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The seven deadly sins [R-rated for excessive violence, strong language and sex scenes

Prince Van

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[COLOR=Red] [CENTER] [SIZE=4]The seven deadly sins.[/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR]

Ever heard of the seven deadly sins?Well if you haven't I'll tell you about them(but if you do, don't bother reading this paragraph).the seven deadly sins were the worst sins you commit.They were Lust, Glutony, Envy, Pride, Roth, Greed and Vanity.If you committed these sins and wasn't purfied you would go to hell.These were the code of the monks and if they were to commit them they would have to attone for their sins and do a penalty.


In a time long ago these sins were forsaken and were being committed by all.The monks warned them that a great evil would devour all but none took notice of them.The god(s) was worried for the people of this world and that the evil would be unleashed.For decades the forsakers grew and the monks became crusaders, they changed their ways allowing them to draw blood.The god(s) did not believe this would prove anything and just make matters worse, they feared that the order of monks would just become scoundrels like the forsakers.So the gods decided to stop the monks, they contacted a great prophet who then spread the words of god(s) to the monks.The monks couldn't stand watching such blastfimey.
The monks were getting annoyed with the god(s) that were just watching as all these sins were committed.The god(s) decided to send 7 supreme warriors down to earth.Each warrior represented a sin, Lust, Glutony, Envy, Pride, Roth, Greed and Vanity.They were angels, they had no souls and were only meant to serve the god(s).They were vigilantes aswell, they were chosen to hunt down and kill any who committed the seven deadly sins.As soon as someone committed a sin the angel representing the sin would automatically know there exact location and all of their movements.They could never feel sorrow or regret they were not human and they would never be.
The god(s) knew they would soon come to be more human.Eventually they would commit these sins.They would stand up against the god(s).They still roam the land after 50 years and their appearnace has never changed.When will the killing stop?

oh yeh each of us will be showing signs of the sins we represent eg. lust flirting with everyone even the females.
Their appearance can never change so they can't get fat so glutony isn't fat and they don't need food really.

These are the spots.
Lust=Female, Sorceress-Imi(she PMed me)
Glutony=Male, Fighter
Envy=Male, Thief-me
Pride=Female, Paladin-vicky
Roth=Male, Barbarian
Greed= Female, thief
Vanity=Female, Bard

How to make a character
Name:Medievil type one.
Code name:The sin you represent
weapons:Proficient to sin.
Armour:same as above.
changes: (this is instead of Bio because they don't need a bio)how your chnaging to be more human.

here's my character
Name: Davgeon Silvergleaming
Code name:Envy
Weapons:assassin fist [IMG]http://www.squarecn.com/ff/news/200301/mel1/job/job0.jpg[/IMG] The one she's got.
assassin bow[IMG]http://www.squarecn.com/ff/news/200301/mel1/job/job2.jpg[/IMG]The one she's got.
Armour:[IMG]http://www.squarecn.com/ff/news/200301/mel1/job/job12.jpg[/IMG]The armour(chest plate) he or she has.
Description:[IMG]http://www.squarecn.com/ff/news/200301/mel1/job/job14.jpg[/IMG]Yeh I know it looks like a girl but it's not.
chnages:He's already began envying humans.He wishes to be human, even considered stopping his servitude.The only thing stopping him from being human is the fact he hasn't got a soul.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Thanks for letting me have lust![/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Zeta Conroy
Code name: Lust
Weapons: Love potion- it's poisonous.
Swords tipped with poison (Refer to pic)
Armour: Elbow and knee gaurds that are spiked and a chest plate (all are black/silver). But she doens't wear them all the time.
Description: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/45-9.htm]Clicky click![/URL] She wears a long black dress that puffs at the shoulders. There is netting for sleeves and for the top part of her chest. The dress has a corset already sewn in. She wears boots underneath that are very painful if she decides to kick.
Changes: Zeta starts to become more lustfull than she was before. Flirting with any good looking person that comes her way, wether it be male or female. She never stays in a relationship with anyone for more than a few days, most are only one nights stands, this is because the fact that she has no soul holds her back from ever loving anyone[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Sorry about the mistake before....is this better? ^^;[/COLOR]
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[B][SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Thanks for saving the spot! ^_^x Here's my sign up...

Name: [COLOR=Purple]Rose de Vil[/COLOR]

Code Name: [COLOR=Purple]Vanity[/COLOR]

Weapons: [COLOR=Purple]decorative silver dagger and cross perfume locket which contains perfume potions in the 4 hands of the cross[/COLOR]
List of perfumes:
[COLOR=Purple]Rejuvenating Perfume [/COLOR] - heals/increases beauty and charisma
[COLOR=Purple]Mirror Perfume[/COLOR] - makes victim do eye contact with Vanity while she creates illusion in his head
[COLOR=Purple]Steel Perfume [/COLOR] - add 50% armor/shield (remember she is Vanity)
[COLOR=Purple]Rose Perfume[/COLOR] - spreads poison to body through the skin, victim dies in an hour
(see attachment for pics)

Armor: [COLOR=Purple]a strong leather corset armor built in her dresses [/COLOR] (see attachment)

Description: here...sorry for the large image

Changes: [COLOR=Purple]In the earth, she indulges herself in all the useless but beautiful things and ways of world. She wants to be human so she will be known throughout the earth as the pinnacle of female grandiosity, and overdressing, slaying any human who runs for competition or those who doesn't give her the worthy praise she commands.

The only thing holding her back to be human is the fact that her kind is superior to humans.[/COLOR]

I hope the name's alright...Please tell me if there's something wrong though... [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
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[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]Yeah, I think we have a problem. The seven deadly sins are:

Wrath/Anger [/COLOR] - you missed this one out
Vanity/Pride[/COLOR] - you made this one into two separate sins, and it seems that vicky already got the Pride sin... so what now? ^_^x [/SIZE] [/COLOR] [/B]
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Vanity and Pride are two sepparate things and Greed and glutony are the same. And roth would be anger...yah....my dad and I had a big argument about it ^^;
I think that's what it is anyway....I have watched the movie 'Seven' and that's got all the right sins in it....as far as I know

Okay....i;ve just figured this out *counts on fingers* the sins are.


That's it...I'm 99.99% sure
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