got any money he would send it to his parents to help.
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Thank you all for joining! sesshomaru 3, I'm sorry, but I'm letting Assassin take Hope since his form [I]is[/I] slightly better than yours.
Also, a quick note. I spaced when making the form and I need to inform you that all of you need to make 3 special attacks for your character that they will learn in the RPG (to even the playing field against the Digimon.) Each Crest also has a particular element/power that you need to have one attack based on (just one is all that's necessary).

Light-Light (duh)

Again, thanks for joining. This will start as soon as I get a player for Love.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][b][u][i]SIGN - UP[/b][/u][/i]

[b]Name:[/b] Kenmei Z. Lei

[b]Age:[/b] 13

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Crest:[/b] [URL=http://onlinedigimon.com/images/love.gif]Love[/URL]

[b]Crest Weapon:[/b] Pair Love Boh
[i] - A basic wooden boh that has been extended one inch further. It has three different other improvements; on the center hand peace that has her crest symbol that rings around the whole radius and leaves to a gem in side. Which allows for a better grip. On top end it simply lined with two mental pieces sustained with to metal clasps. Helping to focus concentration. On the opposite end, there is a chain that wields up to the holding area. This is there solely for safety measurements.[/i]


[u] Love's Sorrow[/u]
[i] - During a critical point in a battle, the chains around her boh that twist to her hands unravel. Allowing the boh to strike...Then hit for a second blow with the freelance chain. The chain will rap it's self around the target and try to cut off the movement for a few seconds.[/i]

[u]Binding Winds[/u]
[i] - Using the air currents around her, and the love from within her. She manipulates the two to merge within the center of the boh. Concentrated; Kenmei spins the boh releasing the power as a strong wind force that causes a horde of small insertions cutting lightly into the enemy.[/i]

[u]Healing Breeze.[/u]
[i] - A fairly simply, combination. Using her own health, Kenmei spins her boh gentle. Causing a light breeze. As it's spun a light enchanting whistling sound coming forth. If the breeze should touch anything that is hurt, it heals them. If it should hit something "evil" it will be reflected at her in small shards of glass.[/i]

[b]Appearance:[/b] Standing at exactly 5 feet, and weighing 86 lbs. She has a frail build, and a pale completion. But light pink cheeks. Kenmei has short, limp, black hair, that she has a white streak the falls to the side and rounds her bangs. Her hair is held back by a thin, pink, spiraling, head band. The rest of her hair falls back behind her, rigidly, coming three inches above her shoulders. Dull mellow green eyes, that have a vivid pink creeping in from the out black border line. She wears a black vest, that has a pink flower in the right hand breast pocket. Underneath the vest she wears a long sleeve white shirt. At the end of the sleeves, the cufflinks are usually buttoned together by a golden heart pendent. On her lower half she wears a sleek black belt. The buckle is black and cannot be seen. She wears a black skirt that ruffles near the end. White stockings, and black ankle boots that have a small frail chain rounding the heel and hooks back on with a heart leaver. On her right hand, and only her right, she wears a, black, glove, that has chainable chain locks that makes a connector to her boh.

[b]Personality:[/b] Generally quite, and always with a light smile on her face. Smart and intelligent, but she has a problem with having to talk to many people at once and shies away at the chance to voice her opinions. After a while and the discussion moves on; Kenmei usually regrets this action. Yet she never choose to change this in the future. Because she knows that everything will probably turn out right. Have a bit of a problem with self esteem, which she's been trying to fix. Still, going away from all of this; she tries to make the right choices and do what's better for the others.

[b]Bio:[/b] Original born in China she lived there until she was 12. Living in a family with 2 brothers, 1 sister, and both her parents...It wasn't the easiest because the economy was doing badly. But her father and mother were both offered a job in Japan. The jobs paying very highly; much highly then for others and China and high for those in Japan. They took the job and moved there.

Thus she's lived in Japan for one year, and has somehow managed to skip a grade. Still making everyone in her classes older, she doesn't reveal her age. Not too social, but has made a few friends and cares for them deeply. She's also on a track team and team Y.A. Martial Artist, for international reasons. Since the move; she's enjoyed her life much more. But her eyes always seem sad and tell a different story.
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